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Three 6 Mafia: Academy Award Winners


I can’t believe they actually won. I can’t even front, I was mad at the Academy for nominating this song, and Three 6 for writing it, but damn seeing them win felt good as shit. And then they turned around and gave Crash Best Picture. You can’t possibly hate on that.

"Things just got a little easier out here for a pimp."

UPDATE: Here’s a Youtube of the performance and them winning. (props to Cyrus)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Above I said that Crash winning was a good look, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t actually gotten around to watching Crash yet. I’ll admit that I kind of assumed it was a good look because Luda was in it, I’ve heard some pretty good things about it, and the clips I saw looked really interesting.

Imagine my surprise when today I come across all types of criticism and outright anger over the win. I read some of it, but I’m going to watch the movie before I read the rest, just to avoid going into it with any kind of influence. Maybe I’ll post about it, but probably not. Just thought I should add that. Carry on.

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77 Responses to “Three 6 Mafia: Academy Award Winners”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:

    never thought id see the day… these fuckign southerners act as if theyve never seen a mic before.. wtv though its all good in the hood… CRASH was a hype movie too.. didnt brign a tear to my eye, because well everythign just seem to fall in place so perectly but it was good taught us good lessons and shit… word is, luda got disssssrespect by oprah behind closed doors…

  2. thekid10705 Says:

    Yo Es, up w/ Jim Kahn buggin’ with the garbage Oscars…Shit is the official popularity contest..I can go on and on with ho wack this shit is….That was dope about the ” BLock Party”, Dave was droppin’ science..Word UP!!!

    Holla at me…

  3. Angel La. Says:

    I was happy as hell when they won too.

  4. nation of thugacation Says:


    i said its hard out here for an internet gangsta

  5. thekid10705 Says:

    Fuck Oprah, she fronts like she’s down with the community..she ‘s running shit and she ain’t lookin’ back..All that shit like she cares is garbage and self promotion…I saw Luda on teh show and she was being cute…He was on the last seat from her…It looked he’s lucky to be invited..Like I said, Fuch Oprah…BIg Fat Blimp..

  6. thekid10705 Says:

    Again, I never heard the song, don’t want to hear, and don’t front they dancing on stage like “yeah we won” but they are getting son’ed BIG TIME…What’s sucks is now mainstream is gonna promote these dudes like this is hip hop and fool’s are going to believe it…It makes my blood boil…Yo, everyone dressing up at this show like yeah we dope…they are fakin’ the funk….Disgusting, Es you feel me?…

  7. KingML Says:

    three 6 mafia is the last group i’d chose to represent hiphop at the oscars

    this is like having martha stewart do commercials for your stock trading company. just not a good image.

  8. Blood Hound Says:

    Oz of dro = $600.00
    Box of Phillies = $2.50
    4 fl oz of Promethazine = $150.00
    20 oz Sprite = .75¢
    Watching Three 6 win = Priceless

    I actually thought I was high as shit, either we all were wasted or they really pulled a rabbit outta the hat on this one.

  9. Blood Hound Says:

    @ KingML that was funny as shit.

    FUCK 50!!!!

  10. Miss Hipstah Says:

    I kinda loved the “Hooker/John” and “Two Thugs Fighting” ballet numbers. And how Three 6 Mafia thanked Jesus.

    Just puttin that out there.

  11. the green eyed bandit Says:

    I have heard all the songs nominated and I think the best song won. good for them.

    My two cents – yeah these guys are not on anyones best ever lists for beats or lyrics, BUT, they are original and have their own style which for me makes them EASILY superior to a lot of the junk on the radio today just for that reason alone. Now I dont really check for them or play their music at the crib but I respect them for doing them.

    the only thing that is more important then originality to me is talent(how much talent is they have is another discussion entirely…..). In my point of view originality is something that has been seriously lacking in the music since hip hop took over the world and consequently was taken over itself to serve the interests of stockholders. I see the three-6 as an original group (they been sounding like this since 93?94?) so I got no problems with them.

  12. the green eyed bandit Says:

    ^^haha, excuse my poor english skills. DAMN!

  13. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    Yeah them niggas been grindin since like 93 they deserve what accolades they receive vocally them niggas is below average but, them niggas is some talented producers. An at the end of the day this is what pays the bills for them dudes. I’m happy for ’em they jus open the doors for somebody else we jus don’t know it yet. Like they say once you go RAP you’ll neve GO BACK. Them niggas bout to get mo$$$ any nigga hatin on that got internal issues

  14. Kanye's tiny jacket Says:

    I am just waitin’ on the four horsemen because now that Hollywood will be making funny signs with their hands pestilence, famine and death will come out to join war.

    it’s a wrizzap kids. go dig a hole in your daddy’s backyard.

    I saw Steven Spielberg flaggin’. Ihtzahk Perlman is doing a track with ‘Ye. Mikhail Barishnikov is crip walkin’ down Rodeo Drive.

    I don’t know why niggas love CRASH so much. what characters were transformed inside the movie? only the Black males. the white never got the epiphany that Luda, Slickback or Brother Darkness got. this movie was some more liberal bullshit from people that live a priveleged lifestyle that allows them to NEVER interact with colored people. CRASH is their feel good film. the FORREST GUMP for disconnected white liberals.

    CRASH was more liberal propaganda designed to make white feel comortable in its privilege and its distance from the real. the president of the academy of motion pictures yada, yada said that 600 local people are working on films in N’Awlins. who gives a fuck nigga?!? thousands of people died and you are talking about new film projects?!?

    as soon as this sweetchuck KANYE takes me off I am going into my dad’s basement.

    fuck you bitches!

  15. E from BK Says:

    Wow! I still can’t believe that this song is the song that is going to represent Hip Hop as far as excellence is concerned. I love 36 Mafia, however, the song is not appropriate to represent a culture that is about so much more than the negativity of pimps and hoes. Over the years there have been many songs worthy of accolades, but this negative shit won? A song that comes to mind that represented the culture and the movie it was in well is “Fight the Power.” If there was ever a song that should have won on such a big stage is that song. Yall are blind to what is going on. The corporate structure has our young people right where they want us! We are nothing but pimps and hoes. I should have seen it coming with songs like P.I.M.P, Big Pimpin’ and Pimp Juice. WTF? What is cool about that shit? Nothing! There is nothing cool about Black men degrading Black women by using the women’s bodies as a way to make a living. From Kings to pimps, from Queens to hoes. Does everybody out there know that this is an illegal practice. Again, Hip Hop is being correlated with illegal activities! Imagine your mother, sister, auntie, grandmother or your wife being slapped up by some dude because she has not brought him enough money and therefor, she is making it “hard out there” for himn. Imagine one of those examples of women in your life on her back while stranger after stranger pound her out. Imagine her in some alleyway giving head to somebody for a few bucks. Understand that this shit is not good for our community and these corporate people that make money off of all this negativity are the real pimps.

  16. Anonymous Says:


  17. Ves Says:

    HOW ? AND WHY ?……………

  18. eskay Says:

    “For those of you keeping score at home, Martin Scorsese, zero; Three 6 Mafia, one.” – John Stewart

  19. Des of The Killaz Says:

    everybody just stop hating. 3-6 won an award no one thought they would win. don’t change the meaning of the award just because 3-6 won it. it’s still a huuuuge accolade in music, in our society, etc.

    most importantly 3-6 themselves are crazy happy they won. you would be too if it was you. their acceptance was the most genuine moment i’ve seen in hip hop in a long time.


  20. D. Billz Says:

    I concur with yall @ E from Bk and Kanye’s tiny jacket (that name is funny as hell lol). My Afro-centric, pro-Black self couldn’t have said it better. “Fuck it dawgz, they gettin’ money”. Damn, Black people can still be bought and sold without slavery. I mean, just what else would we do for money? How about create a energy drink and call it something derogatory like Pimp Juice? Wait… too late. How about making a shirt with a logo on it of snowman that exemplifies how much cocaine he sells on the street to his own people? Wait… too late. Better yet lets exploit beautiful, Black women in videos and make up some shit to pass it over as art? Wait… too late. What happened to our struggle? Is this what is left? Take the easy way out, right? Nobody cares about the art form or what’s being represented, right? It seems we are so desperate to have what’s being portrayed on TV, which really is an illusion. Rented cars, jewelry (and chicks) in the videos. Recording contracts with 5 album deals with little to no recoup. Bullshit, unaffordable clothing lines for kids and teens to thirst for and will now do whatever it takes to get it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But instead trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents, how about trying to make a dollar out of what makes sense? Kids dying over RED flags and BLUE flags, when the real “O.G.s” need to step in and tell them to wave the white flag because it isn’t worth it. From Watts to BK, southside Chi to ‘Nawlins 5th ward, nothing has changed. All these niggas running around like we “made it”…. made what? I know my thoughts are rather scattered today, but I felt the need to say what’s on my mind.

    But hey, who am I judge, right? They gettin’ money and got families to feed, right? But how many times are we gonna let them spit on our plate and tell us to keep our mouths shut because we’re eating a steak and others just like us aren’t?


    *B More Nubian*
    “The Wire aint a liar, it’s real…”, COMP, “Coming 2 A City Near U” Bang-A-Rang Gang!

  21. Ves Says:

    i mean, after seeing the nominees you cant really hate. BUT
    the reason for the hatred… we got these clowns on stage at the award show representing HIPHOP, not a good look for the hiphop community. they suck! theyre not lyrically fit for the award show. now 3.6 gave the hiphop haters more ammo, conveinced that 36 mafia is HIPHOP… get these guys outta here.
    –when the fuck we start bouncin ?

  22. luis Says:

    EXACTLY……DON’T HATE. I am glad to see another hip hop song win an oscar!!!!

  23. e dubbs Says:

    I could care less about the award. Good thing about them winning is its sure to piss off white people. Eitherway, one of them dudes look like Flavor Flav’s younger brother.

  24. eskay Says:

    >>Good thing about them winning is its sure to piss off white people.

    pretty much. and before I get called out, you know the type of white people I’m referring to, the one’s who were upset that Dolly Parton lost.

  25. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    If I was three six readin this I would tell all you pro black niggas kiss my ass,pay me or get off the computer an literally go do something productive for the community,kids etc. That song is based on their environment which is definitely real. You niggas acken like that shit aint reality. Pimps & hoes(real)not sayin its right but its real,Blood&Crips(real) poverty,crackheads,drugs. Its the majority of niggas harsh reality. Them niggas didn’t intend for it to b that big it jus happened. I just don’t understand a black person hatin on another black person for handlin their business is jus as equivalent to black on black crime in my opinion jus the consequences are less severe. If a mufucka REALLY REALLY wanna change the way they look at us get out there an get ur MARTIN & MALCOM ON NIGGA. Like them hoes ready to die for they pimp,like them young boys ready to die for they colors. Unless you willin to take to that level your nothin more than a ” SPECTATOR HATER!” get $$$

  26. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    NUDLES B where ya at BLOOD? Aint heard from you. On my to the “A”nigga!

  27. yeahisaidit Says:

    some want to put the pimp and ho mentality solely on black people’s back…*smh* but damn, the real perpetrator is called capitalism…the biggest pimps and ho’s are the administration in the white house and the american goverment (just follow the money) and that mentality trickles down it’s rawest form, pimps and hoes…and i don’t mean any offense, just tryin’ to keep it real, everything is bought and sold…i’m not tryin’ to get into the right and wrong of it…but justt put things it in perspective before 3-6 are made out to be the scapegoats…hell, let them enjoy their moment instead of blaming them for all of the evil in the world that was here long before they won this oscar!

  28. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    Cosignin yeahisaidit preach on “CHUUUCH”lol



  30. E from BK Says:


    You’re comments are funny, especially since you are not really sure at what the “pro-black” people on here are doing and have done. Speaking for myself, I lend out my time weekly teaching disadvantaged children about computers. Not just knowing how to surf the net, but how they work and how to use them as a way of promoting your brand. I too am from the hood. Actually, I have seen the pimps and hoes; as well as the drug dealers and stickup kids; as well as the women abusers and drug abusers. What happened was that I had positive Hip Hop to help me along my way. Fuck that “environment” shit. I LIVED the “environment” every day growing up! You talk about black on black crime? I wonder how old you are. You sound like a real young dude(under 30) that has not had alot of experience to draw on. Nobody is “hating.” As a matter of fact. The term “hating” is as misinterpreted as the word “snitching.” Just because I don’t like that type of music, it does not mean that I am hating. I JUST DON’T LIKE IT! It’s that simple. You say they are taking care of business? Like pimpin’ your daughter is just business? Like selling crack is just business? Like killing over a rag business? WTF? Fuck calling that shit reality. It’s not a reality in my community. It’s an ABNORMALITY! When you say that is reality then you are giving it power!

  31. Scorsese Says:

    Not a big three 6 fan but im more than happy for them… I actually went and copped their album today just because….. Always had mad respect for them but it was wild to see it happen….. White people should be happy because before last night maybe last year was the first time black people watched the awards in mass numbers…… Its going to be interesting to see what it does for thier career…. MOVE OVER 50 THREE 6 COMING TO MTV LOL

  32. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Man ya REVOLUTION VISIONARIES take sh*t to the NEXT LEVEL. I love HIP-HOP and yeah 3-6 Mafia doesn’t bump anywhere around me and they might not be what you guys would consider good representatives of our culture, but these dudes are minorities, just like us and they recieved a prestigious (in the eyes of “THE MAN”) award against all odds. So, when them dudes won, I jumped up too, like “THAT’s WUZ UP!!!!!!”….. not because the song was hot or wack, but because it was like seeing (to quote DMX) “MY MAN’S AND’EM!!!!!” win the award. That sh*t was “FLY-AH-AH-I-AH-I-AH-AH-AH”…….. WORD!!!!!!!

  33. Scorsese Says:

    Yo i just watched that clip again that shyt gives me chills

  34. strong chef Says:

    im still not feelin the song, 3-6 can kill themselves

    and yo blood hound, if u r payin 600 for dro, HOLLA AT UR BOY lol

  35. CBRIZZLE Says:


  36. E from BK Says:


    So because they are minorities it’s cool?

  37. B-HEEZIE Says:

    ur missing the point homie, I’m not saying whether things are right or wrong, I’m just sayin’, all this B.S. “OH MY GOD, THEY ARE THE WORST HIP-HOP REPRESENTATIVES”, “OH NO, NOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA THINK THAT, THAT’S WHAT HIP HOP IS ABOUT”……. That’s all MI-NUTE man, knahmean???? NOBODY GAVE THE SONG A CHANCE TO WIN………. THEN BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM……. “IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP”…….. Like Blood Hound said……. PRICELESS

  38. E from BK Says:

    Again, so it’s okay? So what nobody gave it a chance and it still won. What does that have to do with my opinion? Also, it’s not just 3-6 Mafia. It’s this whole genre of Hip Hop. I disagree with 90% of what’s out there. It’s not just that song. I actually like the group. The song is the focus of this particular thread, however, you can take the name of the song out and replace it with 92% of the songs out today. The fact that nobody gave it a chance does not say much. Why didn’t “Fight the Power” win the year “Do the Right Thing” came out? Which song would you say is a better song artistically? Which song would you say represents the culture more fully? Dig deep into your mind Bro’. There is a reason behind every move.

  39. CBRIZZLE Says:


  40. Dr Flav Says:

    Where Was These Elitists When: Big Daddy Kane Count Pimpula (sporting Capes) Snoop (Faux Goldie) 50 (magic twig) Pimp Struttin? FYI Its Oscars Not Source Awards. FACTS Song fit the slot perfect in the movies score. three 6 produced the song. Title Its” Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” NOT “Its A Cakewalk Out Here For A Pimp.” They Voted And The Mafia Won. QUESTIONS Arent The Oscar Predom White? Which Whites Should We Be Mocking? What Hiphop Should Repped, And Why No Academy Accolades? Fuck It Benzino Coming Back On A Horse!

  41. yeahisaidit Says:

    @ e from bk says: …look, nobody, or at least i know i am not trying to call in question your opinion…but don’t get it twisted…a person can be pro black and put things like 3-6 mafia winning this award (or gangsta rap for that matter) in perspective when they look at the whole picture…i’m not trying to hold 3-6 mafia or hip hop up as something you as black (or white) have to love or loathe…that’s up to you… so as much as i agree or disagree with certain elements of cultural expression in this country (that goes for movies, books, tv, music, etc.) i try to give the same amount of artistic license to rap music as i do to a fuckin’ bloody and murderous quentin tarentino movie for example even though i realize people black and white people
    might take me to task for it. i do it, not to be self rightgeous or some shit, but so i can expect the same courtesy from mutherfuckas when i might then express myself and they may not necessarily get where i’m coming from…also it took me a long time, but i finally learned that my assessment of the right or wrong of someone else’s business is not
    required in every damn situation…besides, reguardless of the community as a whole the way someone may finally be judged is up to how they conduct their own ass…plus, you trace any “repespectable institution” back far enough and you come to realize that everything begins from humble beginnings many times outside of the law (consider the very establishment of this country!) the black community is no different, not sayin’ one has to condone or accept poverty, drugs, crime, illiteracy as their people’s sole legacy but an effort must be made as one betters themself to put things in perspective about the neighborhood and the people they may leave behind…i watched those boys (3-6) last night (and i trust my instincts here) it was a truely astonishing moment for them, not because they mean to intentionally glorify lawbreaking and misogyny but of genuine gratefulness (one of the few winners to thank their god i might add) and realization of what they could actually accomplish through the rap game (their chosen avenue of expression) however anyone else might view them…something that will hopefully allow them to shine, climb and refine as they take it to the next level…only time will tell

  42. Puzzle Says:

    In all reality it seems like its more like catering to the younger generation in america which is fueled by hip hop so they can watch the oscars next year! seriously, notice how its ludacris to bring um’ out..the actual 36 performance and how they kinda had to ‘act’ out the lyrics so the older whites can follow the song cause you cant really ‘understand them’…then out of everybody Queen latifah presents them the award with her ‘jokes’ (why not terrance howard since he didnt want to perform the song?)…36 gets the award and basically rambles, and it seems the crowd shots are of blacks strictly (notice how they just happen to catch jamie fox with the ‘yesssss’ face on twice!) and younger looking women, and then they bring out the white cat with his ‘hip hop over your head jokes’ and even he even ask the question ” I wonder why they are the only ones excited here tonight, why is that?” and the applause and gesturing in the audience….seems more like a ploy than gratitude.
    Hard to call right here, I mean on one hand you wanna be happy that ‘hip hop’ got an oscar…but, look at the overall cost. You would like a song like ‘self destruction’ or ‘one mic’ or something intellectual to represent hip hop at a venue like the oscars naturally, its really always went that route in a sense when hip hop 1st got national exposure. I hope ALL southern artist take note here, it aint hate , it aint jealousy, it aint envy, its concearn and confusion into where the line is gonna get drawn on many levels. look at it like this, the 36 song paints a clear picture of pimpin for a movie etc. gets an oscar…other southern artist come with straight booty music, club rap, pimpin you name it as long as its about bitches etc. when whites hear it where will they split the two?? They wont, they’ll exploit it, think about that one. They’ve taken the essence from us but havent snatched it….and being that the south is getting there time to shine and all the money and opportunites are flocking their direction in general, you can become blinded to the big picture. Shit 36 aint complaining, they’d call me a hater right now basically without a second thought and DJ Paul is one of my favorite producers!! I dont know. ya’ll…we live in a fucked up society I know that much

  43. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I’m not knockin’ ur opinion, I’m just sayin’, all this ‘I do good for my community’, ‘I didn’t let the environment take control of me mentality’ was cool for your situation, but DON’T KNOCK EVERYBODY ELSE DOWN because you feel ur “THE SH*T”……….. all I’m sayin’ is that, it’s a good look for the culture in general………..I’m not going out praising 3-6 mafia or tellin’ people to cop their album, or that they’re the greatest group in the world, cuz we all know the content is “WACK”…..I was simply statin’ my opinion and how I felt……. I understand what ur talkin’ about, the whole “SHUCKIN’ and JIVIN'” just to be accepted by people who don’t give a F*ck………. BUT understand, in no way is that song a REPRESENTATION of HIP-HOP…. It’s a representation of the MOVIE and the best song representation of a movie that was nominated…I wasn’t thinkin’ “OH, THE MAN THREW US A BONE”, knahmean…….. Again, I was just thinkin’, “Damn, Some Dudes from the Hood won that award, That’s HOT”…….I didn’t force feed it on you and tell you that ignorance is bliss, I stated my opinion and it looks like u want me to conform to what you said…..Like DMX said “…I refuse to conform”…… but I do absorb thoughts and opinions just not when people are force feeding them to me……

  44. MaddenMaster Says:

    Fuck Oprah…….. And I’m glad them niggas won… THATS BIG!!!! really really really big for our people!!! Just the fact that they let them niggers perform is MEGA and then they gave them the award as oppose to another dry as song, I respect that….. TO ALL YALL WHITE FOLKS OUT THERE BRACE YASELF FOR THE TAKE OVER!!!!


  45. Dr Flav Says:

    Hiphop Should Have Many Faces. I Know Some Cats Who Listen To Some Straight Boring Bull Sheet! But Its Their Hiphop.

  46. Dr Flav Says:

    Off Topic, But Why Is Nobody Talking About The Ongoing Source Litigation. No Blogs To Be Found. Thats Sorry. IMO!

  47. eskay Says:

    I’ll probably post an update on the Source situation today or tomorrow but honestly I’m a little bored with Mays and Zino’s latest trip down Da Nile.

  48. cashmere Says:

    wow once again eskay, bringing out the best discussions ever. im with Kanyes Lil Jacket so hard on this shit. fuck the oscars, fuck its viewers. the Realest award went to Jon Stewart for losing his shit all night and dissing how full of bullshit the whole song and dance is.

  49. Dr Flav Says:

    Eskay Dats Da Bidnus! Dudes Built A Media Giant From A Newsletter. Mays Baby Since 88 (?). 82%Shares! The Minority Gets To Choose To Auction The Majoritys Shares?? Source Father Of The Term And Medium HipHop Journalism. :shrugs:

  50. E from BK Says:


    I did not mention what I do in the community to boast. I did so in response to an earlier comment about people giving lip service and not doing anything in the hood. I was simply stating that I understood and I am not about “lip service.” It’s amazing that you would attack me for that, however, it’s all matter of opinion. I am definitely not trying to convert you to my line of thinking. Like I always ay, you do what is good for you as long as you can look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. Also, the fact that I did not let the envirinment control me does not mean that I never did dirt. What I am saying is that we cannot continue to use that as an excuse. I didn’t do shit because of my environment. I did shit because I wanted to! If you feel them winning the award was a good look then that is your opinion and One. However, I don’t believe it was a good look. I don’t believe most of Hip Hop is a good look. As a matter of fact, it straight up sucks. I have not listened to popular radio in about six months. I’m riding aroung with old school and underground CDs in my car. I don’t like the genres’ direction and that’s that. There are alot of good artists out there, but it seems that only negativity is being pushed.

  51. shai Says:

    “It appears our ultimate revenge against the white man will be to make him as ignorant as he has made us.”

    – Im not even mad…they want to give out Oscars they can give out Oscars. It was probaly the best song out of all the nominees and I don’t really like southern rap or three 6 mafia but I will say that their production is generally better quality than alot of stuff I hear. I just think it’s funny that he thanked the choreographer…oh lord lol…

  52. cashmere Says:

    ps – and yeah, fuck that they got an oscar for such a moronic song. one of the first studies we looked at in social psychology in college was the roles women and minorities have historically been awarded for by the Wackademy. they cater to some bullshit image projected onto them. prostitutes or ig’nant niggers.

  53. Dr Flav Says:

    Mamie Gone With The Wind, Sidney Pontier Guess Who Coming To Dinner, Denzel Bad Cop, Halle B Savagely Shagged Sista Suga. U Cant Even Front On Dat, But They Each Got They Money On Those Roles. Earning Their Gold.

  54. Dr Flav Says:

    Cashmere, Think About The Film “Hollywood Shuffle,”the Fight For Lead Pimp Scene. Booty Roles, But Best Actors Had To Fight For Em.

  55. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    E from Brooklyn I’m 26 an I’ve been through an played a role in everything you might find as a disgrace to the race but,thats irrelevent. When I say handlin their business I mean sellin records(makin music)thats their livelyhood. Your entitled to your opinion pass judgement let GOD do that brotha! I was growin up when fight the power an all that was pumpin but,that wasn’t the movement around my way. P.E. was a revolutionary group that’s they thang ya dig. 3/6 on the otherhand that’s not they thang have you ever been down to memphis,tenn. They jus reppin they hood you aint gotta like it but aint nothin wrong with it. Its jus their time if it was meant to b for P.E. an them back in the day it would’ve pop. You can’t question GOD’S will homie. Keep up the work in the hood 4real the kids need it my hat off to you

  56. beastnigga Says:

    it seems everybody is either off the cresent or just purely don’t understand what really happened. 3-6 are alright at times. i have followed them their whole career because i was living in the ga. even back in the days when they had beef with bone about who originated the style. they don’t rap like they use to ( tear da club up) either they matured, or reinvented themselves. either way, bone won a grammy for “crossroads”,3-6 won a oscar for “its hard out here for a pimp” fuck it!! put the pussy ass awards to the side. these niggas won for longevitity. bone is now defunct. they music might not be your cup of tea, but give these niggas props. they made history. this is our origin in hip hop ,to be innovators and groundbreakers. you have witnessed something with your own two eyes that may or may not happen again. the doors are opening, my question to all my niggas on here (black or white or whatever) since we have more opportunity are you gone seize it? look at this as a blessing. now is your time to get in. whatever style you got. lay that shit down and make you a career. str8 from tha nutz, beastnigga.

  57. Blood Hound Says:

    @ strong chef yeah I know its high but my boy fuck some shit up so its my way of keeping things cool between him and big homie that’s all. (Just being a big nigga for my lil homie). But much love and besides its some great shit (grows it in katrina water). Lol

  58. malena Says:

    thank god eminem’s no longer the only rapper with an oscar

  59. E from BK Says:


    I hear you Duke. I understand all the isms involved with that lifestyle as well as the gutteral reasons for it. You think you have been a part of things that I think are a disgrace? Like I said before, I too have been a part of some of the same things. I have been an enabler to all the isms that plague our community. However, I am considerably older that you. 3-6 is considerably older than you. They been out since about ’87 and I’ve been up on them. I’m not one of those NYers that think NY is the all to end all. The reason for that is that I have spent considerable time in every region in the US. I’ve also spent time oversees so I have seen alot and I am privy to information about how we are seen. You have some good points homie and I like to see cats step up and rep what they believe in. Again, I am not trying to do God’s job. I know that God is the all to end all. I don’t have a problem with that. God has let me live as long as I have lived and has given me the ability to discern what I like or don’t like. All I am doing is excersizing that. Also, to answer your question. I have been to Memphis, actually on a number of occassions. Just like every other hood to me. I guess when I mention PE’s time period(which is actually still poppin’) I am saying that there was more of a variety. There was an equal balance music wide. You had NWA, PE, Cube, Kane, LL and so on and so on. It just seems like today it’s only negative silly shit that is getting played. If I am wrong then let me know. I live in Atlanta right now and it’s a good thing. If I was in some other part of the country that was not so diverse I would probably lose my mind. Again, I don’t listen to the radio, but this city has places for me to go to get “underground” artists that I would rather support. My comments have nothing to do with the movie “Hustle and Flow”, it’s all about the music. You seem like a cool person. Keep it up!

  60. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo eskay, lol could looking on comign forth with that…
    to be perfectly honest, the movie is hot… and itll teach you a lesson IF you believe in INCREDIBLE luck… because everything that happens is just to much to beleive in a city like that… wtv though itll teach you a thing or two… because they go hard on every race, not excluding anyone…
    wtv man enjoy and post up what u think (but thats fosho gonna lead to racist talk on the comments section.. so yeah)

  61. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    E from Brooklyn I totally agree with you as far as hip hop bein flooded with bullshit. The thing about three six the way they came out they aint changed since then so they always did them. Now with these new artist they try to cator to the radio with that watered down bullshit. Or you have these vets that switch up they style to cator to the masses against their better judgement. At the end of the day they gotta take care of they families so I can’t knock nobody’s hustle ya dig. I feel you as far as the variety back in the mid 80’s. Take into consideration that was around the time rap was coming to tha forefront. Niggas was carvin out they own spot in history as far originality. These days everybody not open to change that’s why you have a lot of bullshit in the game

  62. B-HEEZIE Says:

    It’s def. just a difference in opinion E from BK, but I can definitely tell you that I agree with hip hop being in this F***ed up state…..I too listen to old CDs and I’m not fond of radio rotations either……I was just happy that 3-6 won and I also felt that it was the best movie song up for the award. Would you have picked that DOLLY PARTON song or that other song for CRASH???? Honestly….. do the other songs really paint a picture for their corresponding movies????

  63. D. Billz Says:
  64. Furious Styles Says:

    I’m mad happy for 3-6 and Hip Hop winning big at the Oscars. Kudos. It’s easy at the Oscars for a pimp now!

  65. rudy Says:

    I’m a bit late, but what a bunch of haters. I don’t like 3-6, I didn’t like the song, and I’m not a huge fan of the Oscars in general. However, those who vote for the winners are white and wealthy and I applaud them taking notice of a genre that is almost always excoriated out of hand. Based on the win, people outside of hip hop are taking notice of the artistic value.

    It matters not who we as lovers of hip-hop would’ve picked or, even, who we think are the proper spokespeople. The greater statement is made by the reality that times they are a’changing. Hopefully more talented hip-hop acts will be allowed to be apart of the Hollywood crowd and taken seriously as contributers to the arts.

  66. sassynurse Says:

    I am very happy for 3-6!!! The song went with the theme of the movie. It is a lot of mainstream rappers that have worked with 3-6. These boys have been hustling for a long time and they are finally getting recognition. Most of you are judging them on this one song that was written for a movie about a pimp and his hoes. And yes they showed excitement when they were announced as the winners, I don’t blame them! Also 3-6 is not trying to represent a whole hip-hop culture. 3-6 showcased a part of our DURTY SOUTH(Memphis) and we will keep on poppin our collars for 3-6, no matter how country other people think we are, but don’t judge us until you know us.

  67. Obvious dude Says:

    I think that performance was granted for humorous reasons. Of all the musical scores they could’ve chose from they chose “it’s hard out here for a pimp.” And then ya boy Jon Stewart came on and started with his routine which was funny but true. Watch the event again.

  68. E from BK Says:


    Nobody is judging the South. I live in the “A” and I love it. I think most people are saying they don’t like that particular song to represent Hip Hop. How dare you say they are not trying to represent the entire culture and are only representing the South. That is bull! We are all in this together. That’s the problem with the genre. People are always trying to separate by regions therefor making excuses for the lack of skill in Hip Hop. We all know 3-6 has been out nearly 20 years. We all know that they have worked with alot of quality artist. The song does not take away from their legacy. There are songs from my favorite artists that I don’t like and if Rakim or T.I. or KRS One or 8 Ball&MJG had one of those songs represent the culture with negativity I would have an issue too.


    Again, the term “hate” is too often misused. You said the same thing in your comment that most other people have said.

  69. thekid10705 Says:

    Yeah Es, I’m still bugging that Dolly got jipped’…Ha Ha, she needs to get of the base….Oscars’ suck , just like the Grammy’s, or any award show….

  70. rudy Says:

    @ E from Bk says (btw, is that some new lingo? the @ thing?)

    Again, the term “hate” is too often misused. You said the same thing in your comment that most other people have said.

    @ rudy retorts

    Never said I was alone in my thinking. Just adding my 2 cents. “Hate” is most certainly overused, but I thought it right given the context of the conversation. Sue me.

  71. 0.5 Says:

    these cats did it big. i’m happy for them. keep up the good work three 6

  72. MySteeK Says:

    CBRIZZLE…WHAT “CRACKERS”??? NOT REFFERING TO ME RIGHT? dont think you wouldnt take offense if a white kid said nigger in their sentance. damnit cant ya’ll fall the fuck back wit this shit!!!

  73. Furious Styles Says:

    It’s good to see a group of congratulaters instead of haters. That’s my new theme song.


  74. will Says:


  75. MySteeK Says:

    it 1 thing to be adament about something Will, but the minute u let ignorance get the best of you you tend to poison a good thing and make it tainted. im italian, white if thats what u wanna call me, and i too want the american dream but il tell u straight up when i say that its about ME. not my people. honestly i could give a fuck less. If U are going to help me achieve success then we could polly all day, no matter whachu r. black, white, yellow, green red…male female, christian jewish….WHAT the fuck EVER! it should be u sayin WE AS IN THE BLACK RACE BLAH BLAH BLAH…it should be you worrying about YOURSELF as an individual because if u are caught up with all this we as a group shit motherfuckin slackers r gunna hold u back mah dude. dont make it a race thing.

    ps- ima continue poppin my collar too and a big FUCK YOU to the haters. cause thats jus me

  76. BLACKGIRL101 Says:



  77. macblack Says:

    man I don’t why all these people are hatin like they didn’t deserve that shit I’m from emephis and all they been repi is memphis till the end so to all you haters yeah the ones that move to other states and claim so other shit memphis is always going to be M.akin E.asy M.oney P.impin H.oes I.n S.tyle

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