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Green Lantern – Alive On Arrival


1. Alive On Arrival Intro
2. Vacation’s Over – Russell Simmons
3. Did You Miss Me, pt. 1 – DJ Green Lantern feat. Juelz Santana
4. Got Me On My Shit – Jay-Z (Green Lantern mix)
5. Shotgun Season – Fat Joe feat. Styles P. [produced by Green Lantern]
6. Never Scared – Beanie Sigel feat. Tru Life [produced by Green Lantern]
7. The Ice Cream Man – Pharrell [produced by Green Lantern]
8. Swizz Beatz Interlude
9. All I Know – DJ Green Lantern feat. Akon & Hell Rell [produced by Green Lantern]
10. Survivor Freestyle – Ghostface
11. License To Kill (remix II) – Papoose feat. Mobb Deep [produced by Green Lantern]
12. Ride With A ‘G’ – T.I. feat. Fat Joe (Green Lantern mix)
13. Interlude
14. New York – DJ Green Lantern feat. Jae Millz, Stack Bundles, Cory Gunz & Maino [produced by Green Lantern]
15. Your Longest Trip – Beanie Sigel (Green Lantern mix)
16. C.R.A.C.K. – Juelz Santana feat. 38 Special (Invasion)
17. Hustler’s Prayer – Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jim Jones [produced by Green Lantern]
18. George Bush Interlude
19. Impeach The President – DJ Green Lantern feat. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze
20. Presidential Interlude – Wyclef
21. Bronx Blocks – Remy Martin
22. Blow His Head Off – Busta Rhymes feat. Ghostface [produced by Green Lantern]
23. The Click – J.R. Writer [produced by Green Lantern]
24. Young Jeezy & Lil’ Wayne Interlude
25. In My Life – Mike Jones feat. The Boy Short (RSMG)
26. Get Ya Pay – T.I. feat. Bun B. & Rakim [produced by Green Lantern]
27. Top Down – Memphis Bleek [produced by Green Lantern]
28. Sow You What I’m Workin’ Wit – DJ Green Lantern feat. Juelz Santana & Dem Fanchise Boyz [produced by Green Lantern]
29. We G’s – Kool G. Rap & Prinz [produced by Green Lantern]
30. Alive On Arrival – Kardinal Offishall
31. Real Good – Nucci Reyo
32. Who’s That? – Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip [produced by Green Lantern]
33. Did You Miss Me, pt. 2 – Juelz Santana
34. BONUS: Dresscode – Torch [produced by Green Lantern]
35. BONUS: Lean On ‘Em – Mag

Green Lantern – Alive On Arrival 

Now bow down to the kid’s zero day mixtape game.  

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53 Responses to “Green Lantern – Alive On Arrival”

  1. SnitchyMcRat Says:

    hot to def…good material puts the rest to same.

  2. luis Says:

    WACK, but thanks/props for the link!!!!

  3. eskay Says:

    >>WACK, but thanks/props for the link!!!!

    nigga, get real

  4. luis Says:


  5. luis Says:

    bro what’s theproblem, and dont use the N word you prick haha

  6. SnitchyMcRat Says:

    Luis, why do you feel its wack…and if thats wack, whats hot..

  7. luis Says:

    I just thought most of the tracks were so so hence that’s why I said it was wack! you give me a mixtape with 24 tracks and if I hear 17 tracks out of 24 that are blazing I’mma tell ya dudes “this mixtape is hot”!!!!

  8. eskay Says:

    look you little weasel, Green Lantern has never dropped a wack mixtape in his life, stop trolling my site and go back to gunitworld.com.

  9. luis Says:

    lol, c’mon eskay give me a break, we all know gunitworld.com is the best!!!! haha!

  10. eskay Says:

    what’s better than that Impeach the President remake? The original used to be my shit.

    “Al Qaeda and America been doin business well, they tighter than Interscope and XXL”

  11. Dr Flav Says:

    Cosign, Never heard a wack G L Mix Tape, “EVIL GENIUS!”

  12. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    defenitely green lantern has never dropped a even semi wack mixtape and luis the g-stan knows this, he is just gonna blatantly hate on green lantern since he isnt the aftermath/interscope dj anymore, i mean green lantern told jada he was killing 50 what do expect from the 50 stans but to say green lantern is wack? now of course if there was atleast 3 50 songs on here luis would say the shit is fire

  13. nation of thugacation Says:

    i havent heard it yet, but im downloading it, and i will have to allie myself with everyone here and say tht GL’s mixtapes are fire, everythign about them, especially the intros/outros are fire (him and clinton sparks make the sickest intros). thanks again eskay for hooking us up with the good shit… and props for the gunitworld.com comment…
    @tyronebiggums71: ” i mean green lantern told jada he was killing 50 ”
    not exactly but sorta

  14. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ thats basically what happened green was on tape saying how jada was getting hard at 50 and he just needed to basically take it up a notch and he would be able to end the shit

    but your 100% right about the intros with green and clinton sparks but it goes way beyond that these are the only 2 big mixtape dj’s who actually mix the tapes the shit sounds a lot better when it all blends together smoothly instead of always hearing bombs or gun shots or the drama king or clue clue clue clue like all these other mixtapes dudes do

  15. nation of thugacation Says:

    well… 50 didnt really give a shit about what green thought about him, its cuz on the Come Up DVD, jada has green on speaker phone and as theyre speaking on the mixtape awards and shit they won, green said you know hes gonna get the young boy coming at you, some shit like that i didnt hear it clearly but wtv i translated that to be banks was gonna air his ass out, but wtv… thats why green got fired because ” he went behind 50/shadys back and allied with the ennemy” or wtv u wanna call it
    i dont think he it was conspiracy TALK against g-unit/shady/aftermath.. it was more.. REAL TALK
    but yo the best part of these 2 djs other then what they play, what they put out or their intros… is that theyre WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ im with you i think you misunderstood what i was originally saying. i was responding to the dude luis who said the mixtape was wack, well luis is a 50/ g-unit stan, so i was just pointing out that, that was the reason why luis was hating because he cant allign himself with anyone not partnered with 50

    not to sound like im getting at you but who cares about if these dudes are white? why is that the best part ? i dont get it what different does it make dudes are nice as fuck, thats the exact thinking that made jackie robinson have to struggle to break into major league baseball. because white people looked at it like yea he is good for a nigger and now black people sit here in rap and say yea he is alright for a cracker, how are white people supposed to not group all black people and black images together when black people constantly group all white people together, people need to understand it is a 2 way street you cant expect to be treated as an individual if you wont treat people of other races as individuals.

  17. nation of thugacation Says:

    well actually it was in reference to everyones post on Three 6 Mafia representing the black community at the OSCARS… because im white and theyre fucking holding it down for us honkeys… and yo i feel you hardcore on the jackie robinson subject cause yo im from montreal and he played minor league for the Montreal Royals(affiliate of the DODGERS) wtv man its just fucked thats its gotta be like that.. like why wouldnt we expect Three 6 to win, as rap fans, and like DJ GL and Clinton Sparks, also as rap fans…. wtv man it is what it is.

  18. VES Says:



    ok i feel you nation of thugacation i see where your coming from homie and i agree 100%

  20. jl3969 Says:

    its called http://www.mixtapetorrent.com, geniuses

  21. nation of thugacation Says:

    respect tyrone
    yo after actually hearing the fucking mixtape… its FUCKING tight… i dont no if the sample at the begining of each song is him or the artist himself.. but the sample before and during the songs are chosen so fuckign perfectly (the best is ICE CREAM and the eddie murphy/wu tang(ice cream+c.r.e.a.m.)) lol hes going hard on this one… fuck man i wont even front all the tracks are straight fire… yo gl better get some recognition for this… yo the hell rell and akon track is crazy.. fuck it akon could sing mary had a little lamb and make it sound G… thanks again eskay

  22. Damu Says:

    A-yo eskay, good lookin on the mixtape. Been tellin mad nigahz about ur site. Keep up tha good work, dawg.
    I’m out. Peace:-D

  23. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo the more i listen the more i get fucking excited
    btw not because i have this as my screename but yo how tight is the PAP track (btw just because gunit fags jump on his hooks dont mean they gangster, though i love ballerina P lol jk)…
    and the INTERLUDE track 13 where he says whats done is done is fucking g on a subliminal tip… lol he samples jada saying.. LOOK GL IM SORRY lol nothing more g than that
    expect me to be back on comment some more

  24. The Reason Says:

    Can’t believe the nerve of luis to calll this mixtape “wack”. That dude is drawn…

  25. nation of thugacation Says:

    lol im back
    ok before you’re quick to judge, and think im a dickrider(though i probably am) its because ive been leaving comments all while i was listening to the actual thing… but yo this mixtape is fucking sick, it probaly wont get half the respect it deserves… but there is some good shit and the sample are off the hizook lol jk… but can someone feel me on the fact that the impeach the president song was, funny, yes, but if u would throw on a classical beat (one of those gangster ass immortal technique beats) it woulda been much more powerful… everything immortal technique says deserves respect… and he finishes the song by “12 IQ points from being fucking retarded” lol
    shame on us for downloading this mixtape
    bless eskay for hooking it up
    (i got my priorities straight)

  26. Dr Flav Says:

    “holdin it down for us honkeys…” Nation Of Thugafication Man Thats Real Shit 2 Me In A Few Ways, U Should Visit Sohh Blog And See How Some So Called Self Confident Negros Have An N Word Complex. I Understand, But Aren’t There Bigger Issues, You Give Words Power. Off Topic Long But G L Intros = Masterful Cuts Breaks Dirty Harry Too…

  27. Juss.Ten Says:

    This Shit is bangin [nigga get the fucc outta here] !!! remind me of some grimey summertime shit … “Ride Wit A G” classic

  28. Adam Says:

    yeah i’m diggin the eddie/ice c.r.e.a.m. collab. and the juice sample

  29. Capoditutticapi Says:

    gotta cosign on that green latern tip. he been doin the damn thing for years. all hotness.

  30. Bill Sykes Says:

    …so couldn’t you have saved this as an mp3 man?…I was jus sayin…

  31. Blood Hound Says:

    *gunitworld sucks and I’ve never been to the site*

    Now as for the mixtape the fact alone that 50 isn’t on it, makes it sound like the shit!!!!! Fuck 50…. Besides Dipset is on it Capo!!! Hell Rell!!!, and who in there right mind dislikes a Green Lantern product?

  32. Blood Hound Says:

    @Damu what up Blood? Fuck with da dude, hold ya head no homo. You Ru huh?

  33. Blood Hound Says:

    Off subject but this is a brief letter I put together for Curtis Jackson.

    Dear Mr. Cent,

    May the fleas and ticks of a 1,000,000 Guerilla’s infest your crotch and may your arms be too short to scratch. If I wanted to hear a gangsta rap R&B singer I would by r.Kelly tapes. Stick to rap. BITCH!!!!


    No relation to young buck.

    FREE C-MURDER!!!!!!

  34. Blood Hound Says:

    Buy not by but fuck it. why am I still up?

  35. Damu Says:

    FUCK C-Murder!!
    Bury dat muthafucka under the jail cells. I get soooo heated when I think of that niguh. Here is a muthafucka that had it all. But could he stay out of the clubs fucking with 16 year olds? Hell nah! He had to show everyone how THUG he is. Well, lets see how thug u is. You did tha crime now do the time, tough guy. Grrrr… I think Scarface said it best… “Do what you got to do and get back home safely to your family”. True dat… you don’t have to be all up in the club showing the folks how tough you are. Thats the fastest why to get murked.
    Peace and love Blood Hound… No homo. :-D

  36. slumlord Says:

    Impeach the president should be the name of the whole mixtape

  37. eskay Says:

    >>…so couldn’t you have saved this as an mp3 man?…I was jus sayin…

    not really, since then I’d have to up every track individually.

  38. Bill Sykes Says:

    not really, since then I’d have to up every track individually.

    …then how ’bout your top three burners then in the text as usually do…

  39. Bill Sykes Says:

    Ooops…you usually do!



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    […] each the president” with dead prez, immortal tech, just blaze, and fucking saigon on his new mixtape. im telling you people, the worst president in a long fuckin […]

  42. Amped Says:

    I like this.

  43. patastinky Says:

    I’d like to thank Dead Prez, Immortal Tech, Just blaze, Saigon and Green lantern for “imp34ch the president” song. Finially this is what i’ve been waiting for. Raps getting wack as hell, it’s about time they took it back to the essence of rap and spoke on the issues that effect us (minorites). Def appreciate the track. I’m letting all my friends know about this. I hope they put out more tracks like this. (kanye west where’s your track at ^_^)

  44. barr code Says:

    tape fire no question. But how you gonna list Ra on “get yo pay” with T.I and Big Bun when all he’s doin is the hook. Straight up dissapointment. Shit sound hot yeah, but William should a laced that shit . Guess he holdin his jewels for the “Seventh Seal” droppin this summer.

    Nuff respect. and big ups to Latern for keepin vinyl alive (fake ass pro-toolin niggas)

  45. Blood Hound Says:

    Yo bar code, GL uses pro tools also, and fruity loops, in addition to his MPC.

    Hell I have the same set up. What do you think em uses?

  46. barr code Says:

    true, I guess you can’t deny technology. It’s just that some DJ’s blendin skills come across mad “robotic”. GL had my ass fooled since his shits cleaner.

    Respect on the check though

  47. MySteeK Says:


  48. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    overall its as good quality but there is nothing on here that can match up with nail in the coffin or any of the benzion disses that were on the invasion mixtapes

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  50. KLO Says:

    This Green Laturn jump off is gangsta!

  51. MySteeK Says:


  52. Dj Arkitekt Says:

    This mixtape is alright, not too outta the ordinary. I was a little dissapointed with his own producings on this one, Using Shaggy, C.R.E.A.M. and Swollen members? like… he’s no doubt one of the best spinners out there and there were some solid songs on it, just not up to Green Lantern par.


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