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Shyne The Black Jew


According to the New York Post, Shyne has converted to Judaism and changed his name:  

March 3, 2006 — JAILED rapper Shyne is legally changing his name to Moses Michael Leviy – and he’s taking out a classified ad in The Post tomorrow to make it official. Shyne, who hopes to get out of Clinton Correctional Facility upstate next year, was born Jamaal Michael Barrow in 1978. The Belize-born rhymer converted to Judaism while locked up and now claims to be descended from Ethiopian Jews. Shyne was sentenced to 10 years for his role in a 1999 shooting at Times Square nightspot Club NY that left three people wounded. His former mentor, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Combs’ then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, fled the scene after the wild melee, but only Shyne got sent to the slammer.

The joke potential for this is so high, that I’m not even going to take it there. My Ex-girlfriend was a Black Israelite so I have a little first hand experience with these characters. Now there’s a bunch of level headed, progressive thinkers for you.

UPDATE: Apparently Shyne was already a practicing Jew. I never knew that.  

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53 Responses to “Shyne The Black Jew”

  1. Tego Says:

    Shyne was born a Jew.

  2. Tego Says:

    New York Post need to do their research. Wow. It’s disgraceful that you can release that is a story.

  3. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ Shynes the one takeing out the classified ad for this announcement so you cant really blame the post, not atleast this time although im sure they will do their best to discredit him

  4. luis Says:


  5. KingML Says:

    He’s made Hitlers list of most hated people!

    a black jew, he must be rolling in his grave.

  6. hiphopmusic.com Says:

    Shyne Converts to Judaism?

    According to the Post Shyne has recently become Jewish. Mazeltov! As long as this doesn’t end with you hugging up on Rick Santorum or something.. Jailed rapper Shyne is legally changing his name to Moses Michael Leviy – and he’s taking out a classifi…



  8. Tego Says:

    AllHipHop.com: Have you changed religion?

    Shyne: No, I have always been Hebrew. My great-grandmother is an Ethiopian Jew. That’s my heritage.

  9. Tego Says:


  10. thekid10705 Says:

    Crazy, I don’t know how to call this one!!!

  11. D. Billz Says:

    As long as the brother find peace, I don’t care what his religion is. He could be a Buddhist Baptist rasta for all I care. We just need to step in a positive direction.

  12. doc holiday Says:

    i dont even know what to say.

  13. YBY Says:

    Shyne’s been jewish all along. This is really below your standard eskay! Get with it.

  14. the landlord Says:

    well said D.BILLZ (2:06pm) Before the jokes and the hating commence, please understand. Whenever a black man steps outside of the spiritual, cultural and economic shackles placed on him by mainstream(white) america, he becomes a target for ridicule by white folks AND undereducated and sometimes ignorant brown folks. If the many brown followers of our oppressors would free their minds and do the knowledge, maybe they too will find themselves at the synagogue or mosque practicing the true religions of their honorable ancestors. Peace be unto you Shyne Po!!!

  15. eskay Says:

    Fall back YBY, I’m sorry I missed some obscure Shyne interview on AHH from 2004.

  16. Miss Hipstah Says:

    I feel like I’m gonna regret saying this…but just for the record…there is a HUGE difference between Jews ( who are Black, White or Purple) and Black Israelites. I’m assuming everyone is aware of this.

    As for Shyne, if his maternal grandmother (i.e. his mother’s mother) was Jewish, then by Jewish law, he definitely was born a Jew.

  17. EAST COAST Says:

    yo this is old newz…i read a article that GQ mag did wit shyne like a year ago, they interviewed him in prison and he said he was jewish. shyne is ill tho, he need 2 drop some shit, but i also heard he aint signed to def jam no more he on black wall street east wit game…its on his official myspace

  18. abce Says:

    I LOVE this site! I am officially “addicted”.

  19. KingML Says:

    to “the landlordz”
    “Whenever a black man steps outside of the spiritual, cultural and economic shackles placed on him by mainstream(white) america”

    That is one sucker thing to say. If you don’t like America, go to Africa and embrace the spiritual, cultural and economic shackles there and then contrast and compare and tell me where you got it better.

    Act like its the white mans fault and you’re copping out like a bitch, your only responsible for yourself and where you are in life is YOUR SHIT.

    Im sick of hearing these “oh the white man oppresses us” cry babys, if you don’t like it, buy an airplane ticket with your mcds job, go apply for immigration into a country with no white people, there is STILL OPPRESSION. It’s not a race things it’s a class thing.

    Even in Africa, black people do the same shit to other black people who are more poor, thats why you have people in Nigeria shooting up oil industry offices, cause their “leaders” who are black sold their asses for the top dollar just like they did in the old days and got you a free boat ride to America so you could bitch and complain about being oppressed there.

    So if you want to practice what your “honorable ancestors” did, maybe you should sell your closest non-white friend to a white guy.

  20. eskay Says:

    Miss Hipstah is absolutely right, I should have made that distinction, but I’m the guy quoting the Post so I obviously don’t know any better.

    That said, in response to D.Billz and landlord, those dudes pictured above (and again I don’t know if that is the group Shyne is down with) are some of the most hateful, racist motherfuckers on this planet. The shit they teach has no business being referred to as a ‘religion’, even by the loose standards used nowadays.

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    Nah Right Definitely Not

    « Shyne The Black Jew

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  22. JacobTheJewlery Says:

    J_J_J_J_J_Jewwwwww unittttt

  23. buks Says:

    lol weird

  24. D. Billz Says:

    I don’t know much about the religion so if you could post a link on it, maybe I can make a better judgement @ Eskay.

  25. Jay Smooth Says:

    Did you ever see Conan O-Brien’s satire of the Israelites, that was a cult of Mark Twain fans who did the same routine but reading from Twain books intead of the bible?

  26. nation of thugacation Says:

    guys, in all honestly, much love to shyne and all, hold ur head and all that bs, but if he trully was jewish… and hes just changing his name… why the fuck would anymore care, its the only way to get some buzz round his broke ass since def jam and him have been beefing for his flop… wtv though. im just saying this smells like a publicity stunt
    that said… JJJJJJ JEW UNIT

  27. Puzzle Says:

    ^its shyne, if he decided to go on a shit diet it would get reported…

  28. eskay Says:

    >>Did you ever see Conan O-Brien’s satire of the Israelites, that was a cult of Mark Twain fans who did the same routine but reading from Twain books intead of the bible?

    no, someone needs to youtube that though

  29. Shawamar Says:

    Well, it comes to this…I used to be a huge fan of this site till this day. Now I must stay away from dealing with all of these numb-skulls who get all of their info from T.V. and gossip columns. Shyne is obviously thinking about more things than who 50 is dissing now, or if Lil Kim’s tits are leaking and we make light of it? Im beileve my self to be a Hebrew Isrealite as many of you guys talking trash are, and no I am not a “Character” in the way someone said. We need to grow the fuck up, and stop the bullshit….Hey , does anyone know what Busta is up too??? Morons…..

  30. eskay Says:

    ^ See now, why’s it gotta be all that though? If you’re a Hebrew Israelite, which I am NOT btw, than why don’t you try and show me how my opinion is wrong rather than leave the site in a big huff. Like I said in my post, my ex was a HI so it’s not like I’m just forming my opinion from what I hear those dudes on 42nd street talk about.

  31. e-dubbs Says:

    The Israelites give white people some of the best cookin’s in the history of western civilization. They get my vote for that alone. Cook them devils, extra crispy.

  32. nation of thugacation Says:

    fuck this shit… this site is about hip hop.. why we bringing religion in here, so what if shyne is changing his religion/name (“ALLEGEDLY”), shyne is locked up, shyne was good when he had access to the studio, now he has access to getting stitches in his ass… listen shwamar, dont get offended when these ignorant ass people speak of what they dont no.. who really gives a fuck.. at the end of the day…. it doesnt really matter, what matters is the music.

  33. born7allah Says:

    The blackman is god period. Religion means a set of belief. Belief means not true an opinion. Look it up in the dictionary now. But all u dudes go around saying u believe in this and that. U better know who god is and where that word god comes from and who wuz the greek talkin about when they made that word up. No your history blackmen and you find out a secret that the masons, illuminati are hidin from u. Their real name is the 10% but yall don’t know cause u met some idiot five pretender or jive precenter who didn’t real make yall see truth. If you know one ask him what the supreme mathematics is. That the only way to free your mind from mental slavery. I can show u my god can u show me yours. Stop ass bettin. Like I said ican show u my god can u show me yours. Think about all the above . The blackman is god the white man is devil. Actual fact not a rank. White are a grafted mutation from the blackman if u didn’t knowledge this. Its not racist. A actual fact is not bein racist its true not belief. Religion aint good 4 the blackman,and brownman or yellowman. The truth shall set u free so give themm back their lies. The nation of gods and earths aka5%study the science of islam mulsims study the religion of islam. Look up religion and science to know the difference. People always think we muslim cause we use allah and islam in our vocabulary but we are way diff. Let me let u know a know another hidden truth. A muslim,catholic,jew,christian,rasta,hindu, buddhist and whatever u think of r all the samethings. BELIEfS! Get it. Everything on this planet has duality to it positive negative yinyang nonreligious religious. 5% are the only non religion. Even aetheist is a belief theres no god right? All that belief shit confuses the world. Niggers(u 85%) don’t know what’s going on that’s why we always askin what poppin?what’s goin on?what’s tha deal? What’s happenin? And so on and so on …………… Wake up! Stop bee essin about rapper and other nonsense that s made to take u 85% off of reality. Learn supreme mathematics and what that means. Peace God(blackman) I love u cause u me

  34. e dubbya aka e dubbs Says:

    ^ what he said.. >shakes head in agreement

  35. nation of thugacation Says:

    >>The blackman is god the white man is devil.
    fallback born7allah, talking about beliefs and shit, you got the right to your beliefs… BUT I THINK YOUR WACK… u spent half an hour talking shit about some bs u read over wikipedia, i honestly think you know nothing of the matter, but i wont start because this is a hip hop site, i dont think ur as much of a good preacher as u are a racist, but thats just my opinion. telling people they arent educated and shit, and their beliefs is wack… people know what they are taught… they cant no everything else, their beliefs is what they were brought into, or what they learned..
    ignorant piece of shit

  36. yeahisaidit Says:

    the world is everything. everything is the truth. when will we learn that no one’s family has to die in order for another’s family to live?
    h i p h o p i s l i f e !

  37. nation of thugacation Says:

    true that

  38. e dubbs Says:

    I find it interesting that something with the name “nation of thugacation” can call someone ignorant.

  39. nation of thugacation Says:

    fallback EW
    be useful and go click on some ads

  40. Glacier Don Says:

    Eskay, that’s fucked of U talkin’ bout Shine like that; this is just more proof that non-hiphop heads should find other careers. If U actually listened to the music that U love to call your self critiquing, U would have known Shine was an Israelite from hearing his first album. Yall always commenting on a culture and people U know nothing about.

  41. born7allah Says:

    Thuga whatever get of papoose dick first and foremost. Second that shows how ignorant people r to that word belief. Go look it ip stupid. You ignorant which means lack of knowledge. The nation of gods and earth is not a belief or religion but hugnutcation don’t know so you wisdom(speak)ignorant. Read what I wrote slowly b4. I kept it simple but u 85%’s just don’t get it. By the way Papoose is a 5% if u didn’t know. Peace to the god rakim ,wutang and all other who teach and don’t preach. That’s another words u should look up preach and teach to know god don’t preach I teach and reach each peace

  42. born7allah Says:

    Peace the last 4 comment u said were real ignorant buttacation that shows me u under 20. A blackperson can’t be racist according 2 the words meaning.look it up and you’ll see what u thought it meant was wrong just like that word belief but if u wanna build more hit me imvizible@tmail.com. Don’t bite my name u wack mcs either. Peace

  43. eskay Says:

    Glacier Don:

    >>If U actually listened to the music that U love to call your self critiquing, U would have known Shine was an Israelite from hearing his first album. Yall always commenting on a culture and people U know nothing about.

    yeah I never listen to hip hop. how you sound? because I didn’t study Shyne’s first album I know nothing about hip hop? I know this much, Shynes first album was trash. Shyne is trash. the only reason we even know his name is because he sounded like B.I.G. when he first dropped and Diddy somehow thought hip hop fans would be so stupid as to embrace an impostor.

    And what did I say about him in the post that was fucked up anyway? What I fucked up on was lumping black Ethiopian Jews and Hebrew Israelites together, as Miss Hipstah pointed out, which I regret but whatever it’s done. Maybe I’ll edit the post to reflect that, maybe I won’t. Honestly, I have no desire to appease anybody who didn’t like what I said in this post. You can read it and take it how you want to take it. Hopefully people will read what I’ve written here in the comments but if they don’t then fuck it, it’s whatever.

  44. born7allah Says:

    Yeahisaidit said hiphop is life . Wrong hiphops in life but not life it self. Pay attention to what u say god words r important.

  45. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay, it is what it is… ppl dont understand u spend time on this website, they come on it, learn shit they never heard of, then when somethign they actually do no occurs, try to go hard to prove a point
    btw born7allah, im 17 years old, so what
    i just used the name nation of thugacation because i commented on a post on papoose, and i stuck to it each other time i commented because it was always there with my email, so what… ur missusing ALLAHs name, i trully couldnt care less about ur screenname, ur real name, heck, ur opinion is worthless to me…
    i dont want no beef with no myspace gangster, it wont lead anywhere and i dont want to frustrate eskay, so ill just leave it where it is, and dont bother replying im not touching this subject anymore.. because to me, shyne is as good as dead
    and on all that belief shit, one last thing, belief, teach, preach all that shit u ppl said u looked up, its all based on perception, so in the end, everyone is right, and everyone is wrong, when youll be mature enough to understand that maybe ull be half the teenage i am
    fucking faggots

  46. yeahisaidit Says:

    born7allah… all you did is clarify what i meant…but yo, there is no right or wrong, (for right and wrong = war), only truth (truth=peace.) actions speak louder than words…do you and i me…peace, over and out…

  47. Supreme Hustle Says:

    On Shyne’s album Godfather Burried Alive there are tracks credited as being produced by Moses Leviy.

  48. beastnigga Says:

    history was made 2nite my niggaz!!! i just finished watchin tha oscars. #1 this is the first time in academy history that a rap song was allowed to perform.#2 the original song score had absolutly no chance in hell at winning in this white mans world.#3 they performed the song and came back and won!!!. did u see those motherfuckin white people face’s?!! i will relish this moment for all my life. “IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP”

  49. beastnigga Says:

    i wasnt’ finished, we have finally arrived. now what in tha hell can stop us?

  50. the landlord Says:

    to Born7ALLAH…….as much as it breaks my heart, most of these 85ers and NONE of these DEVILS can be reached…it is what it was…SALAAM!!!!!



  52. MySteeK Says:

    Cant wait till dude gets out. Defjam gave um a label deal so im waitin to see what he does wit it. Uh Oh Luis…yer mans is prolly starin at the calender bittin his nails! Let the countdown begin…………..

  53. MySteeK Says:

    hey thugacation, i beg to differ. you really think shyne is as good as dead? i mean, he cant put much out in the box besides those over-the-phone freestyles to hot97, but i think wit him gettin that deal there is somewhat of a future for him. i mean, they jus signed Nas, its almost as if they’re groupin up over at Defjam. Watch Nas make a comeback, AND DONT DARE TELL ME NAS HASNT FALLEN OFF LATELY CAUSE THATS FUCKIN BS. Now i like Nas, dont get it twisted but that shits undeniable. Hes been sleepin, and consolidating with Jayz is the perfect move to make to ressurect his career considering their history. Publicity my friend. In order to be big you need to make big moves. Re-invent yourself…Madonna. If Shyne ends up gettin back in the mix theres no doubt in my mind he’ll be able to get himself back on the radar. Now, if he ever went to G-Unit….Ugh, I have major mixed feelings. It would either be really good, or really bad. Defjam…I think its a good look. Bad Boy…??? I Dont think he would even consider. Hes in between a Roc and a hard place! ;)

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