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More News on The Busta Video Murder


As much as I hate to use the New York Post as a source again after they screwed me on my last post, here goes. Now because of the source I’m gonna be safe and use a BIG "ALLEGEDLY" here, but the Post is saying that video evidence confiscated by police at the scene of the shooting was probably edited to remove certain vital scenes. They also report (again BIG "ALLEGEDLY") that the rumored audio recording that was supposedly being shopped to media outlets, may in fact be be fake.

I for one would like to know why so much shady activity is surrounding this investigation. I haven’t seen this much confusion about a murder since…well since the last time someone in the hip hop community was killed. It seems like there’s an awful lot of track covering and evidence tampering going on, which is really making me start to agree with people who’ve been saying that the backstory here is probably alot bigger than any of us know. I mean damn, you’d think a freaking Kennedy was involved or something.

More @ SOHH if you don’t want to taint your browser with the Post’s website.  

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14 Responses to “More News on The Busta Video Murder”

  1. GET Says:

    As SOHH previously reported, investigators believed that the argument which involved producer Swizz Beatz and G-Unit member Tony Yayo sparked the shooting. Prior reports claimed that Yayo ignited the argument but police sources now claim Swizz was laying a beat down and he didn’t want Yayo to hear it.

    Swizz loudly blurted out, “I don’t want that guy hearing my shit,” according to the source.

    If this is True Wheres all the Hate that Yayo got, it seems now Swizz started it, But ill just wait and See before I pass my judgment like everyone did.

  2. buks Says:

    damn why all the coverup? and what the hell is busta embroiling himself in and for the sake of what?

    “where 29-year-old Israel Ramirez was slain on Feb. 5 while guarding Rhymes’ jewelry,”

    guarding jewelry for a fool thats going to pull this shit :(

  3. eskay Says:

    >>Swizz loudly blurted out, “I don’t want that guy hearing my shit,” according to the source.

    If this is True Wheres all the Hate that Yayo got, it seems now Swizz started it

    I’d hardly call that ‘starting it’. would you think that saying something like that would cause someone to get popped?

  4. the green eyed bandit Says:

    I agree with Eskay. The person that “started” this was the person who thought the proper way to solve an argument is with death.

    No trigger gets pulled, no death, no headlines, none of it.

    The coward who killed Isreal started all this

    whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me”?

  5. G Off Says:

    If I was a rapper’s bodyguard right now, I would either be looking into other work or asking for a giant raise before I went to one more red carpet event.

    GET: that is ridiculous to pin it on Swizz. Was Swizz the one that drove away with the killer??? Good try though.

  6. Jay Smooth Says:

    Well the other thing was only on their gossip page, so i’d say this one’s a bit more trustworthy.. a bit :)

  7. GET Says:

    Can People Read, Where did I say Yayo has no Blame, and that its Swizz Fault that someone is Dead.

    I Said Swizz “Started it” meaning the argument, with his slick remark

  8. GET Says:


    Seen those Pics of Cam’s New Video, LOL

    J.J. Evans

  9. realazznig Says:

    Keep your head up Bus:: Sometimes the thing we say come back to bite us “Seriously”


  10. nation of thugacation Says:

    not that it matters, but if u wanna keep the site tight like my anus, eskay you made a typo in ur second paragraph on “would” wtv jsut to put it out there

  11. eskay Says:

    ^ thank you sir. it’s corrected. although I understand spelling errors are what give blogs that homegrown stench

  12. Puzzle Says:

    ^ huh? anyway…

    “I for one wouild like to know why so much shady activity is surrounding this investigation”

    well for starters, the majority of the niggas in hip hop, weather they are nationally known for it or not, have a criminal background…nuff said, so nobody is gonna be WILLING to talk to any jake 9 outta 10…and its the NYPD!! 2nd, your a rapper and most fans nowadays are following the ‘no snitch’ trend cause all of their favorite rappers are doing and saying dont alk to the cops no matter what….busta already aint known to be some super thug or no shit like that, so if he cooperates like a fucking sain human being when his nigga gets bodied and sees it or knows what happened in any form, fans are gonna go in their own direction and think what they think no matter how ridiculous whats reported may seem cause its all fantasy to most fans anyway and want their favorite rappers to fit that fantasy image they’ve created for themselves, and he aint tryin to fuck his dough up cause of all this. Murders go unsolved for rappers because of the fucked up ‘street laws’ that got all twisted along the way. Like now its actually ALL about clubbing and STRIPPERS in 2006, says who?!? Think about it, you wouldnt marry a stripper unless thats your thing, but EVERY rappers is braggin and spending money on the ass of some girl whos probably insecure or been raped or whatever their background normally consist of is magically the object of every niggas dreams….and most rappers are married anyway!
    Its like beyond this whole busta shit, the game is suffering cause of all these ‘new rules’ somebody is making up as we go and is trying to brainwash us with, and some rappers fall victim stuck in between the cash flow and credability and crumble….am I the only 1 who feels like the joke is on us??

  13. TL Says:

    Yo Puzzle
    Am I the only one who thinks you need FOCUS.
    But you do have the right name.

  14. shythappens Says:

    fukkd up when a good nicca dies and bytch niccas live but that is how shyt iz karma iz a bytch and i hope them niccas and everyone that was there is able to sleep at night

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