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Jimmie Walker To Portray Jay-Z?


There’s a rumor over at AHH that claims Cam is hiring Jimmie "J.J. Evans" Walker to play Hov in one of his upcoming videos:


The other day, Jimmy Walker’s name was mentioned by Cam’ron, but I don’t know in what context. What I have heard is that Jimmy Walker – who played the lovable J.J. Evans on “Good Times,” one of the best shows of all time – will portray Jay-Z in the next Cam’ron video. Now, I don’t know if Cam has already revealed this or not, but its sure crazy. Now, we thought this was over since Jay-Z didn’t reply, but Cam doesn’t seem to be willing to let it go. Will this draw Jay-Z out? I don’t know how long Jigga can stay mature! We’ll see, won’t we? DY-NO-MITE! 

Meanwhile Jay is courtside at the Nets game with Bey with no plans to respond to "You Gotta Love It".

"J.J. Evans get gunned up and clapped quick
Your whole damn record label gunned up and clapped quick"

UPDATE: Pics from the Cam video shoot. Walker as Jay-Z.

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51 Responses to “Jimmie Walker To Portray Jay-Z?”

  1. CBRIZZLE Says:


  2. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    It wouldnt make sense to do that, especially since that nigga is old as fuc..oh wait, i just got it ok ok! Jimmie is like 57 or something and I guess that Jay-Z got the same nose or whatever, So Cam is basically trying play him out with that! Ok, meanwhile Jay-Z and Beyonce are chillin at their resort sippin Chardene’ and getting massages and shit! Therefore, I Highly doubt it will move Jay! Unless it is a really funny portrayl! It has to be FUNNY AS FUCK! But what does he hope to do ULTIMATELY!

    Ok if Jay doesnt respond, I thought he said he would STOP
    I mean Cam got albums, movies and shit ALL PUSHED BACk, he got a trial to work out, he is NOT on schedule with his OWN shit! Yet he has time to GO OUT HIS WAY and CONTINUE TO SEEK a response.

    As you can tell by now, Camron really makes me mad, like its PERSONAL! I really want his number so I can talk to him about life and shit! To the world he looks “STOOOUUPID DUMB”.

    Whats the purpose, he keeps spreading and dragging shit out, to keep his name in the lime light! I mean I thought he was locked up already, then he is on hot97 radio basically “winin and bitchin” . Go to jail already damn! Watch in a month he’ll be back with some new shit.

    He has about 100 beefs with people, He dont like nobody

    Jay, Bleek, Nas , 50 & friends, junior maf, mase, people at magazine companies, prozac girl from hot97, Oprah..damn

  3. D. Billz Says:

    *Yawning* I have the same comment for this as when I see a white guy in a du-rag, about 3 silver chains, and using slang (usually outdated) out of context: you’re trying way too hard.

    *B More Nubian*
    “The Wire aint a liar, it’s real…”, COMP, “Coming 2 A City Near U” Bang-A-Rang Gang!

  4. AGeezee Says:

    If he makes this video and the song actually has some quality, Jay Z will be forced to respond. If this video is played on 106 and Park and on MTV heavily, Jay will have no choice. But if it’s a damn near underground song like that last so-called diss record Jay will keep it movin.

  5. Miami hustle Says:

    Yeah Cam has too many beefs to handle u forgot he hates
    R.Kelly, he threatened Chris Brown, he dissed Eminem, said fuck D12,
    like wut iz my nigga realy tryna do he dont have nobody to have his back. Now he tryna fuck up Juelz situation! come on, the beats are hot shit, but he aint sayin nuttin special. The video better be poppin cus if its not, then that lil Bird on their shirt is gonna fly off into the sunset! Gone!


  6. Damu Says:

    How funny is this shit. Jimmy Walker? >>HAAA
    …Eddie Murphy, ‘You took a shot on ur lips and u look like Jimmy Walker? Ah, that’ll do it.’
    Jigga man> You Gotta Love It!
    LOL Jimmy Walker as Jay-Z
    …Niguhz krazy

  7. Engineer Says:

    CAM please…cut it out….Your bullshit is working for now, for whatever reason.
    But keep it up and you are going to ass yourself out of the longevity that you deserve. Leave these antics for stupid cats that need to resort to these ignorant stunts. Go back to being a real MC. Are you that bitter that it took you this long to have success? Respect is what this biz is all about and I am losing it fast for you. Come on B!!!! Please…Give us something substantial….PLEASE!!!!!

  8. G Off Says:

    All of these things that Cam is using to go at Jay (i.e. using Biggie’s lines, JJ Evans, etc.) were all said by Nas in ’01. That’s why this whole thing is boring, it’s NOT original. It would be a lot funnier if it was something fresh that made you go “hmm, ok, I see what he is getting at” but it doesn’t do that.

  9. KaMillion Says:

    Ok, the idea, u kno it might be funny, but after everybody stops laughing and starts listening to his wack ass. What will happen? Jay-Z will be the last one laughing! Alright, its evident that Camron looks WAY better than Jay-Z but Jay-Z is doing WAY better than Camron! This has been CONSISTENT FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS

    The only way I see Cam looking good, is if THE FOLLOW HAPPEN:
    1. Beyonce Leaves Jay-z
    2. Nas uses his new found position to do the ultimate diss to Jay on record
    3. Def Jam goes bankrupt
    4. Roc-a-wear goes out of business
    5. Camron bags Mariah
    6. Killa Season CD does crazy numbers 1st week- or Platnium status
    7. Killa Season DVD clears out racks
    8. All of the Above occurs

    At least 3 of these events must occur for him to walk away looking Great. But since I highly doubt if ANY OF THE EVENTS will occur, I am CALLING CAMRON a loser by my records.

  10. luis Says:


  11. thekid10705 Says:

    Ha Ha, Cam is killing it!! Let’s see how long Jay can stay quiet….

    You gotta love Cam’s humor…Dude ” can’t stop, won’t stop”…..



  13. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I think CAM loves Jay…….. all this attention and EL PRESIDENTE still doesn’t feel the need to respond.

    It’s equivalent to that kid who dances around in the living room to grasp the parent’s attention, but can’t cuz the parent is too busy writing out checks for the bills. “DAD, Look WHAT I CAN DO, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO,”….. “THAT’s Nice SON, go Show MOM”……. CAM, just put out the music OBIE TRICE style………. “REAL NAME NO GIMMICKS”….

  14. KaMillion Says:

    Agreed… but now Cam is tryna get his artist Juelz off Def Jam! Why da fuck would he do such a thing! Where will he go! To Koch!hahaha! He wont be gettin NO MONEY- Juelz betta stay at Def Jam, what da fuc? Man, dats underhand grimey shit! In the words of Cam’ron “HE MADD” he real “MAD” at Jay and his Beautiful Bitch “B”. I think Cam just need some good pussy! He been fuckin with dust crusty panty bitches! He wants a celebrity bitch, maybe Rihanna will holla at u, doggie! I dont understand, the NIGGA is OLD to! I mean Not Old, but he is CLASSIFIED “MIDDLE AGED” he is now 30 years old! He funny when it comes to JOKIN’ but his whole CAREER IS A JOKE! Ok we all know Jay is UGLY, but Cam need to fix that gap in his two big teeth! How bout Cam got a receding Hair line that starts past his earlobes! The nigga had a unibrow- he just learned to get that shit fixed! I mean NO HOMO! But the killa- SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE doggie! Try selling out then get at Jay! But dont talk with nothin backin up!

  15. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i want jay to just come out and rip cam apart so bad, but the more cam does shit like this i kind of hope jay doesnt even acknowledge cam ever. i mean this dude is constantly playing himself. he used an old mix some random dj did and decided to talk over it to tell us he “stole” lines he put out a terrible diss track where the only thing he really clowns jay for is the sandals and looking like joe camel ( thanks for the updates cam, try telling us something new you fucking swagger jacker ) then he holds a press conference to announce his beef with jay and as he proceed to show off his bulletwounds he also shows off his “cockawears”. next he says if jay doesnt respond he will leave it alone because he wont beat up on an old man, but has it even been a month yet and now he is gonna clown jay in a video. cam no one cares a damn thing what you have to say you are making your self into a complete and total joke, seriously jay doesnt even have to say one word and your losing and losing bad

  16. Miami Hustle Says:

    Camron sounds like he has mild emphazema, he has a raspy ass crack head voice! I think thats funny!

  17. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    neva been a cam fan but DAMN i hope this shit is true…that shit would be the comedy version of ether

  18. babyG Says:

    uuuuugh, I think I’m going to be sick…

  19. luis Says:

    And we ALL know WHO came up with the “J.J. EVANS” punchline HAHAHAHA………if you don’t know “LIL HOMIE” you better ASK somebody

  20. the landlord Says:

    Im a bip Dipset fan, but this is not a good look for Cam-ran. First he co-signs with Hova’s beef against Nas, now he’s using Nas’ old material to get at Jigga..wtf?!? B-Heezie is on point with his commentary at 2:27pm. Why is Cam so obsessed with S-Dot?!? Focus Cam, Focus! Stop sweatin’ Hov and help JR Writer and Hell Rell get their shit released! Dipset starting to fall off Killa!…..I REALLY MEAN IT!!!!!!

  21. JacobTheJewlery Says:

    What? Was fraggle rock too busy?

  22. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Yeah, Landlord, dude just has to keep his mind on the music and his own movements……….. FOCUS is the KEY…….

  23. eskay Says:


  24. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Shouts to Es on that Pic…….ur like the hip-hop version of MR. EXCLUSIVE kid!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  25. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    lolooooooooooo ur funny shit u know that!

  26. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    but that nigga kinda dark compared to jigga! lol thats fucked up! ahahahahha ok i see cam hahahahah haahahah i see cam got serious ass jokes

  27. Damu Says:

    lol brilliant

  28. Fury Says:

    IT’s funny how cam would never even say Jay’s name in a dis when Jay was still makin albums.Now all of a sudden he goin out gettin impersonators n all.He got all the mouth when jay retires.That’s a bitch move.Jay should just give him half a bar “fuck that nigga”

  29. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay the pics are tight… did u see that tridy ass girl with the butterfly tatoo daym dipset gets downnnn

  30. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    this is the best idea since they faked the moon landing…still lmao

  31. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    huh @ l.p.

  32. eskay Says:

    the funny shit though is that J.J. looks more like Hell Rell that Jay. Say no:


  33. Puzzle Says:

    cam is a nut! but is it me or does it seem like camrons hardest lines about jay are what nas said on ether? Not a good look…

  34. Dr Flav Says:


  35. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Um tell me why cam has a BROKE ASS Bitch playing Beyonce! hahah look at the other pictures! lahahahah the girl on his lap, is that B? hahaahahhah oh shit them bitches is fugly

  36. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Yeah HOw is Cam gonna talk about Ugly NIGGA’s when HELL RELL looks like Hell! That nigga is fuckin nasty lookin, i cant look at him for too too long or my eyes begin to hurt! damn he ugly as shit fucks and diaerrha

  37. runnerman Says:

    “killa cam”… I mean manslaugter cam is the wackest rapper out. Alot of yall dumb muhfuckas back cam but if and WHEN jay respond ya’ll will be on that wagon again. like 50 told ja “YOU HAVE NO HISTORY”. cams story is short.
    1) garbage at ball but blames injury
    2)Gets on with mase
    3)creates DIPSET
    4)wears pink
    6)stars in Paid in full
    8)disses jay
    9)Career cut short
    10)tries again
    12)tries to commit suicide

  38. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    ahahaha @ runnerman ahahhaahahhaahahahahahahah o shit that was funny! I can sleep well tonite…ahhahahahah

  39. Capoditutticapi Says:

    Cam…..”The one thats scared of scuffle you!!!!!” (thats me) (S.D.E. ALBUM)

  40. E from BK Says:

    Firstly, I’m seeing alot of posts on here calling people ugly. I really hope these are not men calling other men ugly. That is not a good look. A man should NEVER call another man ugly! Also, those of you who think this whole JJ thing is funny. You’re man Nasir Jones said that shit six years ago. How is it still funny in ’06? Again, that’s the problem with this rap shit and you wack ass rap fans! Learn Hip Hop Duke! Just because you were 13 six years ago and missed that whole time period doesn’t mean that shit is funny today. You cats out here are violating so many rules. Like Ghost says, “Study your art!”

  41. beastnigga Says:

    history was made 2nite my niggaz!!! i just finished watchin tha oscars. #1 this is the first time in academy history that a rap song was allowed to perform.#2 the original song score had absolutly no chance in hell at winning in this white mans world.#3 they performed the song and came back and won!!!. did u see those motherfuckin white people face’s?!! i will relish this moment for all my life. “IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP”

  42. beastnigga Says:

    i wasnt’ finished, we have finally arrived. now what in tha hell can stop us?

  43. Spook Says:

    Cam needs to be a bit more original… How you gonna get at Hov with other peoples out dated material. I mean Nas used J.J.Evans / Jay-Z in Stillmatic and Ether. I guess Cam’s the Bitter Now…..
    Cam, come up with your own dis material and stop being a follower. What a Lame.lol.

  44. the landlord Says:

    yo “E from BK”…..true dat, men should never call other men ugly (or pretty, either) ,,,,,, BUT, Hell Rell is a one ugly ass nigga!!! This brother makes Craig Mack look like Taraji Henson(no homo)….. Cam get that nigga one of them masks Ghostface used to rock when Wu-Tang first came out and Starks was hiding from po-po…and is it me or is Cam looking crackish these days?….Also Juelz needs to stop with all this psuedo-crunk/snap music he’s been collabrating on with all these ‘Bamas, ie., Jeezy, Lil Wayne….Call the Heatmakers, get that fire and do you…stop worrying about soundscan and bring back that Harlem fire, ie, How I Feel, OK OK………still,,,DIPSET BITCH!!!!

  45. Gmats Says:

    damn hell rell’s name lives up to his looks. But besides that Cam has nothing else better to do. I mean shit like Jay-z and Nas said on their interview when they had their beef they diddnt need to jumpstart their carrers they was already set. Jay and nas both see niggas like 50 started their careeres off beef and niggas like cam tryin to jumpstart their careers off beef. I mean the only time camron went platinum was when jay-z was on his album and now he tryin to use to to go platinum again. And then that nigga cam had the nerve to say “u aint the only one wit fat pockets. That nigga cam got hood money jay got ill buy your record label money. Cam is a clown I wish he would shut the fuck up

  46. Gmats Says:

    damn hell rell’s name lives up to his looks. But besides that Cam has nothing else better to do. I mean shit like Jay-z and Nas said on their interview when they had their beef they diddnt need to jumpstart their carrers they was already set. Jay and nas both see niggas like 50 started their careeres off beef and niggas like cam tryin to jumpstart their careers off beef. I mean the only time camron went platinum was when jay-z was on his album and now he tryin to use to to go platinum again. And then that nigga cam had the nerve to say “u aint the only one wit fat pockets. That nigga cam got hood money jay got ill buy your record label money. Cam is a clown I wish he would shut the fuck up

  47. Spook Says:

    Jay not scared hommie, Jay Paid. Let me say this Jay-Z and Nas was one thing. The diss tracks they threw back and forth was for different reasons, and at that time they both were Kings waring with each other. Cam’ron isn’t even close to Nas or Jay’s level and right now he’s throwing pebbles at a bullet proof glass. How’s Cam going to say Jay-Z’s a bitter when this whole video spoof w/ J.J Evans came from Nas’s quote in “Ether”…. ” J.J. Evans get gunned up and clapped quick/ your whole label gunned up and clapped quick/ Shawn Carter to Jay-z/ Damn you on Jaz D*ck/”. That was Nas’s line, how Cam gonna try and do a video now with J.J. Evans playing Jay-Z. Cam needs to come up with his own materials and ideas. Cam, be original Hommie… if you gonna come, you gotta come correct. Anything else is uncivilized. Jay-Z and Nas laughing all the way to the bank and I’m sure they just getting started. All that Beef sh*t is wack…. Get money.

  48. BabyGurl_87 Says:

    Man cam aint even as cold as Jay is he need to stay the fuck off Jays back B4 he get somethin thats unexpected. Jay is the HOTTEST rapper alive and Cam aint shit to him. Def Jam is whats hot now and 4eva!!! So for all yall bull shit ass nigga that think im wrong you holla at me ASAP. And that Lil Jimmie Walker idea is CORNY ASS FUCK it dont even make since. Cam you out of control for this kid. Grow The Fuck Up!!!!

  49. phillychick Says:

    i wont even begin to act like i know one true thing about hip hop but i would like to say that i loved everyone’s comments and eskay – dont know you but everytime i visit this site i fall in love(no psycho) lol! but i think cam is really funny trying to come at Jay but its w/e i hope he doesnt respond there really is no point jay has made it and then some cam still tryin

  50. "GD" capo-status Says:

    what-up cam i what you did wit dat killa season thats raw gutta you from 40th nigga but im from 30th nigga larry til da world blow holla back

  51. Nah Right » Video: Nardwuar vs. Nas Says:

    […] Nas was doing his best to keep up, and at one point, Nardwuar even reveals that Biggie once fell asleep due to the fact that Nas’ freestyle went on for way too long. Although Nas’ selective/weed head memory didn’t remember that . Nardwuar basically composed his very own “Where Are They Now” right in front of Nas but he sorta lost it towards the end, after Nardwuar mentioned the J.J. Evans line from “Ether.” […]

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