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Jay and Nas on BET

 I had no intention of actually being home tonight to see this interview (who airs something like this @ 10:00 on a Friday?), but it worked out that I was, so here are my thoughts. Toure is by far the better interviewer than Sway and the setting was definitely more "intimate" than the MTV interview, as Selwyn Hinds promised it would be. I felt like the vibe in the room was a little more laid back and they both seemed more comfortable in each others company than they did while they were talking to Sway.

When I first read the Nas quote on Cam, all I could think of was, what did his face look like when he said that? Especially the "the nerve" part, that just seemed like it was a line meant to clown him completely and Nas’s expression when he says it is priceless. Toure asked Jay if he felt Cam went too far by insinuating that he was shot by someone from the Roc, and Nas cut in and said that it was, in actuality, snitching. Jay agreed and added that it was worse than dry snitching, it was more like straight up snitching. Then he went on to wonder, as I think most of us have, how somone can throw up the Roc sign and shoot a gun simultaneously.

Good interview, I enjoyed it slightly more than the MTV joint, even though most of the questions were pretty much the same. Not for nothing, I counted 2 close ups on Jay’s watch and at least one on Nas’s. BET, this is a historic interview and you dudes are looking at these guys ice. Try to stay focused next time. I expect this to be youtubed by tomorrow morning, at which point I will replace the picture above with the embedded video. Now I’m going to get drunk. 

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101 Responses to “Jay and Nas on BET”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Jay lost.. “I felt like no one was listening to me”.. Told you he sounded pressed on “BP2”. I love being right.

  2. eskay Says:

    oh so what, of course he felt like that, I mean it was Ether for crying out loud. but like I said before, he sounded pretty cool and collected on BP2 to me.

    Nas lost.

  3. distinkt Says:

    Nas lost?

    Maybe in terms of sales, but Nas lyrically overtook Jay since day one.

  4. nation of thugacation Says:

    im gonna read this article, but eskay the font size is acting up again… enjoy your friday night

  5. KingML Says:

    I dont see how two people making money by making fun of each other has any losers..

    If anyone is the loser its everyone who didnt make a dollar off their beef.

    They both made money now they’re making money because “OH MY GOD THEY ARE FIRENDS NOW’ so not only did they make shitloads of money from a beef, they’re making money from the beef ending now and thats game right there

    think about it, you diss a guy at your work, then you guys are friends and you make more money..

    how many workplaces can you do that?

    the people who won were Nas and Jay-Z and us for having that entertainment and the future they gonna build on

  6. klassik Says:

    the kuffi man won the battle but lost tha war by squashing da beef wit jay and signin def jam

  7. blitzpro Says:

    KingML u took the words right out of my mouth. Well said!

  8. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    The way they broke it down on Cam I never thought about it like that but,that was definitely a strong point!

  9. joe 88 Says:

    jay won for numerous reasons. 1st reason nas took the battle to the dirty dozons like so many rappers do but jays takeover was all facts in a ten year span nas only had one really good album(depending on who you ask). 2nd reason you gotta give credit to jay for striking the first blow anybody can make a song after his oppnent make the first move. 3rd reason nas should actually thank jay i mean he did save his career twice. before the battle started nas was fallen off and any nas fan can agree nastradamus was the wackest cd in his catalog so the beef brought attention back to the queens vet so stillmatic was more of a comeback than his fifth album. and now with the beef over everyone is waiting for nas 12th or 16th album or something to come out thanks to man who dished him a verbal ass whipping the summer of 2001. i have more facts but im tired so im gonna fall back its the ROC

  10. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Whatever, im tired of this shit!

  11. iniquity Says:

    Joe 88 wrote: jays takeover was all facts in a ten year span nas only had one really good album(depending on who you ask).

    Not fact, it’s his OPINION. Smh, how you gonna say “It was written” was weak? How you gonna say “I am ” was weak? “Nas is like” alone makes that a solid album not to mention “Hate me now”.


  12. Miami Hustle Says:

    Here it is! Jay-Z is the great dragon, and Camron is attempting to wake him! All I know is that, I cant knock Camron’s hustle! But, he has to come way way better than all this joke shit! Like Nas said “..some of these dudes..career is a joke”, now if Camron wants to get at aNYBODY he has to up his ENTIRE GAME! Stop making these Bullshit ass diss records! What the fuck is “Not a writer” that was some commentary shit! What the fuck is “Gotta Love It” got a nigga MUMBLING some shit as a chorus! Nah, man! You cant even come at Chingy or fuckin D4L with that shit! I aint made, basically, you can either MAKE or Break your career with BEEFING! Since Camron already started it, I feel like Jay-Z has some shit he is about to dump on Cam! Therefore Camron needs to be writing and constantly on the grind, even if he needs to have a dictionary, research books, encylopedia or map next to him! He needs to write some REAL SHIT, then maybe just maybe he will be heard

  13. Miami Hustle Says:

    I aint mad* correction

  14. Anonymous Says:

    niggas is elementary, i respect jay and nas! but i cant respect the fact that Jay is FRONTIN like he wasnt bout to get at Cam! He never admitted it but he was going to do that shit! So Dame told Cam and whats wrong with Cam being mad? whats really wrong with that shit? Cam heard, early, that Jay was tryna get at him! I mean really, I dont understand how Jay and Nas is acting like Cam got no reason for the diss track! Even though that shit was kinda lame! He has a reason

  15. Anonymous Says:

    well since everyone is using metaphors and similies i guess the whole beef situation is kind of like a student hikin on the principal! Now, the student might be saying some funny shit, he might have a point, he might even have a reason! But all thats gonna happen to him is that he is gonna get in trouble or suspended, In Cam’rons case he is probably gonna have no career left!

    Um side comment, why is it ok for Nas to rock that old school barbers line through his head

  16. Damu Says:

    Ok, this post now seems like we’re talking about who won between Jay-Z and Nas. Me, personally, I think Jay-Z won. He said the most hurtful things to Nas. Remember how Nas said on the MTV interview that he’d rather not repeat what Jay said? I mean, sure Ether was a banger. Str-8 up fire. But at the end of the day… what Jay said left a black eye on Nas’ game. Fo real fo real…
    Saying all that… I love both them niguhz!
    Now as far as Cam goes… I would love to hear Jay rip dude up. But Honestly, I don’t think I would if I were Jay-Z. The best way to get at Cam is to ignore him. Then I imagine Killa Cam would destroy himself. Shit, he’s half way there as it is.

  17. Miami Hustle Says:

    Ether is classic….1 on that 1

    But let me get at the fact that, the entire concept of BEEF is crazy. I mean nigga’s literally go down in history books over beef- B.I.G and 2Pac!

    But check it, niggas also lose EVERYTHING, their dignity, fans, money, respect because some of them are just not made for it
    Ja Rule- Where is he now? Seriously, 50 Cent starved this man, MURDERed his career. Do you guys remember when Murder Inc. was cocky and proud, they were everywhere throwing up the Murder Inc signs! Then 50 flipped it and had little kids screaming out GGGG Unit in front of Ja rule’s face!

    Chingy- Have you seen him? Do you even remember who he is? No, well Ludacris was beefing with him and has made sure Chingy cant get NO type of money! He is over completely, for now

    Now Camron Giles is up at the plate! Is he prepared to take it or make it! Im not sure, by the looks of things, he has no real background! If your gonna take it, take it and do something Big with it.. We will see
    1- im out

  18. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Im starting a campaign to replace the deathpenalty with reggaeton music

  19. Demiks Says:

    KingML, it’s not about “two people making money now,” I have said this so many times that Jay did Nas DIRTY. Talking about skeeting on your baby mother and leaving condoms in the baby seat.

    I don’t care how much money is in my advance check, I would never sign with the man who did me in like that. Being a Nas fan, this is how I see it.

  20. ming Says:

    i really cannot see how jay-z won when he spent the whole time saying that nas was garbage and his career was over and then he turns around and signs him to a multi-million dollar deal. Seems like nas won to me.

  21. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    @ reggaetonslasher… NOW U THE REAL SHIT–Hell fucking yeah! I will COSIGN MY LIFE TO THAT SHIT! I fucking HATE, I repeat I FUCKING HATE REGGATON with a FUCKIN PASSION! Bullshit ass bullshit! They will not dare play that shit it KIngston. I mean Wut da Bloodclot music nah here! Shiiit BOAH BOAH BOAH!
    ok im i got out of hand, but i really do hate that bullshit spanish shit! Not because its spanish and but because its bullshit

  22. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Back to the discussion! Nas DEFINETLY BEAT, WON, KILLED, BATTLED the shit out of Jay on Ether! Lets not get out of hand! The beat was enough for me! Though Jay hit him hard in the ribs with some of the verses! I must say Nas delivered the biggest blow

  23. Miami Hustle Says:

    So Cam’ron is what A DRY SNITCH or a wet snitch! What he say again? LMAO ahh hah… imma let that ride

  24. AK Says:

    Here’s the link to the interview, still hasn’t been upped on the main site:


  25. eskay Says:

    good looking AK, I’ve updated the post.

  26. eskay Says:

    co-sign reggaetonslasher. I bet the murder rate would drop then.

    Nas lost.

  27. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo eskay, ionno if its just me, or maybe its like this for everyone, but the font sizes have been fucked up since last night
    just putting it out there

  28. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    That’s what wrong with a lot of niggas today. Ten years from now niggas gon still b arguing bout this shit. Its a overkill. Well I’m a entertain the bullshit an ask a? Eat up niggas. Better record: Takeover or Ether? Stillmatic(the actual song) or Super Ugly? Bp2 or Last real nigga alive(God Son)? I hope who ever choose to answer this ? At least heard all these songs an just don’t put JAY & NAS dick in they mouth. I’m still stuck on the Cam thing he definitely a hustler but, I think sum of his angles are’nt goin to b fruitful ya dig. I still need answers from the Junior mafia incident.” I seen that diamond go up b4 them shots were fired” if one-time(po po)would of caught that would they have a bone to pick with Jay? Interesting. I didn’t even catch on to that. Its just seems to blatant,obvious ya feel me. We respect BEEF if its legitimate but publicity stunts are’nt the business. I like Camron style as far the dipset I respect their movement. I wanna see any black man come up because that gives hope to the youth an,black minorities such as myself. Cam needs to address these issues which r real an stop trying to cover it up wit these bull shit antics ya dig p.s. If that nigga make a video with Jimmie Walker as Jay z that shit is gon b hilarious can’t help but eat that up

  29. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    A DAMU you a B-DOG my nigga?

  30. eskay Says:

    good looking nation of thugacation, the fonts should be fixed now.

  31. nation of thugacation Says:

    yeah eskay
    lol @ reggaeton slasher, laughing my ass off for real
    but yo, have u heard how swizzy mashed out the DALE song by don omar, and he through fab on there… its supposed to be the bonus track on loso’s way mixtape but didnt show up on the file eskay linxed us

  32. Bk Says:

    Someone asked earlier about what Jay called Cam! I believe he was refering to the following definitions taken from AHH.com

    Dry Snitching

    Dry snitching is one of the most common practices within contemporary hip-hop culture. The term emerged from prison culture to describe an inmate who, in an effort to avoid a confrontation, would talk loudly or otherwise draw attention to himself in order to attract a nearby correctional officer. This is done as a way of “snitching without snitching”. Dry snitching also refers to the act of implicating someone else, intentionally or unintentionally, while speaking to an authority figure. Dry snitches are typically considered to be weak, naive, passive aggressive, or self-centered, all of which present ethical and practical dilemmas that must be weighed when discussing the practice of snitching.

    Wet Snitching

    Perhaps the most dangerous form of snitching that takes place in urban spaces is wet (also known as hard) snitching. Unlike dry snitching, which maintains a degree of indirection and unawareness, wet snitching occurs when an individual acts as a government informant in order to eliminate or reduce his or her own legal liability. Given the nature of most commercial anti-snitching messages — for example, recent t-shirts contain quotes like “I’ll Never Tell” and “Niggas Just Lookin’ For A Deal” — wet snitching is both the most reviled and relevant form within hip-hop culture.

  33. Dr Flav Says:

    Nas Slayed Jay, Ether Was Full Of Facts, From The Krs Album Bite To The Jaz O, Kane, And Big References. Nas Had His Full Swag On, Since Harrell Signed Him To The Powerhouse Premier Hip Hop Label. Jay Appeared Humble In Nas Presence At Times. Fav Quote “why Go To War With Minions? Def Jam Been The Lick Since 1985. Cats Dream To Hav That Machine Behind Thier Work. Nas Doin Biz W Jay And IDJ WEAK? Watch And Learn The Science Of Get-dat-gwap -ology. Can We Say Gouda Class? I Knew U Could. LOL!

  34. Supreme Hustle Says:

    Round 1:

    “Stillmatic Freestyle” VS. “Takeover”

    winner: Jay-Z

    Round 2:

    “Ether” VS. “Super Ugly”

    winner: Nas

    Round 3:

    “Last Real Nigga Alive” VS. “Blueprint 2”

    winner: Nas

    Jay lost THE BATTLE. Get over it.

    Jay has. You should too.

  35. eskay Says:

    BP2 > Last Real Nigga Alive as far as disses go.

    On BP2 Jay continued to batter Nas with the undeniable truths that provoked The Little Homey to go write Ether. Last Real Nigga wasn’t even really a dis track it was just a track that he happened to take shots at Jay on.

  36. nation of thugacation Says:

    nas was winning the on-going beef.
    even at the I DECLARE WAR… though jay z took all the credit for it, they were both grown then
    but the minute nas signed that dotted line, jayz took a dump on all of nas victory and by default won
    my point of view

  37. Dr Flav Says:

    Last Real Nig Nas Puts The Beef In Perspective Lets U Kno How He Hated To Slay Hov’s, Had To Be Done Tho. LOL Did Jay Say Anything Else? Damn I Missed It! (obv Sarcasm) Cmon LL BEASTIES, PE, JIGGA, DMX, JA RULE, FOXY, REDMAN METH MAN… DEF JAM gets ya name out sells work.

  38. Dr Flav Says:

    Meant 2 Say ‘Slay Hov’s Whole Crew 4 Dolo,’

  39. Bk Says:

    Nas did it! Dis all I go to say- …

  40. Supreme Hustle Says:

    The battle was already done by round 3. “Blueprint 2” was Jay coppin’ pleas, trying to get anyone to listen to him as to why he thought that he won the battle. It was actually a desperate plea for attention, which is quite pathetic.

    “Blueprint 2” should have been called “But I’m Better Than Him (No, Really I Am)”.

  41. eskay Says:

    eh, matter of opinion. my opinion is that Jay killed The Little Homey on BP2. Nas still won the battle though. Jay just won the war.

    Nas lost.

  42. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Lets face it, Nas would be alot richer, if he was to compromise his artistry. What makes him dope is that he dosnt, and real hip hop heads appreciate that….He’s sorta the rebel who found the thin line/grey area between raw gutter heartfelt rap, and radio friendly joints, which allows him to still have hood love. Jay on the other hand flooded the airways with money filled hooks, and platinum deliveries that made the hard core hip hop junkie quite bored. Bragging is one of the conerstones of fundermental hip hop, however that late 90’s became satuated with it. Heres a quote from Nas…
    “Watchin’ kids freeze in winters, they still poor
    How could I tease them with Benz’s and feel no remorse”

  43. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    Co-sign SurpremeHustle&Brooklyn( I hope that’s what BK stands for). That was some REAL SHIT as far as SNITCHIN goes

  44. Dr Flav Says:

    Reg-ton Slashr Thats What I Mean By Nas Going To Def Jam More Creative Control. Eskay Our Varying Opinion Enables Both Of There Guys To Claim Victory Like They Did Last Night. Jay Biz Acumen > ESCO. NAS Artistry > Hov. Ex Blaze A 50 Or That Bullet? Song On Stillmatic. Which Song Is More Passionate Drunk By Myself Or Song Cry?

  45. Dr Flav Says:

    On Bp2 Didnt See It LOL @ ‘coppin pleas’ Disc 1 Was Dylan though ( he spit hot fire) “ITS HOVI BABY!” = dat shit.

  46. blitzpro Says:

    LMAO @ eskay with “nas lost” at end of each comment.

    Anyway like someone said earlier, we’ll be talkn about this 10 years from now so we’re never gonna ALL agree.

    My opinion/comment? I just wish ether dropped SOONER after takeover dropped. If u can think back, by the time ether came out (3 months later), takeover was crazy old so of course everyone was open off of something fresh. Ether was hard, don’t get me wrong but I feel like if ether came out first & then jay waited 3 months (to when everyone knew the entire song to ether), THEN dropped takeover, some people would be sayn different things right now.

  47. Capoditutticapi Says:

    Good look on that. History right there. only grown ass men and grown ass women can appreciate this….

  48. iniquity Says:

    reggaetonslasher Says:

    March 4th, 2006 at 9:46 am
    Im starting a campaign to replace the deathpenalty with reggaeton music

    ^ You try to hard …. ._.

  49. the green eyed bandit Says:

    my two cents

    nas won the battle but jay-z won the war. BUT I think the war only matters to jay. I get the vibe from nas that he is a lil different then most rap cats. Some things just dont seem to matter at all to him. Maybe its just motivation. who knows.

  50. reggaetonslasher Says:

    The Ether joint killed Jay when Nas first breathes on the mic ” I know you aint talking about me, YOU!”


  51. reggaetonslasher Says:

    the nerves of some dudes

  52. reggaetonslasher Says:

    Long gone are the days of the ILLmatics, the purple tape(cubanlinx),supreme clientel, you guys prolly got D4L ringtones, and LAFFYTAFFY head rest covers…LONG LIVE THE B-BOY.

  53. iniquity Says:

    reggaetonslasher Says:

    March 4th, 2006 at 8:22 pm
    Long gone are the days of the ILLmatics, the purple tape(cubanlinx),supreme clientel, you guys prolly got D4L ringtones, and LAFFYTAFFY head rest covers…LONG LIVE THE B-BOY.

    ^lol! what’s wrong, can’t fit in with this gen?

  54. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    just a thought…probably neva happen but…what if? ……….cam wins!…hahahaha

  55. Bk Says:

    hahah @ L.P Crooks!

    ((EVEN THOUGH JAY HASNT RESPONDED)) Camron is already losing! hahaha LOLOLOL-
    Ok to be fair the ONLY way that cam will come close to winning, is if Un Kasa, Hell Rell, Santana, and some hired help all gather around a table and write a song together! LOLOLOOO *choking on saliva* *** continued laugh*** and typing**** lol Them niggas better BRAIN STORM hahahh lol @ myself hahahah! oh shit im funny

  56. Bk Says:

    The original pink panther, that nigga must have a SORE spot in his ASS! I never seen him with a chick! I think he is uninterested in women! lol, He so CONCERNED about How Jay Z look and DRESS and shit! I think Killa wants to tongue kiss Jays ass! **damn that was disturbing as hell, sorry bout that** But damn, OK SO IF U AT THE BEACH w/ ya chic, what the fuck you supposed to DIP ya SOCKS in the OCEAN and keep them SOGGY! LOL at Camron, he funny just to look at

    NAS Won!

  57. reggaetonslasher Says:


  58. Dr Flav Says:

    Guilty! Im Da Man D4L 4 Inc Calls W Call Id. I Get Fucked Up To That Album. Not Illmatic, But The Raw Simplicity Of The Beats And Aggressive Passion Of They Raps Takes Me Back 2 Old School. Cats Got Rhythm. IMO!! “got No Wife, But The White Be My Girlfriend” “17-5 Same Color T-shirt, WORK!!” LOL “BETCHA CANT DO IT LIKE ME. UH NAH HAH!” OK IM DONE.

  59. Bk Says:

    please, thank you! U got me using the magic words! IM GLAD YOUR DONE

  60. Dr Flav Says:

    WTF? Magic Words? ” I Love P-nut Butter Sandwiches?” Who U Mumford Da Magician? Lol

  61. Dr Flav Says:

    WTF? Magic Words? ” I Love P-nut Butter Sandwiches?” Who U Mumford Da Magician? Lol

  62. reggaetonslasher Says:

    I think were all straying away from whats important, ”the best supposed to clash at the top”…dosnt mean its a bad thing, its competition.

  63. strongchef Says:

    I just have to say.


    noticable accomplishments = NEVER LOST

  64. iniquity Says:

    reggaetonslasher Says:

    March 4th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

  65. Blood Hound Says:

    Nas and Jay-z’s beef remimds me kinda of Will Smith (Fresh Prince) and Martin Lawrance (Martin) Nas being Martin and Jay being Will. Both of their shows played at the same time on different channels for years (New Orleans’ channel line up) making them compete for ratings.

    Will makes better movies because he pleases a larger spectrum of viewers. Like jay-z sells more albums.

    But Martin has a better stand-up performance he is a raw comic that can deliever joke after joke. Like Nas can dish out lyrics.

    And like Will and Martin did with Bad Boys. Nas and Hovito realized they could make more money together. So its really nothing new and it was something that should have been expected. AT&T did it with Cingular, Sprint did it with Nextel. Most importantly peanut butter did it with jelly. So why is it a shocker that Nasty linked up with Jigga-Man.

  66. Dr Flav Says:

    Apologies For My Bad Form. I Was Being Smart To Dude BK. No Disrespect

  67. Bk Says:

    Apology accepted! I kno u wasnt refering that to me doggie, I dont believe in beefin on the internet! Its beneath me, but back to the matter at hand! ONce more for the record books Ether was a cold handed slap in the face

  68. Anonymous Says:

    It’s early Sunday Morning, Im bored as hell, im hungry as hell, and im online! When I read this blog I came to the conclusion that I really really want Jay-Z to RESPOND! At first it was like nah, chill, dont do it! But I think I need it, the beef, makes it interesting for me! As long as it doesnt get out of hand! I hate to keep doubting Camron but He hasnt really brought anything to the record books.

    I want to see Camron take on the entire industry. Do you realize that he has literally made enemies with everyone. I want a collaboration to finish him off! (I know i should probably be pushing for world peace, but thats not gonna happen) So let me live with
    Eminem, Nas, Jay and Chris Brown singing the hook- I can fuck with that

  69. reggaetonslasher Says:

    good analogy blood h.
    iniquity at 2:30am i was wrapped up with in my cozy bed with my honey. I see you was still online in you mothers cold basement studying me. if you are that lonley go to your local strip bar and drink yourself under the table, and maybe you might catch a crack head jump off on your way home.

  70. e-dubbs Says:

    Wow.. That homemade Ether video destroys Jay even further.. Hahaha.. Jay bittin’ the ROC symbol seals his fate. What war did Jay win is what I’m still wondering? All of Jay’s peers sided with Nas and left him standing by himself. He begged for accceptance on BP2 and it was self admitted on BET the other night.

    Infact, the only way to try and make people forget about the loss he took was to team up with the dead who took him out. “You can’t sign a artist like Nas, you have to have a partnership”.. He so pressed, yall gotta just admit it and deal with it.

    Jay is tanking as a CEO and his only move that might save him was teaming up with the dude who destroyed him. He lost again, damn!

  71. Condoleeza Rice Says:

    You black women should be ashamed of yourselves. This is particularly persistent with black women in the south. How dare you add to the negativity that is already evolving about who we are and what we represent? Black women are seen as HOES, BITCHES and OVERLY-SEXED FIENS. Yet we accept this role, we embrace this role and we let the world know this is who we are and it doesn’t matter how de-moralizing and disgraceful it is. Then we get upset to hear that black women make up the most cases WORLWIDE for HIV/AIDS. I’m tired of hearing black women complain about not getting any respect, If you dress like a prostitute, act like one and sleep around then you are not respecting yourself. How can anyone respect you if you don’t have any respect for yourself? You black women who enjoy shaking “that laffy taffy” are the reason why little black girls aspire to be strippers, and video hoes. We women complain all the time when a man touches us or tries to rape us yet we support songs that encourage this type of behavior. Black women shouldn’t support BET and all of these condescending channels that help to perpetuate the stereotypical roles of black women. Black women stop elevating the myth and start taking responsibility for your actions. I am embarrassed to be a black woman because of how demeaning and distasteful we are revered in the way that we carry ourselves.

  72. eskay Says:

    ^ try and stay on topic Ms. Secretary of State.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, Im scared, I really dont know what your are talking about! And how can you tell what sex people are without any knowledge of whose behind the computer. As far as your “off topic” discussion! Those girls in the Videos KNOW EXACTLY what they are doing, whether Black, White, Yellow or PINK! Its a personal responsiblity that each individual should be accounted for. Treat people how you want to be treated. Remember you TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU! As a man or woman, the idea of ignorance, is what allows people to watch a video or listen to a song and CLASSIFY AN ENTIRE group of people or a particular sex as you described. Its all ignorance! I dont know any little girls who say they want to be STRIPPERS or VIDEO CHICKS! Im sorry, i cant agree with you on that one! Young people dont get enough credit out here today. There are so many people trying, but when NEGATIVE PEOPLE ONLY shine
    speaking of winning- Nas won!

  74. YBNVS Says:

    Ether == Jay z killer
    Powerful interview though.
    I still there’s not gonna b a song together.
    S K holla at uya boy

  75. YBNVS Says:

    Ether == Jay z killer
    Powerful interview though.
    I still there’s not gonna b a song together.
    S K holla at uya boy

  76. Dr Flav Says:

    Online Beef, A Sucker Mans Game No Wins For Noond. Online Debates = Education And Enlightenment. Condi, Shake Dat Taffy! Youll Feel Better, Its A Dance, Did U Ever “Push It,” “Pump It Hottie,” Or “Rumpshaker?” Sorry Off Topic And Showing My Age. Lol E-dubbs Peeped Exactly What I Saw, Cosign!

  77. Supreme Hustle Says:

    I will say this: if Jay didn’t respond to “Ether” so soon (and made a full song) he would have won the battle.

    People would have judged the battle as “Ether” VS. “Takeover” instead of “Ether” VS. “Super Ugly” and as a result Jay would have won. I’ll concede that “Takeover” is a better record than “Ether”.

    HOWEVER, “Ether” was a perfectly executed diss record and it was very effective. First, look at how Nas set it up and executed his plan. He released “Ether” on DECEMBER 4TH, Jay’s birthday, which was also exactly two weeks before the release of Stillmatic. Not only did this put a damper on Jay’s birthday but it created a (bigger) buzz for Stillmatic.

    Second, “Ether” was effective because it made Jay act out of character. Jay’s whole persona is one of being cooler than cool. Being laid back and non-chalant, making things look easy and effortless. “Ether” got under his skin so much that he rushed and made “Super Ugly” a week after the song came out. Not only that, Jay was so souped up that he actually believed that he could make a MIXTAPE DISS as a comeback to “Ether” and win the battle. That was a major mistake. We can say that Hov got emotional like Carl Thomas. If not, how could you explain him going on the radio the day that he LOST THE BATTLE and apologizing for acting out of character? Coppin’ pleas if you will.

    It wasn’t Jay’s fault that he thought he was untouchable tho. Prior to “Ether” Jay WAS untouchable. After that things began to go downhill for him. Beef with Jaz-O, the Best of Both Worlds debacle, the Cam VP thing, The Blueprint 2 getting 3 and a half mics and “only” selling 1.5 mill. I’m not saying that “Ether” caused any of these events but once that aura of invinciblity was destroyed by “Ether” it seemed that his career suffered. Not to say that he fell off cause Hov is a legend but things were never the same.

    Jay lost.

  78. Smokie Says:

    I love em both, but of course NAS WON.

  79. Blood Hound Says:

    Jay Z lost hands down. That’s the exact reason he wanted Nas to sign with him. Aside from Common, Nas is the only rapper alive Jay Z fears…. Yes I said Common… Anyway Jay knows real talent when he sees it and although Cam’ron doesn’t get the true respect he deserves as an artist he has an undeniable amount of street repect and for that reason I feel President Carter won’t out right respond to the beef.

    Whereas Cam wants the exact opposite because he feels Jay or someone tied to the Roc in some fashion put a price on his head. “I saw them diamonds go up before them shots was fired.” And also in the same song delievered a very misguiding message “Lets keep this studio B we got 15 rounds in us lets battle.” And in my eyes and I quote “My eyes” that’s a hush hush thing saying if something does happen to Jay he doesn’t want to be looked at as a suspect even though he would more than likely be prime suspect.

  80. Blood Hound Says:

    And to Drflav online beef is like the special olympics no matter who wins you’re both retarded… So lets keep it Keyboard B (Cam’ron impersonation).

    R.I.P. N.O.LA BUCK 4eva.

    Jay lost!!!!!!!

  81. Blood Hound Says:

    Allow me to correct that last statement I meant BUCK 4eva R.I.P. N.O.LA. Cuz I kinda have a problem with telling myself to rest in peace. But anyway now I’m just running off at the thumb (using a sidekick II by tmobile) they should pay me for that promotional plug. Eskay!!!!!!!!!!! If you won’t admit Jay lost at least admit Nas won.

  82. beastnigga Says:

    history was made 2nite my niggaz!!! i just finished watchin tha oscars. #1 this is the first time in academy history that a rap song was allowed to perform.#2 the original song score had absolutly no chance in hell at winning in this white mans world.#3 they performed the song and came back and won!!!. did u see those motherfuckin white people face’s?!! i will relish this moment for all my life. “IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP”

  83. beastnigga Says:

    i wasnt’ finished, we have finally arrived. now what in tha hell can stop us?

  84. Blood Hound Says:

    The answer for that my friend is a crazy white man with a gun…. Haven’t you seen Higher Learning? But other than that we are unstoppable!!!!! Oh and lawyers and judges that hand out paragraphs instead of sentences, oh and 50 cents music yeah that will stop me too and as SLASHER would put it reggaton…. Yeah that’s it… And Dr. Phil

  85. thekid10705 Says:

    NAS WON!! I can’t believe people aren’t talking about the stillmatic freestyle…When I heard that I was hoping NAS was back on his job…That shit was NAS and definitely burnt Jay Big Time…

  86. hipstorian/reggaetonslasher Says:

    I remember listening to illmatic, and thinking WOW, its great to be connected to this thing we call hip hop. If i put the cd in today, i get that same feeling…that gives me great hope, I get sunk in my seat pull the yankee fitted down, zone and bopp my nugget. Only real hip hop has that effect on me.

  87. EroCentrique Says:

    Toure’ asked the SAME DAMN QUESTIONS as SWAY and expected different answers! What a lame! HIp-Hop is wack!


    That last question about them being friends was almost answered verbatim by NAS!

  88. luis Says:

    who gives a fuck!!!!

  89. slumlord Says:

    Brothers gonna work it out.




  91. luis Says:

    like I said…..WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!!

  92. the landlord Says:

    lol @ blood hound…”And to Drflav online beef is like the special olympics no matter who wins you’re both retarded”…classic

    Nas won….

  93. CBRIZZLE Says:



  94. babyG Says:

    a lot of it felt pretty fake and contrived… they’re not really over the rhymes if they avoid saying what “hurt” i.e. why DID you come back 2 or 3 times each if there wasn’t a line in the previous song u FELT you just HAAD to answer..

    Jay always has a front in interviews anyways, that uneasy laughter.. and attempt at wit and profound statements ( line number 36 ).. nothing deep really…

    anyway, I just feel like they’re stroking each others ego’s and congratulating themselves on a 10 year old beef… I don’t kwo if they’re teaching anybody anything like Jay said.. they’re millionaires.. if they wanna teach something let it be about making money not making peace.. leave that to Ghandi.

  95. babyG Says:

    and oh yea, lets not forget there is a motive to this shit… Def Jam. And Kelis and Beyonce.. if they hadn’t moved on and Carmen was still playing both of them like violins there would be no declaration of peace… this is just so fake… reminds me of some of jay’s lines about acting… I really believe this is what it is.. they’re bad actors too! When jay’s really laughing u can see that negroes tonsils… the little chuckles here aren’t fooling anybody… plus I could never trust a nigguh like nas… as soon as he’s on he’s likely to do some grimy shit at any moment.. I just get that feeling.. even his comments to Cam.. granted they have their own problems.. here he is talkign about improving the state of hiphop and giving a differnt option to beef, then stiring some shit up two sentences later.. it’s just so transparant!!!!!!!!! I’d believe this move if he wasn’t tryign to ink a deal! psssssh

  96. Fresh Says:

    The interview was okay. I was too busy laughing at Toure’s lame ass.

  97. Fresh Says:

    Oh yeah “Good interview, I enjoyed it slightly more than the MTV joint, even though most of the questions were pretty much the same. Not for nothing, I counted 2 close ups on Jay’s watch and at least one on Nas’s. BET, this is a historic interview and you dudes are looking at these guys ice.” = classic

  98. all day Says:

    Jay-Z fans will be Jay-Z fans. Nas fans will be Nas fans. I like them both, but Jay-Z lost and lost hard in the battle. If they reconciled, good for them. They’re both making money. The battle is over and I think it’s great that they’re on the same page. It is probably the most original act by any two rappers in the game…ever. Personally, I don’t think you can beat Nas lyrically…hense why Jigga singed him.

  99. AlwaysRight400 Says:


  100. uneckbone Says:

    someone please prove to me why nas should still be rapping? and while your lying, please tell me how ether was in any way better than supa ugly or take over or blueprint 2. please

  101. paydayloan Says:

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