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Stray Shots


Cam was on Hot 97 addressing the Mariah and beef with Jimmy rumors. Here’s some audio. (Rapidshare link here)

Dave Chappelle threatens to walk away from his Comedy Central show again if the network follows through with plans to release  material recorded prior to his "hiatus".

Man, Busta Rhymes is not having a good year at all. Now he’s being sued for assault by a fan.

Here is a interesting blog post by Walter Kronkite on the war on drugs and its casualties. (Thanks Ethan)

Incarcerated scarface Lil Kim may have some things she’s gonna need to get off her chest.  

Here are some pics of the wax statue of ‘Pac being created at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Vegas.

Update: Here’s the UGK version of the 100% Benzino Free Source cover.

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33 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. plug industries Says:

    LOL! Check out the top banner of the magazine.

  2. Scorsese Says:

    nigga cam is funny……. yall ny niggas dont know how good u got it on the radio tip…..bmore radio is wack

  3. KingML Says:

    But Billingsley says that the Philly detention center has a doctor on staff. “If [the prison medical unit] can’t handle it, they will contract out treatment,” says Billingsley.

    thats the reason I could never be a doctor, if Lil kim walked into my office and were like “doctor my tits hurt can you check them out for me” id get a hard on and be sued for violation of everything you can think of.

  4. Dot Says:

    Good lookin’ on the Walter Cronkite blog. We all know that the war on drugs is only big business. People get paid to look the other way for the drugs to get over here. Brand new prisons get built all over the country to institutionalize inmates instead of helping to reform them. And giant corporations benefit from labor aquired for slave wages.

    By the way love the website

    Keep blogging

  5. Fresh Says:

    Cam’ron is so two months ago, ha ha. Its funny how everyone was talking about him and then something else happened and nobody cared to mention him anymore. Poor thing.

  6. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    awww..oh shit I didnt notice that Benzino shit at first! LOL they wrong! LOL
    Here is the rundown:
    Cam- needs to worry about how dark his lips are getting and what move he should make next in order to keep his lifestyle!

    Busta-I really thought he was gonna pop this year, but damn he is delayed

    Kim- no comment, i dont really care for her problems

    Imma check out the war on drugs thing and get back 2 ya

  7. G Off Says:

    Is the “new Source” actually readable? It’s hard to trust that magazine after everything we have been through with it.

  8. yeahisaidit Says:

    i cosign with laughin@yaniggas!!! i don’t really care for lil’ kim and her problems but i dig that last joint of hers (straight fire) which come to think about it was all about, oops… her problems! lol! (no homo)

  9. Shawn Carter Says:

    Killa killa more scrilla scrilla for da gorilla illa.
    Cam, please diss me again. And again. I’m president you are nothing.


    […] t he was supposed to return on a fucking Horse aka Zino the Great. Camron on Hot 97 Audio (Thanks to Nahright) No Comments » […]

  11. KonishiwaBithes Says:

    whos the “slut monkey” now……………

  12. jersey Says:

    Cam might wanna keep some freinds in the industry if he intends on establishing any amount of longevity….Let young boy makes some cash…theres enough 4 everybody just be creative not spiteful….

  13. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Unrelated: Anybody know what happened to NASTACK.com??? Nothing posted since the mention of the BIG L album on 2/15……

  14. D. Billz Says:

    I agree @ Scorsese. Being a Bmore native myself, I got sick of 92Q a long-ass time ago. It’s a damn shame when the best DJ on the air is a white guy from Boston (Clinton Sparks). And his show is syndicated!

    *B More Nubian*
    “The Wire aint a liar, it’s real…”, COMP, “Coming 2 A City Near U” Bang-A-Rang Gang!

  15. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Well i guess even though he’s been reckless with the mouth, He is a little smart for making all those investments and shit!! i gotta give him that, on the hustle.

    And why doesnt he just come out and Say he fux wit MiMi aka Mariah! I know she crazy and shit, but come on .. I mean how else does the nigga know that she has a “steam bed”, u kno he lying cus how u just gonna WATCH SOMEBODY SLEEP and then LEAVE in the MORNING! He a GROWN ASS 30 yr old MAN and she is a GROWN ASS 35-40 year old WOMAN~ get the fuc back!Somebody is lying they shit off!! Anyway, he should stick to the business aspect of the game..4get about rapping, doggie!! yeah OK! more scrilla 4 killa milla w a dilla dilla!

  16. jl3969 Says:

    that megaupload link dont work, can someone up to rapidshare?

  17. eskay Says:

    the link still works for me

  18. CapoDituttiCapi Says:

    Cam send it best in his single “glory” off his debut album “confessions of fire”….

    “Y’all shoulda neva let in the muthafuckin game B”.

    Turns out, he was right.

  19. nation of thugacation Says:

    yeah the link is dead

  20. nation of thugacation Says:

    so is the Pac photo, that and the megaupload are down

  21. Demiks Says:

    Now if XXL was Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath free, then we might be somewhere, feel me?

  22. eskay Says:

    I fixed the Pac photo link and here’s a rapidshare link to the Cam audio


  23. Bloodhound Says:

    I’m so anti-Benzino it aint funny.

    On the same track I’m pro-killa.

  24. Bloodhound Says:


    I must say you have a point since shady picked 50 up he hasn’t been right. Like 50 is a sickness that’s eats away at your body slowly destroying everything and anything that comes in remote contact with.

    Also a anti-50 fan. (Nothing he does is original)

  25. nation of thugacation Says:


  26. ClintonSparks Says:

    White guy? What’s wrong with a white guy DJ? He probably knows more about hip hop than you ever will. Hater.

  27. Penny Woods Says:

    I still don’t believe Cam and Mimi are going out until I hear that she’s not going out with Mark Sudack anymore.

    I would say more, but I’ll plead the fifth for the rest.

  28. Illyricallucci Says:

    What’s up Im back Boston’s best female early in da game

  29. Illyricallucci Says:

    love you Daddy ” John Brooks” From 02126 Boston Ma



  31. luis Says:

    NO you’re the FAG GayWOOD HAHAHAHA

  32. Dr Flav Says:

    Check Hiphopdx.com, Benzino Asks If Any Of U Slut Monkey Whores Has An Extra Saddle For Daves Horse? 82% Ownership Baby, 100% Benzino’ll Free Dey Ass From His Company. Haters Kno Mays Been There When You Loved And Abandoned The Source 4 E Wilsons, Jimbrowski Iovine, Intrscpe Suckin XXL.



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