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J Dilla Tribute Shirt


The guys over at Oh Word are doing the right thing by slangin’ these great Jay Dee tribute T’s and donating all proceeds to Dilla’s moms. If you didn’t read the account of his last days I posted last week, then you probably don’t know about the enourmous medical bills his mother must now shoulder in addition to the unimaginable pain of watching your child die. If you have the means, it’d be a nice thing to do and you’ll even get a pretty hot shirt out of it.

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9 Responses to “J Dilla Tribute Shirt”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay, you are “on point like steve nash”, your game is tight and you just proved your swaggers right lol ok im gonna stop biting cam, but fo reel shout out for keeping it real, anti homo, and supporting real ppl with real dreams and i repeat, if u havent read the piece on his last days, your missing out

    first post bitches

  2. Bloodhound Says:

    Ayo eskay can I help out? Meaning I’d like to get a shirt to help his moms out. Children are supposed to bury there parents not the other way around. Real talk fuck with me on this no homo.

    Second post muthafucka!

  3. Rafi Says:

    Thanks for helping out with the link eskay. I see a bunch of hits coming from here and we appreciate it.

  4. Shaft Says:

    man..imgonna see what i can do

  5. Damu Says:

    Damn son…Good lookin’ out on this.
    It’s nice of U goin out your way…
    Kewl tee 2!

  6. AllChemist Says:

    Just got my hands on ‘Donuts’, I’m really feeling this. Shame, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if I hadn’t read that article.

  7. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    good looks on the link eskay imma cop that shit today

  8. Puzzle Says:

    thats a good look right there…also, it looks like sandboxautomatic.com is donating procedes from donut sales to his moms as well.
    The site reads :
    ” February 13th, 2006: Sandbox Automatic, Inc. will donate a minimum of 50% on all net profits for copies of the Jay Dee aka J. Dilla “Donuts” album (CD and LP) sold retroactively and through the end of Feburary 2006, to Mrs. Maureen Yancey ”

    personally I think a few cats dilla blessed over the years as well as freinds should jump on this bill if not now yesterday if their not already on their job that is!! I’ll be copping 2…

  9. the landlord Says:

    mixunit.com has a 4disc instrumental-cd set featuring his hottest joints done with slum village, delasoul, busta, qtip and tribe. His best joints from Donuts and some of his unreleased beats are on there also. PURE FIRE!!!!
    Thanks for the link on that shirt…

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