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Ayo, This Raps Like Ziti


In keeping with the unofficial Ghostface appreciation theme I have going on around here this week, I give you this Strawberry Kiwi shirt from Lemar and Dauley.   

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13 Responses to “Ayo, This Raps Like Ziti”

  1. the green eyed bandit Says:

    a must have if you ask me.

    how about a shirt with ghosts quote where he compares his style to fruit salad? I’d buy that!

  2. the green eyed bandit Says:

    eskay, I would buy nearly everything I saw on the site (price permitting). the biggie hoodie ghostg shirt, and the jeezuz piece shirt are on tops of my list. You know where or how I can purchase this stuff? the site is not helping me out. or maybe im just dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb………

    ……now ghost ride the wip……..

  3. Adam Says:

    not to mention


  4. eskay Says:

    well you can get this joint at cartelgoods.com but they only have sizes medium and large. I ain’t even gonna lie I’m mad stingy with my t-shirt spots, but if you email me I’ll put you on.

  5. savvy Says:

    dang i been wondering who made that shirt ever since i saw questlove rocking one

  6. CapoDituttiCapi Says:

    Man i would come close to rockin this shit. with some nappy headed apollo kids on that shit. word up…

  7. the green eyed bandit Says:

    eskay, I emailed you on the shirt tip…..

  8. gstar Says:

    yo i got that shirt in black its nice! lemar and dauley has some of the freshest shit..i got that biggie hoodie & another t white jesus pieces on the back…real ny

  9. e-dubbs Says:

    I was and still am a fan of this line but seeing Swizz Beatz wearing it really dropped its stock. Similar to how DJ Clue? ruined what was once an up and coming line of fashion. (see Akademiks)

  10. cashmere Says:

    im not hating on ghost, he is one of my all time favorites, BUT — what’s with his name and behavior becoming joke material? esp to clueless white kids? granted, he’s not the only rapper with an overblown persona, but unlike most, he is a super intelligent dude. shit like this just makes me wonder what he makes of the fact that a lot of people are just looking at him as a cartoon now? that doll of him that talks? fuck that. seeing that shit on mtv2 where he sits on a gold throne or whatever and talks about shoes? fuck that, too. unnamed fake thug clothing companies in NYC using pics of him to promote their shit? fuck that the most. is anybody else seeing shit this way?

  11. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ cashmere i feel you and see where you are coming from but dont you think ghost kind of brings it on himself. i mean i love the wally champ as much as anyone who else will rock a purple boxing robe with a giant gold eagle on his arm, again i love ghost and realize how smart he is but shit the smartest motherfuckers are out there they are on their own planet as is ghost. his raps can be way the fuck out there too but he makes the shit sound hot, the fact that ghost is such a character is what i like most about him ( and if you are just figureing this out about ghost, my only question is how did it take you until now to see it, this is how ghost has always been, shit remember when wu first started he used to rock the mask he didnt want his face to exposed and shit, he was on his on planet then and still is ( mf doom is also on his own planet dude is crazy nice but out there )

    “since they face been revealed/ the game got ill”

  12. Eebzookee Says:

    cashmere takes this thug thing too seriously. Even your hardest Mo Fo is gonna have some fun with his intellect and humor. If you think Ghost is a cartoon go tell him to his face and see how far you get.

    To me this is what makes him more interesting. All those screw face perma vex thug nosmiling boring motherfucker can eat grass for all I care it’s BORING! We need more emcees who just emcee fuck a thug.


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