Inside The Crunk Studio

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Would you ever imagine a situation where these two guys would be in the same room together? Lil Jon and James Lipton attend the New York premier for Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.  

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23 Responses to “Inside The Crunk Studio”

  1. KingML Says:

    those two pics are almost as ugly as how The Game and his newly signed white boy Kevin Federline are going to look in a video together.

    except Lipton and Lil Jon would make a better rap duo.

  2. Fresh Says:

    When I have kids Im going to blow up a picture of Lil’ Jon and warn them about what happens when you don’t brush and floss your teeth twice a day.

  3. SexyWeeBastard Says:


  4. triple-w Says:

    the game and k-fed?! are u fuckin serious? anyone got this to download???

  5. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ He is serious game is gonna be on k-feds new single, k-fed must of spent a whole lot of britney’s money on that

  6. dCs Says:

    man… k-fed is really a shitty rapper… i mean, he may be a cool dude (look how people used to bash justin timberlake… now that dude is allright in my book), but id be surprised if even Game can make his songs listenable.

    as for james lipton, hes turned into a caricature of himself… i think the dudes obviously chill so i cant knock him. even if he does kiss every actors ass…

  7. luis Says:

    nice lol

  8. the green eyed bandit Says:

    whats that movie with eddie murphy and dan akroyd??? trading places???

    they need to remake that shit with jon and james!!!!


    ^^^ now that would be some hilarious shit

  10. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Inside The Crunk Studio snippet:

    Mr. Lipton: What’s ur Favorite WORD????
    Mr. Lil Jon: YEEEEEEEEAH!!!
    Mr. Lipton: YEEEEEEEEAH???
    Mr. Lil Jon: YEEEEEEEEAH!!!
    Mr. Lipton: YEEEEEEEEAH???
    Mr. Lil Jon: YEEEEEEEEAH!!!
    Mr. Lipton: OOOOOOOO K!!!!

  11. cashmere Says:

    i always thought lipton was sort of an ass-kissing punk til i saw the actors studio with chappelle. the level of realness that dave brings brings out the realness in lipton, and it was actually a meaningful, relevant interview. the oprah shit was the antithesis of that, but there’s no fixing how hopelessly broken she is. i got no hate for lipton, good to see he supported dave at his shit. i bet him and lil’ jon met, and lil’ jon dropped the dumb act for a second and the two exchanged theories on method acting according to stanislavsky, the evolution of cinema in the internet age, and the human condition as reflected in independent asian film. then i bet they smoked weed in a bathroom stall and ended up open-mouth kissing for like, 3 minutes.

  12. cashmere Says:

    shit’s real in NY right now, snowstorm tomorrow = fuuuuck

  13. dCs Says:

    is it really gonna be a snowstorm? i heard its showers early in the morning but by 6pm… itll start up. that doesnt soudn that bad

  14. JacobTheJewlery Says:

    Game + K-Fed = the 2pac and BIG collabo that never happened. You guys are sleeping on the possibility of the GREATEST rap record ever. Dre laces the beats, Game does his g-g-g-u-not thing, and K-Fed does the papazooloo. Plus they don’t need any backup dancers cause that is what K-Fed is for. Plus they don’t need stunt drivers cause Game will throw things into wet cement and drive over them. My question is: why are you still reading this?

  15. posta child Says:

    If k-fed was brotha and toss in a few shots and jail sentences he would be platinum. No talent = success guarenteed. The video. Rented high end cars and suvs with 94″ rims (not holding the aftemarket brake upgrades they are supposed to hold. Almost like the same idea of having talent). Rented hoes. Filmed “up in da club” (most of the time doing shit that would get them tossed out or the club eventually closed) and in a rented home.

  16. posta child Says:

    Lmao @B-HEEZIE

  17. Shaft Says:

    Hey all…check out my link for some video of the Chappelle interview on Inside the Actors Studio, i posted it on YOUTUBE…and’re so was a GREAT interview.

  18. KingML Says:

    ya that interview is hilarious

    Chappelle on “Inside the Actors Studio”

    thats part 1, on the right you can go from parts 1->4

    Worth watching, funny and interesting.

  19. eskay Says:

    or you can always download the whole thing here:

  20. Jopo Says:

    Went to an advance screening of Dave’s movie,
    Shit was funny as hell, but there was tons of white people in the audience, and I don’t think they clicked with the whole black panther type ending.

    Go see this movie.


    OK and

  22. nation of thugacation Says:

    1. thanks for ruining the ending @Jopo
    2. anyone know where i can cop lil jon’s jacket or wtv u wanna call it… sons in style for a retard

  23. Jopo Says:

    Uhh…that didn’t ruin the ending.

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