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2 Men Shot…At A Kanye Show?


Two people were shot yesterday at of all places, a Kanye West concert in the U.K. Apparently some bloke was pissed after he couldn’t get in:

The man, who had no ticket, entered the foyer and was ejected. He then returned and shot stewards. He was with a black woman.

Officers said between four and eight shots were fired.

A 45-year-old from Solihull was shot in the face, stomach and foot and has undergone one operation and is due to undergo another.

A second security guard has been released from hospital. He may have received a "graze" injury.

One man and a woman have been arrested.


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37 Responses to “2 Men Shot…At A Kanye Show?”

  1. abce Says:

    The world idolizes american kids and they wanna be jus’ like us – or what they preceive us as-

  2. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    What the fuck is going on at a kanye show ?????? damn atleast it wasnt in america and it shows the ignorance and sensless violence isnt relegated to america but damn between busta and kanye, 2 of the least gangsta rappers how does this happen

  3. luis Says:

    WOW! Well, it looks like 50 isn’t the only rapper who provokes violence after all!!!! Quick someone call the president of the U.K. so that he will deny Kanye acess the next time he’s in town!!!!

  4. luis Says:

    access oops ty-po

  5. Puzzle Says:

    No one is safe!

  6. AGeezee Says:

    Why did they have to point out that he was with a black woman?

  7. eskay Says:

    >>someone call the president of the U.K.

    actually that would be the Prime Minister

  8. Fresh Says:


    I’m just bullshitting. I’m sorry to hear about all of this.

  9. SexyWeeBastard Says:

    Damn this is krazy. I seen him in Dublin on saturday night. Pretty good show too. Thankfully nobody was killed. Why can’t we just have fun and get along people? SAD…. really sad. SNIFF SNIFF!!

  10. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    no gangsta would blast coz he can’t get in a ye show………wanna be thugs all all need drugs

  11. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    no gangsta would blast coz he can’t get in a ye show………wanna be thugs all all need drugs

  12. The Truth... Says:

    ^^ No doubt….just shows you: retarded fans for retarded artists….(Kanye is so wack). hahaha@AGeezee….you’re right.
    Anyway…someone who reacts like that is definitely an idiot and has a serious complex of some type. “I’m gonna shoot people cause they didn’t let me in cause I didn’t have a ticket!!”……?!

  13. B-HEEZIE Says:

    In My wack@ss John Lennon Accent: “Those damn wankers, can’t handle their pints without getting their trousers soiled”

  14. luis Says:

    I was waiting for someone to catch that inside joke about the president, I saw “love actualy” with wifey last night lol, and that’s why I poked fun of it…..thanks for the shout out eskay

  15. luis Says:

    Sorry to cockblock my good friends BUT the following news has been brought to you by the good folks at http://www.gunitworld.com

    50 Cent Says Nas Baby Mother Doing A Book?

    03/01/2006 02:01 PM
    GUnitWorld.com: 50 Cent says Nas baby mother doing a book?
    Wednesday, March 1, 2006; Posted: 2:15 p.m. EST (19:15 GMT)
    50 Cent is stirring up a lot of commotion in the industry by signing the mother of Nas’s child to G-Unit Book Collection. During HOT 97 50 Cent stated he would be getting her on his book collection coming out soon. More information on this will be available when more information is provided.

    1 word……WOW!

  16. eskay Says:

    ^ yeah I heard that rumor but I didn’t have a source and I don’t usually frequent gunitworld.com, so I didn’t post it. If that’s true, Nas lost.

  17. thekid10705 Says:

    Dudes ain’t safe no more….”Limey ” kids packin’ toast at the Kayne’ show…Damn!! It’s crazy how guys carry guns and then actually use them for the stupidest shit…Shooting the place up for not having a ticket..Hey ganster, grow up and buy a ticket …..


    ^^^ didnt she already write the book??? whats she gonna write part 2 titled ” who havent i fucked ”

    she is a hoe nas fucked up by getting that golddigging publicty whore stupid famous cock guzzling slut pregnant. listen i love women but i hat dirty trouble starting sluts and thats all she is. why do i hate them type girls? cause i have come across my fair share as have every guy so i dont understand it, some people get played harder because its made more public but shit has happend to everyone on here dont deny it. everyone has been with a girl and regreted it and probably everyone on here has had an ex hook up with someone they dont like and has probably hooked up with an ex of someone you dont like, shit i know i have hooked up with a couple girls who were with people i had beef with and yea i used that to joke on them but thats all it really is if you let that determine the type of man someone is then everyone is a sucker for love atleast at some point, now i now people who get whipped real quick with every girl they talk to and they get clowned but when it happens once that you know of you cant hold it against dude, and shit nas has fucked way more girls im sure than all of us so of course he is bound to come across on like this and ill say it again there isnt a dude on here that can call themselves a straight male and say they wouldnt fuck the shit out of her right now, already knowing what you know, i mean have you guys seen a picture god damn, but thats how the evil gets hidden, why are most guys acting like this doesnt always happen?

  19. GET Says:

    >>> 50 Cent Says Nas Baby Mother Doing A Book

    Somebody gotta take care of Nas’s daughter, I guess 50 is opening up his heart and helping do something Nas don’t do.

  20. The Truth... Says:

    ^^^ Yo, do you personally know Nas ain’t taking care of his daughter?! In case you forgot, Nas made his daughter executive producer of one of his last albums….just to make sure she always got dough.

    Quit suckin 50’s dick!

  21. GET Says:


    LOL, Stop catching Feelings, You Sound like a Bitch

  22. posta child Says:

    abce its the way america as a viewed. That can be a whole different story.
    Luis seems to have some bill clinton/monica lewinsky or Salena/manager thing going on. Does 50 have to be brought up in everything? I mean damn. They are not even thought out comments. Go fuck that no talent house nigga muthafucka or shut the fuck up about the muthafucka. You his baby motha? Damn. Be ya own man.

  23. The Truth... Says:

    I’m not catchin feelings….I just don’t like when people talk out their ass….people that don’t know should be taught. So listen and learn. Corny ass…

  24. DougUK Says:

    First of all you ignorant American muthafuckaz, we have a Prime Minister not a stupid red neck, inarticulate dumb wanker of a president like you have. Secondly, we don’t want to be nothing like you, so you can keep your death penalty, racist police force, bullshit and and ridiculously idiotic gun laws and fucked up government. And as for wankers…B heezie you prick, you are the wanker, go back to your run down, crime infested, cockroach ridden apartment and eat dick. Coming straight out of England ma’fuckuz. Peace!!!!!!

  25. Mr Starks Says:

    Alright then you dumb my youths, dis is straight from the ends, repping east endz E1, not westside or east coast woteva crap you guys in america call it. We in UK r not stupidly violent like u guys, the guys that shot only shot because he couldn’t get into the concert. Just like the high percentage of muthafucking dumb americans do when they loose their jobs, go bak and shoot the place up was exactly what the guy in UK did. It wasn’t any KAnye beef thing, thats all. The busta rhymes one was actual a beef thing, loser Niggas (yes i am black and i call most African Americans Niggas because they do not deserve the pleasure as being referred to as black, you Niggas are a shame, in a fact a stain on the beautiful black race with nothin but empty tankards in your heads acting as brains running around performing looping cycles of violence and cry the government don’t like you). An example of this is the stupid nigger that left a comment above that said United Kingdom has a President. You stupid ignoramus—It is a Prime Minister. You need to up your education speed you illiterent ig’nant pollutant to the human race. As for the rest of you black americans who have beef with Africans, i shall see to y’all lata. Feel free to holla at this super intelligent brother who actually intends to do something with my life and not have a prison pit stop break like you so called “Please I am not African, I am African American” foools.
    AFRO lol

  26. Ricky D Says:

    “We in UK r not stupidly violent like u guys, the guys that shot only shot because he couldn’t get into the concert.’

    Thanks for clearing up that misunderstanding.

  27. eskay Says:

    ^ lol, yeah that statement didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  28. abce Says:

    DougUK the arse from the UK

    Be real – that’s amerikan for you are waay off. Blair is has the tip of bush’s penis coming out of his mouth. He is in trouble there JUST because of his servile support of bush! The world knows that.

    And there is so much racism in the UK it is not even worth going into here. So many incidences of murder and racial violence. Puhleease.

    And Queen Elizabitch still gettin’ proped-up off the backs of her sujects like YOU

  29. The Truth... Says:

    ^^^ True…the whole “Queen and the Royal Family”m thing still surprises me very much….I don’t know how that still happens today (masons…..go figure!).

    But it’s funny…I can’t help but “read” those 2 posts in an english accent! haha….picturing someone sitting in a big living room, sipping tea!

    They do have a point though….about the violent society that people here now just consider normal. IT’S NOT NORMAL!!

    Whatever….I got shit to do…

  30. thekid10705 Says:

    UK dudes in the chat got me laughing my balls off….Es, ” Touch the Sky”….HA HA!!! Yo Es, you know about Nkae & Tear 5X7 poppin’ tags in Brixton back in 98′?….You brought it back son….Keep up the good work!!!

  31. B-HEEZIE Says:

    DougUK said: “B heezie you prick, you are the wanker, go back to your run down, crime infested, cockroach ridden apartment and eat dick. Coming straight out of England ma’fuckuz. Peace!!!!!! ”

    Wanker!!!!! WANKER!!! WAAAAAAANKER!!!!!!!!!! You ‘lil cockney bastard, u just exposed how ignorant you WANKERS are….. “… blah blah, crime infested, blah blah, cockroach ridden…”……RACIST WANKER!!!! How do you know what I live like??? I could be sittin’ next to your moms giving her the B-DEEZIE……. u never know, but Like all the RACIST WANKER, SOILED TROUSER people of your side of the globe you had this perception that everybody lives in a GHETTO……. SAD. It’s cool though DougUK, cuz my perception of you is that: “You’re a TEA sipping bastard of sorts, with f*cked up, stained teeth, wearing a bow tie and spewing sayings like ‘PEP PEP CHEERIO, LIFE IS GRAND’, Let’s Go to the LOUVRE'”…… so TALLY HO ur @ss back to ur PUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. thekid10705 Says:

    B-Heezie, I laughing with you but the Louvre is in Paris.


  33. B-HEEZIE Says:

    My BAD…. The Royal Pavilion…….. thanx for the Geo. Lesson homie…..lol.

  34. The Truth... Says:

    hahaha….you guys are retarded…..

  35. thekid10705 Says:

    No problem Heezie..I’m still buggin’ over here on that one…



  37. MySteeK Says:

    lol…publicity stuntin

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