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Ras Kass – Revenge of The Spit


This is going to work pretty much like the Fishscale Advance post, where the first 25 lucky contestants to click on this link will get to download the new Ras Kass mixtape: Revenge of The Spit. Features guest appearances from Styles P, Kool G. Rap, Royce the 59, Ludacris, Jeezy, and Bun B. Enjoy.

Ras Kass – Revenge of The Spit 

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29 Responses to “Ras Kass – Revenge of The Spit”

  1. Hashim Says:

    first. I missed out before, but not now.

  2. gangstagrillz Says:

    i missed out, can u re up please

  3. ABCE Says:

    got me?

  4. Ieshoua Says:

    I missed it or is the link valid ? Eskay pls give us one more chance !

  5. SnitchyMcRat Says:

    damn i can’t be on the site every second…i got snitching to do


    damn this shit came and died quick anyone that can re-up it please do, ras kass is one of the most underrated in rap.

    has anyone actually gotten to listen to it? if you did let me know i wanna know if a certain track is on it, my boy did a couple tracks for rass


    unfortunitly the song he did for him that would be on this mixtape has spider joke on it, so again let me someone thats got it let me know if there is a song with spider loc on it?

  8. distinkt Says:

    You know, if your site wasn’t so popular, I’m suer I would’ve been able to get this.

  9. nation of thugacation Says:

    some of us have a fucking living to do… when we get home we endulge in music, today, we endulge in knowing that 25 turds that got nothing better todo got an exclusive download to a hot mixtape. thanks eskay, i like the after skool program youre running here…

  10. GET Says:

    oh Well missed it

  11. MaddenMaster Says:

    THIS REALLY ON MY MUST HAVE LIST…. Fuck what ya heard…

  12. KingML Says:

    File Transfer: Unavailable
    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.

    The file has most likely exceeded its allotted bandwidth or has been removed by the original sender or a recipient.

  13. eskay Says:

    >>today, we endulge in knowing that 25 turds that got nothing better todo got an exclusive download to a hot mixtape. thanks eskay, i like the after skool program youre running here…

    everybody thank ‘nation of thugacation’, that comment just earned ya’ll a re-up. you guys have 24 hours to beast, then I’m deleting it.


  14. Ieshoua Says:

    Thanks ‘nation of thugacation’ for pleading our cause. Jah Bless

  15. luan Says:

    i missed the ras kass uplink. im the biggest ras fan. is there anyway i can get another chance?

  16. sk Says:

    yaooo, ya’ll need to chek out http://www.DatPiff.com, cryin over mixtape downloads? check it out, ALL FREE D/L’S


  17. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    rass kills it on this shit

    ” my m.o. lifes a bitch with clamidia/ no skills, rape niggas publishing/ get your diddy up”

  18. eskay Says:

    omg this shit is fire.

  19. SexyWeeBastard Says:

    Thx m8

  20. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    fuck yea this shit is ill good looks again eskay

  21. zoid Says:

    Damn one of the finest mixtapes i heard in a minute … ras is killin mostly every single track Big THANX to eskay for uppin quality rap music

  22. VES Says:

    i guess i was lucky number 26 … GUY!!

  23. nation of thugacation Says:

    eskay… you the man… and u know it

  24. Scorsese Says:

    why everybody sound hot on that “Go Crazy” beat but Jeezzyy YEAAAAAAAAAh

  25. stiggedi Says:


  26. SOSA 420-Canada Says:

    Yo what up, grabbin the Ras Kass, been looking for this forever, thanks man, big ups.

  27. Chris Says:

    This Ras Kass cd is fire. After non-releases like Van Gogh and Golden Child, it’s good to see Ras Kass free (from jail and Priority). If yall who claim to be such huge fans of the R.A.S. why aint you gonna support him and buy this ish. Siccness.net. Get it from raskass-central.com.

    Quote from the album – “I’ll stab u in the eye with a can of Alphabet Soup, so u can see what I’m sayin”

  28. ODWEEBS! Says:

    I cant find any sound bytes of Ras Kass “Revenge of the Spit”. Someone please give me info on were I could listen to it before I buy it. I know he’s one of the best.

  29. InfamousHill Says:

    The best mixtape – Ras Kass Is the BEST

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