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Fabolous – Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)


1 – Loso’s Way Freestyle – Fabolous
2 – They Like Me – Fabolous
3 – Can I Live – Fabolous feat. Ransom, Paul Cain, Stack Bundles & Jaz
4 – Baby (remix) – Fabolous feat. Lil Mo
5 – Bling Bloaw Part 2 – Red Cafe feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall
6 – Whatever I Wan’ Do – Fabolous
7 – How We Do It – Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla & Paul Cain
8 – Walk Like It, Talk Like It – Fabolous feat. Ransom & Stack Bundles
9 – Don’t Forget About Us (remix) – Mariah Carey feat. Fabolous & Styles P.
10 – Get Yo Money – Fabolous
11 – Murda (We Don’t Believe You) – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain
12 – You Can’t Slow Me Down – Fabolous feat. Red Cafe & Joe Budden
13 – The Hitmen – Fabolous feat. The Lox & J Hood
14 – You Don’t Know Freestyle – Fabolous
15 – Smokin’ & Sippin’ – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain & Magnificent [produced by CHOPS]
16 – Computer Love – Fabolous
17 – Bars R’ Us – Fabolous feat. Ransom & Paul Cain
18 – Gotta Go Freestyle – Fabolous
19 – Sit Em’ Sideways – Fabolous feat. Bleu Davinci
20 – Some Say – Fabolous feat. Dilli & Paul Cain
21 – Just Grind – Fabolous feat. Busta Rhymes
22 – I’m The Sh*t – Fabolous
23 – Make It Hot – Paul Cain feat. Notorious B.I.G.
24 – Dale (remix) – Don Omar feat. Fabolous & Swizz Beatz

Fabolous & The Street Family Present: Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)

"And tell Mase I got his name on a shell casing… "

Murda (We Don’t Believe You) – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain  (Mase dis)

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69 Responses to “Fabolous – Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)”

  1. luis Says:

    and tell “ESKAY” he can’t stop hating on G-UNIT lol!!!!

  2. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Talk about WACK @$$ CD covers……… THIS SH*T is TRIDASH…….

  3. luis Says:


  4. KingML Says:

    my favorite “nothing special about me” east coast cat fabolous

    ill give this shit a listen and tell you what i think

    but my only question from seeing the tracklisting is this track
    23 – Make It Hot – Paul Cain feat. Notorious B.I.G.

    If Fabolous isnt even on the track, why the hell is it on the album?

    I guess that feature means more than anything. maybe its a new spliced verse from Dreams and some other track.

    anyways im cranky

    ill write more after i listen to this
    i love the music lately
    but maybe you can post a J Dilla album or mixtape ive seen a couple floating around.

  5. D. Billz Says:

    Hey eskay, can you post the Mase diss in Rapid Share format? It won’t let me use the other one.

  6. eskay Says:

    Murda (We Don’t Believe You) – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain

  7. luis Says:

    P.S. I don’t understand why Ma$e is still being brought up sheesh, just remember 50 made sing song hot for those who don’t know!!!!

    Garbage…I’d rather hear the original verion of this song

  8. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    good looks eskay i was just thinking of copping this but you made it easier on me.

    eskay – how do you get this shit like this downloaded can you get pretty much any mixtapes to put on here or is it just shit you come across or cop yourself?

  9. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    luis – all he did was post a miss diss track whats the big deal, he posts diss tracks all the time he post every diss track 50 makes so i really dont understand your problem with him posting a mase diss

  10. eskay Says:

    >>eskay – how do you get this shit like this downloaded can you get pretty much any mixtapes to put on here or is it just shit you come across or cop yourself?

    yeah my mixtape game is pretty crazy if I must say so myself. I try to stay on my job and get shit as soon as it becomes available on the web. if there’s ever something you want that I haven’t posted, if you email me and I like you I might just drop you a link.

  11. e dubbs Says:

    I like Fab but he needs to stop thinkin’ he can go @ Ma$e. Ma$e is his pops. Besides, if I remember correctly Fab was the one who found a shell casing with his name on it in his house..

  12. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    word good looks eskay yea im a hit you up later with some request and i do defintely got to give you credit your mixtape game is on point, its crazy you posted this up cause i was really just about to order it with some other shit , but like i said ill be hitting you up soon for some request

  13. NYC Says:

    I was always a Fan of Fab….
    For a While he was my Fav Rapper
    “keep’n it Gangsta”-was his Best Track he eva wrote!!
    But On some real Shit he fell off big time!!
    All he make are bitch tunes!!..his last couple of albums were sub-par…
    And all his singles are on sum LL cool J shyt!!
    I think he have a chance to come back To Da Streets….But he needs to hurry up before it gets too late for him!! Cause if he keep doing these bitch tunes aint no one gonna wanna hear him rapping about being gangsta….Same shyt happen to “LL”
    And Oh Yeah Paul Cain Can Go….he’s Trash!!!

  14. doc holiday Says:

    huh?@ e dubbs

  15. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    NYC – huh????? all he makes are bitch tunes????? ll cool j type shit????

    are you the same NYC who is always on here backing 50 for makeing “hits” but your gonna blast fab??? for being to sing songy atleast fab still raps his verses 50 only talks or sings them but you defend him so whats wrong with fab ( and by the way he sings on”keeping it gangsta” as well, yaaalllll knooowww whoooo be keeping it gangstaaaa

  16. NYC Says:

    Smh@ this nigga getting all wild up!!
    Relax and take a deep breath!!
    Wen I say Bytch tunes!!
    “Baby”-Wit that singer nigga
    That Shit he had wit Tamia!!
    A few singles wit lil Mo
    The Nigga Did a Song Wit B2k-hahah–He lost all his street Cred!
    And the list goes on!!
    all of fabs last couple of Singles have been Girl Songs…You Dick head…Say i’m fucking Lying!!
    Say u want about 50 Window Shopper wasn’t a girl tune!
    Outta Control wasn’t a girl tune!!
    Even Fab Said it himself that he wanted to leave his last Label Because the only singles they want to put out are da soft shyt for da girls….
    and not the street shit!!!
    Watch the Nigga on Smack Dvd the nigga said it himself…dude…..
    I state facts “B” I don’t run my mouth without..knowing facts!

  17. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    again im not even argueing about fab singing i dont fuck with fab that much but he does rap his verses and tends to kill it, 50 sings everything i just dont see how you can blast fab for the same shit 50 does and you back 50. and come on whats that new song he has now “best friend” or some shit its an exact replica of their “smile”

    and as for the last thing you said that explains it perfectly fab does some bitch shit cause thats what the label forces on him but he kills everything else, well 50 does his sing-songy shit all day on his own by his own choice after running someone out of rap for singing.

    everyone hates on rappers when they sing except for some reason its all good when 50 does it shit doesnt make sense man you cant have it both ways

    ” even 5 year old white girls be rapping today/ on the playground like go shorty its your birthday” – R.A. THE RUGGED MAN

  18. G Off Says:

    NYC: “Breathe” was a girl song, right?

    Window Shopper was a girl song- he sang the whole damn song, R. Kelly style.

    Ty: I agree with you in general, but obviously Fab doesn’t back off of making some girl songs or being on some r & b remixes… there isn’t anything wrong with it, but don’t act like he is being held down and forced to make those songs. He knows that is what he has had a lot of success with.

    The difference is that he mixes it up and still has clever lyrics within these songs. 50 stopped dropping gems about 2 years ago.

  19. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ G-OFF thats basically what i was trying to say. the part about the labels was just in response to NYC said about him on the smack dvd. i agree fabo has always been with that shit, even his first album he had all that shit with lil’ mo, its nothing new from him, and i just dont get how someone who supports 50 so hard could make fun of fab for singing too much thats all im saying. and NYC stays backing 50 and seriously who sings more, who has more r&b songs. now on the flip side who actually still kills his verses??? thats all im saying i know f-a-b-o wants that commercial shit too

  20. SexyWeeBastard Says:

    Good lookin’ on this, Eskay. Thx a lot!

  21. strong chef Says:

    “fiddy’s your step pops, puff is biological” killed it

  22. D. Billz Says:

    Good lookin’ out fam @ Eskay.

  23. KonichiwaBitches Says:

    see fab on that smack wit his over sized grill………man some niggas i just don’t get it

  24. GET Says:

    Why are people talking about 50, Fab did not diss him in No Way.


    What do you think about this Cover? shit dont even look like Fab

    This Beef go way Back, this did not start with Mase saying “why loon and fabby just dont call me daddy”

    Diddy was suppose to sign Fab but people thought he sounded to much like Mase, So Fab and Mase did a Song together to so people they didnt sound the Same, but it never worked out. Since the talks of Fab taking Mase’s style started, Fab been taking Shots a Mase

    Fabolous Dissing Mase in 04′ when Mase came back

    Welcome Me Back -Fabolous

    Stupid questions, I’m a answer ’em now,
    If I was barely goin’ gold I won’t be dancing around,
    Fly back south you little bird-ass nigga,
    And snack on the cookies and milk in first-class nigga

  25. GET Says:

    Thanks For the Mixtape

  26. babyG Says:

    God bless yah!

    I can NOT believe I waited until 2pm to login today, I could have been listening to this ish all day! This job is really interrupting my nahright addiction…

  27. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ your defintely right about the fab and mase beef

    we were talking about 50 because a known 50 supporter came in here and blasted fab fopr singing too much????????? and its my fault again for makeing it so relevant to the post so my bad, but i was just trying to see how someone could possibly explain that 50’s shit is fire amd gangsta but fab sings too much im just waiting on an explanation for that shit

  28. eskay Says:


    What do you think about this Cover? shit dont even look like Fab

    it’s pretty wack which is surprising because Miami Kaos did it and he’s usually on point. whenever these cover artists try to do their own rendering of a person it comes out looking crazy. They’re better off just editing real pics.

  29. GET Says:


    It Nothing Wrong with Fab doing Girl Songs, becasue he has always done that, and Most of them are Hot.

  30. ABCE Says:

    no lie eskay,

    you large boy – now who do you give mixtapes to?

    yea, that cover art is a little too hectic – or sump’in

  31. Demiks Says:

    >> I think he have a chance to come back To Da Streets….But he needs to hurry up before it gets too late for him!! Cause if he keep doing these bitch tunes aint no one gonna wanna hear him rapping about being gangsta….Same shyt happen to “LL”

    “Tunes,” lol. Who says “tunes”?

    Since your “Da Streets” official status checker and know what everyone will and will not listen to, how come you defend an oiled up grown man who dances with his shirt off?

    50 makes soft music. Pop hooks and pop beats = soft music.


    GET – i dont have a problem with fab at all. NYC is the one complaining about fab singing and all i was saying is how can he hate on fab for singing when he is one of the biggest 50 supporters on here????

    i like fab i dont really check for him like that but i like pretty much everything that he does, even his girly shit the boy is nice and kills his verses and always keeps me entertained


    “and usually the niggas i be throwing slugs at/ aint ever dance around in videos with rugrats”

    whoa that was vicisous , how you g-unit stans like that
    damn fab thanks for reminding me about that shit hows a dude called murder mase gonna be in a video with rug rats
    damn its a wrap f-a-b-o just killed him mase cant even come close to touching that

  34. NYC Says:

    No Matter Wat Fab Say!!
    Mase Birth His Style!!!
    The Nigga Flow Just Like Mase……….
    Mase is the Nigga’s Daddy!!!
    And Murda Mase Mix-tape Was Crazy!!!!
    Fab Fell Off….a long time ago!!!
    I do want to see him come back and do good…cause he got Skillz…
    But Like I said Niggas Can’t Deny….that he stole Mase flow!!!!!


    i really dont sound alike flow wise. they both have nasaly ass voices that sound mad similar, plus people looked at fabo like another shiny rapper cause of those earings and shit but mase in his prime cant fuck with fab on his worst listen to the song man
    i mean he killed with that rugrats line boy that single line is nicer than anything that has ever come out of mases mouth

  36. GET Says:


    That arugment of Fab taking Mase stlye is over, Most people in the Rap world argree that Mase birthed Fab stlye.

    And that line about the rugrats is hot, but dont front like niggas didnt like that song, that shit was to catchy to stay away from IMO

  37. MaddenMaster Says:


  38. London-BRIDGES Says:

    Fab Nice But I Agree He Fell Off, Not Cause His Flo Its Da Dawm Beat Selection, He Just Cant Spit On Every Last Beat. N When Da Fuck Is Ranson Dropping A Mixtape N Does Anybody Know If He Signed

  39. Demiks Says:

    Ransom has dropped MANY mixtapes with the A-Team. All you gotta do is look, how can you miss the Hard Hoods Part 1-3? Ransom and Hitchcock are on a 7 day a week grind.

  40. London-BRIDGES Says:

    Dat Ranson Shit Didnt Drop In Da Chi U Got A Link So I Can Download It

  41. SF Says:

    Cant wait to check this out. Sad about A-Team. Ransom is ridiculous

  42. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  43. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    GET – i promise i am not fronting i was like 14 or 15 when that shit came out and i fell to the floor laughing at dude like look at this clown dancing with the fucking rugrats and fab also killed him with that 50’s his step father diddy’s his biological, cause puff was big then because he ran with the shit after missing you blew and he had to complete no way out without big after he took over him and mase started the death of hip-hop with all the shiny suit shit but without puff mase is nothing, fab got his respect on his lyrics

    maddenmaster- havent seen you in a minute but i gotta say im with you on this ive been waiting for paul cain to really come with it because he is crazy inconsistent but he killed it on this but still gets out shined by f-a-b-o

  44. babyG Says:


    I agree the lead singles off some of his albums are “interesting”. I was bitterly happy that he did the song with JLo.. first that he’s getting his paper, and that he’s on there and will hopefully get more exposure. BUT on the other hand.. it’s JLO!!!! aaagh.

    it’s a double edged sword most rappers fail.. he could fail.. a lot of famous rappers have. LL, and yes even Mase.. they are forced to do over-ly commercialized “hiphop” singles to sell generally “rap” albums.. But I can’t say I don’t appreciate the albums as a whole.. it’s like not liking 50’s album cuz he has Candy Shop on it..

    to me, it’s about money first.. right or wrong, that’s why they come out with those singles… the problem is when people judge them solely on the singles! That’s why Fab is differnt.. he’s ALWAYS on the mixtap scene.. everytiime I’m out hunting, there’s a new feature or song with Fab.. he doesn’t rest.. u can tell he lives this shit.. he’s not at fashion shows and silly things rappers do now-a-days he stays in the studios like pac. and I have to love him for that.. I have more songs from mixtapes than I probably do from his CD’s…. just goes to show he understands the dilemna and is doing somethign about it ( at least he didn’t retire and run off to biblical school or whatever it’s called )

    About Mase being his pops… ionno.. not sold on that but I have to say if Mase birthed the retard rap flow it explains why he was rappin with the rugrats.. 3 year olds can keep up with Mase… but NOT Fab’s. There is a huge difference.

    also, who gives a shit about B2K anyway? are they any worse than Lumidee, Jlo, Tamia, lilMo and other R&B acts??? features pay man… I’d do it if I were him.. anythign within reason of course.. I can overlook B2K cuz it was a HIT. In fact all his features for r&b singles are hits! Don’t play..

  45. London-BRIDGES Says:

    A Team Broke Up What Da Fuck Is Going On N Ransom Da Truth Check #9 Out On Dj Clue Hes Hustler Pt 2 U Will B Cum A Beleiver

  46. Bloodhound Says:

    I must admit the album cover does that mixtape no justice, but most of the tracks are hot though.

  47. L.A Says:

    yo the link dont work can someone do it ova i really want dis mixtape i stay up all yesterday tryin………ransom is dat nigga n fab n ya favorite rapper favorite rapper LIST nigga……………… pooobz we out 1!

  48. L.A Says:

    yo eskay ..my dude can u post a notha link cuz dat fab link aint workin fam..so it any way dat u can do over so i can download it n make some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  49. Bloodhound Says:

    @ baby g

    I agree with your argument, money is the root of all evil and commercial MC’s. But there still is a sell out factor, Jay-z has done a lot of songs that fall under the commercial influence but is still looked upon with great respect. Because he knows the limit and the extent of that dreadful realm, where as 50 cent built his career from dissing ja rule stating that he his a sell out commercial r&b singing rapper. Get rich or die trying was a great album, the massacre couldn’t have a better name because it was just that a massacre, it was a variation of ja’s style and that makes it a canidate for the sell out factor.
    Now Ma$e on the other hand left hip hop and found God more power to him I’m not knocking him for that, but I will knock him for stepping back in the game on a “welcome back” tip then allowing 50 to brain fuck him (for lack of better words) and start beef with Loon and Fab. It is evident Ma$e had and influence on their style (more so in Loon) but he wants them to swallow their pride and say he made them. Which makes Ma$e fall under that category also.

    LL is not on my list of favorite rappers in fact he is no where near it. But he gets much respect because he was in the game for a long time and also is a pioneer in a way he made hip hop love songs what they are today, and also has the talent to end careers. Anyone remember Canibus? LL made that guy stop rapping and join the Canadian Honor Guard.

    And as for the statement of about the label forcing rappers to make certain songs ; is only true if the rapper or rappers in question are sell outs. If they rap what the believe in and rap from the heart, they would last longer and that was the down fall of many good rappers. I mean Canibus is a good rapper hell he could freestyle 10 or 15 minutes strong, but he can’t put a album together, just like Cassidy he could rap his ass off but his album doesn’t talk about shit, just like Juelz Santana’s new cd the first half is trash it sounds like he freestyled the whole thing it sounds put together and the concept sucks.

  50. Bloodhound Says:

    P.s. @ luis 50 is like Bush nobody likes him.

  51. EducatedChick205 Says:

    ^^^^That was too funny.

  52. ICEBERG Says:



    KILL MA”$”E!

  54. EvaKayevil Says:

    props to fab…..nice one for not waiting so long before coming at ma$e.
    ma$e is confused. he is on 50’s payroll so 50 instructs him on what to do. 50 just runs is mouth he is shit. the weak ass nigga was bullied in the plane 2 years ago by a cat in “Nigeria”. he couldn’t perform that day n he immediately took off back to the states. now i heard him say on mtv that he had a nice time in nigeria and that the show was a success. anyway i punch in the face atimes could be fun(smile).
    i got the fact right here wit me if u care to know holla@urboy

  55. Zach Says:

    All i got to say is Track 19 On Losos way “Sitem Sideways” , killed everything i ever heard from mase…Fab is raw……………………………..But Can he Fuck Wit CASSIDY?????

  56. tori spelling Says:

    Hey did you see my show, So Notorious ? I was just searching the net for blogs about the thing that I love most in the world…………ME !!!!!!! Anyway, stay cool and tune in next week for more of me, your 90210 PRINCESS ! I’m on VH1 if you didn’t know.

  57. nation of thugacation Says:

    “and i used to pedal hard, but that’s not on bycicles”

  58. D-PHILLY Says:

    F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is the nicest nigga out right now….hands down

  59. EQuarshie Says:

    ay wht beat fab rappin on on tht bars r us tracc wit cain n ransom?? and fab is top 5 out stop hatin dicchead ass niggas

  60. S. Murda Murda Says:

    Fabolous is sick HOWEVER he is behind, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, and Joe Budden

  61. SiccMADE Says:

    FAB would kills 50 and mase Lyrically any day of the week hands down!

  62. fighter Says:

    yo, can u post a link cuz dis isn’t working, thx

    btw. FaB, killz Mase


  63. fighter Says:

    sorry, dis works, thx

  64. Fabolous Says:

    Yeah nice & hot Tracks and the Freestyle is so hot damn man Fab rulez

    visit my site http://www.rapperfabolous.2page.de

    Street Fam 4 Eva!!!

  65. 187 Says:

    does anyone who who dis gurl jaz is shes on track 3 ….. leave me a mail on princess187@gmail.com if u know anythin

  66. CMa Says:


  67. cjae? williamsburg swerve Says:

    he da man… he does his thing… swags on auto-pilot… scream @ da kid.. tell ur bitch i said hi

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