Fabolous – Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)


1 – Loso’s Way Freestyle – Fabolous
2 – They Like Me – Fabolous
3 – Can I Live – Fabolous feat. Ransom, Paul Cain, Stack Bundles & Jaz
4 – Baby (remix) – Fabolous feat. Lil Mo
5 – Bling Bloaw Part 2 – Red Cafe feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall
6 – Whatever I Wan’ Do – Fabolous
7 – How We Do It – Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla & Paul Cain
8 – Walk Like It, Talk Like It – Fabolous feat. Ransom & Stack Bundles
9 – Don’t Forget About Us (remix) – Mariah Carey feat. Fabolous & Styles P.
10 – Get Yo Money – Fabolous
11 – Murda (We Don’t Believe You) – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain
12 – You Can’t Slow Me Down – Fabolous feat. Red Cafe & Joe Budden
13 – The Hitmen – Fabolous feat. The Lox & J Hood
14 – You Don’t Know Freestyle – Fabolous
15 – Smokin’ & Sippin’ – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain & Magnificent [produced by CHOPS]
16 – Computer Love – Fabolous
17 – Bars R’ Us – Fabolous feat. Ransom & Paul Cain
18 – Gotta Go Freestyle – Fabolous
19 – Sit Em’ Sideways – Fabolous feat. Bleu Davinci
20 – Some Say – Fabolous feat. Dilli & Paul Cain
21 – Just Grind – Fabolous feat. Busta Rhymes
22 – I’m The Sh*t – Fabolous
23 – Make It Hot – Paul Cain feat. Notorious B.I.G.
24 – Dale (remix) – Don Omar feat. Fabolous & Swizz Beatz

Fabolous & The Street Family Present: Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)

"And tell Mase I got his name on a shell casing… "

Murda (We Don’t Believe You) – Fabolous feat. Paul Cain  (Mase dis)

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69 Responses to “Fabolous – Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)”

  1. EducatedChick205 Says:

    ^^^^That was too funny.

  2. ICEBERG Says:



    KILL MA”$”E!

  4. EvaKayevil Says:

    props to fab…..nice one for not waiting so long before coming at ma$e.
    ma$e is confused. he is on 50’s payroll so 50 instructs him on what to do. 50 just runs is mouth he is shit. the weak ass nigga was bullied in the plane 2 years ago by a cat in “Nigeria”. he couldn’t perform that day n he immediately took off back to the states. now i heard him say on mtv that he had a nice time in nigeria and that the show was a success. anyway i punch in the face atimes could be fun(smile).
    i got the fact right here wit me if u care to know holla@urboy

  5. Zach Says:

    All i got to say is Track 19 On Losos way “Sitem Sideways” , killed everything i ever heard from mase…Fab is raw……………………………..But Can he Fuck Wit CASSIDY?????

  6. tori spelling Says:

    Hey did you see my show, So Notorious ? I was just searching the net for blogs about the thing that I love most in the world…………ME !!!!!!! Anyway, stay cool and tune in next week for more of me, your 90210 PRINCESS ! I’m on VH1 if you didn’t know.

  7. nation of thugacation Says:

    “and i used to pedal hard, but that’s not on bycicles”

  8. D-PHILLY Says:

    F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is the nicest nigga out right now….hands down

  9. EQuarshie Says:

    ay wht beat fab rappin on on tht bars r us tracc wit cain n ransom?? and fab is top 5 out stop hatin dicchead ass niggas

  10. S. Murda Murda Says:

    Fabolous is sick HOWEVER he is behind, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, and Joe Budden

  11. SiccMADE Says:

    FAB would kills 50 and mase Lyrically any day of the week hands down!

  12. fighter Says:

    yo, can u post a link cuz dis isn’t working, thx

    btw. FaB, killz Mase


  13. fighter Says:

    sorry, dis works, thx

  14. Fabolous Says:

    Yeah nice & hot Tracks and the Freestyle is so hot damn man Fab rulez

    visit my site http://www.rapperfabolous.2page.de

    Street Fam 4 Eva!!!

  15. 187 Says:

    does anyone who who dis gurl jaz is shes on track 3 ….. leave me a mail on princess187@gmail.com if u know anythin

  16. CMa Says:


  17. cjae? williamsburg swerve Says:

    he da man… he does his thing… swags on auto-pilot… scream @ da kid.. tell ur bitch i said hi

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  19. Tell Me Who Do I Compete With « The Calm Says:

    […] really checking for Fab like that after he dropped his first R&B album. I still think Loso’s Way: Rise To Power was a great mixtape but I haven’t gotten into Loso’s Way (the album) for pretty much […]

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