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Champion Gear That I Rock


Pay attention. Only Starky Love can rock a Champion hoody with a fur. That pic is from Ne-Yo’s pre-album release party, which shouldn’t be confused with his album release party, which interestingly enough happened before the pre-album release party!? Ok, I’m confused, so before this turns into an otherwise pointless post here’s the video for Ghost and Ne-Yo’s collabo Back Like That, and a snippet of a joint called ‘Angels’ which is supposedly from the upcoming album Ghost is recording with MF Doom. 

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24 Responses to “Champion Gear That I Rock”

  1. plug industries Says:

    I still wonder why there arent any RZA beats on this new album.

    I havent heard the advance copy yet.

    How is it?

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ what are you waiting for an invitation? shit is straight freebase

  3. plug industries Says:

    I cant down load. Im at work and I dont have a computer at the crizzib.

  4. The Truth... Says:

    I was saying that to someone the other day….Rae and Ghost became famous cause of their raps over RZA’s beats. Then what happened? They need to bring that back….

    Don’t like a zipper on a fur coat….

  5. plug industries Says:

    I cant down load. Im at work and I dont have a computer at the crizzib.

  6. plug industries Says:

    ^^^that was for eskay

  7. Robbie Says:

    I’m guessing he had a big night the day before, crawled outta bed and just threw on the first thing he could find: stocking cap+Champion hood+Jesus Pieces+bootleg lookin’ mink = Priceless.

    Hopefully he was sporting some vintage Reebok Pumps to complete the look.

  8. thekid10705 Says:

    Es, keep bleesin’ us with the Ghost info..

    Good Lookin’..

  9. Ieshoua Says:

    I don’t think that Ghost Deini’s album suffer from the absence of Rza. As an artst, I think it shows creativit to reach out to other producers.

  10. G Off Says:

    Robbie, I was picturing house shoes to finish the look…

  11. MaddenMaster Says:


  12. KingML Says:

    looks like ghostface is on a laundry day

  13. Puzzle Says:

    I aint gonna comment on sons gear, plus what cant you rock nowadays? Most rap niggas dont even have a true style anymore, he looks like he doing him..anyway..angles is a sick flip of a 70’s TV show they both make up as they go along….RZAish beat, but good to hear niggas tryin to spark a visual….

  14. e dubbs Says:

    I was thinking about giving him a positive review for his album. After seeing this pic, I’ve quickly changed my mind. Learn how to dress!

  15. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ so because you dont like the way he is dressed in this picture your gonna say his music isnt any good??? get the fuck outta here cam’ron who cares what he is wearing the album is straight heat

  16. thekid10705 Says:

    Ghost is ” the inventor”….You gotta love that Ghost goes to these industry functions dressed like so…C’mon would you rather him in baggy designer jeans, a button up with a V’ neck over it, a tilted Yankee hat, and some bullshit fake low cut Harlem’s?…That’s why you gotta love him…He’s the best …

    Toomany hip hop dudes and now athletes all front like they are dressing original..But if you look at it they all look alike….God bless Ghost for always being on his own shit and keepin’ it that way….

    His dress is just like his all around G’….Crazy, different, and fresh the whole time….

  17. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ being different (which Kanye was and now has everyone dressing like him) is one thing and a horrible fashion sense is another. Ghost sense of fashion is just offensive, bottomline.

  18. e-dubbs Says:

    and further more, its one thing to rock a fur wih a hood. But look at the quality of the fur. I mean its as cheap as can be. Plastic fuckin’ zipper on a fur? c’mon fellas.

  19. eskay Says:

    yo when Starks comes through with the crazy purple velour boxing robe, with the 6 inch solid gold eagle wonder woman bracelet and the cream and purple wally’s niggas won’t want no parts of him.

  20. e-double Says:

    neither will any chicks.

  21. thekid10705 Says:

    “Ghost sense of fashion is just offensive, bottomline”

    Hilarious, E- dubbs got me laughing with that one..I just love that Ghost always been on his own shit, same for the whole Wu whether it be music, fashion, cars, wally’s, even drinks..( ” I played the speaker, sippin’ on kahlua”).

    Kayne’ definitely changed the game, I love that too…What I don’t like is all the bittin’ in the industry…Everyone mainstream, especially younger “rappers” be bittin’ the shit outta what’s sellin..
    >>Remember Lil’ Zane’ trying to be Pac’?..

  22. C-Deezy Says:

    i wanna see someone copy ghostface’s style..come out lookin like a crackhead who robbed the wrong fur coat store

  23. stukn the 80's n' em Says:

    Damn we sure have some fashion ho’lice here these days, starks is if not the most original hard core lyricist we have. just pick up that J love hidden darts# 3 ,with your fish scale album nuckas…

  24. MySteeK Says:

    “Only Starky Love can rock a Champion hoody with a fur.”

    Yea, he could rock whatever the fuck he wants as long as he knows hes leavin the crib lookin like a fuckin asshole! Hoody wit a fur…what a fucking joke! Im surprised he even picked out a decent lookin coat.

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