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The Real Killa Cam Part 2

Killahcameron2 .jpg

Back in December I posted about alleged cop killer Allan Cameron, his trial-by-media, and the unlikely stage name he took as an aspiring rapper. Cameron is accused of killing NYPD officer Dillon Stewart and shooting and wounding officer Wiener Phillipe just days later.  In the post I spoke about the insurmountable odds Cameron will likely face in court, and the rush to judgement that the media is usually so quick to make in cases like this.

Well, today the NY Post has an exclusive story on how ballistics evidence from the scene of Phillipe’s shooting conflicts with the NYPD’s version of events:

Phillipe and Stewart’s partner, Officer Paul Lipka, have positively identified Cameron. But sources say a new ballistics report shows that the .380 semiautomatic used to gun down Phillipe was found on another man during an arrest in December.

By that time, Cameron had already been charged with the attacks on the two officers in Brooklyn and was behind bars on Rikers Island.

Also, the man arrested with the .380 — whom cops would not identify — is said to bear an "uncanny resemblance" to the sketch in the wanted poster issued after Phillipe was shot.

"If you saw the sketch and you saw the suspect who was later arrested with the gun, well, they look like they’re brothers," the source said.

Well would you look at that. A few months ago this guy was being torn apart as an ‘subhuman’ cop killer and now all of a sudden it’s entirely possible that he wasn’t involved in either shooting, just like he’s claimed all along. Now, realistically, I know there’s a good chance that he did have something to do with Stewart’s murder, but this just goes to show you how the system will snatch you up and try your case in the tabloids, and all you have to do is fit the description.

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25 Responses to “The Real Killa Cam Part 2”

  1. G Off Says:

    Is that Ben Wallace???

  2. jersey Says:

    not surprised…

  3. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    That right there just let you know they think all niggas look the like.”FUCK THE POLICE”. Cross’em out and put a K(KILLA). Free Allan Cameron!!. It just show you how fucked up the judicial system is. If I’m not mistaken I thought it was INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY. So why is it that they incarcerate a nigga an,he gotta fight he way. Meaning GUILTY TIL PROVEN INNOCENT. So much for the constitutional rights an laws an all that bullshit. To all my niggas lockdown keep it GANGSTA! STAY DOWN & COME HOME.

  4. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    Fight his way out I meant

  5. eskay Says:

    not for nothing, dude does have a Ben Wallace face

  6. eskay Says:

    BREAKING: Cam shoots Jay-Z

    Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=F3tMx5M0Ftk

  7. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    he does look like big ben. that wou dbe whatsup no big ben would mean the nets could stroll to the championships only to get stomped out by the spurs again, and ill take it

  8. flyone Says:

    whats this cam shot Jay-Z?????????????

  9. D. Billz Says:

    Off the subject: someone should do a spoof song of Nas’ “Got Yourself a Gun” or “They Shootin” for the Cheney incident. That would be hilarious.

  10. eskay Says:

    you saw the “Cheney’s got a gun” spoof right?


    and “How Cheney Could Just Kill a Man” which someone sent me last week


  11. KingML Says:

    pretty funny that jay z thing

  12. KingML Says:

    and by the way, living in the USA i think everyone knows a fair trial is a joke.
    just wait til they work a budget into the homeland defence to have “seriously dangerous” criminals have trials outside of the country so they can torture them as they please.

    just be happy you still get to go to an american prison, one day you will be wishing thats all that happened.

  13. Happy New Year Bitches! Says:

    Homeland Security doesn’t matter, cause in a decade or so, America’s goin down man. We’re goin to hell in a handbasket.
    I’m bailin’.

  14. Bad Cop no donut Says:

    Much luv to the Wallace look alike, but they have a new white rapper coming out named Kop Killin Kapo (KKK), and I’m pushing to ban his album from droping he just signed to interscope…

  15. luis Says:


  16. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    Myspace.com/thaboondoks to preview some new GANGSTA MUSIC

  17. The Reason Says:

    man… its not that bad to be known as a copkiller, yamean?


    Phillipe is form my hood….
    he was a herb growing up….
    dudes used to slap him around…
    just a few days before he got touched he harassed me..He asked me for my id for no reason and asked me if i had any guns all i could do was laugh at the fag…
    but i felt kinda bad hen i heard that he got shot…

  19. Ricky D Says:

    Thanks for the link eskay!

  20. NYC Says:

    Shyt…….Sad shit!!
    Look at the fucking Cop smiling!”We got another Nigger Off Da Streets”
    I really hope Dude aint do Wateva they said he did!!!

  21. ABCE Says:

    G-off that’s wrong – is that Ben Wallace LOL HAAA

    Cops always f’ with us. I and many others could tell you some shit – some people think they have to take shzz from them – pff – now if black people get political EVEN if you don’t like politricks – it works. FUCK just cast a vote – I’m telling you – and NOT a democratic or republican vote either!

    Yaoo, ain’t no beasts coming into ANY OTHER community like they buck-up into ours right? Naaaaaw – Do they know they can do pretty much whatever they want in our communities? Yeeeea. Why is that ’cause we used to people taking care of shit for us. They expect black folk to be ill-equipped. Just look at those red-faced beast f’s! This youth prolly didn’t even have an attorney BEFORE he was processed. Filthy beasts!

  22. beastnigga Says:

    abce, you were pretty dramatic on ya last one. it seems to me now you like that word BEAST is it because of me? i am a beast in the trueset sense. i like ya point ov view at timez, but are you pointing ya flame towards me now? i give you credit for being a intelligent sista but do you have some underlying remarkz 2 beast.? if you do, say em’ and if you don’t one luv baby girl. but fuckin wit me on here in tha worse way will be hazardous. ball in yo court, either wit me or against me. i am #1 on here, beastnigga might just break tha chain if PUSHED. THINK THIS OVER.

  23. abce Says:

    No. no, no NO FLAME – Man o Man! You should know by now I’m ’bout being straight forward. NO flame. I am NOT f’in wit you – by the way how did you even think that??!!

    Eaaaaaaaasssssssy now. easy – c’mon main. Don’t do that.

  24. beastnigga Says:

    abce, you tha realest chick that has ever been on here period!! much respect and love!!!


    click,klack,pow,officer down it really is killa season I’ll give that nigga a g-pass in my hood ,free allan camron knock em dead.

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