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Fishscale Advance


Ok, listen up. I’m only posting a temporary link to this so get it while you can, because it won’t be upped again. Of course this is only for evaluation purposes and should be deleted after 24 hours.

1. Shakey Dog (Prod Lewis Parker)
2. Kilos (Feat Raekwon) (Prod Moss)
3. Be Easy (Prod Pete Rock)
4. 9 Milli Brothers (Snippet) (Feat Wu-Tang Clan) (Prod MF Doom)
5. Hi (prod by Jay Dee)
6. Dawn (Feat Cappadonna & Trife)
7. Crackspot (Prod Crack Val)
8. R.A.G.U. (Feat Raekwon)
9. Whipped With A Strap (uses "One For Ghost" beat off Jay Dee’s Donuts)
10. Back Like That (Feat Ne-Yo) (Prod Xtreme)
11. The Champ (Produced by Just Blaze supposedly)
12. Clips of Doom (Feat Trife) (Prod MF Doom)
13. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)
14. Barber Shop (Prod Studio Steve)

Fishscale Advance 

Now, this on the other hand is a mixtape, so knock yourselves out:

DJ Green Lantern & Ghostface – Internet Invasion 

Even my hand got tooken to jail for writing murder, my wrist couldnt take it and bailed

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56 Responses to “Fishscale Advance”

  1. el_feces_loco Says:

    What a way to start off my sunday mornin, good look on this es,….waitin feverishly for this shit to dload…feins need that fish ya know.

  2. SnichyMcRat Says:

    Damn , he killed those Dilla beats. but then again i think jay gave him subject matter from those samples/

  3. el_feces_loco Says:

    “These are words from a wordsmith/Im like santa cocking long 45th..cause I shoot the gift “..hahah listened to a hour long album in like 20 minutes..I’m a feen man..Yo this whole shit is fiyah.my fave joints is “shakey dog” “RAGU” and “clips of doom” thats just off of one listen..This shit make me wanna ride to 25th with the top down..and I dont even have a convertible. “Family affair” and “whip me” two good pro black women joints. Was’nt feeling “wu joint” What yall think?

  4. Ieshoua Says:

    Broken link

  5. nation of thugacation Says:

    yeah hardcore, theyre asking for a password and shit, but the mixtape is fire

  6. BadEd Says:


    Already got that shit for two days!!!
    Shit is FIRE!!!!!
    Check this out….

  7. Ultron Says:

    Hit it!

  8. markilous Says:

    could someone upload that bust and ghost song of the GL mixtape it wont work for me

  9. eskay Says:

    ^ there you go.

    But yeah let’s talk about this. This shit is fire. The 9 Milli brothers is aight, not the best wu posse cut I’ve ever heard, but just know that it’s a snippet and is missing verses from GZA, RZA & Meth. Shakey Dog = Wow. Whipped with a Strap = Woah. Everything else is bananas. Ghost is about to drop some of his best work.

  10. Mr Starks Says:

    Please Up it again im going mad waiting, i am definitely going to cop this joint, matter of fact i have already pre ordered, I NEED IT PLEASE

  11. Bman Says:

    Ghost is insane. So many sick lines just from the first track.

    / Dude had his mouth open, frozen, stood still with his heat bulging /
    / Told him “Freeze, lay the fuck down and enjoy the moment” /

    but the best so far…

    / I’m on the floor like HOOOLY SHIT! /


  12. eskay Says:

    there’s a link right there posted by Ultron

  13. Adam Says:

    the whole thing’s good but I’ve played “The Champ” at least 5 times, entirely fire.

  14. Demiks Says:

    Downloading right now…

  15. iniquity Says:

    any of ya have “underwater”?

  16. Demiks Says:

    Daaaaaaaaamn!!! This is the best shit I have heard in awhile. I mean, damn! I kinda wish I didn’t start listening to it this early. It probably would of had a better effect after buying it and listening to the whole thing instead of the advance.

  17. iniquity Says:

    NOBODY can do it like WU, NOBODY .

  18. tom olly Says:

    yeah that busta and ghost track doesnt work off the green lantern mixtape could someone upload it in mp3 format?

  19. Tego Says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I’m trying to avoid this album until March 28th. Why you gonna do that? The link needs to die!

  20. iniquity Says:

    don’t know if this track’s on fishscale but here’s another doom & ghost track …



  21. born7allah Says:

    The blackman is god the whiteman devil. Watch the sun shine. Peace

  22. crazy shit. » track of the week #15 Says:

    […] to jay and in anticipation of fishscale, until eskay had to fuck up the whole plan with an early listening of fishscale. much love for that, too. so now instead of an instrumental […]

  23. Ieshoua Says:

    I hope you guys will cop it when it will hit stores, Ghost deserves it!

  24. liveabovemediocrity Says:

    damn it.. can somebody send me the fishscale pls

  25. buks Says:

    i’ll def pick it up when it drops. i didnt really like his joint with trife, so i’ll reward anything that departs from that

    what i’ve heard so far from FS has heart. feeling the samples

  26. Edison Says:


  27. Raymond Chiu Says:

    wheres the charlie brown track?!

  28. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    god damn your killing me. i take one day off from looking at this site and you post a thread to download the new ghost and it expires god damn just my fucking luck, yo if anyone can help me out i need to hear this shit, holla at me if you can post a new link or anything, god damn one lazy sunday and this is what i miss. and dont worry people if i get it im still gonna buy it i always buy cds from the people i really fuck with doesnt matter if i have the bootleg already i try and support real hip-hop because unfortunitly most the shit i like doesnt sell like everything else

  29. plug industries Says:

    Dang im mad i dont have a compooter at the crib. I cant download it at work.

    Is that the actual cd?

  30. AGeezee Says:

    What a moron… How long have you been downloading music? You don’t know what ADVANCE means? Step your downloading skills up, youngin’… :-)

  31. plug industries Says:

    Suck my left nut cuzzo!

  32. MF JIN Says:

    The Busta and Ghost track can be found on Green Lantern’s myspace…

  33. Puzzle Says:

    heard these a couple of days ago…wu joint is missing RZA on the boards, the rest are definately the correct move in the right direction for the state hip hop right now…son should go platinum at least 1x off this one, at least 1x if niggas spend money and buy it….sounds pretty solid for an advance

  34. KLO Says:

    Man, ya’ll need to cop this album! Phuck downloading it! Ya’ll wanna know what phucked up hip hop? The damn internet! Niggas don’t buy shit any more, all they do is download shit! Save hip hop!

  35. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ hey im with you and i will buy the album when it drops but thats not for another 4 weeks and i dont want to wait that long so what the fuck do you expect i aint waiting but again i will but it regardless i always support albums i like ALWAYS

  36. KLO Says:

    No doubt T.biggums. The GOD Ghostface has some heat for ya’ll in the 06′

  37. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ have you heard the gza and dj muggs album GRANDMASTERS, anyone that hasnt i strongly recommend you check it out the album it is pure fire, its real good to see 2 such strong efforts from some wu boys again

  38. el_feces_loco Says:

    Yea I feel all you on your points I agree with KLO about the Internet aspect of whats fuckin up hip hop but I kinna look at it like this too..People that buy bootleg and dload only probably would never even buy the real shit anyway, most of these neo school negroes cant even read so they dont even know the joy of copping the hottest shit out and gettin that first listen to a album while smoking a el and reading the album cover/credits/producers/ etc…that whole expereience right there was like goin to a oral movie…so anyway i said that to say this..I cant throw my laptop on the dashboard and roll to 125th knockin that R.A.G.U..I realize that Ghost just hit es off with this lil snippet to get niggaz in a uproar, Im sure the OFFICIAL ALBUM will not be this samee xact format so Imma cop the OFFICIAL ALBUM..with the OFFICIAL upc code and the bulletproof plastic wrappings haha.

  39. eskay Says:

    hey look I’m all for supporting artists, but I’m a fiend. Artists should be happy that there’s enough buzz for their album that niggas are starving for their advance like this. hopefully everybody who’s downloaded this realizes that it’s an unmastered advance that doesn’t include all the songs and skits, etc.

  40. buks Says:

    so relieved it aint wack

  41. KLO Says:

    No doubt…well, we keep up this trend, Hip Hop is not going to be in the Billions any more…Rock and Country is getting there title back. You don’t hear too much about Rock and Country bootleg CDs and you don’t really hear about people downloading there shit (not like how we download our music). In my opinion, Ghostface should be one of those rappers who should be platium plus…BUT because of the internet, he may night even go gold….(Hopefully he at least do that).

  42. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ im as big a ghostface as the next guy but ghost never went beyond gold before the days of bootlegging and the internet so i dont why you think he would go plat now when his popularity isnt nearly as big as it was. remember when anything with wu attached to it was hot all it needed was the W stamped on the cover and people would cop it ( hence the killer bees album ) the simple fact is dowloading really doesnt hurt sales, its just unfortunitly the best RAPPERS tend not to sell as much.

    Also i would love to hear you explaination to this comment

    “You don’t hear too much about Rock and Country bootleg CDs and you don’t really hear about people downloading there shit (not like how we download our music)”

    you really dont think white kids in the suburbs are downloading their favorite bands new music??? you must be right cause the internet is only big in the hood. do you know how many people i know that dont have computers andwouldnt even know how to work one if it was right in front of them? trust me all those people have crazy downloads to homie they just sell more because they appeal to a bigger audience, shit i gaurantee you 50 gets downloaded more than ghostface but he will still turn around and sell 10 times more as well so i just dont get your thinking, especially when you consider who the biggest advocate against internet pirateing is fucking METALLICA , have you ever heard rappers threating to stop recording because of it of the internet come on man think clearly here

  43. NYC Says:

    haha…..This Cover looks Like shyt!!…….
    he made a New Cover because the People From Peta……..
    was mad because he had a Dead fish on the other cover……..
    I thought Rap music was suppose to be rebellious…………
    Since when these nigga give a fuck wat Peta thinks?

  44. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ Thats not the cover either go to amazon.com they have an different cover shown.

  45. KLO Says:

    Good point T.Biggums…BUT it’s the BOOTLEGGERS that get access to CDs, burn them, and Sell them…and I NEVER seen a Rock / Country Cd bootlegged, ANYWHERE! Maybe I need to be in Wisconsin or Texas or some country ass place like that. But the bootleggers download the music, sell the shit. Yeah those guys who like that country / rock and roll shit download and burn cds, but not like a bootleggers who get Rap music and sell that shit and make MILLIONS off of artists. It’s real crazy right now. I heard they have a big sting operation in Canal Street in Manhattan. And they cracking down on all of that shit. But my point is, downloading WHOLE CDS from Rap artists is one of many reasons why hip hop is in a phucked up state right now. That and some of the wack shit that’s coming from south! (not all down south shit but some).

  46. eskay Says:

    >>downloading WHOLE CDS from Rap artists is one of many reasons why hip hop is in a phucked up state right now

    I don’t know about that, Hip hop is the biggest selling genre in the world. the reason hip hop is fucked up is because of wack music and people buying that shit. the more wack shit people buy, the more wack shit the industry is going to put out.

    and to tell you the truth I have no sympathy for the recording industry or the artists when they expect me to pay 16.99 for some garbage ass album with 2 good songs.

  47. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ 100% completely agree but i think the problem gets blown out of proportion because nowadays you have 2 type of people who buyt any type of music. you have the people whp buy shit and support their favorite artist or you have people who dowload or burn everything. and yea your right you wouldnt see a metalica mixtape but there are millions of people makeing their own personal metalica mixtapes by downloading it and still getting it for free, thats just they way it is now. also you are right about the raids on canal street i was actually in the city one day after the one of the raids went down you could still see them packing boxes and boxes of cds.

    now i dont want you to think im trying to blast you cause i actually agree with everything you are saying and thats why i do both i support the albums but im a fiend i cant wait for it, i want to hear it now. i just think it gets made into a bigger deal than it is because like i said i know mad people who wont spend money on a cd no matter who or what it is they will just burn it but there is no way around it nowadays.

    but im am 100% with you on the south shit

  48. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    opps my bad the arrows were for KLO

  49. KLO Says:

    Good point Eskay…you right about how high these damn CDS be…

  50. KLO Says:

    No doubt T.biggums, great points dog…Sh*t, in the words of EPMD, “Rap Is Out Of Control”

  51. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    yes sir it most certainly is, but your problem is the same as mine, the thing is our rap is losing and is out of control, because of how well the garbage rap does, the labels want what sells most of the artist dont care about the music anymore they just care about whats hot and what will make them the most money cause again 50 gets downloaded liek crazy im sure but he still sells because of the pop music he makes and thats what sells cause it reaches a wider audience and that audience also will spend the money on it, unfortunitly i know way to many people who will name ghost as one of their favorite artist but will burn the album, meanwhile most 50’s fans are suburban kids with way too much money to spend so even if they dont love 50 or his album they will probably buy just to have and throw on at partys and shit

  52. Ricky D Says:

    This album is fire… 2 of the 3 MF Doom beats are off his Special Herbs beat CDs though.

  53. thekid10705 Says:

    stuck on dial up….damn B!!!

  54. eskay Says:

    yo Nicky X, I’mma hit Jim Kahn with a copy of this, the Ghost Green/Lantern mixtape, and the joint he did with Trife da God. let him make you copies or let me know and I’ll give him doubles of each

  55. thekid10705 Says:

    Good Lookin G’…I’ve been at the Kahndo since yesterday getting my shit together…So far , the I heard this shit like 5 times..Shit is dope…Once again, good lookin..

    I heard you were at the donkey bar last friday knockin’a few back…AWESOME!!!

  56. SouthAmericanKid Says:

    I hope the cd is good cuz I’ve already pre-ordered…I don’t think Ghost’d be able to drop any wack material…Ánd is it true that Madlib produced tracks for Fishscale???

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