Fishscale Advance


Ok, listen up. I’m only posting a temporary link to this so get it while you can, because it won’t be upped again. Of course this is only for evaluation purposes and should be deleted after 24 hours.

1. Shakey Dog (Prod Lewis Parker)
2. Kilos (Feat Raekwon) (Prod Moss)
3. Be Easy (Prod Pete Rock)
4. 9 Milli Brothers (Snippet) (Feat Wu-Tang Clan) (Prod MF Doom)
5. Hi (prod by Jay Dee)
6. Dawn (Feat Cappadonna & Trife)
7. Crackspot (Prod Crack Val)
8. R.A.G.U. (Feat Raekwon)
9. Whipped With A Strap (uses "One For Ghost" beat off Jay Dee’s Donuts)
10. Back Like That (Feat Ne-Yo) (Prod Xtreme)
11. The Champ (Produced by Just Blaze supposedly)
12. Clips of Doom (Feat Trife) (Prod MF Doom)
13. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)
14. Barber Shop (Prod Studio Steve)

Fishscale Advance 

Now, this on the other hand is a mixtape, so knock yourselves out:

DJ Green Lantern & Ghostface – Internet Invasion 

Even my hand got tooken to jail for writing murder, my wrist couldnt take it and bailed

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56 Responses to “Fishscale Advance”

  1. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    yes sir it most certainly is, but your problem is the same as mine, the thing is our rap is losing and is out of control, because of how well the garbage rap does, the labels want what sells most of the artist dont care about the music anymore they just care about whats hot and what will make them the most money cause again 50 gets downloaded liek crazy im sure but he still sells because of the pop music he makes and thats what sells cause it reaches a wider audience and that audience also will spend the money on it, unfortunitly i know way to many people who will name ghost as one of their favorite artist but will burn the album, meanwhile most 50’s fans are suburban kids with way too much money to spend so even if they dont love 50 or his album they will probably buy just to have and throw on at partys and shit

  2. Ricky D Says:

    This album is fire… 2 of the 3 MF Doom beats are off his Special Herbs beat CDs though.

  3. thekid10705 Says:

    stuck on dial up….damn B!!!

  4. eskay Says:

    yo Nicky X, I’mma hit Jim Kahn with a copy of this, the Ghost Green/Lantern mixtape, and the joint he did with Trife da God. let him make you copies or let me know and I’ll give him doubles of each

  5. thekid10705 Says:

    Good Lookin G’…I’ve been at the Kahndo since yesterday getting my shit together…So far , the I heard this shit like 5 times..Shit is dope…Once again, good lookin..

    I heard you were at the donkey bar last friday knockin’a few back…AWESOME!!!

  6. SouthAmericanKid Says:

    I hope the cd is good cuz I’ve already pre-ordered…I don’t think Ghost’d be able to drop any wack material…Ánd is it true that Madlib produced tracks for Fishscale???

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