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Stray Shots

That’s the video to Ice Cube’s latest, Race Card. The song will be the theme for his upcoming show, Black and White.  

J Dilla’s last days

Rundown of the GZA and Muggs show at B.B. Kings earlier this week.

SOHH’s Media Chin-Check weighs in on Chris Lighty weighing in on violence in hip hop. 

Dallaspenn has scans of the Decepticons article that ran in the last issue of F.E.D.S. magazine. 

More on the Common/Skinhead rumor. It appears that the guy wasn’t a racist skinhead, just a Bush supporter, which is pretty much the same thing anyway so again props to Common.

M1 from dead prez joins Ghost on his upcoming solo tour.  

A new Pharoahe Monch album is a beautiful thing. 

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15 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. William H. Sunday Says:

    DALLASPENN.COM is biggtime now when it catches a shout on Nah Right.

    oh and yeah, first bitches

  2. cashmere Says:

    the story about jay dee chokes me up. amidst all the bullshit about g-unit beef, hip hop’s slow decline, all this bullshit…it’s so strange to see something as pure as that. really, RIP. i hope his story is an inspiration over all this other garbage that is going on.

  3. eskay Says:

    yeah it was kinda hard to read. dude was so dedicated all the way to the end

  4. dCs Says:

    haha… i knew the white dude wasnt a skinhead…

    that cube song is weird for a show… good song though. not everyone fits the stereotype.

  5. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo eskay, i love when u stray shoot and shit… but ive been visitign that dallaspenn website and i have no fuckign clue what the fuck hes saying. the writing is ill though, ill give him that, but how come u guys all know and agree on this and were all staring like” wtf just happend” wtv man… the jdilla story was fucking touching man. RIP

  6. Kanye's tiny jacket Says:

    yo, that J.D. story is so powerful. it is cool to love something that much that you would work at it like your life depended on it.

    I agree with nation DALLASPENN.COM is on some random bullshit.
    They be talkin all bout politricks, and the commodification of Hip Hop, and how Nicole Ricthie was actually the shooter at the Busta Rhymes video.
    All I wanna do is see pictures of girl’s fat booties I don’t wanna do the knowledge on nuthin.

    That website makes me fit tighter on Kanye than I did beore I read it.

    BTW eSKay, why you gotta call my man ‘Ye Cap’n Crunch?!?

  7. Nigeria Says:

    This is a bit of topic but are you writing blogs for Sohh,com as SOHH NYC. They put up a blog about that Papoose concert and looks kinda similar to yours. Its got the same structure and shit check it out.


  8. SexyWeeBastard Says:

    Black as midnight/ or white as snow white/ You betta do me right/ or I’ma have to take flight/ That’s what it’s all about right there, people. Don’t discrimi-hate anyone from the look of their cover or the cut of they gib… if your a str-8 up PERSON thats what counts more to me than ur skin color.
    To all you kids in America, please don’t let this appear as if I am being condescending, I really don’t want to come off as if I am… but there is a whole other world outside of the USA. A place where people of all walks of life, live in peace together. Shit, that sounds a lil corny, but its true.
    lol @ Chris Rock… “You know them crackers ain’t shit… except your aunt Suesy!”
    R.I.P J Dilla

  9. slumlord Says:

    Cubester is back, ive got to see this

  10. luis Says:

    this show is going to be so fucking cool…..I can’t wait. Hey, didnt cube did this song called “stay ture to the game”, where he disses BLACK people for acting like WHITE people (oreos)? hmmmm that’s strange!!!!

  11. G Off Says:

    Damn, that Jay Dee article was sad… I had no idea. That will change the way you listen to Donuts.

  12. joe Says:

    i thought about this the first time i heard donuts. i just read that article at work and had to turn away from the hallway, got all teared up.

  13. KingML Says:

    I’mma go download Jay Dees album right now

  14. ABCE Says:

    J-Dilla, Life man.

    dallaspenn what you doin’?

  15. MySteeK Says:

    Black Whites a good show…only thing is the White family they got is wack.. makes us look like we’re some sort of idiots who arent educated with the reality around us. Its as if Bruno, the white dad is living under a fucking rock. the Black dad is the shit. intelligent, understanding and informative. he has alot to offer, not to mention he makes one hell of a white dude! id mistake that every single day. the white daughter looks better as a black chick than she does normally….id holla. for those a u who havent watched yet do it…its a crazy concept

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