Bad Album Covers: Mobb Deep


I haven’t done a "Bad Album Covers" post in a minute. This is the cover for the new G-Unit Radio 17 mixtape, Best in The Bizness. I know G-Unit have become a caricature of themselves, but this is getting ridiculous. If 50 is supposed to be such a marketing genius, explain to me how he looks at something like this and says "Yeah that looks good, let’s use it." Seriously, would you just look at how they drew Ballerina P. What’s really sad is that this is actually better than an earlier version I saw last week.

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147 Responses to “Bad Album Covers: Mobb Deep”

  1. KingML Says:

    where did prod get all those muscles from?

    i thought he stopped working out after pac died

    “oh boy now i can sleep and stop taking steroids”


    damn the infamous mobb continues to let us down every time i see them. this shit is ridiculous yo havoc prodigy you ever hear 50’s song toy soldiers yo are his toy soldiers, to bad 50 doesnt realize how pussy they are and how they lost the streets respect along time ago

  3. luis' little sibling Says:


    i love the cover. it’s so different, we needs something fresh in the game and we can always count on G-UNIT to bring something new. thats whut im talking bout. legends like mobb deep resurrecting thanks to who? 50. real hiphop back thanks to who? 50. told’yall he’s hiphop’s finest, the best thing since RUN DMC and RAKIM. “best in the business” dats what it really is.



  4. GET Says:

    One Word: Mixtape

  5. jersey Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..pause..hehehehe…..Sh*t is comical…Yo fif shouldnt have done that yo…lol…thats what happens when you leave it totally up to others to think for you….this aint a mistake dogg..lmao



    I’M SHOCKED!!!!!

  7. GET Says:

    >>>>> I’M SHOCKED!!!!!

    Your Shocked How?

    Because of the Computer graphics

    Have you every seen a Clue Mixtape, or a Papoose Mixtape or another
    G-unit Radio Mixtape, their mostly done with Computer graphics.

    Whats the Shocking? No hate just wanted to know

  8. GET Says:


    Whats *So* Shocking? No hate just wanted to know

  9. eskay Says:

    yo but it’s like they intentionally make these G-Unit mixtapes look extra computer generated. the window shopper mixtape was like that too. I don’t know who told them that looks good

  10. eskay Says:

    incidentally, this song from Blood Money is trash:

    goddamn P’s verse is so garbage. if the rest of blood money sounds anything like this, G-Unit can look forward to its next big flop

  11. G Off Says:

    Since when did carrying guns that are bigger than you (not saying much, Prodigy) look cool? I know that rappers drop rhymes non-stop about weapons, but this is too much.

    If your image is that you are selling weapons a la Lord of War, fine- do you. But, this shit is worse than a cartoon.




  13. Rizz Says:

    fif probably doesnt know how to use a computer
    and that is really bad 3d design
    i cant believe dudes are gettin paid for that work
    i could do that pay me fifty ill do your next video even though your music sucks

    i just dont understand how people are like yeah mobb deep sweet,it must be kids who dont realize that almost every major rapper has said something bad about them
    pac did
    jay did
    nas did
    and now the whole BWS crew
    nobody respects them,and how old are they,i dont know too many old people slingin guns everyday

  14. J F Says:

    that’s why they call the Toy Soldiers

  15. TL Says:

    This must be where stupid people come to leave comments and write articles

  16. eskay Says:

    ^must be a g-unit stan

  17. Lazarus Says:

    Might be using the style to stand out from every other mixtape with Miami Kaos covers

  18. TL Says:

    Its a mixtape dumbass ,who the hell cares what cover looks like. And do you remember what mixtape covers used to look like before 50 made them hot.

  19. GET Says:

    eskay Thanks for the song


    I can name many artist that have been dissed and bitched up, let take
    Nas for example.

    Pac bitched him up
    Biggie didnt like him
    Jay fucked his baby mama, and dissed him
    Cormega bitched him up
    Nore bitched him up
    His Car was lite on Fire in Queen by some niggas(Not sure if this was true)
    His chain was snatched

    People Nas stabbed in the back:

    AZ but Az still got love for him

    And Nas doesn’t takes care of his only daughter, according to the Mother.

    I just did that because, If you go through most artist pass there are always ups and downs.

  20. SoundNexx Says:

    The cover is one thing, but the music is another! I have had the displeasure of hearing some of the Mobb’s new material, and some of it is too watered down? The Mobb has lost a step since the beefs between 2Pac, Jay-Z & Nas! The unfocused album releases over the years have made their loyal fans suspect? I hope they can take it back to the “Shook Ones-Murda Muzik” days, and remind everyone what thug-hop is all about? I hope they haven’t sold out the music for a pay check? Where is N.W.A when you need them??

  21. dakings03 Says:

    ur forcin it makin a post its not THAT bad and just a mixtape, take it easy relax!

  22. Angel La. Says:

    what the flying fuck? they look like mini-50 cents on this cover. I swear they might as well suck his dick already. Oops too late!

  23. DES Says:

    Haven’t felt anything from that camp since Yayo’s album. G Unit Radio’s haven’t been nice since the 5th or 6th though so I’m not that bothered by it. Mobb’s wack for a while now, this isn’t news. I’m worried about what MOP gonna sound like though.

  24. beniz Says:

    mobb deep is a joke fuckin pussys.

  25. beniz Says:

    50cent needs ganstars on his side coz his a pussy so goes off and trys to rez mobb deep LOL..

  26. The Truth... Says:

    ^^^ what the fuck did you just say?!

    This cover is fucking wack…I don’t care if it’s just a mixtape. Don’t mean you can do shitty covers. 3D shit is wack! Mo’fuckers get off of 50’s dick, bitches!

    I was happy to hear Mobb signed to G Unit just cause I knew it meant more money for them, which they deserve for what they did in the past, but I knew it was going to be wack for their musik.

    By the way:

    People who hate 50:
    Just about every rapper! And any Hip Hop fan over 21 (and not gay).

    Get, go clean your mouth….you still got some 50 on it!

  27. SexyWeeBastard Says:

  28. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    G Off Says:
    February 22nd, 2006 at 8:31 pm
    Since when did carrying guns that are bigger than you (not saying much, Prodigy) look cool? I know that rappers drop rhymes non-stop about weapons, but this is too much.

    If your image is that you are selling weapons a la Lord of War, fine- do you. But, this shit is worse than a cartoon.

    ^^^ thats the shit thats killing me. first off people this looks like the massacre album cover so obviously most g-unit shit has looked like this for a minute. but they look patehtic in this shit first off everyone knows the mobb is just pussies. tru-life exposed them dudes years ago when he robbed them in the studio in front of mad cats and they never did shit. they have been bitched by everyone ( and to GET i agree with what you said about nas and comparing the way he has had problems with rappers just like the mobb but the difference is the mobb was 100% on the losing end in everyone of those situations, nas atleast won alot of those in some people eyes and also lots of people dont even know about lots of those beefs, like lake for perfect example i doubt most people on here even know who lake is you also didnt mention anything about his problems with NATURE but again not that well known by average hip-hop heads mobb depp has been bitched by nothing but all very well known artist not up and comers )

  29. TL Says:

    Nothing major was moving me this week, until Wednesday night that is. Wednesday night, I was one of the members of online press that was invited to G-Unit offices in New York City for an exclusive Mobb Deep Blood Money listening session. Now, honestly speaking, when the M-O-B-B officially signed to G-Unit, I loved the move for its financial prospects. Without a doubt, the Infamous have paid their dues in hip-hop and I thought it was about time that they potentially cash in on their biggest pay day and move the most units of their career.

    That said, on the other hand, I, like many other journalists and fans wondered how much 50 Cent was going to put his stamp on Mobb’s sound. If you grew up in Queens, New York, you KNOW Mobb Deep’s sound and to be honest, possible 50 and G-Unit overkill were definitely concerns of mine heading into this listening session. Not that, that would be a negative, but I wanted to hear Mobb Deep really shine. And shine they did. MOBB DEEP’S BLOOD MONEY IS A DAMN NEAR CLASSIC. Those that read the Blood Money headline story I penned for (see “Mobb Deep Not Relying On 50 Cent For Blood Money “), are already ahead of the game. However, for those slackers that didn’t, to sum it all up, 50 let Mobb Deep be Mobb Deep. In return, the M-O-B-B turned in a gem.

    I mean track after track, Prodigy is sounding hungry again and Havoc is destroying the boards. If it wasn’t evident before, it will be now -– Havoc is one of hip-hop’s best producers, period. The album intro to outro plays crazy and I’m saying that without even listening to an additional record that the Mobb did with Mary J. Blige, which is scheduled to be added in time for the March 21st release. Me, personally, I know an album is hot when someone asks me, “What’s the craziest joint on there?” and I have to think about my answer for a minute because there’s not just one and it’s hard to decide. That’s the case with Blood Money.

    The album has tracks like “Pearly Gates,” which features 50 Cent and has Prodigy writing and speaking from the perspective of an atheist. “It makes sense considering how many people don’t believe in God,” 50 said. Later, “In Love With the Moula” has P and Havoc using money as a metaphor for a female. Very clever, not to mention, hood. What’s real important to mention here is Mobb Deep sounds extra hungry again, especially Prodigy. P really silences all critics with his rhymes on this album. If you’re from NYC, especially in Queens, you’re going to love this album. It’s vintage Mobb Deep. If you’re from anywhere else across the nation, you should love this album. (Moving mouse up) Damn, I hyped the album that much.

    Listen, with me having this platform, I feel it’s my duty to say when something is so on point. Blood Money is on point. 50 told us himself, just how key of an acquisition Mobb Deep was for G-Unit, especially for his own artistry. “They’re from Queensbridge projects and I’m from Southside,” 50 said. “Those worlds are not that far apart. It makes sense creatively and the hunger is there. Sparring with them is what’s taking me back to the way I’m supposed to be rapping. It’s going to be a great year.” Sure it is by looking like it Fif. Hey, I guess, f—in’ with 50 does makes cents. Mobb Deep is poised to do their biggest numbers to date. I don’t see how this album can fail. …



  31. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ look at prodigy trying to hype this album out himself. listen this has all the ingredients to fail and fail miserably. first off the mobb hasnt put out anything hot in god only knows how long, havoc still makes some crazy beats but honestly P is garbage and any real hip-hop fan realized that years ago. also face it g-unit stans your time is running out, yayo flopped 50’s movie flopped and flopped hard ( people were saying 50 had gotten bigger than em ever was but look at how 8 mile did and compare that to grodt, 50 is old and everyone is getting tired of the same repetitive mass produced garbage they are putting out and his same garbage topics. the mobb finally got paid but guess what when they fail to even go gold they will have to repay all that money 50 gave them and they will be back to being broke, i hate to be the one to break this to you stans but its the turth you best prepare for life without
    g-unit. the people who still like 50 have no clue who mobb deep is and dont care they are in no better a spot now than spider loc. IN ALL HONESTY I DONT SEE HOW THIS ALBUM CAN EVEN SLIGHTLY SUCCEED

  32. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    my bad the ^^^ were supposed to point to TL aka PRODIGY

  33. jersey Says:

    TL Until I hear the album I honestly cant agree or disagree..I give every artist the benefit of the doubt but…. lol…..DOGG u gotta agree those brothers dropped the ball on the cover content…Who cares about the cover?…consumers dogg!…The cover is a important part of marketing your product as a matter of fact it is the first introduction that a consumer receives before buying…I would say its about 80% of a consumers decision making before buying next to reviews. come on admit it…lets be

  34. jersey Says:

    By the way ive always been a MOBB Deep fan…and im hoping they dont disappoint …….. whether they fall off on pickup with steam they have laid down their spot in the game…(no need to hate)

  35. plug industries Says:



  36. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    i assume the no need to hate comment was directed at me, and its all good but i disagree i never hate just to hate and rarely do i care about rappers real life behavior as long as they make good music but these 2 must really have no respect for hip-hop fans and must think we are really stupid. they came in th egame awhile ago acting tough and hard as shit until everyone put them in their place jay shown p the ballerina and tru-life made them strip down to their boxers off with the chains watches timbs everything. then they lay low for a while as they know they cant pull off the tough guy shit any more since we all know they aint built like that. well now these little pussy motherfuckers have the nerve to try it all over again. all they are saying is 50’s fan base knows nothing about us so we can carry this gangsta persona again and since we are down with fif all these little girls in idaho will think we are really hard. listen ill let it slide once but to try this shit twice i feel like its a drect slap in the face to hip-hop and its fans.

    also like i said i rarely care about the rappers real life as long as they make good music but these dudes havent put out anything decent in years, yea havoc is nice on the boards but lyrically they are trash and i cant stand listening to their tough talk toy soldier bullshit, i feel personally offended by the mobb’s new gimick, well really same gimick just starting all over again.

  37. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    im with you plug industries, i mean the same people on here slamming nas for makeing peace with jay are busying kissing mobb’s ass for signing to 50 when he used their name in a extremly degradeing way. i honestly feel its worse than someone takeing shots at your ex girl. ex girl drama happens everyday and people keep it moving but for someone to use your name as example as what will happen to you if you fuck with them is the ultimate disrespect. 50 said to jada ” ill do your little ass like jay did mobb deep ” now i heard their explantion of it but come on everyone knows he meant i will end your career just like jay ended the mobb, meaning the mobb is worthless and if 50 still had respect for mobb sleep then he wouldnt of used them as the example of how he would end someones career. i mean would you never use someone who respect in a line like that but the mobb took it up the ass and let fif keep pounding on them and now they are his little toy soldiers, i really could have less respect for these clowns thats why all the hate, also its because back in the day when i was young i actually believed what they were rapping and to find out how bitch made they really are let me down and they are just starting the same cycle over again with some other teenager the shit is disgusting

  38. The Truth... Says:

    I think I know why they chose this cover….cause they are aiming at the 13-14 year old, video game nerds that make up G Unit’s consumers…

    Too bad….I never thought the day would come where I didn’t feel 100% about buying a Mobb Deep album….Thanks 50 and the whole Gay Unit.

  39. plug industries Says:

    ^^^^ I feel you ty. but you must remember that 85% of the stuff rap artist talk about is flaborgasted to the extreme. The fact is they made good music over the years. They from the jects so they can say they did live some of that stuff. If I was a rapper, even though I did some dirt, would I be a stuio gansta cause I go to church. people clowned mobb deep because p went to dance class at the age of 8. lets be real. Im defending pre g unit moob deep , not post g unit.

  40. plug industries Says:

    That last comment was for the^^^ i assume the no need to hate

  41. BennyBo&Nue2 Says:

    The only people who are goin to be amused by this is kids case niggas forgot EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERYBODY!GOT GUNS! Them niggas got’em but aint doin shit wit’em if niggas was really wit the business that would b different but these niggas is sellin a image. I really don’t fuck wit NAS a lot but I have bought some of his albums.As far as QUEENS,NY he best out there to me he always cover new ground.

  42. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    PLUG – but these dudes take it to anothe rlevel and you can think they did shit in the hood all you want but that doesnt make it true. prodigy was never in the streets and look at how hard they tried to be with the tru-life situation before and after he ran up on them, but when he was in front of them they did nothing but bitch and strip, and then afterwords they still wanna be on camera saying they dont even know who dudes is like he isnt big enough for you to talk about well he was big enough to rob you blind and have you do nothing about it so im sure you know who dude is and you will never fuck over a real street dude like tru-life again. again i loved mobb deep years ago to but their last couple of albums were trash anyway and this g-unit shit is just the icing on the cake.

  43. tyronebiggums71 Says:


    what about this cover is gangsta? 2 dudes who are widely known for never doing anything being comptuer generated with guns bigger then them both???? how is that gangsta?? all it is, is a fucking cartoon thats all g-unit is now, they are a fucking cartoon. you wanna be gansta prodigy do some gansta things dont act like a bitch every move you make and then pretend to be hard as nails. this shit is whats wrong with hip-hop and society people feel they have to proved to be hard instead of just be themseleves and let their music speak, dudes arent confident in their music so they have to make a fake image.

    so again someone tell me what is so gangsta about this cover?

  44. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ NOBODY???? where are all the stans now??? someone tell me how this cover could possibly be considered gansta? or how it could even be considered and even half decent look?

  45. slumlord Says:

    These dudes have almost officially fallen the fuck off.

  46. luis Says:

    Yo TL……I must agree with you 110%…..”Its a mixtape dumbass, And do you remember what mixtape covers used to look like before 50 made them hot” I agreee with your statement dude. I havent seen great art work on “MIXTAPES” since 50 flodded the market with the graphics……”one must make a hot mixtape in order to make a hot cover, the music attracts the ears of the listeners so the art work attracts the person’s eye and interest even more”……NUFF SAID!!!! Yo eskay c’mon bro, you were complaining about papoose’s mixtape cover a while ago and you even had a whole discussion about his mixtape cover and other artists as well and yet you decide to hate on M.O.B.B.’s mixtape cover……WHY? because they are part of G-UNIT?…….what’s up with that bro? The actual core of this conversation is the cover itself and NOT the fact that P and Hav is not gangster enough to be drawn witn a gun by his side. Kanye did not get that much heat because of his Angel/Touch the sky mixtape……and we ALL know that he is NOT not angel nor a savior from heaven…..haha!
    As for 50 being a “marketing genius”, that has been proven in MANY occasion and you all know that. You tell me who has the best mixtape covers out right now on the market?
    As for my boy tyronebiggums……”these 2 must really have no respect for hip-hop fans” NAS “and must think we are really stupid” “they came in th egame awhile ago acting tough and hard as shit” NAS ACTING LIKE LIKE 2PAC “until everyone put them in their place” JAY TOOKOVER HIS ASS ON TAKEOVER “jay shown p the ballerina and tru-life made them strip down to their boxers off with the chains watches timbs everything” DID I MENTION JAY DID THAT TO NAS…..OH YES I DID “then they lay low for a while as they know they cant pull off the tough guy shit any more since we all know they aint built like that” SO NAS SIGNS TO DEF JAM AND LOOSES THE WAR!…..ok dude, I really think you were ALSO describing your homie NAS as well. You did a great job NOT including him in your comment but it’s all good bro, I helped you out a bit!!!!

  47. Randi Says:

    Prodigy looks like BOW WOW in this picture. “We playing Baskettttballlll……”

  48. plug industries Says:

    On the low mix tapes really dont have covers, names of tracks, or nuffin, ie Grey screw tapes(yeah I’m from the d and I love screw). It’s not a mixtape if it has a release date and it’s being sold in Best Buy. A real mix tape is aquired from a friend of a friend of a friend.

  49. NYC Says:

    To who eva that run this Site…..You Niggas are So Fucking Homo!!!
    You Niggas are like a ex-girlfgriend that got her heart boken!!!

    Easky….Son I notice that every thing that have something to do wit g-Unit you hate……My Dude….Stop hating on niggas…..
    Every week from you its a New “G-unit” post from you hating on the niggas….
    Its like you are about to pop a Blood vessel Over these niggas “b”
    On Sum real Shyt my Dude…You Are Like a Fucking “Stan”…..You Sound like the type of Nigga that have a lot of 50/g-unit pictures on your basement wall………….
    Give it up fam…….
    Them nigags is getting money…In a Forbes they say in 2 years 50 will become da Richest person eva in da rap game……Tell the nigga Congrats….on another “black young nigga coming up out da hood and making something of himself”
    You sound Like 50 fucked you before he got signed and he promised you a Deal if he got singed and he never did……..
    And now u got all this anger towards everything the nigga or the people in his crew do!!!!!!!!
    Let the niggas .b. fam….
    If you hate the niggas so much..Why u keep making post about them?
    You are giving niggas free publicty By posting their Shyts up on ya site…Ya dig..If you dont want to have shyt to do wit them…..Keep niggas off ya shyt…………..
    Might As well you Change The name of your Site From “nah Right” To Anti-g-unit……..

  50. NYC Says:

    tyrone ….Niggas always have mix-tape covers wit Gunz and shyt……
    You niggas all of a sudden got a problem wit it..because “Mobb Deep is Wit g-unit…..
    Get off them Niggas Dicks..if you don’t like them ya dig……
    And Niggas Is Fucking gangsta……
    Cause wen niggas fuck wit them niggas get pop…
    game fucked wit 50 his nigga got shot at hot 97
    Yayo.had beef…butsa bodyguard got pop…..
    Not saying its a good thing that niggas are getting pop….
    But all this shyt u are on here popping about niggas…
    I bet you wont go to None of them niggas face and say niggas “aint gangsta” Or niggas is pussy, Or snitches……
    Niggas need to give it up fam….Stop hating on them niggas…..They getting money…..You should try to do da same……and don’t spend da rest of your life on the Net….worring about Wat them niggas do……..if you don’t like em….let it go….

  51. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    LUIS – now i can actually feel you on this but your misunderstanding me. see in my honest opinion obviously pac bitched nas, i think jay destroyed him no matter how you look at it ( but my point was the majority of people really think nas got jay in that battle how i dont know but they do, and mobb deep hasnt been close to winning any battles ) i also think cormega ripped him and like i said the dude missed nature also destroying him. but the fact of the matter is the general rap public doesnt look at nas in that way they look at him as a great, im wasnt talking about my opinion of nas because honestly nas disappoints me most of the time i think his talent is out of control but he hasnt reached my level of expectations for what i expect from him in years, but again the majority of people dont look at nas like that, they do however look at the mobb like that.

    one thing though when did jay or anyone ever do anything to nas like what tru-life did to mobb?? i mean to have that happen to you and then try and play hard after that is ridculous. i realize this is what rap has become but damn if that aint too much for me

  52. eskay Says:

    If I say a mixtape cover is garbage, it’s garbage. If I say Ballerina P is fake, he’s fake. You G-Unit stans stay clowning yourselves. If you look at that cover and say it’s hot you lost. kill yourself now.

  53. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    NYC – im not talking about how gansta 50’s bodyguards are or how ignorant and stupid yayo is, im talking about how PUSSY mobb deep is and that is a well known fact and has been for years. this dude calls himself NYC but obviously doesnt know a damn thing about how mobb deep has been a luahging stock in NYC for years, i guess you dont really know what went down with the boy lizzie the kid from the lower east side?? because no one and i mean no one that really is gangsta would let something like that happen to them and then not do a damn thing about it, what the fuck is gangsta about getting robbed and bitched multitimes man, it wasnt just tru-life prodigy has been robbed munerous times man and he never does anything but beg for his shit back and for some creditability. this is real talk this is the truth not speculation mobb deep is PUSSY no gansta in them, and for the record i personal hate every cover that has dudes holding guns, i think there is nothing dumber than ” these dudes pointing burners at the camera like they beefing with smack” what they fuck does that prove, and some of my favorite rappers are guilty of this ignorance but none are as obviously fake as the mobb

  54. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    seriously ESKAY i asked before for one of the stans to tell me one thing about the cover that was hot or that was gansta and motherfuckers go way off topic and end up talking about yayo’s gansta for having busta bodyguard shot, you dudes is ridiculous how you can just switch lanes and twist people words to hear what you want to hear.

    SIDE QUESTION FOR YOU ESKAY – have you heard the grandmasters shit with GZA and dj Muggs, i heard it the other day in my boys whip the shit was crazy, i was wondering if you heard the shit and what you thought about it? i need to get it from him so i can listen to the whole shit but my boy is gassed liked crazy thinking this is the start of the comeback for real hip-hop

  55. NYC Says:

    Nigga its a fucking mix-tape?
    Who give a fuck Wat the fucking cover looks like?
    if you look at da shyt u can see that its not really havoc or P in the Pic..the Whole shyt was done wit Computer Graphics…..
    The Cover don’t make the Mix-tape its da songs…..
    Only a fagget Like You would be here Making post about wat niggas Covers look like…….
    U sound like u wanted the niggas to be naked on the shyt…so u could beat ya meat off…………on it!!
    P is sitting wit a gun..
    havoc is holding a Gun….Big fucking Deal……..
    its a Cover its not their Album cover….get over it you fucking Papoose cock Sucka……….
    Get a Life fam…Stop hating on Wat niggas are doing…….
    You are a fucking Homo!!
    I bet if They wasn’t wit gunit and they had that mix-tape cover u would be on here saying your gonna cop it!!!!!
    hahah……….you are a fagget son…..
    Only faggets Sit a criticize Wat grown men do!
    You niggas that run this site Sound like those gay fashion Niggas that talk about
    Wat the women where wearing on da red carpet at Award Shows……..
    get over it….Mobb is Wit g-unit now…….
    Stop making Post about that…….
    Matta of fact i’m gonna make u a Star I always call serius radio wen who kid is on to threw niggas under the bus….
    I am going to call this Saturday….and threw your hating ass under da bus…you are a Faggot….
    I bet you would suck papoose dick!!!!
    Every time i come on here all u say is good thing about papoose….
    the nigga is trash…..Nigga be trying to hard wen he raps…..
    his verse on that Touch it re-mix didn’t have No fucking thing to do wit the Song……
    “he talking about he getting on that club thing on that song….that shyt is weak as fuck!’
    Stop sucking niggas dick….you are a grown man wit kids…..Da time u spend on here hating on g-unti u could be spending sum quality time wit ur kids…nigga!!

  56. eskay Says:

    Biggums: yeah that Grandmasters shit is bananas, but I haven’t really studied it yet. I have that and like 20 other joints I need to put on my ipod, but I’m a lazy fuck

  57. TL Says:

    cosign what luis Says:
    cosign what NYC Says:

    Yo tyronebiggums71,
    Everybody had that ass whipped or been punked at one time or another (Big Pun smashed Jay Z over the head with a bottle of Remy does that mean he a bitch, also J was spotted at the Brokeback Mountain movie does that mean anything )
    Son we all been down for the count, a true mearsure of a man is what you do when you get up.
    And if niggas been in the game this long and still broke, and they see a opportunity to finally get paid for all the hard work what you think they should do ??
    Also brothers doing business with brothers is a good look!
    Instead of hatin yall should be talkin about how yall going to support them brothers and go cop that CD.

  58. eskay Says:

    ok last comment and I’m done with this thread:

    If you seriously look at mobb deep’s situation and they’re behavior and see nothing wrong with it, there is no question that you are a hopless fucking clown. you’re probably the dude who got stuffed in his locker and slapped around in school.

    no fucking grown man with pride puts themself in a soldiers spot after 10+ years in the game, tattoos a 3 year old crew on their hand, and compares a nigga who grew up listening to your records to Jesus. get the fuck outta here.

  59. tyronebiggums71 Says:


    Only faggets Sit a criticize Wat grown men do

    yet the dude comes on here everyday and blasts me and eskay because we dont like g-units music, thats all it comes down to we dont like the watered down generic garabge and you critize our grown men taste in music all day everyday

    TL – i understand coming back or getting back up after being knocked down but to sell your soul to walk around sucking 50’s dick in every interview,song,mixtape cover ( lets be honest my real prbolem with the cover is how much it makes them look like 50’s toy soldiers and how could anyone be cool with themselves being shown in that way, i expect it from an ignorant motherfucker like yayo but prodigy and havoc are not ghetto ignorant ganstas they are just some pussy ass dickriders )

  60. GET Says:


    Mobb was never Robbed by Tru Life, they were not in the studio, it was alchemist, some nigga from Cypress Hill, and Mobb’s Group that got robbed.

    And you know you have Hate in your heart for G-unit when you think, 50 putting Mobb deep in one Bar that was not directed at them, is worst then Jay sleeping with Nas baby mother, and then letting the whole world know.

    And it wasn’t Ex-girlfriend drama, Nas and his baby moms were still together when Jay was hitting it.

    And you asked about whats gangsta about the cover, nothing its just a cover, just like mixtapes by Dj Clue, Papoose, and lots of other artist, cartoon graphic are being used.

    Whats the problem with cartoon graphics all a sudden? It been going on for years.

  61. NYC Says:

    Easky:”If you seriously look at mobb deep’s situation and they’re behavior and see nothing wrong with it,”
    Nigga the last time I check P and havoc are Grown Ass men..
    Who da fuck are we to tell them who the behave.
    Wats wrong about wat them niggas is doing?
    They are not out in the streets killing no body they are not out shooting gunz
    or getting in trouble wit the law…..
    Before niggas was dirty and fucked up looking..
    niggas went to g-unit 50 got niggas looking clean…P sick ass is looking healthy….
    You fucks need to under stand that these niggas got momma’s and kids in da hood, that they need to get out, or take care of…..
    For years they was doing shyt on their own….and they wasn’t really seeing no money to make a difference in their family lives…..
    Now niggas are trying something new……..that will work…wat the fuck is wrong wit that? They talking about money and chains…every single fucking rapper talk about chain and money…. Joe Buddens and papoose….
    get da fuck over it…….
    You sound like a Little bytch
    You aint say shyt about Papoose “behavior” Wen he made his nigga Jump mense did you?
    As i re-call u was on papoose side…..
    You are a fucking fagget..
    Jus deal wit u…..
    You are more or a bytch than a bytfch!!!
    And i’m not a g-unit fan…i’m jus stating facts!!

  62. NYC Says:

    Who da fuck niggas look like 50 toy soldiers?
    Nigga for year we say Mobb posing wit gunz…….
    “Mobb Deep” Are their names…………
    Wat is a Mobb about? guns and getting money wat the fuck is wrong wit the fucking cover?
    You are jus a fucking Dick head tyrone you hateing because they are wit 50 jus say it you fucking fagget….
    You sound like ur da type of nigga that want to put baby oil on 50 cent…you fucking fagget…….
    get off niggas dick!!
    g-unit got the game on lock…………
    In a few months Watch these fags get mad and post shyt up about freeway because he is working wit g-unit on his album…..
    Then they are going to start hating Nas because g-unti and jay-z is planning a big tour this summer 2gether….and Nas is going to be a part of it…..
    you Niggas are dick heads!!!

  63. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    NYC Says:
    February 23rd, 2006 at 2:30 pm
    Easky:”If you seriously look at mobb deep’s situation and they’re behavior and see nothing wrong with it,”
    Nigga the last time I check P and havoc are Grown Ass men..
    Who da fuck are we to tell them who the behave.
    Wats wrong about wat them niggas is doing?

    again dude someone break out the jeru record cause this dudes is playing himself. i mean all you do is get at eskay all day for what ever he says and then say who is he to talk about what g-unit does well who are you to talk about what eskay does???? and who am i to talk about you??? well i only respond to your ignorance and i am also the truth.

    also prodgy and havoc do not have moms and kids in the hood they arent even fucking hood.

    buddens talks about money???? what buddens you listen to the only dude says about money is how he wont rap about rims and buying the bar out and he doesnt like jewlery, seriously what buddens you listen to???

    GET – tru-life did robb prodigy took his chain and everything and it was rza and mad wu dudes in the studio they just cleared the way and let lizzie do his thing it wasnt their beef


  64. plug industries Says:



  65. eskay Says:

    >>GET – tru-life did robb prodigy took his chain and everything and it was rza and mad wu dudes in the studio they just cleared the way and let lizzie do his thing it wasnt their beef

    did you see P’s face in Beef when they said Tru Life’s name? Thats like how NYC’s face would look if I ever ran up on him.

  66. plug industries Says:

    “I, leap over lies in a single pound
    [who are you?]
    The black prophet
    One day I got struck by knowledge of self
    They gave me super scientifical powers
    Now I, run through the ghetto
    Battling my arch nemesis Mr. Ignorance”

    Jeru the damaja.

    The Sun Rises in the East

    Real hip hop

  67. tyronebiggums71 Says:


  68. NYC Says:

    Easky I got da beef stupid fag…….
    get on ya hip-hop game before u talk like u know shyt
    Noyde robbed “P”……Littles was on Smack talk about it you stupid faggot……Noyd Robbed him and he paid 7 g’s for his chain back
    tru life and his niggas ra into da studio and Mobb Deep wasn’t there it was jus mobb deep peoples….and they stripped them naked and robbed niggas and left….
    Even tru life said it on da beef Dvd that P or havoc wasn’t there…….
    You stupid faggot……get up on ya game before u talk shyt that u don’t kno about!!

  69. GET Says:

    >>eskay – did you see P’s face in Beef when they said Tru Life’s name? Thats like how NYC’s face would look if I ever ran up on him.

    Did you see Tru Life at the end, when he had a change of heart, Why because niggas got back at him and the beef stopped.

  70. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    eskay Says:
    February 23rd, 2006 at 2:44 pm
    >>GET – tru-life did robb prodigy took his chain and everything and it was rza and mad wu dudes in the studio they just cleared the way and let lizzie do his thing it wasnt their beef

    did you see P’s face in Beef when they said Tru Life’s name? Thats like how NYC’s face would look if I ever ran up on him.

    YOU BEST TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT BITCHES FACE WHEN YOU SEE HIM. THAT SHIT WILL BE CLASSIC, the best part of that shit in beef was how prodigy tried to play it off like he didnt even know dude like he wasnt big enough to mention, well then why didnt you smash him why did you let him bitch you

  71. NYC Says:

    Nigga Go Watch da beef Dvd Tru life Said Mobb Deep wasn’t there…..
    Its was jus the niggas that roll wit Mobb Deep……
    Noyd Stole P’s chain u fucking Dick head!!

  72. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    GET Says:
    February 23rd, 2006 at 2:52 pm
    >>eskay – did you see P’s face in Beef when they said Tru Life’s name? Thats like how NYC’s face would look if I ever ran up on him.

    Did you see Tru Life at the end, when he had a change of heart, Why because niggas got back at him and the beef stopped.

    your crazy no one ever got back at lizzy. the beef stopped when they paid lizzie cash for everything, and the shit with noyd was a different situation

  73. GET Says:

    eskay you know Hav a P didnt get rob by Tru life, and he said it him self in beef, so please tell tyronebiggums71 what you know.

  74. NYC Says:

    Tyrone u talking shyt u have no idea about…..
    You are jus a big a homo as easky …….
    tru aint never saw P’s after da beef started…..
    tru life Said it” we went to see him at da s tudio, but it was jus his peoples there” I got the Dvd …and niggas stripped them naked and took their clothes and left!!!!!………

  75. NYC Says:

    Eskay!: Dear Diary
    “So I caught the Papoose show at S.O.B.S. on Tuesday night. I gotta tell you, I had my own reservations about how good his live performance would be, but man it was actually pretty damn good. That kid has some serious breath control.”———-You Are Da Biggest Stan!!!!
    You sound Like U would Let da Nigga Fuck you if he wanted to, You are a faggot……..
    You be on da Net All day braggin about great da Nigga is and how much u love him!!!!
    if the nigga smoke a Blunt and had a bad cough U would make a Post about it!!!

  76. plug industries Says:



  77. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ honestly i have i got a couple tru-life mixtapes dudes pretty nice, nothing crazy but still nice, the whole thing started with mobb not wanting to pay tru-life or his verse he did on a song with them and kool g. rap.

    and if he can rap or not he still has mobb deep acting like STRAIGHT UP SHOOK ONES. AINT NO SUCH THINGS AS HALF WAY CROOKS ( sounds like someone was actually drawing from their own experiences )

  78. NYC Says:

    tyronebiggums71 Says:
    February 23rd, 2006 at 3:16 pm

    “the whole thing started with mobb not wanting to pay tru-life or his verse he did on a song with them and kool g. rap.”

    See dick head u don’t know shyt on da DvD tru Life said…..
    He paid Prodigy…Yo do a verse on a Song wit him and kool G rap…..
    And the Same Verse that he paid “P” For podgiy went a record another song wit someone spitting that same verse before that track that he did wit tru life came out…..
    That how the beef started u dick head….
    See Now i know u don’t know shyt about hip-hop….You jus go off hear say and u twist shyt around…
    Why would “P” pay tru life for a vrse 4 years ago no one knew who he was….
    on da dvd Tru life said he paid “p” for the verse u dick shyt!!

  79. Kheri Wes Says:

    pure comedy, G-unit needs to give it up, if mobb deep were really half way gangsta how would they let this shit go down. Fifty does piggy bank as a joke in cartoon and the ballerina brothers actually get on a cover as cartoons, what more can i say pure comedy. When is enough, how many instances do fifties puppets have to make asses out of themselves to notice these dudes are clowns.

  80. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    you know what NYC you are right about the verse i got it twisted and confused my bad but they still got bitched.

    and look at what KHERI WES said thats all we are saying

  81. luis Says:

    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NYC killed it! Damn homie, you sure pointed out interesting facts to the entire anti-g-unit haters in this website….WOW…..good shit son!!!! “If you seriously look at mobb deep’s situation and they’re behavior and see nothing wrong with it, there is no question that you are a hopless fucking clown”….oh ok so that makes Jay Z a punk ass bitch when Big Pun and the Terror Squad hit them niggas with a Bottle @ Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe and he didn’t even do ANYTHING about it right? Well, he did not retaliate and his “behavior” lead him to exit/run out of the club….hmmmm….I guess he did a Cam’ron/Junior Mafia scenery don’t you think……and Tyrone, I see where you’re coming from BUT it’s still a mixtape dude!

  82. GET Says:


    Dont forget about Jay-Z being scared to come out his Bus, at Rucker’s championship Game nigga was all scared.

    And I was their to see it with my own Eyes. Shit was Classic LOL

  83. eskay Says:

    you know what luis and GET? you’re right. G-unit is the best, nothing any of them has done is suspect, (especially not Mobb Deep getting g-unit tattoos, and 50 makes great music. you guys and the 7 million teenage white kids who buy their albums are right, and everybody else is wrong.


    first off people you are compareing apples and oranges here. jay-znever rhymes about being the biggest gangsta thug, when was the last time you saw a picture of jay-z of with a gun???? he doesnt play that role so it doesnt matter if he got smashed over the head with a bottle shit i have to i dd something bout it but thats me, i dont exactly how it went down with pun but i doubt it was just them 2 chillin pun breaks the bottle and sits in jay face for a minute while he does nothing im sure thats not how it went down. again the point is mobb deep is 50 toy solidiers and they aint bout shit but all they talk about is guns and how hard they are the fucking album is called blood money??? they havent done anything illegal in their life how they gettin blood money? jay-z doesnt try to claim this image that he is not mobb deep does.

    luis i feel you about its just a mixtape and your right it is but it still shows how much of 50 is insidde them at all times, they are his little bitch ass pawns, there really cant be argueing that fact if you still ike the musci or whatever its all good but you cant deny they are riding 50’s dick harder than anyone, you cant deny they look like 2 lost boys who couldnt stand on their own you just cant deny it

  85. jersey Says:

    LOL……….anybody actually get a chance to hear the complete ablum yet?…..Now im on some cant wait to see how this sh*t is? 4real……(searchin the net)……I know somebody gotz to have a early copy!!!!!!…grrrrrrrr

  86. GET Says:


    When did I say any of those things, that you just said ?

    And why are you talking about White Kids, becasue im not White.

    But I do know some rappers that have more white fans then Black fans, Wu Tang, MF Doom, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, immortal technique, and the list goes on and on.

  87. eskay Says:

    GET you’re co-signing luis so that’s just as bad as saying all that shit.

    and I never said you were white (not that theres anything wrong with that) I’m just speaking on 50’s fans + you and luis

    (you ain’t lying about the white kids loving Wu, Doom, etc. though)

  88. GET Says:

    TYRONEBIGGUMS – they havent done anything illegal in their life how they gettin blood money?

    Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Faces Drug, Weapons Charges Following Pre-Show Arrest

  89. eskay Says:

    ^ not for nothin, but anybody can hold the burner and some weed.

  90. westcoastfinest Says:

    ok enough with the guns and money and shit. That shit is so wack… I know it’s just a mixtape but god i’ve never seen somebody soo wrapped up in their image it’s ridiculous.. 50 we get it !!! You think you’re a thug druglord.. we get the picture damn..

  91. NYC Says:

    Luis….Fam I tell you…All these 2 homo niggas Eskay and Tyrone Do is Sit and hate on 50 and wat g-unit do all fucking day!
    Every fucking week its a new post about g-unit!!!
    Thats why young black people are scared to be successful, Because once they become successful the whole comminuty turns on them and start calling them sell outs……
    Wat these fuckers need to under stand is that..Wen these rap niggas are young and gutta rapping about wack that that everyone else talk about…They can afford to do that…. Wen they are young….But once niggas get kids of their own.and reality set in that in a few years niggas is going to have to put their babies thru college, and take their family out da hood and give them da good life…..
    All the niggas in the hood that love them so much don’t buy their albums, to help put sum money in their pocket, and pay for production cost…..these so call thru hip-hop niggas like eskay and tyrone, only buy the bootleg shyt and their artist get no support….
    So niggas have to switch their style up and go Main-steam……
    once niggas go main steam to take care of their family they are label as sell out
    its the same shyt as u being working at a store niggas is only paying 8 an hour and then another store that sell da same shyt is willing to pay u 10 and give u benefits, are u a sell out for taking the one for 10 and benifits?
    Niggas got kids and mouths to feed so they got to do wat they have to do!!!
    Let niggas live……

  92. GET Says:


    Ice Cube – Get Your Race Card *Video*

    Somebody posted it on Allhiphop. Hot Song and I like the Video

  93. cbrizzle AKA george bush loves 50 cents Says:

    50 got it poppin for the mobb. but who will buy a new mob cd. shit i fast foward their shit on mixtapes. two thumbs up for murda musik, hell on earth, the infamous…………. fuck anything with p and hav screamin gggunit. its gyros for them right now, its a wrap

  94. TL Says:

    Yo yall hatin ass n*ggas
    Let niggas live……

  95. lol Says:

    u must be low to buy a 50cent/gunit or mobb deep album there all crap.

  96. TL Says:
    For all you fans that are anticipating the album by Mobb Deep “Blood Money” here is a track off their album called “Horror Flick.” Make sure to support the G-Unit camp and Mobb Deep by buying their album April 11th 2006!

    Mirror link:

  97. eskay Says:

    ^ too bad that song is hot gahbage

  98. luis Says:

    jay-znever rhymes about being the biggest gangsta thug,…..I think you should chekc his credentials AND lyrics before you post this up my nizzle! Well, it is what it is, people will hate and poeple will love, so basically it’s a never ending story for both parties……..btw the song is cool……I can’t complain!

  99. MsLucious Says:

    What I want to know TL, is how you found the time to write this longggggggg ass review AND listen to Mobb’s cd, all with 50’s dick down ya throat? Didn’t ya moms teach ya it’s dangerous to run through blogs wit dicks n ya mouth? You could choke or even worse rip the soft tissue lining off ya esophogus.

    Your opinion is duly noted, however, at this time it is REJECTED due to its inconsistent, extremely biased “thoughts”.

    EXAMPLE: (classic mobb deep sans 50 stamp” could you point that out on their song “Put Them in Their Place”)? My cd player is broken, because the tracks I’ve heard are COMPLETE 50 style. I mean, all the way down to the total R&B singing by alleged rappers.

    And stop making excuses for subpar material, whether it’s from da east south or west.



  101. luis Says:


    February 24th, 2006 at 3:53 pm

    Hey Holly”FAGG”wood, you seriously need help you bitch boy!!!! Yo “TL” do me a HUGE favor bro, get at this fool and shut this motherfucker up already!!!!



    you honestly trying to tell me that jay-z rhymes about guns and thuggin as much as these other dudes, im not saying he never ever says shit like that but he doesnt talk about it like most dudes and how can you even argue that?

  103. TL Says:

    Yo MrLucious , I mean msludacris

    How would you like to run through your house with my dick ripping through the soft tissue in your uterus.

    First off dumbass I didnt write the review , Mark Lelinwalla (Friday Fire) from did.
    Second how the hell can you judge the album by one track,
    you said “And stop making excuses for subpar material”
    what excuses are you talking about I haven’t even heard the shit yet.

    now,that said PEASE

  104. luis Says:

    Yo ty, I never said jay’s been doing that, all I said was that he glorified it once and all he did was sell drugs, I never seen him shoot anyone, all he did was use a butter knife at the kit kat club lol……know what I mean?

  105. reas0n555 Says:

    Damm where’s keith murry when you need him knock this nigga p out again…lol….these niggas are really making shit worse for themselves….along with “murder mase”…and spider joke…I’m really krackin up…my lottle brother will knock both these niggas out…he’s only 17…haha…along side with yayo the flopper…g-unit really had a chance untill 50 snitch got jealous of game and started to sign all these niggas up…and oh yea…m.o.p. Them niggas shoulda called it a wrap after ante up..that was the only hit they really had…

  106. Rudedogg Says:

    Just woke up in the middle of the damn night and felt the need to defend the Mobb. YES the cover is ugly’silly; NO I haven’t thrilled to the post-50 music. Still, it seems most of the hate is misdirected. Without arguing about J and specific rappers, how many rappers really do the dirt they claim on records? It’s wack that the industry is the way it is (and I guess you could partially blame Mobb for that since they’ve been so influential), but the facts, for me, remain: “Infamous” is the best of all time. “Infamy” is the most underrated of all time. Havoc is one of the greatest producers, and P – just listen to “H.N.I.C” again.
    Question: Am I a stan or just a fan? I do know that his g-unit tattoo is fucking ridiculous.

  107. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    Question: Am I a stan or just a fan? I do know that his g-unit tattoo is fucking ridiculous.

    see that makes you a FAN not a STAN a STAN would find someway to explain why its “gangsta” that he got that.

    listen infamous was great im with you havoc is still a crazy ill producer but in all honestly prodigy has never been THAT nice lyrically, i mean their hits were still based on their hooks and beats not the lyricism of prodigy, and also i remember when h.n.i.c. dropped i was so excited but i think that was when i first started to think prodigy was highly overrated but hey thats just me, am i a honest hip-hop fan or am i a hater?

  108. Rudedogg Says:

    Sounds honest.
    Does anyone know if Noyd or Mega or Twin will have any presence on Blood Money?
    Some G-unit rappers are alright, but I’d much rather hear who I mentioned above, especialy on a Modd Deep album.

  109. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ i think noyd will be from what ive heard but other than that i think it will be strickly g-unit but again im not sure so dont quote me on it

  110. TL Says:

    50 Cent was directly involved in signing Mobb Deep to G-Unit Records, but he didn’t feel the need to overemphasize his presence on their album, Blood Money. The results — vintage Infamous Mobb Deep.

    In addition to 50, Blood Money features fellow G-Unit MCs like Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The Queensbridge veterans also get an assist on the boards from long-time collaborator Alchemist on “The Infamous,” while taking the legendary Dr. Dre through uncharted territory on “Nightmares.”

    “We have a Mary [J. Blige] record on the album too,” Prodigy shared with the press. “We have no title for the song yet. We’re finishing it up.”

  111. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    ^^^ and in case you dont know TL is really prodigy



  113. Curt McGirt Says:

    LOL! They Look like characters from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

  114. SlycK Says:

    its just a mixtape cover its not a commercial album so who the fuck really care what the cover look like stop wasting time on some stupid shit… I mean really u’r like “look @ that mix tape cover I really don’t like it…ohh I love this one”…its just a fucking mixtape its not like they gonna but builboard of for it everywhere, its a street shit and the street just want listen to whats in the cd not watch the cover all day and critize it, y’all so ignorent

  115. MySteeK Says:

    plain and simple…covers beat, but on the other hand…who really gives a fuck? when was the cover more of a topic than the music? i mean, i understand that a cover will help you sell out in the stores but isnt this a mixtape? people arent gunna go to the streets and say “hey, you got that new Mobb Deep wit that puppet cover?” lol whatever…to put it straight out there Mobb fell off a while ago as far as their street cred from what i know. i mean, i aint gunna front i do like um n all but there comes a time in peoples lives when they simply want to earn more money rather than earn more respect in the streets. i understand that. thats why people go and sign to g-unit. however i did notice that i hear 50 bumpin in peoples systems all the time??? i think either we got a case of wankster thugs, or the whole fuckin world contradicts itself. i see it like this, if its hot…its hot. i’ll listen to it witout givin a fuck what the next guy thinks. who cares. if i like somethin nobodys gunna change my mind about it.

  116. N.A.T Says:

    I think the cover is average, I love Mobb deep back in the day. I got All of their cds ( Juvenile hell, The infamous, Hell on Earth,Murda Musik, Infamy, and even America’s Nightmare. I fucked wit the mobb for a long time, cause their music was so damn good. I love for the mobb, but every since they signed to G- unit, They fell off.

  117. N.A.T Says:

    I heard mobb deep’s song” Put em in they place and Have a party” those songs are whack. I love the mobb. but what the fuck, they don’t even deserve to be heard period. They slippin and fallin off. Prodigy and Havoc wake up from this nightmare. Every since, Jay- z dissed Mobb deep at the summer jam, they hace been fuckin up their image and their music. I love my niggas P and Hav. P my nigga you need to step it up, man. Spit that Apostle Warning type shit. Havoc re up on them beats ,my nigga, keep it real and make your solo album. Fuck that G-unit shit. Take it back to the streets and keep it real. 50 got yall fuckin up like he is. Don’t never ever follow a snitch’s footsteps. Yall better than that. You don’t need G- unit. You got to depend on your self and spit that real queensbridge shit. What happened to songs like:
    Apostle’s Warning
    Start of your ending
    Eye for an eye
    Shook ones
    Cradle to the grave
    Q.u hetic
    Up north trip
    Get dealt wit
    Hold down the fort
    Where your heart at
    shit like that. I’m from B-more and these real words coming from a real nigga. Word up…………..

  118. N.A.T Says:

    I’m a real nigga, amd Ima let all niggas know, word up all can’ t hate on the Mobb ,man. I salute them niggas. They made it out the projects, and made bigger moves. They thought G-unit was a better place, thats their bizzness. Yall niggas need to mind yall fucking bizzness. You fake-ass internet- typing bitches. The mobb did a-lot for hip-hop, I sincerly respect them niggas. I fuck wit that nigga NYC. He was saying some real shit about mobb deep. I bought every last one of their albums, all the real shit. Yall cock blowing muthafuckas only by the bootlegs cd’s. Then yall talk about their sales. Yall niggas say,” Ha,ha they didn’t go platinum, they sold 250,000 lp’s. that’s because you bitch made whores didn’t support them. Any artist that can spit, Thats my word i will support them niggas. I’ll buy nothin but their real cd’s, fuck bootlegs. Yall cheap- ass whores buying $5 bootlegs, scared to buy a $12 or $14 cd. Hating come to cease. Yall unappreciating bastards. Mobb deep keep ya head up. Spit that real Apostle warning type shit. do your thing. Wipe that G-unit tat off your hand. Fuck G-unit, Prodigy and H-A-V-O-C do ya own thing. Live ya life.

  119. MySteeK Says:

    Word up NAT…i support the artists I follow. Why the fuck wouldnt I? Its kinda like giving back being that they did somethin for me. Maybe they been thru shit I been thru and just know how to say it in a way that i can relate to. And i aint solely talkin bout Mobb Deep, that shit goes for every artist from Pac to Eminem. Everyone. People should really show their support. people wanna turn they backs on the Mobb cause now they G-unit…SHIT, they’d a never signed if motherfuckers bought they records. Motherfuckers better recognize…

  120. Prodigy Says:

    Fuck G-Unit… Mobb Deep without G-Unit rocks!

  121. BK NIGGA Says:


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  127. BK NIGGA Says:


  128. Naj-Allah Says:

    Let me close the book on this. If your a real Hip Hopper, you will feel me when I say this: “Do it for the LOVE, not for the money”. 50, The Mobb and all them other cats will jump on any dick if they can get a buck out of it. And on the real, whatever happen to morals and standards. These guys have the same principles as sluts. That’s why they are industry hoes, they rather suck the golden dick to get rich then to stay true and earn the real gold, respect and loyalty. All those who are defending Gay-Unit, how the fuck can you just bend over and let somebody fuck you like that? I mean, do you even care about the Hip Hop culture and what it stand’s for? or you guys still six years old and just like anything because it’s sounds cool and everybody is into it. I bet you fagots are the same people who follow the majority over purity. For the record, If you are one of those blind fools saying that we true hip hop heads are hating because they went mainstream, your right. If a priest preaches the word of God for a Cadillac and a two story house, would you allow him to place his hand on your head and bless you? Allah don’t like ugly. Support the cause, not the cons; Ma’a s-salaama.

  129. phattassjuggalo Says:

    Mobb Deep is on sum straight up bull shit wit getin dat shit tatted on dey hand oh yea ………g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-UNOT

  130. N.A.T Says:

    Ayo… I was listening to the Infamous, Juvenile hell, and Hell on earth, H.N.IC( prodigy solo ablum) Murda Musik, Infamy, America Nightmare. In order to determine what went wrong. On Juvenile Hell, They was young and was on some gritty shit. Prodigy lyrics was on point and my nigga havoc was hot. The Infamous, is a fucking classic, I ain’t your average nigga. I can bump mobb deep old shit all day. I can’t get anough of Hell on Earth and the infamous. To me, That was their best 2 albums. HELL ON EARTH AND THE INFAMOUS. Murda Music was good, but it wasn’t a classic. The other albums is aight. in a sense, P was carryin hav, when the p started to fall off, hav was carryin P. When they both started to fall off Alchemist was carryin mobb deep. Now, 50 carryin p and hav. I love them niggas, unconditionally. The 95 era–99 era. was mobb deep’s best music point in their carrer. Now, They wit g-NOT, and they shit is all fucked up. They fightin 50 beefs, g-unit beefs. Niggas they used to fuck wit are they rivals

    Fat Joe
    on and off wit ( Nas)
    bang em smurf and domination
    Even n.o.r.e. and capone( CNN)

    I can’t fuck wit mobb deep they new shit: they old shit is bangin

    Now i fuck wit styles p and the rest of d-block, cause them niggas keep it real regardless. If d-block got beef. They finish off right away. I use to fuck wit p heavy. Now, my favorite mc is styles p. Besides that, The best thing mobb deep can do is: Leave G-unit, Rap some real QB type shit and wipe them g-unit tats off your fucking hands. Believe it or not, Yall niggas losing respect. Keep it real

  131. N.A.T Says:

    I remember when mobb deep was young they worked as a team. And made bangers after bangerz after bangerz.

    Shook ones—banger
    Right back at you—banger
    Temperture rising—-banger
    Q.u Hectic—banger
    Eye for an eye—banger
    Up north trip—-banger
    The cradle to the grave—banger
    Hell on earth—–banger
    Apostle warning—-banger
    and etc.

    Them niggas was making they own beats and spitting fire to all they shit

    Now, Its Let’s have a party, and all this other club shit. I guarntee you my life on the line, that America’s Nightmare is goin to be 20x’s better than blood money. Because them niggas was doin just fine witout 50. America nihtmare wasn’t even that hot, but i bet it’s better than blood money. I wouldn’t even buy the cd because 50 goin be singin on all they songs. 50 gone have your soundinlike a mariah carey cd or some other shit. Mobb deep put fuck above your g-unit your tattoo. let 50 know fuck you and your bitch-ass click. Look at the rest of g-unit, they ain’t got no fuckin g-unit tats. cause they don’t give afuck about 50, like you do. i remember when young buck stab some nigga, and they was about to stomp Young buck out. what 50 do, not a damn thing. he is a whore. What u think 50 goin do, when you in a situation like that. not a damn thing. only thing, 50 will do is get a nigga locked up. Fuckin undercover rappin cop. Tell 50 fight his own beefs, and grow the fuck up. I Luv u, p and hav, for the music yall made, but real niggas ain’t feeling that club shit, son. Yall used to be proud to come from queensbridge and yall repped QB right, like nas,kool g rap, and Mc shan and big noyd, and IM3 did. Keep your shit hood. word

  132. N.A.T Says:


  133. AK Says:

    yo your a fuckin faggot, obviously you got way to much time on your hands to be contemplating about 50 and whether he’s a true thug or not… this was originally about a CD cover not about how mobb deep sucks 50’s cock. obviously banks is the only decent talent in the bunch and the only thing good about mobb and any of them anymore is the beats. get off mobb’s dick he needs to retire. when he starts rhyming more than 4 letter words together and stops rapping the same words in a row, maybe i’ll start listening to him again.

  134. N.A.T Says:

    50 is a snitchin-bitch that make trash musik.
    U dumb muthafucka. I never respected him. he makes the worst musik i’ve ever heard. Yayo sounds better than him. The only thing that curtis is ever good for is sellin records. I’ve give him his props on that. he’s a marketin god. he sold 1. mil in a short week. thats fuckin amazin. but thats all the respect he’ll get from me. I’m from the hood i can’t respect a snitch. # 1 street rule in b-more …………STOP SNITCHIN OR DON’T SNITCH. WHY do u think 50 nevers be in his own hood. or in any part of N.Y. He abandoned his niggas, and his hood. So, niggas and his hood abondaned his ass. Curtis…I guess revenge is sweeter than a mutha fucka, huh. ………..Stay away from N.Y. cause niggas planning to rob u and shoot u, and who ever wit on sight. U DUMB MUTHAFUCKA. SO WEAR YOR YANKEE CAP, IN CT. U A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A NIGGA, CURTIS.


  135. N.A.T Says:

    to all tha real muthafuckas out there on the internet or all round tha world. yall need to fuck wit Little brother. I heard they cds: the minsterel show, the listening, the chitlin circuit 1.5. 100% hot. 9th wonder is that muthafuckin nigga. he is fuckin crazy wit the beats. wit the mixture of old skool/hip-hop. rapper big pooh and phonte keepin it real. while g-unot call they self keepin it real.

    big shout out to:

    little brother: I luv what yall niggas is doin, fuck them haters. make good musik. i will support yall niggas. what up 9th wonder, keep makin that fire, my nigga.

    d-block, what up:
    sp, what up
    sheek what up
    jada keep it real, my nigga
    j hood keep it real

    what up: gang starr, nas, talib kweli, mos def, hi tek , the wu-tang clan, the old mobb deep, geto boys, all the real niggaz in the game. i ain’t forget yall niggaz

    mobb deep get back on yor feet

  136. BK NIGGA Says:

    yo son let me tell ya aftermath hatters this aint nobody jumpin on no body dick u fuckin camron pinkpanther juelsantana fagets if they cam out wit some shit yall be on they dick aaa nigga fuck all that shit yal niggas dont no what real hihop is yall just following the crowd on each others dick I like 1993 1994 when niggas break ya jaw the south is where rap really had a flaw because in 2000 niggas couldent rap no more there was only a few ho could spit bus a bus nas and the nigga qtip non of ya no about this getto rap shit but when 50 came all of ya was on his dick how ya like a nigga that his fame from another lable that tell stories and his life is all fabels bull shit that neva actually happend and who life at the end of it should have a caption how ya brother tell ya tell the other niggas that ufwhere liyon end u should not be at mount zion Im14 nigga and I aint write this but if u had a bad comment dont write it at all because when blood money come out ya ganna cop it before it hits the store papoose is wit the mode now he be out befor fall and if u dont like us why we feedin off of your money street solders flipmode gunit wit blood money

  137. BK NIGGA Says:

    and Ill take ya hunny befor u coul breath out your nose but I got me a girl that do videos I went out wit 10 of those befor i GOT PUT ON im still not famas but this is true Im not the game its redickulas how im good at this shit ak and shoot guns wit banana clip

  138. N.A.T Says:

    Fuck AK, bitch azz, this muthafucka tryin diss me on some other shit. faggot

  139. vlady Says:

    i love mobb deep and g-unit soldiers, especially 50cent, my family and i are waiting for new cd from 50cent. bye i love u guys.

  140. N.A.T Says:

    mobb deep cd blood money was average but not close to a classic. i luv them mobb deep niggas, my favorite song was stole somethin. hav verse was ill. havoc can spit and make hard azz beatz. 1 gifted azz nigga, much luv and much respect. p was ill on that track Capital H and Capital P. he was serious on that song. i kno mobb deep tryin make ther payday, thats cool. but, they switchin up ther style..and um niggas ain’t feelin it and it natural cause every body don’t have the same ear for the same musik. its cool. cause niggas might like the infamous or hell on earth but don’t like infamy or blood money.or vise versa. fans opionions change. so u might dont go platinum on every album, at least u go gold ( hopefully). its not bout money,cars,clothes, jewels,cribs,recoed deal, broads, or who u kno or be wit and etc. its bout luv for yor music. many rappers are blinded by those things and forget their music. it could be yor favorite rapper. and they abandon the people that help them get to that level and their hoods’. if my beats get me in the game. i will never abandon my hood or my niggas or never my fam. i’m a loyal,humble,movated nigga. i’ll never abandon my fans either. fans gotta understand mc’s got lives too besides the mic. alot of niggas wonder why niggas step away from the mic for a while. and come back 2,3,4 years laters. rappers have wifes and kids and other family. most rappers get drop from labels cause, they can’t sell and become broke. if u a real nigga, u can always move back in the hood and do your thing again back in the projects or whateva. some niggas will feel your struggle. the game needs to wisen up. and reconize. i ain’t hatin on nobody or knockin nobody hustle. cause i dont want knockn mines or hatin on me. i don’t respect everybody from g-unit but, they real hustlin type niggas. i respect that. mobb deep are niggas i respect. keep your head up…the world is yours…Prodigy alot of niggas haten on u, just continue to make moves. fight through that sickle cells shit. u riht i can’t never feel yor pain. my nigga, use yor pain for strength. much luv.

    what up mop,yayo, banks,buck, and the rest of the real muthafuckas on the unit

    much luv. 1 luv

  141. N.A.T Says:

    Fuck who eva used my name dissin 50

  142. F.O.N Says:

    Hell Yeah, Thats real as shit N.A.T, I wished more niggas think like u. U Is a smart nigga. Much Luv, baby.

  143. youngthizz Says:

    stop snitchin stop lyin mobb deep 50 cent

  144. snitch Says:

    hey,nigga modd deep and 50 cent r same nigga

  145. snitch Says:

    what r u saying youngthizz

  146. snitch Says:

    nas,i will never forget u coz i like the way u talk about african.ONE LOVE

  147. Animal NAtion Says:

    If you want to hear some non-gangster hip hop… somethin’ like Atmosphere, or maybe even De La Soul, take a look at Animal Nation –

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