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Suckers For Love


Can you think of a more appropriate song for Valentine’s Day than Ghostface’s Wildflower? Read it, love it, sing it to your girl tonight fellas.

I was the first nigga to have you watching flicks by Deniro 

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34 Responses to “Suckers For Love”

  1. plug industries Says:

    This nasty ski-o got a goddam wart on her hand!!

  2. plug industries Says:

    I don’t know who looks more like a man, Flav or his boyfriend…. oops, I mean girlfriend

  3. plug industries Says:

    But you had to fuck this rasta-head ass nigga
    I shoulda slapped ya but the Gods said chilllllllll
    That’s your wiz fault, god, handle that in the lab”
    I’m wonderin how many times your hot ass got stabbed
    You dumb bitch, horny hot fuck from out the mountains
    Your clientele is low hoe, catch you next show, bro
    I got jerked, gave away my pussy, that shit hurt
    It feel like somebody died or shot your old Earth
    But fuck it, I fucked you on a chair with three legs
    Broken tables, had you screamin while you was bitin on my cables

  4. Scorsese Says:

    thats one of if not my favorite GhostFace joint “remember when i long dicked you and broke your ovaries” you know how high you gotta be to think of some shyt like that

  5. plug industries Says:

    I feel you. Mufuckas be mad in the summer time when I play that wit da windows down. Old people cover there kids ears. Dang I miss summer. I don’t think ghost can ever top that one.

    What yall think is hotter Ironman or Supreme clientele?

  6. KingML Says:

    the only question is which girl is the valentine, the song choice is obvious nah mean haha

  7. eric&ashley Says:

    They both ugly is hell how the fuck the girl look worse then the nigga

  8. eskay Says:

    >>What yall think is hotter Ironman or Supreme clientele?

    Ahhh the age old question, I just had that argument recently and I said SC, but then I listened to Ironman again and boy that’s a tough choice.

  9. eric&ashley Says:

    I guess Flav Is the Girl So He will receive A valentine’s Day gift because that bitch brigette look like she then went through hell in back

  10. eric&ashley Says:

    Flav girlfriend look more like A MAN

  11. Des Says:

    thats a ugly ass picture.. i dont know who looks worse flav or brigette

  12. plug industries Says:

    >>>> Ahhh the age old question…….

    ^^Imma say Iron man. Don’t get me wrong. I just snapped my SC tape (literally, I have a tape player at work) but the 2nd half of the ape or cd is unique but not as easy on the ears.

  13. MaddenMaster Says:

    Perfect V-Day sond would be “Purple Haze” by Cam………… LMAO CUZZ THAT SHIT MY CRUTCH when I’m down…..

  14. MaddenMaster Says:

    I’m glad I got you baby!!

  15. D. Billz Says:

    In the words of the great Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith for those who don’t know)… “Dude look like a ladyyyy”

    *B More Nubian*

    “The Wire aint a liar / it’s real… “, Comp, “Coming 2 A City Near U”, Bang-A-Rang Gannng!

  16. Adam Says:

    good lookin’


    Scorsese Says:

    February 14th, 2006 at 3:49 pm
    thats one of if not my favorite GhostFace joint “remember when i long dicked you and broke your ovaries” you know how high you gotta be to think of some shyt like that

    thats shit is classic as fuck. i always say damn that bitch needs the long dick. and the shit about him being high as fuck yea you right but thats what all his shit is like. i love ghost but he doesnt know what the fuck he is saying half the time but dude still pulls it off , i read an interview where he said he has been sober for i forget how long but he wrote and recorded the whole fishscale album sober so im curious do you think it will be more out there or is that crazy ghost gonna be missing?

    also eskay i loved supreme clientel and the best part about it was that it was the first real good wu affiliated album in along time but when you compare it to ironman straight up ironmans got that shit hands down that shit was a classic but for supreme clientel was still the shit

  18. born7allah Says:

    He said lobster head not rasta head,and he said I like my pussy refined not real fine. Refinement is the 5 lesson in the nation of gods and earth lessons on supreme mathematics. Minor mistake but the gods and earths always do things right and exact. The black man is god the whiteman is odd . Peace

  19. sir melonuk Says:

    F its RASTA head
    T refinement – FDS smell with a shine
    F blackman is god whiteman is odd? get over urself, everone is just as good as you, hater.

  20. Old Deezy Says:

    Wildflower is Ghost’s sickest joint…and that’s saying something considering his resume is thick.

    But I always wondered about that line…shouldn’t it be “the first nigga to have you watching flicks WITH De Niro” or even “the first nigga to have you watching flicks by SCORSESE”???

  21. Viav Says:

    Yo bitch i fucked ya friend
    damn you stank hoe
    i seen her on the elevator
    honey grabbed my kangol…

    you crab bitch chicken head hoe!!!!! that was the jump off back then. yo- you know this chick is uh sylvester stallone’s ex wife?

  22. born7allah Says:

    My brother said lobster head not rasta head,do the knowledge b4 u wisdom sir melonuk. The blackman is 7 the whiteman is devil true story. 5% know the truth and teach da truth 10%(masons) know it and hide it from 85% of population who believe what the 10% tell them on face value. Its not a racist statement when all the above can be show an proven. But all you wanna do is party and bullshit literaly and talk about rappers while we being wiped off dis planet. NIGGA! Oops I’m mean REALNIGGa. Or u want me to call u my dog. Naa I rather turn dog around a call u what u really are. Peace

  23. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    ewww…. man, the show was entertaining and im mad that i watched that shit but damn I would be mad to be that niggas child

  24. :::NEW YORK:::NEW YORK::: Says:


  25. Reninatronix Says:

    What the f-ck.

    I hated Wildflower.
    It was some of the Most Mysogynistic B-llsh-t to come outta any
    nigg@s mouth in HH in the 90’s.

    No need to be Overly laudatory fellas.

    WF is Straight verbal violence towards women.
    (And don’t gimme that American culture is violent towards women
    explanation…nigg@s is still accountable fam).

    This post reminds me of the Anti-Women “Carmen is a Slut” posts @ bol’s site.

  26. eskay Says:

    I’m saying though, he’s speaking on a situation we’ve all (men that is) been in and can relate to to some extent. I’m sure we’ve all felt the way Ghost felt on that song at one point or another, he just put it into words. Trust me, I’m not anti-women but I’ve come pretty close to doing the shit Ghost says a couple of times in my life.

  27. ATL GD Says:

    Flava Flav % Bridgette Neilson look like David & Goliath in luv !!!!!

  28. ATL GD Says:

    Ghostface iz Bullshit 2

  29. Reninatronix Says:

    @ Eskay,

    I know ya’ll can relate to it.

    Sh*t I believe in the second amendment, prolly more than Cheney:)

    I just remember anticipating that CD and then it came out and
    wildflower was like number 1 or 2 on the play list and I was like WTF?

    Why he comin’ at us hard like that.

    Perception is everything E.

    Peace for the aknowledgement.

  30. eskay Says:

    I hear you, and I can totally understand how a woman might not exactly feel that song. On the other hand I don’t think he was comin at all of ya’ll with that joint…I think the chicks that it’s directed at know he’s talking to them (or maybe they don’t) and those of ya’ll who it doesn’t apply to should just take it for what it is.

    By the way, I be checking you out, your site is the truth.

  31. Reninatronix Says:

    Awww. Thank you baabe.

    Yall hella tight too.

    For Hip Hop,


  32. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Happy Hallmark Day Says:

    […] So I was looking at my post from February 14, 2006 earlier and I have to say, it was really slept on. I mean come on, 30 comments? That’s borderline criminal. I posted freaking "Wildflower" for crying out loud. On Valentine’s Day! Get it? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what song/video/whatever I should include with this post to commemorate the occaison and I’m kind of at a loss. Noz premptively ethered me by upping "Mind Sex" earlier, so that pretty much leaves me with LL’s "I Need Love" (ha!) or "Happy Valentines Day" by Andre 2007 (I’ll pass). I’ve decided to play it really safe and go with "What’s On Your Mind" by Eric B and Rakim. It’s sappy and great and Rakim name checks Killer Ben. Plus whenver I hear it, it brings back priceless memories of a young Eskay getting shot down by chicks on the train. Plus, "Mahogany" was too obvious. Not exaclty the most inspired choice, but relevant (to me) nonetheless. […]

  33. ButtFukker Says:

    holy shit duke


    on fuckin valentines day?

    you a grimey, filthy ass nigga lol

  34. M.dot Says:

    I got a refererr from your ’07 re up of this.

    God. I can’t believe its been a year.

    Dammmmn. Fam.

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