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Stray Shots

What was he on that night?

More information emerges on Cam’s plans to fight internet predators. I actually think this a great thing for him to do, I’m just wondering what exactly he means when he says he’s going to "talk to them and not let them leave".

A new Game track leaked this weekend called "360". According to DJ Skee over on the Black Wall Street forums:

360…. a/k/a 120 part 3 (120+120+120=360)… a/k/a Zero (360 degress is equal to zero, going full circle) meanin….

No more diss campaigns now… time to take it back to the beginning- raw spittin and takin it back to the essence 

So I guess this is the kind of new beginning that the butterfly tattoo was supposed to symbolize, only this time he really really means it. (UPDATE: Yousendit link)

Fresh has some info on Waist Deep, the movie Game will be starring in alongside Larenz Tate, and Meagan Good.  

Today the New York Times had a feature on Manhattan’s Hush Tours which offers guided tours of some of hip hop’s most important historical locations.

Despite their past differences of opinion, 50 Cent and Sam Jackson may soon be appearing in a film about the Iraq war together.

Do yourself a big favor and stop sleeping on Dallaspenn. There’s some real good stuff being posted over there that really should only be available to the public at Barnes and Noble for 17.99 rather than given away on the internet, so take advantage while you can.  (Please note that the Dallaspenn homepage is sometimes NSFW, but the articles linked above are not.)

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25 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. Cyrus K. Says:


  2. LEF Says:

    Eskay, man you gotta start using YouSendIt. MegaUpload has tons of annoying pop-ups and sneaky things coming out of nowhere. I’m just saying. Thanks.

  3. Adam Says:

    fuckin math

  4. eskay Says:

    LEF, I do sometimes but then people keep crying for re-ups. I might start using both in the future.

  5. KingML Says:

    Kanye is the Tom Cruise of the rap game, crazy in the head.

  6. Bill Sykes Says:

    Eskay…I’m accessing this site from work. Are you trying o get me fired? I was a bit shocked to see the contents of Dallaspenn…our system is monitored!!

  7. Scorsese Says:

    Im starting to think Kanye is a lil suspect if u know what i mean

  8. eskay Says:

    Bill Sykes, oh yeah, some their stuff is kinda NSFW, but the stuff I linked to shouldn’t be a problem.

  9. e dubbs Says:

    Props to Cam for what he doing though.. Betcha wouldnt see him in the Daily News for this though.

  10. D. Billz Says:

    I agree with Bill Sykes. I work for the government dawg. As a matter of fact, I shouldn’t even be at this website as I’m typing this. LOL!

  11. B-HEEZIE Says:

    HAPPY MONDAY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!! Yo ESKAY……… what??? No Thread on INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO with DAVE CHAPPELLE…….. he was HILARIOUS. In case anybody missed it, it’ll be on BRAVO again Tonight at 9PM EST.

  12. eskay Says:

    yeah man, I missed that shit. lemme see if I can find it.


    B-HEEZIE Says:
    February 13th, 2006 at 12:16 pm
    HAPPY MONDAY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!! Yo ESKAY……… what??? No Thread on INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO with DAVE CHAPPELLE…….. he was HILARIOUS. In case anybody missed it, it’ll be on BRAVO again Tonight at 9PM EST.

    yo b-heezie i saw it last night about 45 minutes into it so i just tivo’d the late night episode i dying to watch it when i get home. damn i got a lot of shit to do when i get back man this snow really fucked my whole shit up, but was that shit as good as i should expect it to be?

  14. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Yeah man, he didn’t just repeat the sh*t he said on OPRAH (**I hate that), dude kicked a ‘lil knowledge and even mentioned he was a Muslim to an extent(I didn’t know that, I heard something, but wasn’t sure). All in all it was a good interview, you’ll be pleased with it….

    **hate when stars just repeat written Answers to prepped Questions on different shows.


    and seriously what kind of shit is this cam is doing. i mean obviously he has half the right idea. i saw that msnbc shit to and was like damn this shit is fucked up i also saw some shit on mericas most wanted last weekend, my girl was watching it and was like check these sick motherfuckers out, and all i could wonder was, this shit was so easy for them to bust these dudes we need more shit like this so i comend cam for doing something right my problem is what the fuck does cam think he is actually going to accomplish with this? i mean he is gonna find 8 people looking to violate kids make fun of them on camera and then LET WALK RIGHT OUT THE DOOR AND NOT REPORT IT TO THE COPS ( anytime it comes to kids getting molested or traumatized tellin ghte autorites isnt snitching thats being a fucking man and doing what best for the kids ) ok and what so now your gonna put out a couple dvds that maybe some hip-hop kids will buy and watch ( no 12-13 year olds are gonna see this shit ) and shit on the msnbc shit they busted the same guy twice so i obviously him knowing he was already gonna be on national t.v. didnt do anything to stop him so how is being on a dvd that maybe 30 people in harlem might see whats that gonna do to really help the kids. cam if your gonna do something go all out like when you ran on jim jones you took off and hid and you did the damn thing to its full potential, so you got a good idea take it and run with it cam’ran.

    and shit dude is already a snitch for fileing a report on the rucker beatdown and im supposed to respect him because he wont turn in FUCKING PEDOPHILES

  16. Rizz Says:

    where was 120 part 2?
    i remember 120 then 240 so?

  17. Reninatronix Says:

    Dude. Ye ye is on some Ali meets er- uhm preppy funkadelic.

    I find it refreshing. Least he AIN’T like nobody else. AND you can’t BLAME IT ON ERYKAH B.

  18. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Tyrone wut u talking bout? Dont tell me Camron has a dvd coming out about child pediphiles!!! What? Wow? I dont understand who sits there at the round table with him and listens to him plan his movements without heavy pondering about his sanity!


    ^^^ he is. he is on a mission to expose pedophiles to the 23 people from harlem who might actually buy the dvd then let them go and not say a word to police or these people neighbors that they are a pedophile, so really here whats the punishment, ooo you get embaressed by the pink panther cam’RAN and then you just let them go anyone think this is gonna make any difference what so ever in fighting pedophiles


    click on the cam plans to fight internet predators link in the first line of what eskay originally said

  21. ray rizzle Says:

    where did cam get this idea – i mean its different -everybody plants a tree, or paints a wall, or donates money, but cam wants to take out pedophiles – so if he catches r kelly will he be friends with jay z again so he can do a diss record against kell – kell is a sick man, who lets their brother hit their wifes ish. LIke for reals – Kanye is like a 2.3 on the crazy scale when u talk about the entertainment industry – Rick James anyone?

  22. ray rizzle Says:

    u know what is bullshit—-

    I think its harder to be black – u have to act a certain way – u have to get a cesear and a white tee and act a certain way – if u white like myself u can get a way with whatever the fuck u want to – white people dont criticize or get criticized as frequently i mean look at the difference between like steven tyler (the head dude from aersmith), a senator, and fucking eminem. Point is I think black people are too hard on each other on how thye have to be so know one can step out and be original, everyone has to conform and try to be the best within those confined limitiations, i might catch a lot of flak for this and maybe some props but hey who cares im white i can say how i feel, nah but really though think about it – and i stand by that – i firmly believe that

  23. MCHueyP Says:

    Ray rizzle made a real good point.

  24. cbrizzle AKA 80'S BABY Says:

    thats a cool belief rizzle, but to be real when i go someplace and someone pre-judges your character(ie: dealership, restaurant, shit any where) people are judging me based upon there past experiences with black folks or even their assumptions about blacks. when u go to a store i can gaurentee no one questions your integrity as a white man, so we do have hold ourselves to a higher standard, because what we do as blacks will be placed on the black person that follows.

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