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Chappelle – Inside the Actor’s Studio


Last night Bravo aired Dave Chappelle’s appearance on "Inside The Actor’s studio", but I wasn’t focused so I missed it. Luckily for me 3030Media is on their game and they have already posted it over at their site. I’m downloading it now and I’m gonna Youtube it, but it’s like 180 megabytes, so I don’t expect it to be ready anytime soon. Actually scratch that, I almost forgot, Youtube has a 100 mb limit so you’re just gonna have to download it, sorry! By the way, I got a chance to see the Michael Gondry directed Dave Chappelle’s Block Party flick that’s coming out March 3rd, and it was pretty good, so you might want to check that out when it drops.

Video – Windows (wmv) Real (rm) 

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29 Responses to “Chappelle – Inside the Actor’s Studio”

  1. B-HEEZIE Says:

    Good Interview, but YO, HOW’D U GET TO VIEW THE BLOCK PARTY?!?!?!?!……. I’m HATIN’ DAWGZ..

  2. thekid10705 Says:

    Yo, I caught that shit last night at like 2 in the morning….I’m not really up on Dave like most others but I loved what he was saying about balancing life and Hollywoood…You gotta respect the man for not comprising himself for the ” almighty” dollar.

    He was funny as fuck, especially with that long ass cigarette and how he kept slipping ” Africa ” in there….I also like what he was saying about Martin because everyone knows Martin use to be the King….I hope he continues to do his shit and it would be shame if all the behind the scenes shit stops him from doing so…

  3. Adam22 Says:

    downloading, thanks. that guy who interviews people on that show is so fucking gay.

  4. strongchef Says:

    good interview even though james lipton did a little too much dick riding (nomo) and is it just me or does chappelle really look like hes on something if not crack some sort of anti depressant

  5. eskay Says:

    ^ lol @ “if not crack”


    the boy still smokes that sticky its probably the only thing that keeps him semi sane.

    “i smoke a blunt to keep the pain out/ if i wasnt high id probably try to blow my brain out ” – pac

  7. Bird Says:

    He is always saying he doesn’t do drugs, but I think he might be an alcoholic. He appears to be on something.


    ^^^ well he defintlely admits to smoke trees but shit that aint no real drug

  9. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I think he just sparked an L before he got on stage, cuz his eyes were glossy a bit.

  10. B-HEEZIE Says:

    But from the GLOSS of things it seems like a LOW GRADE…… DAVE needs my NUMBER.


    ^^^ id hope he gets that chronic cause like you id hook the boy up nice. ill get that sour diesal purple haze silver haze shit crazy hazes some o.g. kush has plant cali mist just tell me some jokes dave ill hook it up

  12. soulstar Says:

    Ya know, all that interview did is convince me is that dude is crazy as hell. But, for some reason I don’t care. He was straight chain-smoking on that show. I think he might be bipolar for real.

  13. Papi Rich Says:

    I think even though Dave probably was LIFTED… He said some Real talk.
    He let them know he was just tired of the Hollywood bullshit… he did 2 season and they were trying to get control of his show then.. on the 3rd they figured , we give him 50 mill and we can own him… He was like not gonna happen, keep your 50 mill and I will bounce.
    Thats real shit in the industry.. just cuz they dangle the carrot doesnt mean you have to take it..
    Plus he could walk away cuz he made MAD LOOT off the 1st two seasons on DVD alone.

    Dave’s On that Real Shit …wit Real talk.


  14. Tangie Says:

    That interview made me respect Dave even more. It also let us know that he’s a very intelligent brotha who refuses to sell out to white Hollywood. In fact I think Dave is a genius, in comedy and in life. Big up..Big up Dave!

  15. MaddenMaster Says:

    Dave is back thats all that matters…. The nigga took a vacation and they instantly made him a crack head…..now thats comedy

  16. 07 Says:

    saw this. was very impressed. do ya thing dave. one

  17. soulstar Says:

    Oh yeah, I do need to mention that brother said his comedy was a bit “scatalogical.” When he said that, i fell in love with him again *LOL* Who says that shit?

  18. soulstar Says:

    scatological oops

  19. MaddenMaster Says:

    Well I say the shit and dave looked like a fucking crack head but he was sharp and funny as hell…. He could have relaxed more but he’s an artist and he looked like the really artistic type on the show!!! But dude is smart..

  20. shamar from da m town Says:

    dave only made money on on the second season he didnt make shit on the 1st season dvd the deal for the 50mil is for the 2nd 3rd an d 4th season dvd sales and some movies are also included in the deal

  21. B-HEEZIE Says:

    MaddenMaster Says:
    February 13th, 2006 at 7:27 pm
    Dave is back thats all that matters


  22. thekid10705 Says:

    Tangie stop being ignorant.. “refuses to sell out to white Hollywood”….The only color Hollywood sees is Green…Believe me there are plenty of white people getting son’ ed out there….It not just blacks!!!

  23. ray rizzle Says:

    thats real – it aint about color- just money and degrees of sellin out – some do it a little some do it a lot, some have hella talent. johnny dep refused to sell out and make a movie about anything just cause he was an actor, george clooney didnt make any money up front in his last 2 projects, syriana, good night good luck, cause he wanted to make em and thats what he had to do to get it done. Stop thinking black and white, blacks can have white role models, idols, and vice versa, smoke some trees and think about that, i mean if u do smoke trees, chances are ur not that narrow minded. Dave Chapelle is the shit, he did good. His wife is fine as hell. Thats good to be the like the first brotha with his own farm out in Ohio with a fine ass asian wife, im down with that. Chillin on the John Deer havin wifey ride me out yonder till the cows come home. Whose watchin the kids? Lassey hahha – nah Chapelle would definately have a hound dog – the one from the commercials

  24. Ty Nitty Says:

    kid 10705 , what?…..Ill say it again read something, check out this documentary and book by henry louis gates, about how hollywood treats blacks………are u kidding me, you dont think theres racism in hollywood?

  25. eskay Says:

    ^ I don’t thnk he said that Ty Nitty. what he said was “Believe me there are plenty of white people getting son’ ed out there….It not just blacks!!!

  26. thekid10705 Says:

    Slow Down Ty…that’s not the issue….Hollywood is sonnin’ people left and right…Don’t get gassed like it’s only blacks…Every corny white dude is getting sonned’ in Hollywood…Can they blame race too?…I don’t think so!..

    As for racism in Hollywood, shit sure…just like everywhere else…It’s fucked up , don’t get me wrong but out there it’s a whole different entire animal..They turn women into ” whores & staright men into fags”….Anything goes out there in my opinion…That’s my point, people whatever industry it may be compromise themselves for the ” almighty dollar” and that’s what’s fucked up…

    Point is , Hollywood is a multi -billion dollar industry that could give a fuck if your black or white or asian or whatever it is..They just see Green homie..Again, Hollywood does what they want to whoever..God Bless Dave for doing what he did but I think it is very ignorant to say “white hollywood”…

  27. Young Ra Says:

    jmes lipton is one funny mother fucka
    he fuckin danced ballet with dave

  28. D. Billz Says:


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