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Video: Kanye West – Touch The Sky

They world premiered this last night during the Grammy’s pre show. Kanye is dirty dog, kissing  Pam "Hepatitis B" Anderson on the mouth. 

Props to Hashim for being on his Youtube game.

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48 Responses to “Video: Kanye West – Touch The Sky”

  1. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    He’s gettin corny to me!

  2. D. Billz Says:

    Haven’t seen the video yet but it’s about F’IN time! And yall need to keep a lookout for the kid Lupe Fiasco. The dude is ill with the skills. Peep his joints “Kick, Push” and “And He Gets the Girl”. His album will be executive produced by Jay-Z.

    “I’m trying to stop lyin’ (Lion) like I’m Mummrah / But I’m not lyin’ when I’m layin’ on the beat”… one of the best lines of ’05.

    Good lookin’ on the post eskay. Too bad I’m at work and can’t watch it. Damn government restrictions!

    *B More Nubian*
    The Wire is real…

  3. G Off Says:

    I think it’s a funny video, which we don’t see too much of right now. I hope people follow Kanye’s lead in taking chances with videos and trying to bring some real creativity to them.

    T.I. was being interviewed on MTV’s pre show and he said he had just shot an extended version of Drive Slow with Kanye and Paul Wall. That should be interesting…

  4. D. Billz Says:

    Just peeped the video (government must be slippin’ with the firewalls, ha haa) and I fucks wit’ it! LMAO @ those big ass sideburns. “Yeah I know who you are, I just said your name in the song”… hilarious. Overall it wasn’t what I expected but I like the concept: retro, Evil Kaneval theme. And kissin’ the white chick for the taboo factor of the 70’s was a good look.

    Overall, hate or love it, at least it was original.

    *B More Nubian*
    The Wire is real…



  6. Angel La. Says:

    Hated it! He had too much going on. Lupe should have got more video time too, don’t even get me started!

  7. KingML Says:

    not a bad video just same old boring Kanye flow. How many times in a song can you hear the word testify? In fact I think he rhymes the word testify in every radio song he makes.

    Lupe > Kanye

    Im sick of the rap artist that thinks everything he says is gold.

    “Just cause you sell one million albums, doesnt mean you got a hit/ just means one million people are stupid as shit.”

  8. :::New York:::New York::: Says:

    Kanye video prooves why he’s the best in hip-hop right now. I can’t wait to see him direct a feature film.

  9. DopeMC Says:

    Kanyeezy.Wuts goin on man.Da video was missing something.No I dunt like how he always redoes his videos but man-REDO THIS ONE.It was ok at first but missed somethin.It isnt very relevant to the song.Pam andreson’s acting-BIG NO NO. And whats with that “FeFe” girl frum Workout Plan Video.Doesent she have dat Girlfriends sitcom 2 work on or sumthin?

  10. MaddenMaster Says:

    The nigga kanye been corny but I respect his hustle and what he bring to the game!!!

  11. kanye sucks Says:

    Kanye is a faggot, that shit is wack.

  12. :::New York:::New York::: Says:

    Kanye haters are still talking so it’s definitely working…

  13. e-dubbs Says:

    Thumbs up.. He always brings something refershing and different visually to match his refreshing and different music. Props to ‘ye, keep up the good work

    Lupe Fiasco is good too!

  14. Fresh Says:

    Me personally, I’m not that big on ‘Ye. But when you do your thing I have no other choice but to give you props.

    And like the old Silkk The Shocker song goes (shut the fuck UP), he did that.

  15. GET Says:

    Kanye Lost me when he said yesterday ‘I SHOULD BE IN THE BIBLE’

    “I changed the sound of music more than one time… For all those reasons, I’d be a part of the Bible. I’m definitely in the history books already.” – Kanye

  16. Shaft Says:

    haha..thats a good video i like that…Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross..nice combo..and PamAnderson…classic..she may not be the best actress..but it is a music video people..not exactly Oscar worthy stuff necessary

  17. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    ^^^ Woah! When he say that!….He definetly need to calm down, Wow, that nigga is Way ahead of himself! I think thats mad disrespectful to say some shit like that! Depending on how much RESPECT people have for the BIBLE!-what Profound shit has he done FOR MANKIND! Thats HOLY SCRIPTURES right there, why da fuc would he be in a bible verse next to MOSES or Abraham!! He need some rest with his hair chest.

  18. Cocoa Girl Says:

    While I make no qualms about how his arrogance irks me, I do think Kanye’s quote was taken out of context. Seems to me like the reporter asked him something to the effect of what historical book he would want to/should be in and, after making a few analogies, he chose the Bible.

  19. DougUK Says:

    Not Kanye’s biggest fan, but I liked it and it’s good to see a little creativity when it comes to hiphop music videos. It’s got a nice vibe to it.. Peace London England…

  20. kanye sucks Says:

    as much as he thinks hes changed the sound of music, he hasnt. Go listen to shit like living legends, murs and grouch and then tell me that kanye has been bringing it as long as they have. kanye acts like he has something to be arrogant about but hes just wack as fuck. that shit is just a gimmick to get publicity for his overhyped music.

  21. MaddenMaster Says:

    Hey look the white boy has joind us welcome!!! well maybe not but hey it’s an open forum!!! Now please get over what Kanye said about Bush that cracker don’t give a shit about niggas…… And Bono whos one of your people confirmed his talents which says a lot……. But what would bono know about talent right?

  22. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    I liked him as a PRODUCER! When he was in THE BACK GROUND/Backstage! If he dont slow down He is gonna FALL REALLY HARD ONE DAY! He is too busy saying things for Publicity and getting really excited over things, that one day, somebody else is gonna take his place! He needs to revert back to his prior fame days, when he had THE FOCUS and AMBITION!

  23. huny Says:

    lol some a yall gonna drown in the hatred. look, kanye’s personality sucks, we get it, we all agree on that shit. but this video is mad creative. damn don’t yall get sick of the cookie cutter videos?

  24. EAST COAST Says:

    video wasnt that good. kanyeval? come on dog. a chris milk “film”? that wasnt no film. the video didnt have a plot, it was just about him killin himself in some retarded airplane stunt. the scene when it crashed look like they used a mini-ariplane or some shit to do it. stop putting out retro-garbage that we all seen before. we want new shit, not anything recycled. that “drive slow” video better be cool, not all grillz and candy cars n dumb shit. step up kanye. “throught the wire” is his best single, he needs to make more beats like that one.

  25. thekid10705 Says:

    The video was funny and had some good cliches’….I don’t think it was exactly ” Hip Hop” but what on MTV is?….

    Who know’s, after the success he has had, let who do whatever the fuck he wants…

    I guess this is where all the the Ye’ poppin’ Pam Anderson rumors started….

    PS….Nea stole it…DAMN B!

  26. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I don’t care much for the Video. I think KW is a talented m*thaf*cka, but I’m done with homie. The Music speaks for itself, he don’t have to try to spark this whole, THE WORLD’S AGAINST ME campaign, cuz I ain’t buyin’ it. If the world was against Ye, he wouldn’t be in Pepsi commercials, he wouldn’t be doing Z100 commercials (the top POP NYC radio station), he wouldn’t be on the cover of Time, etc., etc., etc. AND I KNOW I MIGHT BURN FOR THIS, BUT IT HAS TO BE SAID……. He’s LIKE THE NEW MAD RAPPER

    SO WHY ARE U SO MAD,SON?!?!?!??!?!?! (oh and yeah Ye, I know I don’t know u and that ur $600,000 in the hole for this album..hehe)

  27. MaddenMaster Says:

    What I dont get about these rap niggas like Kanye is the fact that they make these good records about whats going on in the hood and how fucked up it is etc….. WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY TALKING TO??? Nigga what they want the whiteman to save us shit them niggas fools why don’t he try to help make serious change with his time effort and money……. Because now he only bringing attention to mufuckas already know is going on……. If he care so much then why don’t his homo ass do something? Lobby other rich black people? FUCK AFRICA I AINT NEVER BEEN THERE AND NIGGAS HUNGRY AND THROWING ROCKS IN MY HOOD WHY THE FUCK DON’T THEY PUT THEY MONEY INTO THIS SHIT BEFOR THEY SAVE THE AFRICAN THAT DON’T LIKE NIGGAS AMERICA ANYWAY?

  28. Joy Says:

    Average cause I think he’s doing way too much, and that french kiss with Pam Anderson was mad stupid. But I’ma give him some respect cause he’s one of the most original rapper out there, he ain’t done that typical predictable rap video bullshit.

  29. DougUK Says:

    MaddenMaster who the fuck are you calling a white boy? You ignorant, inarticulate, unintelligent mutha-fucka. See this is how dumb some stupid mutha fuckaz are. You see my name and the fact I’m from England and automatically assume I’m white. You racist Bitch….. And what the fuck do you know about what Kanye is doing for OUR people in the ghetto you self-deprecating prick. And please don’t comment on international affairs with regard to Africa you no qualification having, one bedroom apartment living, welfare claiming, no car driving Nigga. Peace Brother!!!!!!



  31. Puzzle Says:

    I’ll take just about ANY video as long as there are no strippers/club scenes in it! Whos not sick of that bullshit yet? If you arent, your probably trying to get on so you can do it too, or your just one of the stupid ones that hasnt snapped out of it yet! Now I can’t speak for Kanye but I know that with todays finicky market, you gotta be ready and willing to go against the grain even with your comments to stur the pot….cause how else will niggas pay attention? He aint been shot up or got a crazy rap sheet….the nigga comes from a concious background you could say, so he could be preaching all day about topics some of us aint up on like I know he wants to do but who will listen to that shit? not us! not the shake your laffy taffy generation! We have to be tricked basically…kinda like how 2pac’s aura got after he died. Niggas wasnt riding 2pac from the very begining for someone considered so great by most….and he was kicking revolutionary shit waaay back BEFORE the death row/ badboy BS…..once he died now everybody is stressing his catalogue, digging for his demos and shit. And NOW some of us understand what he stood for after he’s dead and gone and its to late to get something out of his message…….it takes death for us to shut the fuck up and listen to niggas point of view. Thats what we do to our artist, so kanye will probably have to go through some more MAJOR hell or death to truely be appreciated by us. He’s one of the only niggas with the spotlight who is actually talented and is using his brain, not ass to make me listen to him…….

  32. mm Says:

    da video is ok….. but y he chose Pam ??? i dt get it.

  33. zaytheshit Says:

    The video is definetlly different; Kanye is trying to change the way we look at our (rap) music and videos. I think it was wild for him to take it back to the 70’s and use that period since that is where he go the beat for the song from (move on up) by Curtis Mayfield. My favorite part is the skit with Nia Long and Tracie Ellis Ross (Nia a long bitch) and don’t you forget it!!!!!!! I wish other artist would dig deep in the creativity bag and pull something out like my man Kanye.

  34. Will Says:

    Liked it. And i agree with the homie about Lupe, he will most sure have an awesome album

  35. http://EbookCash.net/101MusicContracts.htm Says:




  36. ray rizzle Says:

    how can anyone truly hate that. Only the haters can thats who, the pure unadulterated , no hold barr haters, that was good shit for a good song, u can nit pick it, but else is better? huh i mean for reals, that was art, and thats what he wanted to do and all that stuff about him being too hype thats all bs too, man he is having a good time making hte stuff he wants to make, props to him, no one gets mad at richard donner or steven spielberg, oh they do get mad at them, they are called critics, and u got good critics and haters, but man, what would it take to make ya’ll happy, exactly there is no way – so go make ur own shit, and after u do that, love and thank knaye for ur inspiratikon to make some creative shit and to follow ur own dream, fuck do u think stevie wonder go this much hatred? And here is the real question do u think their has ever been a music where its own fans and supporters were this spite and hateful towards their artist? Do u think jazz was like that, I mena shit if u want to talk about something that was just un creative and whack, talk about cheney shooting his buddy in the ass like vince vaughn in wedding crashers or talk about cam’rons weak excuse for a diss record against jay z

  37. ray rizzle Says:

    ohh – and please reply to my shit if u think u got something to say – id love to shoot it down like clay pigeons.

  38. ray rizzle Says:

    would ya’ll haters have like the video if like there was some dudes standing on the corner and then a taurus rolled up and everyone broke and tossed dime bags- or would it have been better if it was like bow wow’s latest “in the club” video?

  39. PassinThru Says:

    DougUK, tell dat negro!!! You, fools be HATIN’ with a passion up in here, Kanye be playing with you, and you all BITING.

    If 2 of you haters knows how to create beats or create ANYTHING I’d be surprised, so, enjoy the video, no it’s not manna from god, but stop hating, switch channels if needs be, or better still, go out and use the energy you got from sipping haterade to actually do something worthwhile and, maybe, just maybe, then, you might be reasonably qualified to hate on a nigga.

    Until that day, StFU!


  40. InspecteurClouzot Says:

    I’ve just seen Kanye’s new video. I don’t like this guy’s personality : way too cocky. But I wonder if he’s not jocking every time!!?? Artistically he does a great job, creating a new niche in the Rap game. His last video is its best to me. Playing an astronaut to “touch the sky” is a great idea. Plus having this love affair with Pam in the video is very daring and far from the very conservative gangsta rap videos. The video is funny : he’s joking at himself when he crashes trying to reach the sky. It’s an Icarus type of morality. And the old texture of the images, the very fake rocket’s model, the black activist bimboes, whiskers etc, all of this adds much fun to this (classic??!!!) new video. Creativity, fun, what more could someone expect more from an artist. Rappers, video directors and other genre performers should take notes….

  41. Romina Says:

    ah man i love the video its different and i love the images . pam did a good joob but i get mad when that kissing scene starts:) tracee ellis ross was hilarious

  42. bawwow Says:

    not good at all i like the song but its just not workin cause it keeps pausin and goin 2 fast and its just really annoyin

  43. bawwow Says:

    its is really annoyin because its not loud enought and it keeps pausing witch is really annoying i like da song and everyfing but the pausing and the volume isnt that good

  44. bawwow Says:

    its is really annoyin because its not loud enought and it keeps pausing witch is really annoying i like da song and everyfing but the pausing and the volume isnt that good

  45. bumbling idiot Says:

    mazee, that ngoma reminds me of a proggie we used to watch back home called ‘family affair’. yaani everytime i hear the song (don’t give two hoots about kanye the tanye) it reminds me of it. then i get this taste in the mouth….GO (nowhere) KANYE!

  46. Comedian Says:

    Does anyone know what the name is of that black women that’s also in this video? She’s also a famous comedian….the one in those jeans, that fights with kanye as you can see in the picture above????? She’s so funny!!!

  47. Realism Says:

    MaddenMaster, You’re da most dumbest piece of shit , you make me laugh man Haha! Don’t be talkin that crazy bullshit about your so-called “HOOD”, Like you said dumb ass you ain’t never been to Africa so how the fuck would you know about what “hunger” is or even a “struggle”. The point is, of course we need to understand about the pain and insanity that happens in the hood but NEVER disrespect Africa because believe me, you don’t know what the fuck a real HOOD is or a Fucked up GHETTO unless you’ve been to the place that made you exist. For real man, i have to big up that DougUK guy. MaddenMaster go and educate yourself, just pick up a book and read. Don’t worry, keeping it real doesn’t mean you can’t fill your head with some knowledge. Be real with yourself brother!!! Peace 2 any real niggaz livin the hard life!! Peace to Kanye West!!

  48. Serren Says:

    This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now

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