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Grammy Results

kanye-grammy.jpg jay-grammy_1.jpg 

For the record, the Grammy’s are wack. That said, here are the winners in the categories that people who frequent this site may be interested in. The winners are bolded.


"Testify," Common
"Mockingbird," Eminem
"Disco Inferno," 50 Cent
"Number One Spot," Ludacris
"U Don’t Know Me," T.I.
"Gold Digger," Kanye West


"Don’t Phunk With My Heart," The Black Eyed Peas
"The Corner," Common Featuring The Last Poets
"Encore," Eminem Featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
"Hate It Or Love It," The Game Featuring 50 Cent
"Wait (The Whisper Song)," Ying Yang Twins


"1,2 Step," Ciara Featuring Missy Elliott
"They Say," Common Featuring Kanye West & John Legend
"Soldier," Destiny’s Child Featuring T.I. & Lil Wayne
"Numb/Encore," Jay-Z Featuring Linkin Park
"Rich Girl," Gwen Stefani Featuring Eve


"Candy Shop," (50 Cent Featuring Olivia)
"Diamonds From Sierra Leone," (Kanye West)
"Don’t Phunk With My Heart," (The Black Eyed Peas)
"Hate It Or Love It,"  (The Game Featuring 50 Cent)
"Lose Control" (Missy Elliott Featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)


"Be," Common
"The Cookbook," Missy Elliott
"Encore," Eminem
"The Massacre," 50 Cent
"Late Registration," Kanye West 

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36 Responses to “Grammy Results”

  1. buks Says:

    lol @ dont phunk w/ my heart + numb/encore

  2. buks Says:

    lol @ kanye’s powdered white gloves he probably bought in order to touch the grammys

  3. MaddenMaster Says:

    The Grammys are the bullshit…….. Kanye should have won more and Mariah got played…… I think urban artist should boycott that shit forever and allow them to make it what they really want it to be!!

  4. mattdm Says:

    Hahaha…. U2 took best album over Kanye… you know he gonna have something to say about that…

  5. KingML Says:

    these awards are a crock of shit, who gives a fuck anymore

    they dont even consider 98% of the artists out there, how can anyone take it seriously.

  6. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  7. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  8. Fury Says:

    I dont care for the grammy’s either,but i cant hate on U2.Sure we’d lauh @ the thought of them winning over kanye,but i’m sure none of us listen to U2 to know what kinda album they got in the first place.They been around waaay before mariah,or kanye sellin millions of records.I remember when the grammy’s had 1 rap category,and that shit wasnt even televised.Now they have to recognize us

  9. SK Says:


  10. Kheri Wes Says:

    they should have let game and 50 win the group rap category that would have been hilarious.
    Then they could have hugged and made up and hopefully we wouldnt have to hear a terrible mixtape/diss record from either one of them for at least a month or so.

    Love kanye after all i am from the go and all, but he is feeling his self way too much and needed a reality check i am glad U2 beat him out.

  11. S.Black Says:

    Grammys Suck. Who cares….

    Kanye joins the ranks with MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice. They’ll be a new nigga next year.

    I’m surprized the Black Eyed Nigga Please didn’t win more.

  12. Ill Will Says:

    Hate It Or Love It should’ve absolutely won that best collab award.

  13. T Nelson Says:

    You know they was not fuckin with Game and 50 who knows what would have happened… I got mad luv for Kanye but they some gay ass gloves and that video they premiered on the MTV pre-show was wack

  14. Ves Says:

    KANYE winning a gramy over 50… thats sounds about right. congats to KANYEEZEEE!

  15. luis Says:


  16. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Grammys are DEFINETLY Corny! Didnt even watch that shit! LOOK AT THE NOMINEES!
    “Rich Girl,” by Gwen Stefani Featuring Eve- bullshit song

    Its mad repitition of the same people over and over!!

    And Kanye is tight and all but that nigga need some riddelin or some type of “calm down” method! he toooo amped!

  17. cashmere Says:

    i just drank a green tea and honey for breakfast. 1 dollar on howard street yall

  18. G Off Says:

    You have to love that hip hop has become a much bigger part of the big awards in the last few years… The Grammy’s aren’t a hip hop awards show, it’s all types of music. Shit is getting better for sure.

  19. Shaft Says:

    damn straight G-off..but people like to hate and dont realize that if who THEY wanted to win won…that SOMEONE ELSE would be bitching about it..cant please everyone..i thought Mariah and Kanye should have won more..hell..i thought Coldplay should have won AT LEAST one…but thats the way it goes man..there are only so many awards to hand out. Wont spend my time hating on things and stressin…i recorded it..and im gonna watch it over n over cause the performances were hot..

  20. dCs Says:

    yo i saw U2 in concert 3 or 4 years ago. theyre good man, i cant hate. i love all music. i didnt like their new album at all and i definitely think kanye’s was better, but you know how it is. a lot of the people voting on the awards are old and white, they cant look at the music objectively.

    i think that Encore definitely was the best callabo out of all of them. come on, it was the definition of a callaboration. how we do was a dumb good song, but thats not what i consider a callabo. whatever man, to each his own. but how good would it be to see the game and 50 win? the arguin about who actually did the better job to win the grammy, who would take it home… id love to see that shit

  21. doc holiday Says:

    i dont even watch the Scammys anymore. i just look at the pictures of the stars online, and thats it.


    jay-z: im going 2 drop you from the roc nas is takin your spot.
    kanye:oh yall just gon leave me.
    kanye:without david ruffin yall aint nothin!
    jay-z:DAVID RUFFIN?
    nas: na he just on dat shit again.
    jay-z:oh i was wonderin what dat white shit was on his nose.

  23. e-dubbs Says:

    ‘ye getting them awards, people b mad!

  24. Adam Says:
  25. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    lol…kanye need to stop jumpin up and down and just relax! TOO AMPED at his performance, he was all out of breath! The marching band was enough power without him DOING LAPS around the stage! I know tHE CAMERA people were MAD! Like this Nigga need to stay still for at least One VERSE!

  26. thekid10705 Says:

    Interscope got snubbed, good news to me, just surprising…Kayne’ looked as Gay as a 2 dollar bill….Jay get rid of the John Lennon T…you from Brooklyn bro….Black Eyed Peas are garbage……Now I know I grew up not watching any award shows

    HATED IT……BUT some of the bitches looked bangin’ kid…..

  27. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ cosign Jay getting rid of the John Lennon tshirt.. When I saw that and Paul “cracker” Mccartney come on stage with him, I said to my self.. “its official, jay-z is a cracker lover. Fade to white”

  28. Lili Says:

    Listen, the Grammys is the music award show that pretends to acknowledge the most talented artists, but really awards the most popular artists (in a particular category). There are fabulously talented artists who have been around for YEARS who don’t garner more than a mere nomination from the board (of voters) until they get a little more clout and attention– example: Shelby Lynne. She’s a country singer, who isn’t quite country (country, soul, rock)– not that race is an issue, but that’s one White chick I can rock to– she won “Best New Artist” in 2000 or 2001 and she’d already made six albums and had been making music for over ten years!!!! That borders on insulting in my book.

    I’m all for our people progressing, being successful, and coming up, but dammit– it needs to be well deserved. I don’t want to hate but Ciara was nominated for FOUR Grammys?? Is it just me or could those slots have been filled by more deserving artists? Because she was a breakout entertainer (notice I did not use the word singer), she just had to be included in the categories. Tell me, what does Ciara have besides dance moves and reeeaally good producers? A vertically challenged beau. No, on the real, she’s our answer to Britney Spears: no real vocals, but a (budding) great performer. There’s absoLUTEly nothing wrong with that, but don’t clutter the Grammy noms with her name and the names of similar artists.

    The Grammys are supposed to be about awarding the BEST and the most talented, but that rarely occurs.

    Yea, Mariah got snubbed. It’s nice that she won three Grammys before the ceremony began, but she was the comeback kid. Wouldn’t it have been lovely to see Mimi saunter up those steps and let the world know that not only is she back on top to show the youngins how it’s done, but that she never even left?! And was it just me or was her performance phenomenal?! I was having church up in my crib when she broke out with her latest (Gospel) joint. Real talk.

    Aight man, I’m as big a Kanye fan as the next person. I can honestly say “College Dropout” kept me pushing through the second semester of my freshman year (ironic, ain’t it?). Undoubtedly, ‘ye deserved to win some awards however, what happened to COMMON?? This should have been his year. Of course no one voting probably knew enough, or gave enough of a damn about the other rap artists they nominated because Kanye, the uber-talented man of controversy, gets all the attention. It’s crazy because any true hip-hop fan can see that it came down between Kanye and Common in all the categories they were nominated in together. Could they not see fit to award Common with at least one of them?

    >>This truly reminds me of the year that it was between Alicia Keys and India.Arie lmao @ “fade to white”. Jigga aint a %^#@! lover though (I’m tryna show some person growth and not use that word like I used to, so excuse the symbols)– he’s simply paying homage to a very talented man. Forgetting skin color, the most influential people in the music world are of all racial backgrounds..nothing wrong with acknowledging that.


    Oh yea. U2 is the shit. I’ll admit that I haven’t given their latest album a listen yet, but the singles they’ve released so far are definitely aight. Besides that, they can stand on all their previous work and just stop right now and still deserve the recognition they’ll continue to receive. They’re still running circles around a lot of these other bands.

    P.S. Eskay– been reading ya site for a minute now but this is the first time I threw down a SERIOUS post…You keep me up to date like no otha.

  29. DevoBigTek Says:

    First off, even though i didn’t watch the Grammys. I over heard that Kanye West one 3 times. I thought to myself that “arogant bastard” That fool doesn’t know any respect and does not deserve those damn awards. WHY? because of those “threats” he made over TV. “If I dont win a award im gonna say something fo-real” – Kanye West. Some bullshit like will make a award show take his “Threats” seriously. Espically when they aired him om MTV about that Katrina broadcast when he said something about G.Bush. Even though he won those awards, i believe the Grammys just gave it to him “just because”. That fool only know how to make hits, NOT hit albums. I will never spend a penny on Kanye West’s Albums…

  30. NKAE 5X7 Says:

    Yo, E dubbs funny shit ….You have me laughing over here…

  31. NKAE 5X7 Says:

    Yo, one more thing I think Jay is on that Hollywood shit that Dave Chappelle was talking about the other night…Believe it, I have some fire power behind that..

  32. eskay Says:

    I can’t argue with you there, Jay is definitely on some Rodeo Drive shit.

  33. thekid10705 Says:

    Es, you feel me on that one….You ever see Jay’s MTV Diary a few years back?…Lyor ” Cohen” was sonnin’ his ass in the back of the limo…Jay was singing some radio pop shit….EHHHHH!!!!!

    God Bless Jay for where he is at but I think my man had to comprise a lot to get there…Big Up to Dave for standing up for what he believes in…

    Don’t know to many people who would turn down 50 mil for anything..Most people would be dropping there drawers for that shit….

  34. Cyrus K. Says:


  35. I don't know how to fish....but I'm a grown man....Eskay will you teach me? Says:


  36. BkThong Says:

    hello there

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