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Dave Chappelle on Oprah

I just knew this would be on Youtube by the time I got home. Here are three quick clips from Dave’s Oprah appearence that aired earlier today. Clip 2 Clip 3 Hashim live blogged the interview over @ SOHH. More coverage at MTV.com UPDATE: The whole interview here.

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35 Responses to “Dave Chappelle on Oprah”

  1. dCs Says:

    i bet most of those older white women in the audience dont know who he really is, or, if they do know who he is, they have never seen his show.

  2. eskay Says:

    ^pretty much

  3. KingML Says:

    I saw it, Basically he went crazy cause he had a bunch of mooches working with him, some guy laughed at him and he was upset cause he didnt have his happy work place anymore.

    I liked his idea about giving back through his dvd sales, smart move.

    More celebrities need this kind of grounded approach to their riches, divide that shit up and people will actually care when you wind up dead in a hotel room one day (chris penn).

  4. DopeMC Says:

    That nigga acted so different on the show than chappelles show or stand-ups i saw.he took a while to answer some questions too

  5. T Nelson Says:

    yea its fucked up his white boy writing partner didnt even support him

  6. Demiks Says:

    I was watching this live when it was on TV. Dave looked real uneasy and stuttered and paused alot. Sometimes avoiding eye-contact with Oprah.

    She kept trying to instigate that the things he did were “crazy.”

  7. GET Says:

    He was like that at first, but he started opening up toward the end of the show

  8. dCs Says:

    yeah, it usually takes a while to get in front of an all white audience as a black man, im sure. as for neil, he supports him but he went to the media and said something in Time, i think. i think dave is gonna lose a lot of creative writing cause neil is a funny fuckin guy. i think they both went equally into the show… its sad to see them have some troubles.

  9. Demiks Says:

    >> He was like that at first, but he started opening up toward the end of the show

    Dave looked uneasey for the whole interview.

    And anybody notice how the camera man had some close ups of the black audience members? It was like trying to make Oprah’s show and audience look more black.

  10. Angel La. Says:

    Good interview over all. It makes me miss Dave’s genius even more.

  11. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  12. doc holiday Says:

    i might be the only mother effer on the earth that didnt care for the actual show. yeah it made me laugh a lil…but i was gonna black out if i missed an episode.

    he was hesitating…and that made me shut the tv off after the first 15 min.

  13. Total Kaos Says:

    Yo eskay forget about dave fuck oprah where is your new eye candy

  14. Raz LDN Says:

    yo, u think theres any truth in the Chappelle consipracy??

  15. 1 Says:


  16. DEEZ NUTS Says:






    seriously good to see you back dave, new chappelle show and half baked 2 hopefully soon do you dave .

    “im a tell you something you might know about me joe rogan, I SMOKE ROCKS ” tyrone biggums

  18. New York, New York Says:

    Dave was hesistating because what he wanted to say was that when you reach a certain level of making money there’s some real satanic shit goin down. Thats why he wants to transform it by giving it to charity or Katrina survivors.

    Chapelle’s Genius is socially irresponsible but spiritually correct

    Money is the root of all evil…believe that

  19. the green eyed bandit Says:

    someone said earlier that they watched it live. That was a prerecorded show right there….I saw parts of the interview all this past week during commercial spots for it so it must have been recorded sometime last week. what im getting at here is that the show seemed reaaaaaaally edited, like what we saw wasnt everything that happened on that stage. Dude seemed real depressed….then magically he’s happy towards the end. huh???? also, O asks him some question (forget what) and he starts to respond with an answer that made me immediatly think of the conspiracy theory b.s. (cant recall) then O takes it to commercial, practically cutting him off.

    all around this was very weird. Hope he is all right but dont really want to see him do the show again. cant imagine how it would be the same.

  20. buks Says:

    agreed, all around he seemed uneasy. he basically hit the nail on the head though when he divyed up his audience into people who get it, and get his humour and what he’s trying to do, and people who scream out ‘i’m rick james bitch’ like toolz during his standup. oprah was totally trying to press him for some sort of concession but i donno. if i was him and at that point where its like “fuck you all, seriously” i probably wouldnt tell my wifey either.

  21. William H. Sunday Says:

    Dave is still my dude. I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it was at the Block Party that he hosted in Brooklyn. I snuck into craft services and I ate lovely – baked salmon, turkey, roast beef on cutting board, full bar. Artists were just coming thru and getting on stage then coming backstage to chill, then going onstage again. I smoked my weed and no one bothered me. I did a line of blow. I had kick azz fun. Thanks Dave.
    (Dave Chappelle was no where near me when I was doing drugs)

    Here goes the bomb azz link for peepin’ the ladies for FREE


  22. Bird Says:

    I think his concious is starting to bother him because his show is heaving on cooning no matter how much yall like it. He also seems to have a problem navagating the shark invested waters of Hollywood. While I do think he could use some couch time it is also refreshing that someone could be so repulsed by that “make money at any cost” entertainment industry motto.

  23. Des Says:

    I cant view the full episode link. youtube says it was removed or has not yet been uploaded

  24. eskay Says:

    Try it now Des, I updated the link.

  25. Des Says:

    thanks eskay :-)

  26. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I know I’m BEING type SELFISH man, but I miss that dude CHAPPELLE, NO MO.

  27. mark from Scotland Says:

    Whats up peeps. Forget all your white guy black audience crap and check this websit. Then watch the oprah show back then you’ll really know whats going on and remember all you ppl talking too much about the white-black issue sometimes the truth is at your front door. The website is a long read but it might raise some other issues with you. Enjoy. peace.

  28. eskay Says:

    ^ lol @ this guy thinking chappelle theory is real

  29. slaw Says:

    Check out http://www.chappelletheory.com and see what was really going on in his mind on the show.

  30. stanford Says:

    chapelle’s da man, smarter than the average bear………….He’s got a future brighter than the exploding sun!!!

  31. :::New York:::New York::: Says:

    There may be some truth to that chapelle theory. Oprah was definitely trying to sway him into saying the show was socially irresponsible. It’s clear Dave saw something evil he couldn’t handle.

  32. 3rd Man Says:

    I’d be willing to bet money that the “www.chappelletheory.com” was a diverionary tactic. That Oprah and possibly some of the other prominent blacks mentioned in the theory, did in fact have a strong issue with Dave. And that they were trying to tear him down.

    What better way to put up a smoke-screen than to take the truth and then distort the shit out of it and put it up on the web. That way when anybody hears of things that were done to Dave, they’ll just chalk it up to the Bullshit theory that everyone is talking about.

    Dave did not seem himself on that Oprah interview. Oprah seemed cold and controlling. At times she seemed to be guiding him through the interview. And as an earlier poster mentioned, it seemed very edited. I wouldn’t be suprised if there wasn’t an audience present during the taping. All the audio and video shots of them could have been put in later…

    I think something fishy is going on. And it sucks to see Dave, a F*cking genius, getting worked like I thnk he is.

  33. Tommy Says:

    As a young black man, I hope Oprah and other black folks DID tell him something. Many young white men love him; but, for black folks, when the whites love you more than the blacks -something’s wrong. And with Dave – it was. He was doing young black males (in particular) no favors, except reinforcing stereotypes to snappy young whites.

  34. 3rd Man Says:

    “Snappy young whites.” What does that mean exactly?

    “Many young white men love him; but, for black folks, when the whites love you more than the blacks -something’s wrong.”

    You are correct.

    Regardless, I disagree with your point.

    And yes, I am a while male. Snappy? Not sure…

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