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Chew On This


For the last two weeks, the hip hop community has been engaged in a heated debate over what many consider to be one of, if not the biggest, no-no’s in our music and culture: biting. As soon as Cam’ron released the Biter/Writer supplement to his official Jay-Z dis track, alot of less dedicated hip hop fans who apparently have never heard a Biggie or Snoop record before, took the bait and began to label Hov a certified biter and immediately began calling for the impeachment of El Presidente. Just days after the track hit the streets I saw what was happening, and in an effort to save these part time hip hop fans from themselves, I issued a Public Service Announcement explaining that all of those lines Jay used were from classics and that any fan worth their salt should have recognized this as soon as they heard him repeat them. Of course nobody pays me any mind, so my PSA was largely ignored and the ignorant talk continued. Well youngin’s, someboy a little more qualified than myself has put together a nice little write up/history lesson that should shed some light on the whole debate. I urge you to go and read this essay and let everything sink in before even thinking about commenting below.

Davey D – A Few Things to Ponder: All Rappers Bite Sooner or Later

Now if we were to follow the logic put forth by Cam’ron and readily accept the outrage and indignation expressed by everyone who thinks Jay-Z is a biter, then we would in effect have to apply that to damn near every emcee who has blessed the mic. I’m certain that if we check Cam’ron’s full body of work we will discover that he’s borrowed rhyme or two from someone.

The key phrase here is ‘full body of work’. We have to put all this into context. Jay-z has released 7 or 8 albums and has recorded hundred of songs since the early 90s. It’s not like he was flipping entire stanzas like Hank did in Rapper’s Delight’, He’s taken a line or two and went on to add his own flava before and after the line was spit in a song.

I have a couple of things for ya’ll to ponder myself: Since the Biter/Writer track was out for at least a year before Cam used it, doesn’t that mean that he was actually ‘biting’ while calling someone else a biter? If so doesn’t that effectively cancel out that shot at Jay and leave him with only a sub par dis track to his credit? Although Jay has borrowed quite a few lines in his time, is it the opinion of those of you accusing him of biting that if we were to remove all the references to other peoples rhymes from his work, he would have never had a hit record, won a grammy or been appointed President of Def Jam Records? If everyone of those lines is removed, is Jay not still a sick lyricist? And finally, at the end of the day (no cam’ron), who is the better lyricist, Cam or Hov? 

Yaknowhati’msayin? boom, but then you got niggaz son on the real, Yaknowhati’msayin? niggaz niggaz niggaz niggaz is bitin off your album cover and shit *Yeah!* Whoa bad enough they biting lines like niggaz killed me…*Yeah* When they came with some Nas, niggaz bit offa Nas shit!  – Raekwon and Ghostface, Shark Niggaz 

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35 Responses to “Chew On This”

  1. B-HEEZIE Says:

    MAN, IT’S LIKE UR IN MY MIND HOMIE!!!!!!!!! And that ESSAY, should be some food for thought for the Young Ones, I just hope they don’t choke on the bones. SHOUTS TO DAVEY D!!!!!!!

  2. G Off Says:

    Just like with anything, you can’t get everyone to recognize the truth or at least reason. People will look for anything to discredit somebody that they don’t like.

    Jay’s career is not based on biting, but if you want to think that, fine. Do you.

    One other point about Cam calling Jay a biter: didn’t Cam and the Dips take their sound from Jay (obviously Kanye and Just, more specifically)? Is this biting? I don’t think so, but if you are going to use the logic that they are, then it is.

  3. dandan Says:

    I don’t feel like anything Cam’ron was doin’ was to get everyone in the world to think Jay-Z is a biter, I think all of this was to make everyone see what he sees in Jay-Z which is quite simple, a fake guy. As great a rapper as I personally think Jay-Z is I also think he’s done alot of questionable things to many other artist other than Cam’ron. Let’s also take into consideration he didn’t really work with many other artist from his own neck of the woods for a long time. That always seemed kinda of odd considering the Dead Presidents video an all. I’m not sayin’ he talked a bunch of sh*t either but we all know you can be silent and shady at the same time. Face it, he’s linked up and fallen off with the best of them. If you got a personal problem with someone and your a level headed person then you go and try to fix it. That’s not what Jigga did. He pretended like he didn’t have a problem, jumped on a song with Cam and then when the song is doin’ well and is approached with the idea of doin’ a video he gives him this look as if to say “Are you serious? I don’t really f*ck with you like that n*gga”. I don’t about anybody else but to me that’s fake.

  4. Gloc9 Says:

    ^^^Word. I heard the biter track when it first came out and my first impressions was, okay, he borrowed a couple lines, but i didn’t know how much fuss that actually created until i went to message boards and kiddies where all up on him about being a biter. I got no hate against Jay, but to Cam on the other hand, i don’t see dude as an Emcee. I don’t know if it’s just me but i’ve listened to countless tracks by him and most if not all are non-sensical bs. He even goes as far making up words to make shit rhyme. I don’t even know why there so much fuss about the whole diss track. Dude is wack.

  5. Gloc9 Says:

    Ah shit, dude beat me. ^^^ Word on my last post refered to the first two post.

  6. I_B_BLK_MAN Says:


  7. Billy Sunday Says:

    I agree with whomever issued the remark that JAY-Z is a fake dude. In the least he has no respect for the architects. You would never put Snoop in your top 5 lyricists pool but dude had the humility to show love to Slick Rick.

    JAY-Z might be one of the easiest listening rappers since the ‘Rappin’ Duke’ because he speaks clearly when he spits and not like he has a mouth full of cocksacks but all them accolades should have ol’ boy ready to be giving more creds to Big L and Gangstarr Guru.

    Now Cam on the other hand is straight retarded. Nothing profound or far-reaching in his lyrics, just words put together to rhyme. No more, no less.

    In the grand scheme of things when we are all 50yrs old(JAY-Z’s real age) and we go to vacay at Ceasars’ Palace in Las Vegas who do you think will headline the dinner show? 80 fucking year old JAY-Z!

  8. Curt McGirt Says:

    P-U-B-L-I-C-I-T-Y! It’s way to obvious to even take serious, like when Cam holds a press conference to point at his bullet wound. This is on some WWF shit for real… But I recall believing the wrestlers more.

  9. Ebay Says:

    eskay is the truth for real
    props for talking sense

  10. eskay Says:

    >>You would never put Snoop in your top 5 lyricists pool but dude had the humility to show love to Slick Rick.

    I seem to recall Slick Rick being in attendance at Jay’s Fade to Black concert at MSG

  11. Robbie Says:

    On a related point, I’m so sick of people “remaking” old rap songs. “AZ’s Chillin'” was good though.

  12. mr. pilliam Says:


    seriously, copy that shit into your browser.

    is jay-z un-dissable to you guys over here?

  13. eskay Says:

    >>is jay-z un-dissable to you guys over here?

    pretty much. nah but seriously even if I hated jigga I’d know Cam’s dis was weak and hypocritical. all the Jay haters jumped on it and tried to convince those of us with sense that it was somehow Ethereal ‘cuz they were quietly stewing with anger the whole time Hov was killing the game and surpassing all of their own favorite rappers. true story.

  14. Demiks Says:

    What Jay did WAS NOT biting, biting is reciting the rhyme, word-for-word. He flipped those verses, threw in his own name, changed a couple words, or used them for chorus’. Theres no problem with that, but the amount Jay flipped was uncanny. I could understand flipping a verse back at Nas to diss him with his own shit or remaking a Slick Rick song, but Jay did it too damn much. Unless your not a Jay-Z fan, you wouldn’t agree.

    But es is right, these people wouldn’t of even known Jay-Z flipped those verses. So they can’t call Jay a biter. Nobody said anything. When “Hate It or Love It” came out, alot of (dumbass) people thought 50 was talking about Fred Durst when he said, “My favorite rapper used to say, check, check out my melody.” Now how can you call Jay a biter when you can’t even recognize the most blatent Rakim shit.

  15. Demiks Says:

    PS: Damn, you had to come with the Evander Holyfield ear bite, didn’t you?

  16. eskay Says:

    >>you had to come with the Evander Holyfield ear bite, didn’t you?

    i think that was pretty much mandatory

  17. William H. Sunday Says:

    Damn, I didn’t know that Slick Rick was part of the Fade to Black tour. I know Jay let him do a set and not just a cameo with him on ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’.

    I remember seeing Dougie and Slick Rick do ‘La Di Da Di’ at this wild KRS-ONE album party.

    Niggas pelted Traj (Intelligent Hoodlum) with ice because the nigga was rhyming on a track that had his vocals pre-recorded. Then Lord Finesse came out dolo but his tracks were also pre-recorded so niggas got heated after that.

    Dougie and Slick Rick came out and was just talking to the crowd, beatboxing, bullshitting. When them niggas did ‘Nuthin’ the crowd went bananas. After they got everyone to settle down they did ‘La Di Da Di’. That was on some nirvana shit how niggas was gonna explode up in that piece in the name of Yusuf Hawkins and Doug and Slick could just calm the fools down.

    All of that to say I think that it was on some fly presidential shit of Jay to let Slick Rick get a few songs in to keep the vibe going. What did he do, the usual crowd pleasers? Childrens Story, YoungWorld?

  18. Phrench Vanilla Says:

    ‘Ey! first off If you come at Jay or even Cam for that matter… you better be a student of the game. Don’t listen to the radio and watch BET and MTV and base your comments on what you see on TV… Jay Z is the realest and best rapper since BIG died and everyone knows that… but when you are on top there is envy jealousy and hate…. Hov’ ain’t a biter, he’s a writer for himself and others… when Kobe does a Jordan-esque move y’all say ‘damn kobe is nice’ he’s just showing how much of a fan of the game he is… you can’t even talk about him not focussing on other artists… the only person we know he shitted on was Foxy and she’s back on the Roc now. Bleek is eating, the Gunners are eating, Beans is back on the Roc… he’s a businessman yo… some acts are hard to market so you have to let them be… its obvious alot of cats don’t quite understand the dynamics of the industry… there’s more to it than clicked your mic on and spitting 16 bars… ‘GO DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!’ and as for Cam’ron, dude is king of Harlem we know that, but leave the Great one alive… go beef with 50 or something he likes to beef, or get at some thorough niggaz like D Block or State Property… we already know everybody dislikes Jay Z, and we have heard everything anybody can say about him…. if you diss Jay… come with some stronger dogg….

  19. Ves Says:

    fuk a JayZ. Fuk a JayZ fan…
    I Fuks Wit CAM…

  20. eskay Says:

    Ves stop lying, cuz I just dropped an awful lot of Jay-Z on your ipod the other day.

  21. Fury Says:

    I guess no one’s has heard the cam version of biter/writer.The nigga is quoted takin a line from jay-z!That in iteslf kills the niggas whole argument.It’s funny when i see niggas sayin “fuck this rapper,or fuck that rapper.Yall a lil emotional arent u ??

  22. I_B_BLK_MAN Says:



    Fury Says:
    February 2nd, 2006 at 9:10 am
    I guess no one’s has heard the cam version of biter/writer.The nigga is quoted takin a line from jay-z

    and he bite a nas line to use on the welcome to new york city shit with jay and nas has been his biggest enemy since day one. and like eskay said originally i first heard the dj that orignally put im not a writer im a biter together about a year and a half ago, i cant believe all the people that think cam found all this out on his own, but he bite this from that dj he stole 5-0’s swagger and wwf beef publicity shit and he bite lines from nas, jay,scarface,big he is the biggest swagger jacker there is. plus how is dude gonna call himself KILLA when he wont even help try and stop some dudes from stomping on his boy in harlem

  24. baz Says:

    The first time I heard Jay-Z kick the lines mentioned in biter/writer, I instantly recognised that they were from other songs, and I thought it was quite sophisticated for Jay-Z to use them like that. Being able to quote great works from the past is a sign of erudition and skill in literary art, and rhyming is literary art. Cam need to stop being stupid.

  25. willyjsimmons Says:

    eskay and tyrone sittin in a tree………….

    one dummy posts, the other one agrees.

    We didn’t need you to waste valuable bytes to tell us Jay-Z is the better MC than Cam.

    The ‘Power of the Blog’ going to a niggaz head again?

  26. eskay Says:

    sillyjsimmons, hop off my dick word up. you talk alot of shit but yet here you are everyday commenting. fall back doggie, I’m not a blogger I just do it cuz I’m nice.



  28. OneTwoOneTwo Says:

    FYI, Cam’ron didn’t make the biter/writer skit….it’s been out since last summer. A guy put it together back then. Cam cam upon it recently and overdubbed himself over it and put it back out on the net. SO let people know, Cam didn’t make this….it’s mad old.

    Also, there is one out there now that has Cam as the subject called “I Don’t Write” and it displays the lines that Cam used from other people.

  29. eskay Says:

    >>FYI, Cam’ron didn’t make the biter/writer skit….it’s been out since last summer. A guy put it together back then. Cam cam upon it recently and overdubbed himself over it and put it back out on the net. SO let people know, Cam didn’t make this….it’s mad old.

    I thought I made that clear in the post and the PSA, but ok.

    *ignores HollyHood

  30. Supreme Hustle Says:

    I want someone to make a mix of all the lines people have bitten from Jay-Z. People have hit singles with Jay’s vocals as the chorus.


    Supreme Hustle Says:
    February 2nd, 2006 at 9:04 pm
    I want someone to make a mix of all the lines people have bitten from Jay-Z. People have hit singles with Jay’s vocals as the chorus.

    exactly supreme hustle.
    first off jay’s catalog is deep an i mean deep dude has what like 8 solo albums ( one of the a double album ) countless features and all other shit so even if you say he bit 20 different things from people thats like maybe 5 % of his raps were from other people wow what a huge deal. and as has been said if you didnt know where those lines were from when you first heard him say it then you have no right to talk because you obviously know nothing. and like supreme said t.i. cassidy these motherfuckers biggest songs are only big because they have jay’s voice doing the hook, so you gonna crucicfy him for snagging blatant obvious lines but not get on everyone else for snatching his shit

  32. Puzzle Says:

    If cam wanted to take a stand on biting this definately shouldnt have been his argument, and jay should have been the last nigga for him to go at! The whole game is a gigantic dickriding contest anyway. Shit is sooo fabricated its like where do you begin? Niggas bite off each others rhymes, style, slang, beats and thats so bad you almost have to put the producers name by the track or you can’t even tell who made what! Niggas biting so openly is that new age bullshit that is allowed more cause now there may be a couple mill at stake versus say 1990 when we was makin money but it was mainly just for the love of hip hop. Back then fans seemed to know what they wanted and if you was biting, the nigga you bit off of would get at you -where ever, whenever cause there wasnt no outlets to scream and talk shit like nowadays, and you wouldnt get no sales cause fans wouldnt support a biter. In 2006 you can have 8,000 club records by 5 groups that all rhyme and sound the same in some manner cause most fans dont wanna be the one to start that new trend or go out on a limb and actually like an unknown artist 1st….cause he might be wack, right? They call it a ‘buzz’ now, all that means is how many people have caught on, or whos co-signing this…right? DJs do that shit faithfully, A&Rs etc.
    And the niggas who think they can MC all of a sudden think they gotta an honest shot in the game cause they may have just came home or got a little chain like the jay-z’s or the 50’s so they copy off each of those 5 groups on TV, radio and in the clubs and now we have a nation of clones in each state with very little to mimick who don’t care to know shit about OUR hip hop culture 1st, dont understand what it is to MC and is proud of it, copying off of these 5 groups thinking they can do what they see them do on TV better. A bunch of young copy cat niggas is what we have nowadays, and fans who encourage it but ridicule you if your biting is too obvious…..enough preaching heres some examples:

    “yes”….A Jay-z ad lib that everyone from nick cannon to fat joe to AZ has tried on for size.

    “Ayyyy”…..A Young jeezy ad lib that ludacris to juelz santana cant get enough of, and others.

    “____ is in the building!”….. throw in the “yes” afterwards and you could fill in the blank yourself, this is a young nigga favorite.

    “cheah” or “yeah”…..one of the few things MC eight is known for, and everybody even milks him for that.

    “its your boy____”…..I know this is supposed to be everyday slang, but if everyday every nigga with a mic says it, then what? is it biting?

    “young____”…..you already know, or as paul wall would say ‘already’!
    If jay is a biter then EVERY MC just about stole this line from him, and jay said he only says that cause hes gettin older! Now there are young niggas who are actually young sayin the shit….c’mon…I dont even wanna continue, Im out to lunch….

  33. yess Says:

    “Im overchargin niggas niggas for what they did to the coldcrush” -jay

    Niggas have so much cold in their eyes that can’t see that what Jay is doin, is payin homage. B/c your radio friendly rappers won’t do it. Shout out to the golden era. (Nystormapparel.com)


    FUCK YOU ESKAY!!!!!!!!!!


    these last 2 dudes before hollyhoods dumb ass just made all types of sense. damn you motherfuckers were really on point with what you said.

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