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Benzino Is In Serious Denial

Friday, January 27th, 2006


If you need a good laugh, there is a highly entertaining interview with ousted Source extorter owner Ray "Benzino" Scott over at AHH. I mean it doesn’t get much better than this. Reading this interview is like watching a car crash, seriously. I really think this guy is delusional, and not just because he thinks he’s getting the Source back. Here’s a quote:

They had a clause in their contract that said that if the company went in default they could add two board members. They add two board members, now they control the board. I’m a street n***a, you know what I’m saying. I don’t f**king know about no board s**t. I never went to one board meeting. I’m not a board n***a, I’m a street n***a and a sharp n***a. When Zino brought something, when we did the f**king Source Awards, we brought the ‘hood to TV. He wants to represent the ‘hood there’s, there’s no award show representing the ‘hood. It’s almost like people are embarrassed to be a part of the ‘hood, but want to benefit from the economics from the ‘hood. Enough of that, know what I’m saying, enough of that. That’s why Russell Simmons, Steve Stoute, Chris Lighty, all these coward a** n***as have to run around with f**king security. These n***as don’t rap, what the f**k is their excuse for running around with security?  

Spoken like a true executive. He goes on to call Julia Beverly of Ozone a slut monkey whore again, proclaim that he will ride back into the Source on a horse, and demand that he be referred to as Benzino the Great from now on.  

Nas Freestyle

Friday, January 27th, 2006

New freestyle from The Little Homey.

Nas Freestyle 

Saigon Interview at AHH

Thursday, January 26th, 2006


There’s a two part Saigon interview up right now at AHH in case you didn’t know. He talks about his stabbing, what’s taking his album so long, and addresses the allegations that he is anti-South. In his usual fashion he also takes some subliminal shots at some unnamed New York crews, accusing them of copying the South’s style and laying out what the Big Apple needs to do to regain it’s spot. Between these statements and his affiliation with Tru Life, it’s pretty obvious that he’s talking about Dipset and possibly even G-Unit. Those are a couple of beefs I wouldn’t mind seeing pop off. Saigon and Tru Life vs. Cam’ron and Juelz? New York mixtape sales would skyrocket. So anyway, the best part of the interview has to be when he says that he called one of the would-be chain snatchers girlfriends and offered her 5 G’s to give up his identity.That’s gully.

Interview part 1 part 2

Jay-Z vs. Cam Update

Thursday, January 26th, 2006


The Fader has some ridiculously thorough coverage of Cam’s publicity stunt press conference yesterday including pictures and audio. No homo, but I could swear Cam said something in his dis about Rocawear being Cockawear now that Jay owns it. Now is it me or are those Rocawear boxers he’s wearing? Again, big no homo. 

Cam: But like I said, a lot of people said, ‘Cam made a dis record.’ I didn’t make a dis record. If I said Beyoncé is on my second record talking about slinging crack, she’s on my record talking about slinging crack. … If I say somebody looks like a camel, they look like a camel. If I say somebody was wearing sandals, they was wearing sandals. This is not a dis record."

MTV has a new Jay interview where they delve a little deeper into the Nas signing and Cam beef.

MTV: One of his accusations is that you blocked him from an executive position at Roc-A-Fella years ago, after Dame offered it to him. Do you think that what’s led to this?

Jay-Z: He also said he wasn’t gonna take the job because he wanted such-and-such amount of money. I really don’t think it was anything. He has an album and a movie coming out and he wanted some attention. You can’t say it’s because I put the kibosh on the [Roc-A-Fella] presidency and then say, "I wasn’t going to take the presidency because they didn’t offer this amount of money."

Diddy In New Publishing Dispute

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006


Well well, would you look at this. Diddy is involved in another publishing dispute. A group that includes some of the industry’s most well known and respected producers are about to take your boy to court over unpaid publishing royalties.

From AHH

Producers Clark Kent, Easy Moe Bee, Lord Finesse and others are planning to file the suit against Combs, with some of the producers claiming they haven’t seen royalty statements or received payment in upwards of 10 years.

Buckwild, Carlos Broady, The Hitmen, Loon, Craig Mack, Angela Winbush and others are among the producers seeking unpaid royalties from Bad Boy Entertainment, according to a press release issued by representatives for Easy Moe Bee.

Nobody should be surprised by this. Diddy has built his legacy on the backs of his artists since day one, leaving in his wake more disgruntled former employees than Enron. Although the nature of this beef differs from the LOX publishing dispute, I’m interested to hear the opinions of those people who were so quick to side with him in that case. Sure, this doesn’t change the fact that Jada, Styles, and Sheek made some awful business decisions, but it does confirm Diddy’s sheistiness.

Can Somebody Explain to Me…

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006


…what on earth Charlie Baltimore has to do with anything? At Cam’s press conference today he alleged, as he did in the dis track, that Jay and Chuck once had a relationship and that the stabbing of Lance "Un" Rivera  had more to do with her than a bootleg cd. Why would Cam think that anybody cares about this junior high school nonsense? This has got to be a intended to get the teeny bopper Dipset fans talking, because I don’t know what rational adult gives a shit whether or not Jay was slamming Charlie Baltimore. I guess he’s trying to imply that Jay is a clown for stabbing somebody over a girl, but to me he just looks like a clown for even bringing it up. Un himself said the whole incident was a publicity stunt and I would think that exposing that story would’ve made Jay look like more of a clown than it being over a girl.

Jay-Z: Cam Dis Track = Trash

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

From MTV.com

 "I’m torn," he admitted. "I feel like I would be stupid to even pay that any attention, because it’s such a ploy. … Niggas is holding press conferences behind [the dis record]. The MC in me is like, ‘That’s too easy [to come back at him.]’ That’s not even a good dis record. That
sh– is trash. I’m torn. We’ll see what happens. Maybe on my time we’ll deal with it, but I’m not really pressed. I’m inspired by good artistic sh–. Cam’s sh– is not artistic. There’s nothing good about it. Everything about it is an obvious ploy to get attention. Nobody wants to get used. You’re just using me. Of course he had to go that far."

Cassidy Trial Over – Guilty of Manslaughter

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006


Ok, that had to be the quickest murder trial in history. Apparently your boy avoided a murder conviction but got hit with involuntary manslaughter and assault charges. He was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison. 

From AHH:

The rapper could possibly be out of jail in a few months because of time already served in prison. The rapper has been incarcerated since June.

At the non-jury trial, Common Pleas Judge Jane Cutler Greenspan said that rapper was negligent in providing guns to assailants that eventually killed Desmond Hawkins, a 22-year-old Philadelphia man.

"You could be a leader in the community," Greenspan said according to the Associated Press. "All those guns – that’s why Desmond is gone now, because of all those guns."

In court, the rapper expressed remorse for the crime. "It’s a tragic situation for me too. I didn’t set up for this to happen. Desmond Hawkins was my friend … one of my closest friends,” he told the judge.


Kanye Will Be Joining Mase…

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006


…in hell! Nah, but seriously, I think ‘Ye is good ‘cuz he built up some afterlife credit with the whole Jesus Walks thing. Plus he never claimed he was a man of God, then switched sides to Satan’s team.

(Props to NR reader G Off for the tip)

Previously on Nah Right: Mase is going to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Edit: Apparently Dlisted and Fresh have quotes from the article.

Styles P – Time is Money Album Cover

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006


This cover has been making the rounds on the internet today but when I first saw it I was like, nah that can’t be the real cover. I mean my Photoshop skills aren’t exactly tight, but I think even I could’ve made that. It take alot of effort to make a picture look worse than the original.Well it turns out that this probably is the real cover, since it’s up at Amazon. Actually it is not the real cover as Demiks pointed out in the comments…