Dipset vs. Junior Mafia @ The Rucker


Here’s the infamous clip from the Cocaine City 4 DVD. Calling this little confrontation Dipset vs. Junior Mafia is actually giving Dipset way too much credit. A more appropriate title might be Jr. Mafia Pounds Out Jim Jones While Cam Hides on the Sidelines. It’s really hard to see what’s going on in this video because it was recorded by pointing a camera at the DVD image playing on a screen, but the Jr. Mafia cats are nice enough to bring it back a couple times and slow motion the good parts while providing a detailed narrative. In the screenshot above the gentleman circled in red is our hero Cam’ron swiftly moving in the opposite direction of the beef, which is unfolding towards the top of the image.

Dipset vs. Junior Mafia

I Youtubed this also, but it’s taking forever to process so I’ll up that when it’s done.   

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354 Responses to “Dipset vs. Junior Mafia @ The Rucker”

  1. mzpeaches Says:

    Most blacks that is, not all of us are idiots…

  2. lil scoop Says:

    ayo wtf cam runnin like a lil bitch. you talk all hard and shit but you dont help yo boi , at least take some shots and protect him he stayed there and fought like a realdiplomats i would slpap yur lil pussy ass

  3. Two-Times Says:

    This is what happened y’all:

    After Camron ran off after Jimmy got dropped, D-Roc caught up with him and beat his ass….

    If you watch the Cocaine city DVD, Cease or one of his boys says, “Oh yeah that’s when D-Roc caught up with him and beat his ass”…. they don’t say it all obivous, but if you listen closely one of them dudes says it…

    That’s why he filed that police report… He thought he could get some paper or something…

    At the end of the day, Cam’ron ran off from helping his boy, and then got his own ass handed to by D-Roc, etc…

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