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Papoose @ Southpaw Feb 24th

Papoose will be performing at Southpaw in Brooklyn on February 24th. Now you just know your boy is in there.

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23 Responses to “Papoose @ Southpaw Feb 24th”


    im spilt on papoose some of his shit is real hot and some of it just gives me a headache but really cant see him rocking a good show??? killin a mixtape sure but a show not so sure

  2. King J Says:

    My boy papoose be poppin’ the hood !
    Lookin’ forward to some hot songs on this site !
    His flow is unique and hot !

  3. T Nelson Says:

    im telling u papoose fans chill until u hear an ALBUM


    im with t nelson, again i really feel some of his shit but he gives me a headache on other tracks, but king j i understand you wanting to hear him spit hard on a mixtape but would you really wanna see him try and rock a concert?

  5. eskay Says:

    i’m good if he never releases an album. studio albums are where artists like this always fall off. gimme mixtapes all day. that said, I think he could beat the odds and pull it off. as far as a concert, sure why not, he’s my favorite unsigned M.C. right now, why wouldn’t I want to go watch him spit.

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    Why does he look like Dylan from Making The Band in these pictures lately?

  7. Demiks Says:

    I swear, its like the only picture of Pap is from the XXL article. Slay, take Pap and pay for a photoshoot. Maybe you can use them for mixtape covers instead of cartoons too.

  8. King J Says:

    He made an mixtape :

    This shit is almost like an album .
    Is there any release date of an album ?

  9. negro2creep Says:

    DYLAN, AHHHH!!!!!!!……………THATS SOME FUNNY SHIT E-DUBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ funny and true

  11. eskay Says:

    dylan, dylan, dylan.

  12. Adam22 Says:

    they were also in that video wearing “game over” shirts, which basically shuts this shit down, they aren’t fucking with that compton homosexual. on the other hand, in a few years i can definitely see MOP stating in interviews that they were only with 50 for the cash and listing off their list of discrepancies with him ( their deal with g unit might be comparable to snoop signing to no limit for those few albums he did with them ).

  13. Adam22 Says:

    i have clearly responded to the entry i meant to respond to.

  14. I_B_BLK_MAN Says:


  15. Ves Says:

    i think its about time you dropped an album PAPOOSE…even though im good with the mix tapes.

  16. Demiks Says:

    Papoose isn’t just good, he’s gifted. I think people need to stop comparing rappers and just listen to someone if they’re nice. When someone tells me Papoose is better then Trife da God or Saigon, I end up defending Trife or Sai, just because people won’t stop comparing. They’re all nice, and if they all drop an album this year, then it will be a good year.

  17. I_B_BLK_MAN Says:


  18. Demiks Says:

    ^ Once you find out Trife has a co-sign from Ghostface Killah and can back it up with his music, your oppinion will change.

  19. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Stray Shots Says:

    […] ;s on Tuesday night. I’ll probably try to go to this rather than the Brooklyn show on the 24th. (Props to Richard) Read the transcript of Jay-Z&#8217 […]

  20. joe Says:

    if papoose signs to the one and only gunit then everybody will forget that comptan bitch ever was in gunit

  21. whiteB Says:

    yo pap needs a proper crew try legal hustle sign under someone like cormega someone with flow jsut so we can hear some great shit from NY, non of this nas shit that fag is fake got all his rymes from cormega and he dont even got the balls to throw shit back to him cuz he know cormegas spitten truth pap and mega now that would pull some shit i coudl pay for.

  22. djskone Says:

    Pap is hard….tru talent when its not a throw away track. The album is dropping in the first quarter and he plans to hit 20 mixtapes before the album is done. This kid is on fire…a deffinate contender for the throne if he keeps this up for a few years. If you have ever herd Pap when he was younger he sounded like a young Big L who lyrically is the most under rated great. Papoose……The Nacirema Dream. And for everyone who dont realize Nacirema is American backwards….siCk

  23. Papoose Says:

    Get all of Papoose’s Mixtapes here! no waiting for rapidshare and other stuff.


    click on the mixtapes section!

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