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Jay-Z vs. Cam Update


The Fader has some ridiculously thorough coverage of Cam’s publicity stunt press conference yesterday including pictures and audio. No homo, but I could swear Cam said something in his dis about Rocawear being Cockawear now that Jay owns it. Now is it me or are those Rocawear boxers he’s wearing? Again, big no homo. 

Cam: But like I said, a lot of people said, ‘Cam made a dis record.’ I didn’t make a dis record. If I said Beyoncé is on my second record talking about slinging crack, she’s on my record talking about slinging crack. … If I say somebody looks like a camel, they look like a camel. If I say somebody was wearing sandals, they was wearing sandals. This is not a dis record."

MTV has a new Jay interview where they delve a little deeper into the Nas signing and Cam beef.

MTV: One of his accusations is that you blocked him from an executive position at Roc-A-Fella years ago, after Dame offered it to him. Do you think that what’s led to this?

Jay-Z: He also said he wasn’t gonna take the job because he wanted such-and-such amount of money. I really don’t think it was anything. He has an album and a movie coming out and he wanted some attention. You can’t say it’s because I put the kibosh on the [Roc-A-Fella] presidency and then say, "I wasn’t going to take the presidency because they didn’t offer this amount of money."

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39 Responses to “Jay-Z vs. Cam Update”

  1. Spliff Huxtable Says:

    My position is this: Cam’Ron is really fucking boring.

    Is there anytime in the last two years when he hasn’t looked totally ridiculous? Cam, everyone knows you’re doing this to promote your next crap album:

    “I ain’t doing it for Killa Season, that shit comes out in april”…


    I bet there’s a whole closet full of shit Cam wouldn’t want brought out (homo)…

    Cam’ron: Boooooooooooooooooring.

  2. Ves Says:

    why is that guy wearing “cockawear” ?

  3. I_B_BLK_MAN Says:


  4. eskay Says:


  5. T-Money Bags Says:

    everybody’s overanalyzing this! who really cares?

    let’s bring back the physical violence in rap beef! i want cam to unleash his puerto rican judo.

  6. eskay Says:

    “somebody better put someboy’s body on somebody’s iron sometime soon or somebody’s lyin”

  7. FriscoNish Says:

    Wow. Once again Cam has reached a new low. A mean the man is wearing rocawear boxers. Come on Cam, for real??? He’s speaking bad on this man’s clothing line, yet you’re wearing them? I mean is this clown really serious?? Come now, this shit has surpassed Ridiculous.

  8. Zyce Says:

    Damn, Cam is stupid……..

  9. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:


  10. eskay Says:

    dog your repping g-unit and dipset, so I’m guessing you’re like 16. get off my dick.

  11. KingML Says:

    I’ll say one good thing about Cam Ron, we all know he doesnt have ghost writers cause his lyrics are at a 7th grade level and I think thats the last time he read a book and it was probably Dr Seuss and thats how his rhyme game got so hot.

  12. e-dubbs Says:

    Doesnt he know your pants saggin’ so damn much is really not for grown folks?

  13. Fresh Says:

    “let’s bring back the physical violence in rap beef! i want cam to unleash his puerto rican judo. ”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  14. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  15. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  16. FriscoNish Says:

    Quite the contrary. Im from FRISCO myself and umm them niggas dont want it. I dont know if u were just kiddin or whatever but trust me. Them niggas dont want it. The entire city isnt gay, muthafuckas just more liberal out here.

  17. Keak Says:

    niggas dont listen to their shit out this way.

  18. Locstar Says:

    I wear NaiGE undies, And I don’t like them either, but they wear cheap in a dozen so….

  19. Gmats Says:

    Man camron is a idiot. he just made himself look real stupid by dissing jayz’s clothing line by calling it cockawear then he puts it on his cock? if there isnt something wrong with that then somebody tell me what is. Also he’s just giving Jay even more money by buyin his shit so jay dont gotta reply he just gotta keep selling rocawear cuz cam gonna keep buyin it. This whole shit is ridicolus when people have rap beefs they do it for good reason cam just made up some shit and made a song. And one more thing nobody cares about camron why is he holding a press conference for an album he sold what maybe 2million albums total! and on top of that the shit he talked about who cares about his bullet wound he must really be proud he got shot to hold a press conference to show it off.

  20. Total Kaos Says:

    Yo skay fuck the bullshit what everybody needs is a real life celebrity death match forget the clay dolls put everybody like 4 ex. Bow wow vs will smith, gay unit vs D-BLOCK, cum on vs jay-z, ed lover vs funky master flex put in a ring in fay park near school 27 that’s in yonkers for ya that don’t know


    thats whatsup total kaos that shit would be ridiculous they should all have to really go at each make 3 diss tracks the hardest they can ( jada vs. 50 jay- cam ) and if the crews want in let them in styles and sheek fuck even hood is nicer than anyone on g-unit and shit bucks the nicest and he aint even happy being their shit his loyalty lies with dre more. hell rell is the only nice dude on the dip shits santanta could “A” his ass all day but cam wants to take about swagger jacker i know people who refuse to listen to any juelz could they swear 40 % of his shit is straight quotes from jay or like we heard on that cam swagger jack from scarface and he bite plenty from beanie and rakim all his favorite artists he said and now he is gonna get in a potential beef with 2 of them one of them HIS BOSS’ jim jones is garbage alsways has been always will be( does he even say anything? )
    this shit would settle it all and the loser be forced out, then we can bring

  22. Reninatronix Says:

    Celebrity Death MACTH 8 on PPV, MTV, HBO AND Booth legs on 125th street, w/ Super Head fighting Buffie the Body in a mudslinging prematch.

    THE PROCEEDS COULD GO to Hurricane Katrina.

    Lets just go ahead ahead and keep it all in the family.

    Then they could realise the VIDEO GAME, THE 40 and the TENNIS SHOE to go with it.

    Somebody call Russell, Farrakhan and Sharpton. We could do this!

  23. rube Says:


  24. Cam is straight garbage Says:

    can Nah right stop posting shit about this straight butt lovin wanna be ….i say this be the last post about anybody in the dip-shit crew unless we get lucky and one of them catchs aids and gives it to the rest of the crew


    i just got this cocain city vol. 4 shit and watched it and it was fucking hilarious the tape is really shitty quality but basically you see jim jones and some dude associated with lil’ cease
    ( lil’ceas is not seen once in the video )
    throw a haymaker and knock jimmy the fuck out he proceeds to beat on him and you see cam run in get pushed back by one dude, like just stay the fuck back, he falls down some security guy picks him up and you just see cam BOUNCE as jim continues to get stomped eventually securuity breaks jim out and you se him take off and fucking hurddle the shit out of the little rail fence set up and takes off, but they also show where cam goes and its so fucking hilarious cam bounces from the brawl creeps away and tries to blend into the crowed and he pulled the ultimate side step duckin move and disappeared shit was hilarious

  26. e-dubbs Says:

    No celebrity death match, I really dont wanna watch D-Block get beat up again. Especially by 50.. I can predict atleat 50 cult suicides in Yonkers if that happened.

  27. click click Says:

    JAy and nas are gonna colab and smash cam. Cam has no chance at all

  28. 313 Dboy Says:

    Cam is playing the underdog in this against Jay.
    Everybody routing for Jay-Z to come out with a bangin album
    but low-key Jay got a battle on his hands wit Dipset. Its funny Jay-Z
    did diddly squat when my mans Tupac was dissin him but thats another

  29. Canela_NYC Says:

    Jay did get at Tupac when he was dissing him but the same way Tupac wasn’t saying names at first, jay didn’t either. On that Shai remix he said flat out: “You got beef with jigga/Nigga/Well then say my name/What?/You Shy”
    Then underground stuff when Tupac came back but then he got shot so why continue beef with a dead man. And Jay doesn’t need Nas to smash Cam. Cam on Power 105 talking about he’ll set Dip Set after Jay like are you serious? He could set peedi crak or young gunz on them. All this is a waste of air time. Jay will probably get back at him once his album tanks so as to not add to his play for hype and sales.

  30. Andre Ramone Says:

    Do you think Cam is Trash? Check out the Trash List…


  31. Russ Says:

    I am just going to assume that you guys on this site (which I was linked to from another site) just dont get the joke that cam was talking about. You mustve not seen the video of the press conference because he did the Roc boxers on purpose. I dont know how that could have been over anyones head but on another note I am a fan of both artists and I do think that Cam is trying to use this for marketing/promo which I dont agree with but its whatever because Cam has been sending subliminals at Jay for a minute now so I think you cats should study the music or atleast ask questions before you make your judgement or choose your side. This is hip hop so why do we the fans always have to choose sides anyway? Its entertainment so let it be that and we should just sit back and see what happens. We already know that its not going to the streets so it doesnt even matter. Just in case you wanted to know my personal opinion on who would win, I pick Jay-z BUT I think if Hov responds that Cam will come back very hard and shock alot of people including Jay but then Jay will put him back in his place and this shit will be forgotten in 3 months.

  32. Brooklyn 's finest Says:

    Jigga is one the best ever . I want to my hatian king of new york squash this shit !!!
    cam is too young to fight the BK mogul !!!

    BK for ever !!!!

  33. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    Yo, get ya small ass bull wounds!! lalalalalhahahah The way this nigga was talkin u would have thought he was Arnold Swartzinigger! Dat little ass shit! lol Cam is lookin like a little ass kid, pointin out reasons why U SHOULD LIKE HIM!

  34. Laughin@yaniggas!!! Says:

    bullet* wounds! Wut is this SHOW AND TELL SHIT …4th grade ass shit…

  35. T-FORD Says:

    jay-z use to be one of the best rappers in my eyes until today. cam is right. for everyone one who reads this, find out about this song called SWAGGER JACK and you will know what the fuck im talkin bout!!!!

  36. eskay Says:

    ^ wow how late and misinformed are you?

  37. jae gutta Says:

    fuck all yall jay-z da best eva camron u pusy ass nigga fuck u jimjones santana dis is jae gutta i live in marietta ga if u wanna get at me get at me bitches rocafella all day

  38. youngcashgetta Says:

    Man I’m readin’ this shit thinkin’ to myself “Ya’ll some funny motherfuckers”. Most of ya’ll cats just got hate in your blood. And the rest of ya’ll niggaz just don’t know what the fuck you’re talkin’ ’bout. The boy Russ was the only one speaking sensibly. Listen, I fuck wit’ Jay and Cam. Nobody including Killa would question how nice the boy Hov is. But anybody that knows anything would respect Cam, from a lyrical standpoint to a hustlin’/entrepreneurial one. Look I fuck wit’ Pac hard but I’ma Biggie nigga. B.I.G. signed Cam. If you don’t understand the significance of that then keep it movin’. Jay knows Cam is sick. “That fruity Louis”, he talkin’ ’bout that fly shit, different flavors of clothes for ya’ll lames. Jay got that GQ shit down, but on a day to day, name brand or not that nigga can’t dress. On Cam’s first 2 album’s he gave you everything, but now the nigga’s caked up so he gonna let the paper talk dickhead. If you a hustler and/or fly nigga you’ll respect that, if not you’re stuck on stupid. Jay-Z, the game’s missing you (and Beanie Sigel), but ’till you return Dipset is all the East got to hold shit D. Every hot nigga in the game except for Snoop & Scarface has worked with the Dip. Take a hint bitch. Oh yeah, I know I’m mad late with this message but I just came home from doin’ a bullet last month so I’m catchin’ up and settin’ ya’ll pussy’s staight.

  39. boo boo Says:

    fuck cam’ron!!!!!!!!! cam’ron is a fuckin fake, how iz you gonna to diss hov and you looked up to him, hov will murda cam’ron and he knows it, oh i almost fogot i saw that movie killa season that shit waz WACK you aint even that gangsta nigga retire early nigga cauze you can’t rap for shit. The DYNASTY is still alive

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