Jay-Z: Cam Dis Track = Trash

From MTV.com

 "I’m torn," he admitted. "I feel like I would be stupid to even pay that any attention, because it’s such a ploy. … Niggas is holding press conferences behind [the dis record]. The MC in me is like, ‘That’s too easy [to come back at him.]’ That’s not even a good dis record. That
sh– is trash. I’m torn. We’ll see what happens. Maybe on my time we’ll deal with it, but I’m not really pressed. I’m inspired by good artistic sh–. Cam’s sh– is not artistic. There’s nothing good about it. Everything about it is an obvious ploy to get attention. Nobody wants to get used. You’re just using me. Of course he had to go that far."

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86 Responses to “Jay-Z: Cam Dis Track = Trash”

  1. runnerman Says:

    oh boy

  2. AP Says:

    and also cam is bitch made for bringing up some shit about who jay-z was fucking.. honestly how elementry is that. how come u can’t just sell records.. just do that. since you’re so fucking tight.. he’s wack.


  3. dandan Says:

    This past beef ain’t settled, this beef has been simmering for years as it relates to these to. There is no real nigga in this situation but Jigga is tryin’ to say that Cam isn’t artistic, he doesn’t have any right to say if someone is artistic or not. Especially with all of his stolen material. Now whether or not Cam can really fuck with Jay is just a matter of opinion. Everyone that is talkin about this is to boost album sales and publicity stunts, but Cam’s album and movie don’t even come out until April 25th. Jigga’s the whole reason this situation is going on to begin with. And if he would have found whatever he was lookin’ for before he had that concert half of the shit being said on this forum wouldn’t have been said. As far as I’m concerned Jigga is just like a woman scorned. All that money and power and he still let his feelings get hurt over some bullshit. You’re right thou, money talks and bullshit walks. Cam ain’t messin’ with Jay money wise, but even with all that cash and a beautiful woman by his side he still do a lot of sucker type shit. And between these two guys in my opinion Jigga hands down has done a whole lot more sucker shit in his career. Don’t beleive me, then ask Jaz-O. He’ll tell you.

  4. reefermadness Says:

    Yes. It’s so true. Jay-z is on a whole nother level. Everyone who buys dipset albums are like 18 & under. Come on…. bringing up some shit about who Jay-z used to fuck? That’s so homo.

  5. miami Says:

    I thought only girls gossip. Dame is a bitch, calling Cam talking about what he HEARD Jay was trying to do on the I Declare War. Then Cam getting up there talking about what Jay did to Dame. That is between them you had nothing to do with. If you wanna be mad at the stuff he did to you cool. Jay should just send Beanie after him. He really dont want that. When he was on the radio he kept stating that he has no problems with Beanie, Beanie is cool. If he can go at Jay for what he did to Dame then Beanie can go at Cam for this wack shit. And shut him down. I like Dip Set (except for Cam) this is not going to turn out good for them. Stay up Juelz.

  6. ahah Says:

    >>I thought only girls gossip.

    you thought wrong ahah.

  7. sky Says:

    I $%# with you KID10705! It’s evident he’s hiding behind that “grown man” stuff. But I guess it was ok for him to beef with Nas when he wanted but it’s not ok if someone else decides to take initative. Get real people. Money wouldn’t stop me from defending my manhood and credibility. He got you all fooled.

  8. sky Says:

    Did we forget the pictures he posted of “Prodigy” of Mobb Deep?

  9. eskay Says:

    yall must be out of your minds if you think Jay’s not going to respond.

  10. AP Says:

    eskay Says:

    January 26th, 2006 at 11:53 am
    yall must be out of your minds if you think Jay’s not going to respond.

    I agree!

  11. FriscoNish Says:

    Jay probably responded to Nas because was he fucking with him lyrically and artistically. His shit was good competition;a REAL battle. That beef between those two was worth all the hype. But now, this kiddie nursery rhyme shit Cam kickin’ is WACK AS FUCK. Just that plain and simple. All this you “ugly”;PRESS CONFERENCES sayin Jay was “in love with Charli” shit is just fucking sickening. CAM gotta fuck with the best to get, well try and get his 10 minutes of fame. I gotta give it to him though, fucking with Hov will more than likely boost album sales, and anything else he puts out for that matter.

  12. sky Says:

    It should not matter wheter it was worth it or not it is what it is. A battle. Your taken who it is instead of what it’s about to aspect. That shouldn’t matter. I’m not at all saying that the record Cam displayed was creditable but it was it is part of Hip-hop.

  13. FriscoNish Says:

    Its not the matter of who it is that im debating, its the content and Cam’s delivery. His shit was GARBAGE. Yeah, he’s testing Hov credibility. But the way he’s going about the entire situation for record sales and publicity is just bitch-made. Ya boy is obviously trying to ride this entire beef situation with Hov until the wheels fall off. Lyrically, Cam couldn’t not have done better, i guess you could call his shit hip hop. I guess.

  14. sky Says:

    Frisco, you’re talking about how wack his rhyme was( which it was)but that’s irrelevant. The fact of the matter is why. ?????Yeah, Jay may eat him up but his reasons for going at him are his own. You’re just comparing rhyme skills. If it is about record sales that’s the game. They all have done it. Get a clue.

  15. FriscoNish Says:

    First off im not just targetting Cam’s rhymes. His whole shit is weak. How he’s going about the beef (which i also stated earlier) is bitch-made. His reasons are not all his own (Some but not ALL). He’s getting on Hov for Dame’s sake. When DAME’S not even saying shit publicy!!!!! Nothing more nothing less. When you address what I’M is saying make sure to address the statment in its entirety. Don’t just respond to part, or mis-interpret what im saying. To put out a diss record is one thing. But to bring up shit that doesnt concern you about the next man’s situation, incorporate that with you own beef, and hold PRESS CONFERENCES about the next man and who is was fucking???? For real?? Clearly, Im not the one that needs the clue.

  16. FriscoNish Says:

    Opps –**who he was fucking.

  17. sky Says:

    Frisco,… do you honestly think that the reason he is coming at Jay is because of Dame? Cam deserves a little more credit than that. I know by reading your comment that you’re smart enough to know Cam has his own reasons. Yeah he brung up Dame’s issues but he has issues with Jay of his own.


    sky please dog dame so obviously put the batteries in cam back. let me break this down for you cam and jay have tension for years but nothing ever really pops off, then dame and jay have their little problems cam rides with dame others stay with jay. jay takes the name and HIS masters and now dame is standing there with nothing ( shit cam didnt even really ride with dame he went to aslyum ) now dame is hurting being made into a joke with that ultimate hustler show, you got the hot 97 morning crew clowin dude coming up with a song called ” dame dash is done ” then cam says the straw that broke the camels back was right before the “i declare war concert ” DAME was telling cam and jim that jay was trying to find pictures and footage to use against them ( which a was obviously just dame trying to strat rumors to get cam heated because a) everyone knows jim jones went to catholic shcool that common knowledge your gonna tell me jay was wasteing his time and energy for a concert to solely to diss the dip shits ( please they not that big he wouldnt give them that much shine ) plus then cam said but he couldnt find the shit on us we clean so he switched to make peace with nas. please cam if i want to i could probably get a pic of jim in them catholic school suit and we all know there is a dvd now released where that bitch ass lil’ cease and his crew beat the absolute shit out of cam and jim, no cease has had this footage for years ( not to mention jay and cease are still cool as cease was on bleeks cd not the last one the one before and did some other shit with jay, and somehow jay just couldnt get that footage. cam your a joke no one takes you seriously even harlem thinks your a joke jey wouldnt waste a whole concert on your nursery rhymeing garbage stop listening to dame you are his only outlet to try and discredit jay so he is using you like a pawn homei its quite pathetic i guess dame is the ultimate hustler if you look at how he is controlling cam now

  19. eskay Says:

    ^ what Tyrone said. I may do a post called: Cam’s Jay-Z Dis Deconstructed.
    There are so many inconsistencies and bullshit in that song it’s not even funny. Right from the beginning:

    First you stole Rocafella from Dame (you mad?)
    Second you stole Kanye from Dame (Kanye is a grown man, is it Jay’s fault he chose to go with him over Dame?)
    Third you stole Rocawear from Dame (Dame willingly sold his stake in Rocafella and got the price he asked for.)

    Forth I seen the nigga throw that diamond up before them shots was fired (stop lying nigga, that’s not even physically possible, and even if it was true you just exposed yourself as a rat and contradicted your gangsta image by retaliating with music rather than bullets.)

    shall I go on?

  20. eskay Says:

    Oh fuck it, one more:

    Fifth hold on turn the beat off

    I had to turn the beat off for this
    You talking bout you an eighties baby
    You thirty seven years old
    You was born in 1968
    And I open the Daily News how is the king of New York rockin sandals with jeans
    Open toe sandals with Sean Carters with jeans on
    How is the king of New York rockin sandals with jeans when he 42 years old

    so Cam, one of the reasons you’re mad at Jay, and it must be the most important reason cuz you turned the beat off, is that he’s in his forties and rocks sandals on the beach? that’s not hip hop dog, I’m sorry. when did beef start to be about your opponents fashion sense? and these fools are over here encouraging him talking about he killed Jay! No, Nas killed Jay. Cam recycled Ether and added in his own fictional reasons for being mad.

    then on top of that, here’s a quote from Cam’s press conference the other day:

    “My album doesn’t come out until April, why would I do it now, we’re wearing furs now [in the winter], when my album comes out we’ll be wearing shorts and sandals.”

  21. sky Says:

    Let’s use periods and commas next time. Your comment was all over the place….(Don’t take that personal:JOKE)Anyhow I understand what you’re saying but you just said it yourself, Jay and Cam have had tension for years. Way before all this shit. So I think your getting my comment confused. I’m not saying the whole concert was to get at Dip set, and truthfully I don’t even like Dipset, but what I am saying is Cam has every right to get at Jay if he likes, regardless of whatever.(whether it being a stunt, to sell records, promote, diss,…you get the picture)

  22. FriscoNish Says:

    speak the truth, eskay!!!


    eskay my dude like i said to you on the other thread i just found this site and my man eskay has been on point from everything i heard from him all im saying is cam biggest things he said was a) he stole from dame ( not from cam but from another dude) he stabbed un 8 years ago over charli blatimore ( what is this 8th grade? ) he is 37 42 and 38 ( somehow cam claimed hov was all 3 of these ages damn boy must be god ) then he ugly , who the fuck cares your a man you shouldnt be concerned about how another man looks and then you get on him for rockin open toe sandals with jeans i mean a) who cares what he rocks he is hov he built hov he can rock what he wants b) look at your clown ass pink panther motherfucker and beyond that dude shows up to the press conference to clown jay and his clothes in a bright red fur with fucking crazy pajama pants and to top it off the boy is rocking cockawear boxers which is shown as he is glorifying and boasting about his bullet holes cams a clown just let me count the ways

  24. willyjsimmons Says:

    ‘boasting about his bullet holes cams a clown just let me count the ways’

    He was ASKED about the shooting, which led to him showing the wound.
    He was ASKED about Beyonce, which led to his comments about Charli.
    (He said that to imply that Jay-Z is STILL in love with Charli, and not Beyonce)

    And the BIGGEST thing he said was that dude who shot him flashed the roc sign at him.

    Whether that’s true or not, we’ll NEVER know.

    Just like we’ll NEVER know if BIG and Puffy knew who shot 2pac.


    camron i mean willyjsimmons yea sure he answered those questions but dont you understand he forced those question to be asked with his diss record and then haveing a FUCKING PRESS CONFERENCE TO EXPLAIN IT ALL, he set it up to talk about all that shit weather he just said it ( which is what he orignally did wit the song and how does cam know if hov still loves charli baltimore he doesnt chill with hov never has cam dont know about beyonce’s head game either maybe hovs got the master he defintely got the bootylicious and i dont think any dude would choose charli baltimore over her )

    and even if dudes did flash the sign before the shots than thats even worse for cam because he is holding a press conference to insinuate that jay had him shot thats called snitching motherfuckers blast 50 all day for shit but i aint never heard 50 say some shit that blatant on record cam straight up pointed the finger at hov for the shooting so now cam is a clown/rat

  26. eskay Says:

    >>(He said that to imply that Jay-Z is STILL in love with Charli, and not Beyonce)

    does anybody, Cam included really believe that? have you seen Jay’s wifey?

    >>And the BIGGEST thing he said was that dude who shot him flashed the roc sign at him.

    >>Whether that’s true or not, we’ll NEVER know.

    I can tell you right now that shit ain’t true. shit, I hope it ain’t true and Cam is out there putting it on records.

  27. caramel_dlux Says:


  28. Demiks Says:

    Tyrone Biggums, Cam said “the diamond was thrown up before the shots were fired,” 50 said NAMES.

    50’s dick, hop off it, fuckin stanley. Why would you even say 50’s name? So you can make Curtis look better while trying to make someone else look worse?

  29. So? Says:

    Cam can barely speak, never mind rap. Jay killed him with some telepathic shit. Not a word spoken on wax. One thing I am curious about is why no one gives a fuck about sneaky ass Dame… He’s all up in this shit like a spurned housewife. Harlems finest reduced to this???

    Damn Harlem I feel your pain… In all this mess you know who I really, really feel sorry for. Fuck Dame, Jim Jones, Jr Writer, Juelz and the rest of the kids. You know who I really sorry for? Barney. Thats right. Barney the motherfucking dinosaur! Barney be like “Dayum dog why we gotta go out like that? Sheeeit now I gotta go get me a new colour. Umm anybody got a spray can” LOL

    All you Dipset fans need to go back to Community College and get your learn on. Its funny but you can work out the Cam stans ( or should that be cum stains?) by the lack of intellect.

    Oh yea I know one of you fools will be on here trying to clown me. So??? No one can hear you scream in cyberspace bitchs. Go do something useful like listen to ‘Imaginary Player’…

    You know nothing about real hip-hop. You prolly know lots about slanging and banging. Nah? prolly not. Go hire ‘Paid in Full’ or cop that ‘Queens Reigns’ ish and learn some gangster by numbers to go with ya boys rapping by numbers. Anyway kids, repeat after me ‘Ronni, mo, ronnie, bo, where ronnie? er um Dame I dunno?’. Its Barney season kids.

  30. bman Says:

    Camerron’s a fag. He probably fucking with 50cent. They created a new diseas worse than aids that give snitching virus. It makes you go loco and delurious and attack legends. JayZ gave life to cameron. Period. He should respect him like Em respects Dr.DRE. These two punks(rookies in the game) will probably diss God up in heaven,Show’s howmuch their stupid.
    I deal with niggas like them all day who try to create beef with you so people think they equal to you. Let it be known Jay-Z and AZ are Generals compared to cameron the moron & 50pennies. “The realest be seeing threw their design like blind furry”. They ain’t fooling nobody!
    Bonus: Cameron arranged his “shooting” in DC!
    just to get more credibility,how pityful.HaHa!
    It was suspect from the beginning.

  31. bman Says:

    Straigh up dame be the one behind most of the bullshit. He’s straigh up hypocrite. Dealing with his emotions like bitches.
    And Jay truly killed Camron the Moron in a simple statement. That’s core!


    dimikes : dont ever evr accuse me a being a g-unit fan ever again. i hat 50 i think he is destroying hip-hop and he has no respect or loyalty to the ones that helped him and the ones that came before him. 50 said some slick shit on record certain people would know ( which is still fucked up ) but cam straight up insinuated that hov had him shot on a record he help a press conference for, did 50 hold a press conference to announce hommo was the who shot him? no i hate 50 and cam but i can actually respect 50’s grind a little more i mean atleast he has that buisness side down cam is just a striaght up clown, ( like az said ” 50 i see what your your doing
    i respect your scam )

  33. willyjsimmons Says:

    to eskay and tyronebiggums…..

    The truth of the matter is, NONE OF US really know what went down in DC.

    That’s my point.

    (ofcourse you’ll respond with some more internet logic and rumor, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate.)

  34. 313 Dboy Says:

    Jay-z nigga you ain’t smoove
    Like he to good
    If you ask me dat nigga a Biaaitch!
    Everybody is on Jay-Z nuts
    F dat my mothaF***er

  35. tray Says:

    Cameron staged his shooting in DC! It’s all about the benjamins.

  36. dipset420 Says:

    cam is more lyricl than jay any day of the week bitches,shht j.r writer will eat up srrry ass washed up assss line biting faget gay z
    and by the way fukk g unit they are the worse group in rap history.

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