Diddy In New Publishing Dispute


Well well, would you look at this. Diddy is involved in another publishing dispute. A group that includes some of the industry’s most well known and respected producers are about to take your boy to court over unpaid publishing royalties.

From AHH

Producers Clark Kent, Easy Moe Bee, Lord Finesse and others are planning to file the suit against Combs, with some of the producers claiming they haven’t seen royalty statements or received payment in upwards of 10 years.

Buckwild, Carlos Broady, The Hitmen, Loon, Craig Mack, Angela Winbush and others are among the producers seeking unpaid royalties from Bad Boy Entertainment, according to a press release issued by representatives for Easy Moe Bee.

Nobody should be surprised by this. Diddy has built his legacy on the backs of his artists since day one, leaving in his wake more disgruntled former employees than Enron. Although the nature of this beef differs from the LOX publishing dispute, I’m interested to hear the opinions of those people who were so quick to side with him in that case. Sure, this doesn’t change the fact that Jada, Styles, and Sheek made some awful business decisions, but it does confirm Diddy’s sheistiness.

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15 Responses to “Diddy In New Publishing Dispute”

  1. Demiks Says:

    Diddy is a “paper gangster” like Styles said.

    If he didn’t rob his artists, he would only be semi-rich.

  2. Cyrus K. Says:

    this piece of shit diddy.. why do ppl respect him.. he cant rap, he cant dress… he just throws parties.. sean john is ugly regardless of waht u say.. whats the point of rapping and being featured on tracks if every track u pay off ghostwriters.. look at all the artists hes lost.. any one who signs with him is bound to realize that their careers arent going anywhere.. and either leaves or stays on for some reason.. look at kim, mase, 112, faith evans, the lox, wtv i dont need to continue u get it (the ones that stayed: loon, g dep, black rob and the rest of the bad boys realized going anywhere else they wouldnt even get signed because of how weak they are… so they stay on for the joy ride) this guy finds good acts, screws them over.. adn wen they wanna leave, lets them leaved.. btu they remain scarred forever

  3. dCs Says:

    sometimes, i didnt know if he was a smart business of a fucking theif. its about 20/80 in favor of the fucking theif now, in my mind.

  4. G Off Says:

    Loon must not be expecting to release any material on Bad Boy if he is going to join a lawsuit against Diddy.

    Let’s hear the facts before we jump to conclusions though.

  5. Zyce Says:

    Why hasn’t anyone shot this dude?

  6. Raymond Chiu Says:

    i hope he gets what he deserves

  7. Demiks Says:

    This is off topic, but I saw a commercial for XXL magazine, and they called their CD, “The greatest hip-hop compilation ever made.”

    With Puff coming back and a CD with old Memphis Bleek, Trick Daddy, and recycled Lloyd Banks tracks being called “The greatest … ever made,” some people have some bad judgement. Damn!

  8. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  9. eskay Says:

    which one, the one over at AllHipHop?

  10. Joy Says:

    [sarcasm] Puffy robbing people?? OMG I’m shocked!![/sarcasm]

    All I’n gonna say is….Karma’s a mothafuckka. Puffy better get ready cause one day it will all fall down, and when it does, it’s gonna be ugly.

  11. calichick Says:

    Puff is not going to get off that easy on this one. Easy Moe Bee…homeboy laced Biggie’s first album. Puff better those people.

  12. FriscoNish Says:

    This SHINY SUIT ASS NIGGA!!! Puff been a crook, that’s all there is to it. This man will do anything to get ahead, and that’s weak. This dude has fucked over hella people throughout his career. What goes around comes around, especially in the industry; this nigga got it coming. Oneday that Puff gonna do that shady shit to the wrong nigga…

  13. KingML Says:

    I’d do the same shit if I knew I could get away with it, if you’re dumb enough to wait 10 years before getting paid you’re dumb enough to not know there’s a statute of limitation on how long before you can’t prosecute someone in court for it.

    So chances are Puffy said “Eat shit.”

    Say what you want about Puff, sure he’s a bad rapper, sure he sucks at life, but he still is getting richer than most cats out there, and not getting shot up doing it, or even rapping anymore.

    So props to Puff for making cash even if its sleazy as fuck, but thats what its like when you become white and make a weak TV show where people get you pie and shit.

  14. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ good point.

  15. Demiks Says:

    How can you agree that Puff is dishonest, greedy, and makes money off of other peoples work… Then commend the man.

    PS: Not pie, cheesecake.

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