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Kanye Will Be Joining Mase…


…in hell! Nah, but seriously, I think ‘Ye is good ‘cuz he built up some afterlife credit with the whole Jesus Walks thing. Plus he never claimed he was a man of God, then switched sides to Satan’s team.

(Props to NR reader G Off for the tip)

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Edit: Apparently Dlisted and Fresh have quotes from the article.

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25 Responses to “Kanye Will Be Joining Mase…”

  1. triple-w Says:

    what issue is this from?

  2. eskay Says:

    the new one.

  3. T Nelson Says:

    im not a real religious person but i got a prob with niggas portraying a christ-like figure given the shyt they rap about

  4. dCs Says:

    i have to agree with t nelson there, man. like i understand people sin and shit, and you can be a church-going person even if youre killin people and sellin drugs, or even just rappin aobut it. ‘Ye doesnt really do much of that, but he aint christ-like in any way. neither is mase. christ was never as arrogant as kanye is…

    but ill still listen to his music

  5. triple-w Says:

    yea … but at the same time people have to realize that Christ was not the first, last or only person to be curcified.

  6. e dubbs Says:

    I dont really have a problem with it. It almost makes sense because Kanye is often crucified for the stuff he says.. I got more of a problem with the pictures of a blue eyed jesus that are sold in stores everyday.

  7. Harl4U Says:


    How opinions change when its a artist you like.

  8. le brit Says:

    the new jesus piece…

    a crown of thorns

    >>>>yea … but at the same time people have to realize that Christ was not the first, last or only person to be curcified.>>>>”christ was never as arrogant as kanye is…”

  9. KingML Says:

    What the fuck, first that mixtape the other day where he’s an Angel and now he’s Jesus.

    Yeah buddy you sure represent a sacrificial figure who prided himself on not allowing material goods to interfere with his faith.

    Yeah cause your millions of cds you sold Kanye, you give all that money to charity, give me a break, saying Kanye is a Jesus type figure is bullshit, he’s more like the Judas to everyone who wants to make a song that doesn’t rely on catchy oversampled shit.

  10. KingML Says:

    And a reply to the person who said “yea … but at the same time people have to realize that Christ was not the first, last or only person to be crucified”

    It’s obvious that they aren’t portratying Kanye as one of the lesser known crucifications, as he is wearing the Crown of Thorns, something symbolic to Jesus.

    I’m surprised they didn’t change Kanyes eyes to blue for this shot tho. haha.

  11. yeahisaidit Says:

    …as an artist though it is a figurative interpretation not so much a literal one…shit like ironic interpretation, expressionistic representation or artistic license seem to be immediately misinterpreted when it comes to rappers…it can be so annoying especially since hip hop culture is so immense after over a quarter of a decade of growth and prominence having grown into a global arbiter of countless varieties of trends, innovations and styles. this phenomenon does not betray the music’s roots but is a direct result of how potent the seed of the seminal rhythms and rhymes were from the beginning. to recognize this perspective clarifies the tendency for many of these rap artists to go boldly where many never thought they might or should go, love ’em or hate ’em, at least recognize! hip hop know no bounds, it’s always the next movement…

  12. Curt McGirt Says:

    Will Jesus sue for identity theft? Well… perhaps Kanye was just sampling him.

  13. posta child Says:

    Its shock value. Pissing parents/people of will drive people/kids to buy a cd because they are not supposed to. Its being taboo has guarantee sales. I learned this young with 2 Live Crew. They were doing ok. When perents, and the like, found out about them and insisting they even be banned I swear every person thet I came across had a copy of their album. This fucked up way of thinking is the american way.

  14. T-Money Bags Says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ!

  15. Joy Says:

    What KingML said.

  16. Jaywu Says:

    What Posta Chid said

  17. hav Says:

    how do you rack up afterlife credit when you didnt even write the track let alone half the joints on your new album and you ghost produce?

  18. Luis Says:

    uhhh can you say “BLASPHEMY”?!

  19. Sugasmakin Says:

    I don’t care how you put it, it ain’t right!!! Using Jesus to to get more buzz, pub or shock value is not an artistic expression nor a figurative interpretation, it’s wrong. Jesus never applaued arrogance, vanity or narcissitic behavior. He should have been pictured salvating over hisself in a mirror!!

  20. tay Says:

    This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another reason y i am not a fan!!! This cover is ridiculous

  21. youngkeyz Says:

    kanye’s gone too far.

  22. 313rd Says:

    what rapper isn’t arrogant as hell?! Why do people throw that up in his face likes that something damn near every rap artist has going for him? thats like saying Kanye alright but he look black! All them niggaz is black and arrogant. I’d bet shit would be cool if he was reppin for y’all individual hood or block but he’s one of the few that tries to represent the positive side of black folks no matter where you from. But we choose to show Young Jeezy more support. Yeah, Jeezy is better for the art form and for our culture?! Folks need to check themselves. But I’m with e dubb, I’m more offended by the blonde hair, blue eyed representation of Jesus they’ve been trying to shove down my throat my whole life. There shouldn’t be one black person with a problem with this cover if y’all ain’t say shit about the passion of the christ. It wasn’t a person of color in that whole damn movie and that nigga broke the bank!

  23. eskay Says:

    I couldn’t care less. I was raised Muslim and I’ve since renounced organized religion, so to see people get worked up over stuff like this just kills me.

  24. caramel_dlux Says:


  25. $!X Says:

    Ya’ll Can Be Some Real Assholes. So It’s Ok For Actors[Who Are Also Sinners] To Portray Jesus, But Not A Rapper/Producer. Everyone Swears Kayne, Mase, Pac, & Nas Are Going 2 Hell 4 Portraying Jesus…Sounds Like Ya’ll Are Trying 2 Be Judge, Jury, & Executioner. And Whoever Said You’d Rather See Kayne Portray Jesus Than The Blue Eyed White Guys, You Sound Like A Racist. Grow Up People. We All Getting Judged One Day. For Ever Last Sin. Look Inward Not Outward.

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