Clinton Sparks & Kanye West – Touch the Sky


There’s been alot of buzz around the internet over this mixtape lately so I figured I’d up it. Now, this isn’t the best copy because the mp3’s aren’t tagged and the quality isn’t the best (although it’s definitely listenable). Of course your boy will up a better copy when he finds one. From what I’ve heard so far, it sounds pretty hot.

1 – Clinton Sparks Intro
2 – Kanye West Intro – Coronation [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
3 – Kanye West, Bump J & Sly Polaroid – Freestyle
4 – Pharrell & N.O.R.E – Yeah Nigga [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
5 – Busta Rhymes feat. Dr. Dre – Look Who [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
6 – D-Block feat. Sheek, Styles P & Jae Hood – Take Everything [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
7 – Diddy & Notorious B.I.G – Welcome To Bad Boy [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
8 – Kanye West – So Offensive [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
9 – Freeway feat. Jay-Z – R.O.C. Too Strong [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
10 – Notorious B.I.G – Rap Phenomenon Pt. II [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
11 – Lil’ Kim – Get Touched [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
12 – Kanye West – Blow Your Mind [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
13 – Nas & Jay-Z – Twin Towers [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
14 – D-Block feat. Styles P – Ready To Dump [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
15 – Slim Thug – Round Here [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
16 – D-Block feat. Sheek Louch – Set It Off [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
17 – Alicia Keys (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 with Clinton Sparks)
18 – Ludacris & Shawnna – He Said, She Said [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
19 – Mike Jones & Slim Thug – H-Town [prod. by Tombstone & Clinton Sparks]
20 – N.O.R.E feat. Pharrell – Watch Me Now [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
21 – Kanye West – Sophomore Slump (Interlude)
22 – Busta Rhymes feat. Pharrell – Followers [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
23 – Q-Tip – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 With Clinton Sparks)
24 – Kardinal Offishall – GFN [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
25 – Kanye West & Busta Rhymes – Love To Hate [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
26 – Peedi Crakk & Young Chris – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45) [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
27 – Papoose – Freestyle
28 – Remy Ma – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 With Clinton Sparks)
29 – Bossman – Untouchable [prod. by Clinton Sparks] (Baltimore)
30 – L.T. – Rain When Its Hot (Boston)
31 – Kanye West Outro
32 – SmashTime Radio // Get Familiar
33 – Edison Chen – Get Familiar Freestyle (CLOT, Hong Kong)
34 – Sway – No Doe, No Show (UK)  

Clinton Sparks & Kanye West – Touch the Sky

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12 Responses to “Clinton Sparks & Kanye West – Touch the Sky”

  1. KingML Says:

    Now Kanye thinks hes an angel, how touching.

    the mix tape had everybody. but the best tracks were either Track 25 with Kanye and Busta, or the Pharrell and NORE tracks.

    anyways pretty good stuff.

  2. Luis Says:


  3. Luis Says:

    p.s. where’s the hate assholes? where’s the hate? Kanye posing as a fucking angel BUT when someone poses as a crucified prophet ESPECIALLY if the dude is from the G-UNIT camp EVERYONE HATES… where’s the hate now bitches???????!!!!

  4. eskay Says:

    ^ lol @ Luis. I think an angel is a little less offensive than Jesus, but me personally I couldn’t give two shits. dress up like the damn Pope for all I care.

  5. Luis Says:

    ^ yo eskay…….you’re right…..BUT DAMN dudes just love hating lol…..peace!

  6. Luis Says:

    p.s. “dress up like a pope” hahahaha

  7. cpt-blood Says:

    dude this some hot sh*t, real mixtape 4.5 mics

  8. SK Says:

    haaaaaaaa mayne kanye’s talented. nigga dressin up like jesus? i gotta be drunk.

  9. Gerry Says:

    Hi I can’t open this mixtape what media player do I need to play this!

  10. eskay Says:

    any player should do dog, they’re mp3’s. but you’re gonna need Winrar to unzip the file.

  11. sparky Says:

    How do i get the file? i clicked on the link and megaupload just fucks about! do u need top be a premium member?

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