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Lord Finesse On The Underground Railroad


Jay Smooth over at Hiphopmusic.com has posted some great flicks and 2 hours of audio of a recent visit by the legendary Lord Finesse to WBAI’s Underground Railroad show. There goes my Wednesday night. Anybody who knows me knows Finesse is one of my all time favorite M.C.’s and he holds a permanent spot on my top 5 dead or alive list. Alot of you youngin’s are probably wondering what I’m talking about and who this old man is. What can I tell you other than, put down that Jeezy CD and step your rap game up.

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8 Responses to “Lord Finesse On The Underground Railroad”

  1. ladytee Says:


  2. T Nelson Says:

    is finesse still on the producing circut its been a while since i heard anything about him producing something he def is one of the most underrated

  3. eskay Says:

    ladytee: damn you brought it back, check it:


  4. Rizoh Says:

    Niice. Thanks for looking out.

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    Can we just get a LF album dammit..

    “Hit like Foreman when I’m brawlin’
    those that think I’m fallin
    I’ll play ya monkey ass like an organ” -LF

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    By the way, why does dude in the background look like a ghetto Bill Cosby?

  7. mofo Says:

    lmao @ ghetto bill cosby

  8. Shawamar Says:

    Its the L-O-R-D F -I N-E Double S-E!!! What..This is my cat from way back, Army coats and tims all day. Wassup with DITC, Showbiz & AG, OC, PREEMO…To hell with these young cats, they got radio, we got tapes, and I aint even old, just real…He needs to atleast keep producing, sumthin’

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