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Dave Mays, Source Editor-in-Chief ?


Somebody has to help me out with this one, because this just doesn’t make any damn sense. Didn’t this guy just narrowly escape getting thrown out of the building on his ass? (Of course when I say "building" I mean it figuratively considering the Source now holds the title of The World’s First Homeless Magazine). Now, AHH reports that Mays has fired Dasun Allah and assumed the EIC position himself? How is that even possible? Wow what’s next, Benzino: Chief Brand Executive? Oh wait…

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4 Responses to “Dave Mays, Source Editor-in-Chief ?”

  1. Rizz Says:

    “all it do is make you a fag with money like little richard”
    oh wait that line doesnt apply they cant be that rich when they dont ahve a building
    so its just the fag part

  2. Spliff Huxtable Says:

    How many Source Staffers does it take to screw in an office light bulb?

    Two. One to change the bulb and one ot hold open the car door to turn the light on.

    “World first homeless magazine.” – 10/10

  3. KingML Says:

    Does anyone read the Source or are people just interested in the terrible soap opera drama of the Mays-Benzino issue?

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