Aaron McGruder on Nightline


3030Media.net has video of Aaron McGruder’s appearence on Nightline the other night. The subject was the controversial MLK Jr. episode.

Video: Aaron McGruder on Nightline: 

Windws Media 


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11 Responses to “Aaron McGruder on Nightline”

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    […] lf, Aaron McGruder, explaining the who/what/when/where why of the whole affair. [Hat tip: Nah Right] This entry was posted on Tues […]

  2. Ill will Says:

    Dude is a horrible speaker

  3. doc Says:

    @ill will is he really a bad speaker…i expected otherwise.

  4. T Nelson Says:

    I like dude he has a medium and he saying thought provoking things whether they are popular things to say love it or hate u gotta respect it i luv the show eventhough i think they going to pull the plug on that shyt

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ of course they will pull the plug on it.. it has the potential to make young black men and women rethink all the negative stereo types that we happen to reinforce everyday without even realizing it.

  6. Ruthie Says:

    I want to know when Cynthia McFuckingFadden became black? And I want to know who she thinks she is questioning folks about shit that aint none of her motherfucking business.

  7. ByronCrawford.com Says:

    Aaron McGruder = Bill Cosby?

    So this weekend, just in time for the holiday, the Cartoon Network aired a controversial episode of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks in which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. awakens from a coma in 2006 and calls a group of

  8. Mixed Media Watch - tracking media representations of mixed people » Blog Archive » Aaron McGruder = Bill Cosby? Says:

    […] Cosby smile. You can view a video of McGruder discussing the MLK episode on Nightline at Nah Right. This entry was posted on Wedn […]

  9. TJ Says:

    I saw the episode. The n-word is commonly used on that show, so I sort of braced myself. It was a sad commentary on the state of America in general and African America in particular, but I thought it was well put together. Aaron McGruder doesn’t strike me as a good or bad speaker, he just speaks very plainly about his views. At least that’s what I have perceived from his interviews.

  10. zimelela.net » Ex Post Fact, part 2 Says:

    […] Race , TV 

    And this is why I love Aaron McGruder.


  11. jssmndza Says:

    you gotta love aaron mcgruder’s “the boondocks” it is just what the public needs. i think its amazingly creative how he uses Huey Freeman as a tool to speak out against the government. His views have got me thinking about getting more into politics and making a difference in my community. Hey call it what you want but whether you like it or not the world needs a controversial show like “The Boodocks” PEACE OUT!

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