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The End of The Source as We Know It?


Yesterday Dave Mays and Ray "Benzino" Scott obtained a restraining order against their own board of directors in a last ditch effort to save their jobs at the embattled "Bible of Hip Hop." The NY post reports that the two corporate thugs had been given 48 hours to show up at a special board meeting where the final axe was to fall. Mays, apparently still in denial, is quoted as saying: "They can want to do that all they want, but it’s not happening" and describing his partners whereabouts as ‘top secret’. These guys are incredible. Somebody needs to explain to them that they’re not holding down a block, and street rules don’t apply here. When the bosses want you off the strip in the real world, no amount of guns and goons can save you.

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21 Responses to “The End of The Source as We Know It?”

  1. Bird Says:

    Uh oh. Looks like they goin down for sure. I hope they are not spending money to fight this appears to be a done deal. Awww.

  2. babyGirlCA Says:

    Karma is a bitch… I started boycotting the Source with that whole war on the Aftermath-slash crowd ( Aftermath/Shady, Aftermath/G-Unit ) e.t.c.

    I really need Benzino to be completely wiped out from hiphop ENTIRELY and then erased from our collective memories.

  3. Ves Says:

    AH HA!!!

  4. Luis Says:

    lmfao……the SAUCE a.k.a. the Bible of Pastas is done!!!!

  5. J F Says:

    sad… just sad… the source mag used to be my favorite and my only source…

  6. P-Matik Says:

    Well, that’s basically why they are where they are now. Benzino’s hugging-the-block-pseudo-gangsta-fuck-going-to-college-middle-finger-to-the-world tactics just overran Dave’s Harvard “sensibility”. Even after BE totally assumes control, it may get a little better but somehow I doubt it. Unless the old Mind Squad gets together to return to the fold. (Hmmmmmm…….I wonder…..)

  7. Spliff Huxtable Says:


    How bad must it be to be Dave Mays right now? Way to lose what once was the “bible of hip-hop” to a talentless hack like Ray Benzino.

    Thanks to Eskay for showing love to my site…I linked you up homes, good work on this page!

    (Any one want free dope instrumentals? Come on by to http://www.spliffhuxtable.com)

  8. doc Says:

    im really ready for the mag to wrap up for real. that damn mag war/beef/bullshit gotta stop.

  9. Rizz Says:

    im surprised DEEZ NUTs isnt on here going crazy calling zino a cracker

  10. Locstar Says:

    Whehehe: ” Somebody needs to explain to them that they’re not holding down a block, and street rules don’t apply here. When the bosses want you off the strip in the real world, no amount of guns and goons can save you.”

    Maybe Eminem coverstory can save them……

  11. e-dubbs Says:

    good riddens.. although I can say The Source gave us our first taste of white on white crime.. (mays vs matthews)

  12. D- Says:

    “All though we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go.” You know those fools are somewhere humming this tune. All I can say is, it’s about time.

  13. KingML Says:

    Mays should have been gone years ago, how many editors did they have to lose and how much bad shit had to be in the press before someone finally stood up and tried to reclaim the Source from those sorry assholes Benzino and Mays?

    I am just sickened that the image was tarnished and NEVER will the Source be the same again nor will it have the same appeal.

    Fuck Benzino and Fuck Mays for being a bitch.


  14. T Nelson Says:

    Yo Esk I was just talking to man that works for sony he was telling me that there is a rumor going around that Jimmy Iovine is actually a silent silent partner at XXL wanted to know if u came across anything about that

  15. DetroitDexterDiplomat Says:

    Fuck BenzHO

  16. NinaMo Says:

    I’m glad they are coming to an end. They ruined our true “source” on how we use to judge LPs. They’d give anyone 5 mics now. On top of it all that cat Benzino is straight up wack. …. Eff dat cat!

  17. Rizz Says:

    haha all these people remind me of the lyric
    “i said f*** benzino and got the cover of the source,feel me?”
    maybe eskay will get the cover haha

  18. eskay Says:

    T Nelson, the XXL/Interscope question was a big subject on blogs last year. Elliot Wilson actually reached out to a number of people in the blog community not too long ago and did several interviews in which this subject repeatedly came up. EW’s explanation for the seemingly endless G-Unit feature stories and covers in XXL, is that they sell magazines. point blank. I’ll admit that I was suspicious of the preferential treament Interscope seemed to be getting, but realistically I think the ‘silent partner’ theory is a little too X-Files to be taken seriously. I just don’t see how a relationship like that could go on for very long without eventually being exposed and causing grief for both parties.



  19. mimi Says:

    good. they should have gotten shut down the minute benzino got more than 1 mic for his albums

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  21. REAL CRIPPIN Says:

    fucc benziho and dave for getting punked out of hiz mag fucc them for not shining more lite on the west and for giving lil kim 5 mics her shit was on time but we stop puttin are lighters up right after her cell door closed xxl please stand up you are the true champs oh yeah for the record ziho cant rap booty booty

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