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The Boondocks Episode 9 – Return of the King


Man, Bill Cosby is gonna be pissed when he sees this. Here’s the special, Martin Luther King Jr. episode of the Boondocks that is scheduled to air this Sunday. In this installment, Huey imagines that Dr. King survived his 1968 assasination and fell into a coma, eventually waking up in the year 2000, just days before Election day. Of course, the legendary activist and champion of voter’s rights, is unable to vote after being turned away because of ‘voting irregularities.’ Hilarity ensues.

The Boondocks Episode 9 Pt. 1

The Boondocks Episode 9 Pt. 2

(These are Windows Media streams by the way.)

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30 Responses to “The Boondocks Episode 9 – Return of the King”

  1. Jay Smooth Says:

    Hmm.. some funny stuff, and i gotta give them points for audacity, but not sure how i felt about that overall..

  2. ET Says:

    Why would Bill Cosby be mad, it was a great episode that basically showed everything that is wrong with the black community. The episode showed everything that todays people think is positive but is really negative, and when you watch this episode it shows all the dumb shit we do today, and that goes towards all races.

    The episode showed that we are Free, but at the same time we are not doing anything with that freedom.

  3. Rizz Says:

    i think the sad thing is martin luther king didnt get a chance to stop gangs like he was starting to do before he died
    everyone respected him and maybe the hood wouldnt be so bad if he wouldve gotten the chance but theres always the one person who cant live with peace who has to kill the great

  4. Demiks Says:

    You can download streams with this http://sdp.ppona.com/

    I’m saving the ep before I watch it.

  5. NB Hustla Says:

    Wut is this? I cant c it cus i liv in Canada!Wtf

  6. Latoya. L Says:

    Thanx for that link, the episode was hilarious. It makes u think about the state of the black culture and black people in general…Luv ur site by the way!

  7. P-Matik Says:

    That’s the whole point of Boondocks anyway. MacGruder might be “nigga” happy but someone has to make us hold up a mirror to ourselves by airing us out on television and/or print. Mad respect to him.

  8. KingML Says:

    What a waste of fucking time. I’d rather see a cartoon called Martin Luther King JR Alternate Universes where he was white.

  9. AtoZ Says:

    the truth… boondocks

  10. gogol Says:

    Thank you Jane Knowles (and A Rodgers for providing the opening thread) or I probably would have not seen this. Art, Poetry, Philosophy, History –alternate History — wistfullness. How much Dr. King reminded American whites to return to our own decent roots. It aches.

    Even with the mythilogical returning DR. King who expatriates to Canada (Oh, Canada!) it makes it clear that cleaning up our Imperial and personal mess is up to us here at home. By ourselves. Here. Now.

    It’s not a color issue.

    It’s an American moral and value issue.

    Thanks Boondocks.

    Thanks, Jane.

  11. Demiks Says:

    “She stole my thunder!”

    Robert Freeman was sitting on the front of the bus with Rosa Parks, that was classic.

  12. T Nelson Says:

    Caught the episode last nite CLASSIC SHYT

  13. jordanese Says:

    Loved it!!!!Made a huge cultural statement

  14. Shawn Says:

    I was offended when I first started watching it, but I continued watching it anyway and I’m glad I did.

  15. Demiks Says:

    I seriously wasn’t liking the show after episode 4, but this episode was the best yet. When Huey jumped that guy who was asking MLK to say he loves his country, then it went to “Please stand by,” I couldn’t stop laughing. But the shit near the beggining like “Oh shit! My nigga MLK!” I wasn’t liking.

  16. mimi Says:

    the show is funny, but it makes you think a little. big shouts out to the creator of the boondocks. i was watching a show and he isn’t older than 32. good to see a young brother with some sense.

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  20. A. Nicole Says:

    This is the funniest episode of all time. Bill Cosby probably loved it. I’m a teacher and not only did I laugh until I was in tears, but the episode was the truth.

  21. Tiffany Says:

    This was the best episode of damn near anything I’ve seen in recent history. Mcgruder is using comedy to get to the truth. He is bold, sharp, observant and extremely intelligent. Regardless as to what anyone says Mcgruder clearly loves his people, moreso than these Hip Hop “artists”, Bob Johnson, and certainly more than the media. Black Americans are not utilizing their potential; we would rather sit on our asses and be entertained. Mcgruder recognizes this and is compelled to bring it out into the light despite his critics. BRAVO!

  22. Llanos Says:

    I’m gonna marry McGrunder one day. :) I’m also a political black artist.

  23. qwest_ion Says:

    McGruder is brilliant. sometimes we as black people need to see something on tv to realize it’s actually “true” (a medium controled by white people and then say “don’t trust the white people. i think the character Huey isn’t a black extremist ass some people think he is the evolution that black people in america need to make. we say where are our leaders: i’m almost positive their not making music videos about being trapped in a closet.

  24. Jack Da Ripper Says:


  25. Mark Says:

    What the name of that song when Riley and MLK step in the car then they talk about spreading news back in the day cany any 1 help me?

  26. Skyllar Vue Says:

    hey well boondocks is raw heuy relates to me so much and riley is a crazy kid well that one donut 1 pound burger is that really possible to make

  27. Skyllar Vue Says:

    and also i wanted to say how did yah think of all the deep stuff heuy says

  28. jssmndza Says:

    Like it or not McGruder is starting something substantial with the youth. After i bought the dvd, my family started to ask me questions about politics and what McGruder is saying through “The Boondocks” His satire is nothing more that masterful and the MLK episode is exactly what the black people needs to hear. Im telling you this is more than just funny cartoon; this is the start of what could be “The Revolution” or at least a new political party.

  29. poo poo head Says:


  30. Musicman Says:

    Mark- the song the Huey and MLK talk about getting the word out is called : Wishing – Edo G and Pete Rock ft. Masta Ace


    if the boodocks offends you, then you are issue not the cartoon. there is no misrepresentation of the truth in McGruder’s Satire, he is perhaps the only comic to portray “nigga culture” which is both a taboo subject and a real problem today’s black youth.

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