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J-Hood Loses House in Fire


I was reading this story about this fire in Yonkers (which is Nah Right Headquarters in case you don’t know), and I thought the name Joshua Hood sounded familiar. Well, my boy called me earlier to confirm that it was in fact J-Hood of D-Block whose house burned down. The fire apparently started when Hood’s moms left some pine tree leaves and shavings on their stove and they caught fire. Although she was responsible for the fire, the rappers mother later turned out to be the hero of the night when she ran back into the burning building and helped remove one of their neighbors kids. In all, 8 families lost their homes, but luckily nobody was seriously hurt. I’d like to send best wishes out to Hood, his moms, and everybody else who was affected, hopefully they can all get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Go here to watch Hood being interviewed by CBS.  

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42 Responses to “J-Hood Loses House in Fire”

  1. ET Says:

    Jada and the rest of the LOX, still got their Only artist living in a broken down apartment, come on thats Sad.

    Hopefully everything works out for him and his mom.

  2. Bol Says:

    Well, for what it’s worth, this guy might be the absolute worst of the so-called mixtape rappers.

  3. Demiks Says:

    >> Jada and the rest of the LOX, still got their Only artist living in a broken down apartment, come on thats Sad.

    Only artist? D-Block has more artists then The LOX and J-Hood. There’s 354 and Team Arliss.

    Hope those families can make it through. And when “Tales from the Hood” drops, J-Hood’s taking over.

  4. Chaka_Kahn Says:

    J-Hood has very small hands.

  5. LouBANG5 Says:


    my friend lost his life yesterday from a fire


  6. e-dubbs Says:

    Nothing worse than getting burned out of your home. Take my advice, get renters insurance (if you dont own your home) It will cost you less than $300 a year and you will have over 30,000 dollars worth of coverage for lost goods from fire, theft, vandalism, you name it.

    Glad to hear nobody was hurt, RIP to people mentioned by LouBANG5.

  7. Ill will Says:

    Man I been at work all day, but I gotta give it up, you killed it with this one.

  8. Ill will Says:

    Also, Jae Hood is far from the worst of the mixtape rappers. But that is fucked up he still lives in the hood, with his moms no less.

  9. doc Says:

    thats him? i was never sure how he looked….but yea, thats effed up. glad no one was killed as a result to it.

  10. Fresh Says:

    The fire apparently started when Hood’s moms left some pine tree leaves and shavings on their stove and they caught fire.

    The fuck?

  11. eskay Says:

    “One tenant — 48-year-old Barbara Hood – told the Journal News that she collected Christmas tree pine shavings and cones to boil for what she called a spiritual bath. She left them on her stove, and they caught fire.”

  12. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:

    I feel sorry 4 him. I Hope Jada put J in sheeks spot. Sheek is a fuckin’ BUM!
    I Heard his freestyle “50 Cent Gotta Die 2Night” He said “Basically what I’m sayin’ lil nigga iz U a bitch, and u would’nt bust a bubble if u was washin’ a dish” It was cool but not COOL ENOUGH! DROP A ALBUM AND STOP WAITIN’ ON SHEEK! GET CHA WEIGHT UP!

  13. thekid10705 Says:

    Es, funny stuff….I saw his interview on channel 12 the day it happened and I was Laughing to myself thinking it was J- Hood of D- Block…..Funny stuff, your always on point…..

  14. smlly Says:

    he will could rapported this history in TALES FROM THE HOOD the future album……maybe.
    D-BLOCK for real that’ s real like fire

  15. Takeitoutside Says:

    damn, that’s sad. Rappers gonna be punchlining like crazy

    “Cause i’m hot like the roof of J-Hood’s apartment”


  16. GGGGUNIT Says:

    J-hood sux im glad his house got burned down so yayo can go kill that muthafukka. he and d-block are complete wack yayo killed them they’ll nvr come back

  17. Demiks Says:

    ^ That wasn’t biased at all.

  18. SCAN DOLLARZ Says:



  19. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  20. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  21. mimi Says:

    if it’s true this is sad

  22. D-BLOCK Says:

    all ya’ll makin fun of this need to suck a dick..wha goes around comes around..n wha motherfucker said hes garbage..hes the best young lyrcist out there..so stop hatin u gay unit fags..D-BLOCK all day every day..hood keep ya head up…2 gunz up..1

  23. BKRepFlatbush Says:

    LOL @ y’all. Y”all must not know too much about the music business. Most rappers that you see in these expensive ass videos is broke as fuck. I mean the average transit worker bring shome more a year then the average Gold artist. J-Hood doesn’t even have a single video out, let alone an album and y’all expect him out of the hood. Delusional.

  24. Terry Barnes Says:

    A word up this is Tyoung from east Durham in, Nc, up and coming Artist, still in high School. Ayyo hood fuck them haters man, all them G-unit dick riders. You know D-block got you, and once that Tales from the Hood drop its a wrap, the game is took’n. Also drop another mixtape on that fagget ass 50 cent with his twisted ass grill, D-block 24/7 never gone stop.

  25. Tyoung Says:

    Ayyo this Tyoung again and i won’t to say, “Fuck G-Unit, them garbage ass, nursery rhyming ass, rich and bitch ass, garbage flowing ass niggahs. with all that money need to go to D-block and ask them can they borrow some lyrics and they’ll give some doe.” Deeeeeeee-Block”. Tyoung coming soon niggah.”

  26. fr4nk Says:

    Deeee Blockkkkkk

  27. MARIO Says:

    yo hoody keep ya head up u kilin them mixtapes once ur album drops its a renylds rap D-block

  28. MARIO Says:

    o yeah hood stripes is the hottest shit out u could make that ur album

  29. MARIO Says:

    its jae hood bitch remember the name i got gats that wil blow off a 5th of ur brain now lift up ur chain and then rock it like i bought it ya coke garbage my sniff be imported

  30. Tyoung Says:

    It’s Tyoung niggah, I’m back at the spot. It’s Durham niggah. Shout out to the hottest young lyricist Jae-hood.

    [jae hood]
    man listen you gone need a blood transition,
    a leave ya blood the color of anifreeze on ya transmition,
    I keep them hammers in my pocket, catch shots to ya nose,
    ya man young keep four burners like the top of the stove,
    I’m furture D-Block niggah respect my rhymes, or get fucked up,
    the gage is long enough for Yao Ming to use it for a crouch,
    Them Gay-Unit Bastard ain’t hitting on nothing,
    when they riding on a skate board is the only time they grinding and stunting,
    me I keep it real, you gotta problem, I spark a steel,
    send ya fronts out ya grill, and disrupt ya handsome appeal,
    so gay-unit, you better duck when them hallos squirt,
    ya man young in the hood with more stripes than a collar shirt, get at me

    ayyo hood keep ya head up,

  31. JODAY Says:

    hey im a white dude and i love d_block all the fuckin way g-unit bunch a gay fuckers i hear 50 takin the stand on gotti n ja dat aint fucked up what is…j-hood dat mutha fucka can flow stil think styles and jada the best ..ain’t nobody betta d_block fo life!!!!

  32. cmurdanigga Says:

    yo gggggunnit ur wack and ur hole team d block is where it is at yayo is garbage learn ur rap kid…..its j heezy fo sheezy ya betta be easy cuz this dessert eezy aint got a safety on it believe me……cracka

  33. slash Says:

    it sux, him with the rest of d block are all broke 4 ur info u dumb fucks, they were young n sgined there publishing over 2 diddy n amke no money for all there cd’s that go platinum, j hood is 1 of the best underground rappers out there and if it wasnt for the facts d block would be at the head of the game, with how lyrical kiss n j are with the flow of styles n sheek there crazy

  34. Squid Masta Says:

    yo….j hood..if u read this…..i love u man……fuck everyone…if u dont like j hood….go stick a 14 inch dildo up ur fuckin ass u fuckin faggots…..H. o.o. D with a J in the front, if you no me you no that i stay with a blunt…..nigga…..c murda..whats goody…soy sacue…..sauce money..j hood…i love u man..u my nigga….for life…..j heezy……..squit tactics april 7th..go cop that at barnes and nobles…..Itsjayhoodnigga

  35. killa cam Says:

    word son. this cat holds it down for the underground mixtapes. he was taking care of his mom and peeps gotta hate on a nigga. barbara hood should stop cooking with pine needles. I think Joshua Hood is one of the least hood names. Jae Hood on the other hand has a nice ring to it. hopefully they aren’t tryin to get that insurance paper, but if they are thats pretty gangsta. D-BLOCK 2 guns up…all them hard niggas they come from YONKERS u could get snuffed in the grill

  36. benn Says:

    niggas dont know shit about j hood, he livin in the ghetto cuz he choses too, hood love al lday

  37. noose Says:

    Fuck you, fuck ya man n fuck ya rimes, I got 2 gats, 2 hands lettin off 2 at a time! Fuck gunit they suck more dick then a base heads do crack pipes! Hood stay on ya grizzle u know wut it iz! Tell that kermit the frog sound-a-like faggit tony Gayo take 50’s cock outta his throat, fuckin bitches!!!! Wutttttupp!!!!! Dblock all day every day!!!! Canada represent!!

  38. From YO to VanC Says:

    It aint a grilled cheese when u see the toast in my lap im like a pair of new airwaves nigga i stay strapped!!! Maybe its becuase everythin hood spits iz fire and he was probably spittin so much fire tryin to burn the whole gunit down that the fire was so hot that it accidently caught his crib. i dunno thats my theory! Yo Hood keep rippin these lil faggits up man!! Wut the fuck iz gunit anymore man, i aint heard shitt for months except banks is gang green wack!! U got ganggreen on ya dick banks!!!! I rob Lloyd’s Bank!! Van City’s holdin u down hood!! DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BLLLLLLLLLOCK!!!!!

  39. dank Says:

    smoke weed

  40. B-Gunz Says:


  41. J Hood Situation Coming to Light « weapons of mass distraction Says:

    […] Take into consideration that this only his side of the story,  but it actually makes sense. Although, I still don’t mind hearing Sheek talking greasy to him. I didn’t know he lost everything in this… that’s a damn shame. Dude’s had a rough ride, non of us can really judge him or this situation. It hasn’t been very easy for Joshua just yet. I remember people couldn’t comprehend and still don’t understand (Flex) how such a little dude could be rolling with The L.O.X. That speaks volumes for his skills and/or what he could have been if his project was handled properly. […]

  42. HOOD HATER Says:

    Im glad this nigga lost his house. He scammed a buch of other rappers. Karma’s a bitch little hood.

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