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Cool C Faces Execution


80’s rap artist Cool C, once a member of Philly crew The Hilltop Hustlers, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on March 9th. The former rapper, whose real name is Christopher Rooney, was convicted in 1996 for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Lauretha Vaird and has sat on death row since. The shooting occured during a botched bank robbery attempt with longtime partner Steady B, who is currently serving life  for his role in the incident. Rooney is probably best known in hip hop circles for his 1987 track "Juice Crew dis" which took aim at Marley Marl’s legendary MC collective. 

Here in NY a recent string of police shootings has prompted the death penalty nuts to call for even heavier penalties for suspects convicted of violence against cops, bringing to light their absurd contention that the life of a police officer is somehow more valuable than that of black, latino, or white victims of police violence. In December officer Bryan Conroy, who was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of African immigrant Ousmane Zongo, walked away with a slap on the wrist sentence of 5 years probabtion and 500 hours of community service. Then people want to act like somebody is wrong when these racist, homicidal maniacs get clapped at. What I want to know is, where’s the death penalty for trigger happy scumbag cops?

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66 Responses to “Cool C Faces Execution”

  1. Tangie Says:

    You know that cops are above the law…Never will we see a cop get punished for killing a minority. Sad but true….

  2. doc Says:

    im young as hell…and not really a “hip hop head”….i dont even know who that is….does anyone have any songs on this group?

  3. e-dubbs Says:

    Here’s probably more known from the song “The Glamorous Life” than Juice Crew Dis. Steady B was well known for his single “Going Steady” and he did have a remix to a song which I can’t remember but featured KRS1.

  4. babyGirlCA Says:

    we need more killers on the police force, then maybe people would ackrite.

    I’m african for sure, I don’t condone what was done, but I don’t have the facts.. if it was unfair, then it was unfair, but I know for damn sure I’m happy there are police officers in this world.. who the fuck else would you call?? WHat would we do if there were none? sure there are murders on the force, crooked cops and all that but we’re surrounded by crooked criminals also.

    All we can do is pray they’re good cops and were either trying to save their OWN life ( shoot first ask questions last ) or were saving the life of an innocent victim… and either of these scenario’s I am ALRIGHT with. I’m so fucking sick of hearing about the rights of PROVEN criminals? what about the V-I-C-T-I-M-S? when they’re dead and gone we’re all still here talking shit about the killers… give me a break.

  5. babyGirlCA Says:

    oh yea and as for cool C it’s a damn shame, he should have gotten an education with his rap money and opened up a furniture store or gotten into the music BUSINESS on the other side of the booth or something.. but no, robbing banks and shooting innocent people was the only option he had…? come on..

  6. eskay Says:

    babyGirlCA, you can’t be serious. “we need more killers on the police force, then maybe people would ackrite.”

    maybe people would act right if they didn’t live in a racist, classist society that is designed to institunionalize and demean poor and uneducated people of all races and colors.

    Sure, on paper the idea of having police officers looks good but what the modern day police forces of America have turned into is a crew of murderous thugs who think they’re above the law themselves. The only way I can see to fix this problem is to dismantle the entire police establishment, fire the imcompetents, throw the 60 percent who are criminals in jail, and start all over from scratch.

  7. Bird Says:

    Yall crazy. You can start over all you want. The fact is police deal with criminals every single day. How many people can say that? They will be tainted by that. If you want to blame someone for dirty cops, blame the criminals that they deal with every single day. Furthermore they are not all bad. I’ve met some low down dirty ones. Real dirty. But for the most part my experience with them has been cool. Hell I even get to talk my way out of tickets more often than not. I ain’t mad at em. I respect them for going out there and grinding every day. It’s a shame that we label all of them for what the bad ones do. Just like people who think all black folks are criminal because of the ones that do commit crime. It’s the same damn thing.

  8. eskay Says:

    >>It’s a shame that we label all of them for what the bad ones do. Just like people who think all black folks are criminal because of the ones that do commit crime. It’s the same damn thing.

    right. I used to think like that. I used to think that some cops were cool and you shouldn’t stereotype them and all that. that’s bullshit. it’s a fact that people who look a certain way, are treated a certain way by the police. all police. So whatever. my theory is all cops are scum, and it’s true. Once a person joins the force they get indoctrinated with all this racist bullshit and pick up this shit tough guy attitude where they think somebody is supposed to respect them. If they want to stereotype me, fuck it I’ll do the same thing to them. So they’re all racist, profiling, criminals to me. One of my best friends from highschool is a cop and two of my other friends are waiting to go to the Academy. I tell all of them they’re assholes. It would take alot to change my attitude towards po-po, and I just don’t see it ever happening.

  9. e-dubbs Says:

    ^^ Bird gotta be white. Talking your way out of tickets = white peolpe privelages.

  10. Htown Chick Says:

    I use to love this guy!!!! I use to request that video on the jukebox video station constantly. I knew he was locked up but not on some sentenced to death shit. Alot of good people make one bad choice and fuck their entire life up. I will pray for him and his fam.

  11. lilBIGMomma Says:

    THA COPS AINT ABOUT SHIT IN MY CITY I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Called them mofos about 20 times on a crazy bitch that was stalkin me at my children’s daycare all because she wanted to f*** my kids father and thought he was iggin her becuase of me. When I finally gave up on the outstanding law rnforcement officers who continuously ignored my plees for them to enforce the restraining order and beat the dog shit out the crazy bitch who do you think caught a case. Scenario#2: My cousin was 21 years old. A loving family man and good father to his son. he died at the hands of 13 police officers in a “high speed” chase down a very busy street in San Francisco. Not only did they lie and say he was shooting, the autopsy showed no gun powder on his hands at all and he had bullets under his arms (clearly they were up), but they walked my aunt passed her dead son’s body and arrested her for “harboring” the now dead “fugitive.” All this after they watched him walk two long blocks to get to his car. If they wanted to aprehend him they had every oppurtunity. FUCK THE PUNK POLICE, I’d rather fight crime my damn self!!!

  12. eskay Says:

    ^Real talk.

  13. Bird Says:

    e-dubb I hear ya. I could drive my brother’s unregistered, uninsured car to work everyday for months on end. The one day I let my brother take it to school dude got stopped by police right around the corner from my job. I am from Jerz the racial profiling capital of the USA. I am not white. The priviledges I get are, “I ain’t a black man” priviledges. I’m sorry yall have to go through that, but that still doesn’t mean every single cop does it. I swear I ain’t speaking up for the bad ones who I have certainly met more times than I can count, but even in the hood we had some real cool cops. They ain’t all bad.

  14. jessica Says:

    This is a damn shame. I used to like this guy. I think this needs more publicity for the simple fact that he is the first rapper to be executed. Not too many people know who he is and not that he deserves sympathy, but folks should know about him and this unfortunate turn of events.

  15. Total Kaos Says:

    Thank you for putting it like you put it I was saying the same thing the other day. What about police when they shot the guy at the storage place or about what they stuck up that guys ass. Yo eskay tell everybody to walk down Saint Andrews Place and chill for like 3 to 5 min. Bet you police will come and mess with them. Tell them to run into robocop you know that small one that used to make us pull over when we were just chilling

  16. Total Kaos Says:

    And how they used to mess with hern and call him a no good fucking indian how they cut up his seats inthe mpv talking bout they were looking for guns and drugs.
    Man f the police


    “Crooked officer, crooked officer, make a nigga wanna blow da badge offa ya. We been strugglin livin in America 2 long, all we wanna do iz live our life and be left alone.” Z-Ro

  18. Rizz Says:

    i agree its messed up but it doesnt justify him killing a cop
    or robbing a bank

  19. Jimmie Says:

    Bottom Line, clean up your own back yards before you start crying foul. We all know the game isn’t fair, so don’t play. How many of us step up to the plate and do our part to disassociate with thugs and criminals. If you know someone in the life and you don’t reach out and attempt to save them don’t take the safe route and criticize the Man or System for dealing with them no matter what tactics they use. Hell, we’re so busy killing each other no one else has to. They’re not breaking into white home, making white crack babies, and hitting white babies with stray bullets.


    Damn….my heart is hurting right now. I used to run with this cat and the Hilltop Hustlers back in the day. Cool C, Steady-B, E-Marbles, my boy Louie (this cool ass italian cat…I still love you, so what’s up with that strizut), me and a whole gang of other cats, just chillin and lovin life and making fun of them 3xdope ni99a’s. I will pray for him, Steady and their respective families. I hope them other cats got up, got out and did something with their lives. Much love to the Hilltop.

  21. mimi Says:

    the crazy thing is i just heard one of his old songs just a little while ago. i don’t agree with some of yall saying that more killers need to be on the force but we need to act right. not to be racist, but the overwhelming majority of balck criminals in this country commit the crimes against their own people. as a person of african descent, i say “throw the muthafuckas in jail and throw away the key”. i don’t know if the cop that cool c killed was black or not but i’m sure he could have found another way.

  22. ERR Says:

    The ironic thing is Cool C is scheduled to die the same day as Biggie.. Thoughts and prayers go out to Cool C’s fam…

  23. pc_guru_99 Says:

    Interesting, institutionalized racism will cause many unfortunate things to impact the lives of minorities be it death, incarceration and/or hopelessness. Remember your history brothers and sister. Mack Clark and Fred Hampton, The Soledad Brothers all victims of circumstance. We don’t have a chance in this society unless we emulate the beast. We must become educated and be proactive in the political process. We need to rise up and vote and keep the conservative bastards out of office. Wake up and lock at the Supreme Court changes. You think you have it bad now wait until those new justices tell you what your worth buy rolling back the freedoms we have enjoyed no matter how minimal they have been. Rise up my black brothers and sisters. The shit is about to really hit the fan.

  24. kim Says:

    Why are you people making this a black or white issue,police are the one’s you are your loves will call if somehing goes wrong of course they deserve the upmost respect,cuase if I come to your house and see a man robbing or beating someone up im from brooklyn you don’t see nothing you don’t hear nothing and you don’t know nothing but if a cop see this going on the take a chance on losing there life for you.so anyone who kills a cop needs to be punished severly.Now what some cops do are wrong and I feel the rules books need to be followed just as anyone else.But don’t make it a blck and white issue.My people put down the guns and pick up a book.My prayers go out to the vaird family and I pray that her sons keep strong.

  25. eskay Says:

    You notice how nearly all of the pro-police views come from women? I hope nobody thinks that is a coincidence.

  26. ERR Says:

    KRS ONE remixed “I’m Serious” with Steady B… In response to earlier comment…

  27. mimi Says:


    have YOU noticed that the majority of the anti-police views on here come from black men? have you also taken notice to the fact the the majority of the prison population in America is filled with black men? Have you also noticed that the majority of those animals hurt their own people? Or is that just not as important to you as the fact that their are SOME cops that are really, really, racist? Here’s a tip: before all of you start criticizing the policemen that do less damage to our communities than we do, GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! i don’t see any of you cowards trying to join the force to out number those racist bastards. And yes, you are a coward if you have done nothing to protect the innocents of your community, while still hating the police. You’re right, women seem to be more sensitive to the plight of the police. Maybe it is because Black women and children are more often victims of their own people than anything else.


  28. eskay Says:

    Mimi, you poor misguided soul. The reason why so many women are pro police is because ya’ll don’t experience the level of racism, profiling, and harrasement that men do, so you probably can’t even fathom what I’m talking about. Until you’ve experienced it how are you gonna sit there and tell me my opinion of cops is inappropriate or ill informed? Yes, I’m aware that the majority of the prison poplulation is black men. And why do you think that is, because black men are genetically inclined to commit crime? No of course not, it’s the result of decades of oppression and racism that has been inflicted on our community. I’m not saying that everybody in prison is innocent or that alot of them don’t belong there, but I get the impression that you think they are ALL guilty and have ALL been fairly imprisoned. You also seem to be insinuating that since black men are imprisoned at a higher rate than any other group, that that somehow negates any black men’s argument on this subject.

    Also, why I gotta be a coward though? You act like you have any idea what me or anybody else who shares my views does for our communities. Let’s look at rap group dead prez as an example. I guarantee you that their views on the police resemble mine way more than yours and I can also guarantee that they’ve done way more for their community that you ever have. They just won a lawsuit against the racist ass NYPD for harrasement, which hopefully in the long run will cause the the scumbag pigs to think twice before they racially profile or falsely arrest another black man in Brooklyn.

    All you people with little or no experience with the police need to think before you open your mouths. Ya’ll want to be so quick to condemn your own people and support the same killers who are killing and falsely imprisoning your brothers and sisters. Well, don’t be mad at me because I’m gonna continue to stick up for the people society would rather lock up forever or execute without even being sure if they are guilty or not. So no, I can’t understand your views, and if you didn’t alreay know that black people have a long way to go, my question to you is: where have you been?

  29. eskay Says:

    …And another thing, I don’t call the police. I’m not saying that I never would, but if I do, it’ll be as a last resort. Tthe couple of times that me or my family did try to go to them, we were treated with disrespect and gained absolutely nothing from the experience. So nah I’m good, you can call police if you want, but where I’m from we manage just fine without them.

    And Government, fuck Government, niggas politic theyselves
    Where we call the cops the A-Team
    cause they hop out of vans and spray things
    And life expectancy so low we making out wills at eighteen…


    Sorry MiMi…but I gotta roll with Eskay on this one. I am a proud black woman from South Philly and I must say that not only have I seen racist profiling on our people in the States but also overseas. I was in the military for 13 years and it’s like all those foreign folks watch cop shows where everything that goes wrong is a perosn of color’s fault and it’s those crazy ass white folks f***ing it all up. I have experienced racism from the cops and I say F**k THE POLICE!

  31. mimi Says:


    first off sweetie, read the bottom of my post again. it clearly states that we have a longer way to go than we can possibly imagine. not: we have a long way to go. read a bit more thoroghly next time.

    secondly: some asshole who robs, rapes, shoots, stabs, or steals unprovokingly from another black person is neither my brother nor sister. THAT PERSON IS A NIGGER. do not ever make the mistake of connecting me with them, because outside of my skin color we have nothing in common. my next point: do you actaully beleive that women have it easier than men? the first strike i was born with was being black. the second strike was the fact that i was a woman. i grew up with teenage parents living almost directly across the street from the projects. so don’t tell me shit about having it hard.

    falsely imprisoning my brothers and sisters huh? i get the impression that YOU believing that most of the prisoners are innocent. and i’m the poor misguided soul huh? let me explain something hun. i grew up in fort greene,brooklyn. you’re from bk so i’m sure you know where it is. i also grew up during the 80’s. i finished high school in the early 90’s. before gentrification hit my area, i know you can imagine what things were like. i watched several of my older cousins and even my brother get more than a little roughed up by the cops. i’ve been shoved and pushed to the grown on more than one occaision trying to defend them while it was happening. but you know what else i’ve seen in my younger years? i’ve seen more than a couple of shootings. just before my sophomore year in high school i was a witness to the stabbing death of a young black man over a fucking basketball game. just two weeks ago two young men i used to tutor were arrested for beating the shit out of a kid on the train for an ipod. i know what it’s like to be called a black bitch or get pulled over several times by a trouble making cop (i don’t give a fuck what nobody says, the turnpike in jersey is dangerous for black people), but i would still rather see all the NIGGERS THAT HURT MY PEOPLE locked up for as long as possible. if the police force has a bunch of racist bastards on it, yeah i’m pissed. i also noticed how you never denied the fact that most of those criminals hurt their own. tell me something :where are your priorites? you rather hate the police first than condemn the killers in our community. tell me where you found that cops harm black people more than other black people. killing each other is not something that can be excused by slavery and oppression. i’m soory but you’re wrong. i would rather the entire force be racist than to have such self hate in the coomunity. at least if we were a proud people they’d have a harder time stereotyping us.

    NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING, is worse than seeing the damage we do to OURSELVES.

  32. mimi Says:

    my bad. there were a lot of typos at the end. it just angers me when other black people rather spend time hating others for what the racists refuse to change when we need to help ourselves more than anything.

  33. eskay Says:

    >>some asshole who robs, rapes, shoots, stabs, or steals unprovokingly from another black person is neither my brother nor sister. THAT PERSON IS A NIGGER

    Well I never said they were, but if you really want to get into it they are your brothers or sisters, don’t forsake them just cuz they’re misguided. You should strive to elevate your race, not lock them away and execute them.

    >>do you actaully beleive that women have it easier than men?

    of course I do. I don’t know the statistic but how many black women are in jail? how many are there unjustly? what America do you live in? in case you don’t know, the black man is Public Enemy #1 in America. No other group gets the treatment we get except maybe Moslems and that’s a recent development.

    >>falsely imprisoning my brothers and sisters huh? i get the impression that YOU believing that most of the prisoners are innocent.

    I never said that and no I don’t believe that. I’m just saying we gotta ride for the ones who are innocent rather than condemn them all. Like I said there are plenty of nutcases that support the death penalty and the mass imprisonment of black people, and there’s no way I’m gonna blidnly side with them.

    >>you’re from bk

    I’m from Yonkers actually

    >>i also noticed how you never denied the fact that most of those criminals hurt their own

    I won’t argue with you there

    >>tell me something :where are your priorites? you rather hate the police first than condemn the killers in our community

    my priorities are with my people. how does me sticking up for the wrongly accused and condeming violent, racist cops equate to me not caring about my community? please explain that to me. Sure I get a little emotional when I do it, but that comes from years of dealing with pigs, what can i say.

    >>i’m soory but you’re wrong. i would rather the entire force be racist than to have such self hate in the coomunity

    and my priorities are out of order? you need to check that statement. your so caught up in the rhetoric that says that everything bad that happens in our community is our fault that your willing to make absurd statements like that. well I got my own absurd statement for you: I’d rather see a whole racist precinct burnt to the ground then even one black person falsely imprisoned or executed.

  34. mimi Says:


    yes einstein. everything that we willingly do to ourselves is OUR fault. no cracker ever put a gone to a drug dealers head and said “you better sell this shit to that pregnant black women or i’ll kill you”. i know that’s dramatic, but even if it was true black men like you don’t seem to believe that black women and babies are worth dying for. i’m only saying that because you still don’t believe we do more damage to ourselves than pigs do. for the record not all cops are pigs. if you believe that then don’t even call them as a last resort. surely the cops that die in the line of duty deserve some respect.

    you see, you’re priorities are so mixed up that you rather see others fix our problems for us. out of everything that you wrote all i read was ‘ i don’t care about black people fixing our own problems until white racist pigs change. “REALITY CHECK SWEETIE: THEY AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE!!! and apparently you believe we won’t either. i feel sorry for you. i hate to say it but people like you are the reason our progress has slowed up. you’re so worried about others that you can’t even admit that we need to change our own behaviors before we expect that of others. i hate a racist pig just as much as anyone, if not more. but i hate anyone that can unprovokingly harm their own as if we haven’t been through enough in this country more than i hate a pig. i don’t expect anything better of a pig. i expect more from my people. if you dont, then you may be fooled as to which side you’re really on.

    i’m not gonna argue about the whole man/woman thing because that’s pointless. you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise and vice versa.
    you rather us hate and kill ourselves than fix our own behavior. you rather us continue to live with little dignity and still hate the police than to uplift ourselves, better ourselves, and still expose the racist police officers. let me explain to you something else. i have a cousin who married i white cop, and i would lay my life on the line for him before i would so much as make a peep for a NIGGER. and once again: do not mistake a nigger for my brother or sister. i would rather die a thousand violent deaths than to see my child grow up to be like the robbers, rapists, drug dealers and wife beaters you defend so adamantly.

    and f.y.i: i do strive to elevate my race. i make sure the kids i work with, as well as my own very young son, don’t disgrace those who fought so hard and continue to fight for the opportunities we have. i love black people enough to instill pride in them. Do You?

  35. eskay Says:

    Ok, Mimi you’re obvioulsy not comprehending a word I’m writing. Please tell me what I said that makes you think others should fix our problems for us? Where are you getting that from? Because I loathe the police? I hear everything you’re saying about us hurting ourselves and all that, I’ve written about it on this site before, but the subject here is the injustice that goes on in my hood and your hood everyday at the hands of the police.

    The point of this post about Cool C was that I’m sick of everybody talking about ‘oh the poor police officer got shot’. Who gives a shit? I sure don’t. I care about the poor innocent black people who get shot by the cops. and that’s where we don’t agree and never will. If you want to stick up for those pigs, more power to you. Go ahead and pledge blind allegiance to a bunch of fucks that could give two shits about you and your life.

    >>i have a cousin who married i white cop, and i would lay my life on the line for him before i would so much as make a peep for a NIGGER

    ^that statement right there explains alot.

    >> i hate to say it but people like you are the reason our progress has slowed up.

    thats a bold statement that you have some nerve making. let me get this straight: Because I won’t support the fucking police, I’m dragging down the black race? Because I think that the same standard should be applied to a cop who kills an innocent man as is applied to a cop killer? Because I’m gonna stand in support of the thousands who are falsely convicted imprisoned in this country? you ‘ve gotta be kidding me.

    like I said, I agree that we have problems, but does that mean I’m gonna stop speaking up for my own and riding on the establishment? no way. I agree that there are drug and violence problems in the hood, but all you read is that I don’t respect cops and then you start assuming things about what my opinions must be. Well I’ll tell you right now, I will NEVER respect the police until they show us the fucking respect we deserve, so you can save your breath.

  36. irie Says:

    For those who do not know Cool C was like the old skool Camron, if you are a real hip hop head, he, and steady B paved the way for a new style of rap. they started the bling era. Bottom line is this, if he is thirty six know, he was 26 when he went in and when he was making music he had to have been 17 or 18. back then that was un herd of for mc’s. all i know is the cops did not make the hilltop crew do what they did and my understanding is that the cop was on of our sistas. this is not a black or white thing he was wrong and should at least get life. oh yeah what about the cops family

  37. mimi Says:


    im gonna make this one as short as possible, then we can pretty much drop it.

    i know wer’re talking about police injustice that goes on everyday. im telling you point black and period that we fuck ourselves more than the police fuck us. period. its a fact. not my opinion, a fact. we do more damage to us than the police do. my bottom line is that black people need to spend less time worrying about PIGS WHO WILL NEVER CHANGE and spend more of that anger on those who are killing us more from the inside.

    there are so many black police officers that would risk their life for you on the nypd and you spit in their faces by generalizing police officers. i dont know about you but i damn sure was proud to see thousands of black nypd officers rallying around to support that innocent young black teen who was shot by the white pigs a couple years ago. but according to you all police are scumbags so you’ll hate them too huh? if the cop cool c shot really was a black woman, and i dont know for a fact, but if she was you really should be ashamed of yourself. but she was a pig too, right?

  38. Angela Says:

    I believe that Cool C is innocent and Steady B was trying to save his own butt by singing like a bird. Society must learn to give others a second chance at life. If people can’t be rehabilited in prison than the purpose of prison is defeated. The government could just kill criminals and close down jails. I agree with another writer, where’s the justice for trigger happy cops, they’re killing people everyday and call it justified. Free Cool C, he’s served enough time.

  39. eskay Says:

    >>im telling you point black and period that we fuck ourselves more than the police fuck us. period. its a fact. not my opinion, a fact. we do more damage to us than the police do.

    sorry, but that is subjective opinion. I can argue that the 400 years of shit we took is way worse than anything we’ve done to ourselves, but whatever let’s drop it.

    >>there are so many black police officers that would risk their life for you on the nypd and you spit in their faces by generalizing police officers

    well I don’t know about that. like i said if they generalize me I’m gonna generalize them. is that the most enlightened way to handle it? probably not, but at this point in my life I don’t care. I’ve been through stages where I tried to get along with po-po and not generalize but they continuously force me to go back to generalization, so now I’ve given up. I don’t care anymore, they lost there chance with me.

    anyway, it’s all good, we can agree to disagree. Damn, I love a good argument

  40. Angela Says:

    Please write the governor of Philly asking for the release of Cool C. Killing him will not solve anything no change will result from his death. He’s been on lock down for 10 years and is fully rehabilitated. Now, let him be a counselor to our youth who runs with the wrong crowd and think that they can get quick money like Steady B did.

  41. Angela Says:

    I believe that Cool C is innocent and Steady B was trying to save his own butt by singing like a bird. Society must learn to give others a second chance at life. If people can’t be rehabilited in prison than the purpose of prison is defeated. The government could just kill criminals and close down jails. I agree with another writer, where’s the justice for trigger happy cops, they’re killing people everyday and call it justified. Free Cool C, he’s served enough time.

  42. mimi Says:

    well, i hope one day you will feel differently. perhaps it will take a good cop saving your life. anyway, i can agree to disagree. it was a good argument. i wish you the best bro.

  43. caff Says:

    Bottom line, fuck cops. I would gladly piss on the folded flag provided for a dead cops widow. Pigs get away with too much shit, which is why dudes been started shooting back at these clowns. They don’t protect and serve shit, but themselves. Death to them all.

  44. Mr Mugambi Says:

    Marley Marl sucked ass and Cool C sucks ass, so i dont give a shit..

  45. ERR Says:


    I have to admit, it was a good debate, I enjoyed reading both points of view. However, It did seem at times that Mimi didn’t quite get it or lost focus of the discussion. Probably the most damaging quote from Mimi was,
    >>”i would rather the entire force be racist than to have such self hate in the coomunity.”

    There are always going to be a few bad apples, “each one teach one” rememeber that. But an entire racist force will destroy the good apples along with the bad and even the little green apples that haven’t had the opportunity to rippen yet, (the children)….

  46. eskay Says:

    *holds up the belt

    I’d like to thank my opponent, Mimi, and the entire NYPD/YPD

  47. TomLaRom Says:

    Don’t forget, the officer he shot was black AND a woman. I hate crooked, racist cops as much as anybody. And I likely know more about Cool C than anybody who has posted. He was a childhood hero to many of us. In fact, I wrote my senior thesis about my earliest appreciation for rap music and how Cool’s career dovetailed (tragically) with the rise and fall of non-formulaic rap music. State-sanctioned execution is wrong. But that doesn’t make what Cool C and his accomplices did right.

    The larger tragedy in this situation is the fact that rap fans forget their pioneers. The musicians become disposable. The Rhythm & Blues Foundation has been around since 1988, providing free/discounted legal service (to fight for stolen royalties, for example) and other assistance to pioneers of R&B. Where is the Rap Foundation? No, we’re too busy celebrating (via purchasing) untalented goons. For every 1 Jay-Z who makes it from the mic to the front office, there are 10,000 pioneers who (despite having major-label backing) lack the resources (financial AND educational) to function after their prime career-building years are lost to music.

    As far as the ridiculous unfounded comment about how he should have saved his money…What money? Are you his accountant? He only made 2 albums nearly 20 years ago. He did so at a time in his life when motivated young folks pursue careers. It’s not out of the question that Cool may have pursued higher education instead of rap. After all, his fellow Philadelphians Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and Schoolly D both had college plans. Their pursuit of the rap music dream paid off. But it didn’t for Cool C. It doesn’t mean he had to go rob a bank and kill somebody, but it does call for some self-examination on the part of music fans.

    There is enough money in this business to provide services for these men and women. It would not necessarily be a lifelong retirement plan, but it could include continuing education grants, A&R/non-performer jobs at big-money rap labels, medical care, etc. The money is there to pay for it. But, no, we have wannabe thug punks bragging about how much their wristwatch is worth. Better that we support them.

    Cool C made a tragic mistake, and may God have mercy on his soul. But I think this tragedy is a *symptom* of a greater disregard for hip-hop culture on the part of today’s rap music fans.

  48. DJ NOKK1 Says:

    It is a shame that many of us witness what is and was suppose to be a positive direction for black people in yesterday’s and today’s society (HIPHOP) gone bad or go the other way. We see many rappers and people we look up to doing crime and settle to the slave of violence to get by. We see that the simple McDonalds, Walmart or even the car wash is too small for our eyes to see for it’s covered by our pride (that we cannot work there because it pays to little). Greed then begins to set in and get the best of us, and our flesh begins yearning for more (whether it be drugs, money, alcohol, or violence). We have forgotten where we came from, forgotten what is was like to make a hard earned, well deserved, well respected, dollar. Some people do not even know what it feels like to work, for they have everything that they THINK they need and want nothing else. But for the ones that knows what it is to work hard, respect it and would not give it up for the world. For these are trying days, and days are not getting longer but getting shorter. Soon Grands would die, Men would be Grands, Sons Fathers, Babies into sons/daughters. Message for the entertainers: “Remember who this thing we called (HIP HOP) is suppose to be for…..” Not you but for the people. They look at you as a reflection of their lives, wanting to be like you, to grow like you, and some even be you. And also remember “PRIDE….Comes before a FALL” if you think you are to pridefull, remember there is always someone looking at you, and it is never to late to turn your life around.

  49. DC GoGo! Says:

    It’s not like Cool C was just standing on a corner minding his own business, he was robbing a bank and killed a police officer. What if she wasn’t a cop and was your mother, would you feel differently then. Get off the race tip and stop hating on cops. If you weren’t doing wrong then you wouldn’t be stressing. I grow up in the “murder capital” of the world in the late 80’s and as a young black man, never had run ins w/ cops. Why? because I was doing right, minding my own, and not making excuses and cops to cover my deficiencies. I damn sure wasn’t robbing banks and killing folks. If I did then I would be on death row about to pay for my lifestyle….having you clowns make excuses about crooked cops or being black (boo-hoo) but if you had been in that PNC bank on Jan 2, 1996 I’m sure you would feel differently. The glamourous life…yeah right! 1st rapper to be executed by the government…real glamorous… talk about Biggie and Pac etc being killed by blacks… their friends….

  50. everlast Says:

    I been into hip hop for 20 years i feel for cool c and steady b. friend of mine was a pro footballer when he retired spunked all his money just like steady and cool probably did when the couldnt get a record contract.
    the last album c.e.b they both did together in 93 was utter crap, they shouldve accepted this and learnt a trade at college or somethin. they were only in their ealy 20s.
    No. They wanted the benz and buying 6 bottles of Don in the club.

  51. spiceinyalife Says:

    Well today is the day.

  52. Duke Saragono Says:

    All I got to say is this OK Cool-C killed a cop so now when the state kill Cool-C who gonna Execute the state for killing Cool-C

  53. eskay Says:

    ^ real talk

  54. everlast Says:

    according to government website he’s got a stay of execution

  55. AdrianLee Says:

    is cool c still on a stay execution? Or what’s happining now?

  56. Real life DC/MD Says:

    “Damn, DC GO-GO”, Are you sure that your Black? I can’t believe you really feel that way. So you say you grew up in DC and you never had a “run in” with the cops? “Yeah right”, what part of DC are you from? Let me ask you this, are you a cop? Or do you work for them? Or maybe you just never come out side or something. Because every black and brown man I know had at least two “run ins” with the cops. My family and I have lived here for 27 years and my younger brother is always getting harass by the cops. And he always “minds his own business”. He work full time and he’s in college. My little brother NEVER sold drugs or commented any type of crimes, but yet the police always seem to find a way to harass him. Just because he’s BLACK, dresses nice, and drive an expensive car. They assume that’s he’s a drug dealer or something. As if black people can’t have nice things unless there doing something wrong. My family has filed numerous complaints against the DC and Maryland police department. We haven’t been notified about our complaints yet. They don’t care about us. And if you really think race isn’t an issue, you better think again. So, you can talk all that “Politically Correct” BS if you want. But every black person in this country knows what’s real. “Now don’t get me wrong”, I’m not excusing Cool-C for what he has done, I believe he needs to pay. But “PLEASE” don’t act like his race didn’t play a big part in the courts decision, because you know it did.

  57. kaylove Says:

    I don’t feel that his race played a part in the court’s decision, it was the fact that he murdered another human. And the human just happen to be a cop so I’m sure that is why he received death. He was committing a crime at the moment and killed a cop so that is why he is facing death. Folks kill me thinking that they can committ murder than want people to feel sorry for them. And get off of the cops!! If you were in trouble you would call on them. Cops aren’t bad. My man is a sergent for the police dept. He is not a bad cop.

  58. What? Says:

    So that u know, the officer who got killed was a female african-american.

  59. Runny Says:

    Did they stick this yard ape yet???

  60. Big Poppa Says:

    Cool C, nothing to do with being black, nothing to do with race, sex, or anything else, except that he shot a (afirican-american female) police officer responding to a bank robbery alarm. She waked into the bank, and like a coward, he shot her in the back. That’s why he deserves to die. Why is he robbing bank? Why did he have a gun? Don’t point the blame on someone else or try to deflect the issue by mentioning police brutality. One has nothing to do with the other. Police brutality has to be addressed just as the state of the black community needs to be addressed. In fact, community doesn’t exist. Now it’s “mind your business” or “don’t snitch”. Back in the day, when we had neighborhoods, we looked out for each other, and minor stuff went to the parents, the big issues went to the police and neighbors would come forward to protect each other. NOT NOW. WE FORGET THAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER. CRIMES HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Sorry, he needs to die.

  61. rudy Says:

    I need a update. Has Cool C been given a stay of execution or has he been executed? I hope he’s still with us and if he is, could someone send me his info so I can write him? Peace.

  62. rudy Says:

    help Cool C

  63. hanna lundy Says:

    that’s crazy

  64. young callaway Says:

    That’s really messed up about cool c he was a hip hop legend, something need to be done about these dirty low life cops word to mother.

  65. bishop Says:

    Why is everyone talking about the police. Wrong is wrong…. Be it the police or your favorite rapper. He made a hit or two,witch mean he had some type of doe. Alot of us come from very poor homes,And around that era, crack moms and pops. And most of us don’t go and robb a bank. We stay strong and try to find way to improve our situation. Not make it worse. My point being is that he had a the means to make a better choice and he didn’t. So he has to take responsabilaty for his actions. Should he be executed? In my opinion no. Two wrongs don’t make a right nobody is god and really don’t have the right to take life NOBODY but hey welcome to the land of the free

  66. Dkelsmith Says:

    Hard to believe that some of you all are feeling sorry for Cool C. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. All of the talk about dirty cops is pointless. Bottom line, he tried to rob a bank, and shot and killed a black female police officer who responded to the silent alarm. She was the first black cop or female cop in Philly to be killed in the line of duty. She was also a single mother of two children. When are we going to quit thinking Cool C is the victim and mourn for this brave policewoman and her two orphaned children. Wake up!!

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