Cool C Faces Execution


80’s rap artist Cool C, once a member of Philly crew The Hilltop Hustlers, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on March 9th. The former rapper, whose real name is Christopher Rooney, was convicted in 1996 for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Lauretha Vaird and has sat on death row since. The shooting occured during a botched bank robbery attempt with longtime partner Steady B, who is currently serving life  for his role in the incident. Rooney is probably best known in hip hop circles for his 1987 track "Juice Crew dis" which took aim at Marley Marl’s legendary MC collective. 

Here in NY a recent string of police shootings has prompted the death penalty nuts to call for even heavier penalties for suspects convicted of violence against cops, bringing to light their absurd contention that the life of a police officer is somehow more valuable than that of black, latino, or white victims of police violence. In December officer Bryan Conroy, who was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of African immigrant Ousmane Zongo, walked away with a slap on the wrist sentence of 5 years probabtion and 500 hours of community service. Then people want to act like somebody is wrong when these racist, homicidal maniacs get clapped at. What I want to know is, where’s the death penalty for trigger happy scumbag cops?

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66 Responses to “Cool C Faces Execution”

  1. spiceinyalife Says:

    Well today is the day.

  2. Duke Saragono Says:

    All I got to say is this OK Cool-C killed a cop so now when the state kill Cool-C who gonna Execute the state for killing Cool-C

  3. eskay Says:

    ^ real talk

  4. everlast Says:

    according to government website he’s got a stay of execution

  5. AdrianLee Says:

    is cool c still on a stay execution? Or what’s happining now?

  6. Real life DC/MD Says:

    “Damn, DC GO-GO”, Are you sure that your Black? I can’t believe you really feel that way. So you say you grew up in DC and you never had a “run in” with the cops? “Yeah right”, what part of DC are you from? Let me ask you this, are you a cop? Or do you work for them? Or maybe you just never come out side or something. Because every black and brown man I know had at least two “run ins” with the cops. My family and I have lived here for 27 years and my younger brother is always getting harass by the cops. And he always “minds his own business”. He work full time and he’s in college. My little brother NEVER sold drugs or commented any type of crimes, but yet the police always seem to find a way to harass him. Just because he’s BLACK, dresses nice, and drive an expensive car. They assume that’s he’s a drug dealer or something. As if black people can’t have nice things unless there doing something wrong. My family has filed numerous complaints against the DC and Maryland police department. We haven’t been notified about our complaints yet. They don’t care about us. And if you really think race isn’t an issue, you better think again. So, you can talk all that “Politically Correct” BS if you want. But every black person in this country knows what’s real. “Now don’t get me wrong”, I’m not excusing Cool-C for what he has done, I believe he needs to pay. But “PLEASE” don’t act like his race didn’t play a big part in the courts decision, because you know it did.

  7. kaylove Says:

    I don’t feel that his race played a part in the court’s decision, it was the fact that he murdered another human. And the human just happen to be a cop so I’m sure that is why he received death. He was committing a crime at the moment and killed a cop so that is why he is facing death. Folks kill me thinking that they can committ murder than want people to feel sorry for them. And get off of the cops!! If you were in trouble you would call on them. Cops aren’t bad. My man is a sergent for the police dept. He is not a bad cop.

  8. What? Says:

    So that u know, the officer who got killed was a female african-american.

  9. Runny Says:

    Did they stick this yard ape yet???

  10. Big Poppa Says:

    Cool C, nothing to do with being black, nothing to do with race, sex, or anything else, except that he shot a (afirican-american female) police officer responding to a bank robbery alarm. She waked into the bank, and like a coward, he shot her in the back. That’s why he deserves to die. Why is he robbing bank? Why did he have a gun? Don’t point the blame on someone else or try to deflect the issue by mentioning police brutality. One has nothing to do with the other. Police brutality has to be addressed just as the state of the black community needs to be addressed. In fact, community doesn’t exist. Now it’s “mind your business” or “don’t snitch”. Back in the day, when we had neighborhoods, we looked out for each other, and minor stuff went to the parents, the big issues went to the police and neighbors would come forward to protect each other. NOT NOW. WE FORGET THAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER. CRIMES HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Sorry, he needs to die.

  11. rudy Says:

    I need a update. Has Cool C been given a stay of execution or has he been executed? I hope he’s still with us and if he is, could someone send me his info so I can write him? Peace.

  12. rudy Says:

    help Cool C

  13. hanna lundy Says:

    that’s crazy

  14. young callaway Says:

    That’s really messed up about cool c he was a hip hop legend, something need to be done about these dirty low life cops word to mother.

  15. bishop Says:

    Why is everyone talking about the police. Wrong is wrong…. Be it the police or your favorite rapper. He made a hit or two,witch mean he had some type of doe. Alot of us come from very poor homes,And around that era, crack moms and pops. And most of us don’t go and robb a bank. We stay strong and try to find way to improve our situation. Not make it worse. My point being is that he had a the means to make a better choice and he didn’t. So he has to take responsabilaty for his actions. Should he be executed? In my opinion no. Two wrongs don’t make a right nobody is god and really don’t have the right to take life NOBODY but hey welcome to the land of the free

  16. Dkelsmith Says:

    Hard to believe that some of you all are feeling sorry for Cool C. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. All of the talk about dirty cops is pointless. Bottom line, he tried to rob a bank, and shot and killed a black female police officer who responded to the silent alarm. She was the first black cop or female cop in Philly to be killed in the line of duty. She was also a single mother of two children. When are we going to quit thinking Cool C is the victim and mourn for this brave policewoman and her two orphaned children. Wake up!!

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