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Best Dressed, Stay Up in Neimans and Bloomies


Look at this guy. Does anybody know what magazine this is from? I couldn’t figure it out. Say what you want, but at least his outfit has sleeves.

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15 Responses to “Best Dressed, Stay Up in Neimans and Bloomies”

  1. thatonegirl Says:

    For some reason I thought this was Camron. I don’t know why.

    Um, the blazer’s nice, but the matching pants? Hell naw.

    Haha! I love Fiddy, but he was oh so wrong for that magazine cover and just-Botoxed-brow.

  2. Takeitoutside Says:

    Goodness Gooney Goo-goo!….. That’s Cam? LOL. He looks nice..

  3. D. Billz Says:

    This is interesting. For one, Jim Jones made a comment about Kanye’s clothes in a European magazine about 2 months ago. He said they were tight-fitting and looked homo. Now that one of his comrades is dressed very similar, I wonder what Jim has to say now. And two, I kinda noticed Cam swaying towards the more Euro-stylish look anyway. Especially after the whole Pink movement. But overall, it’s a good look for the dude. I’d rock it, lol!

    Now if we could only get him to spit like the old (Killa) Cam…

  4. es Says:

    It’s from the October 04 edition of Flaunt magazine. I thought it was so fly when I saw it, it’s really nice and a well done photo…. good to step out the box once in a while.

  5. KingML Says:

    Since when was it a trend to wear ugly suits?

  6. AtoZ Says:

    looks alright to me.. ya’ll can’t expect to rock jerseys and shit when u thirty plus.

  7. doc Says:

    WTF? people need to stay out of Jay-Z’s closet. a blue tie, w/ white polka dots, and a red striped….listen man, that shit look stupid…its good to rock different shit as u get older, but at least coordinate…i saw jay rock some suspect shit…with a polka dot tie which happened to be purple. a striped shirt…with like a plaid sweater or some shit….all of it was purple…i mean goddamn

  8. mealone Says:

    Is it still considered “Dipset ALL DAY” after this? You know what? Killa Cam lloks good to me right now? Who’s crazy?

  9. e-dubbs Says:

    I like the outfit, blazer is a tad bit young for me but its fresh. Winner.

  10. AGeezee Says:

    Is that Cam? It kinda looks like him then again it don’t. I see the Diplomats tattoo, though.

  11. eskay Says:

    Thanks Es. Damn I didn’t realize it was that old. I don’t know how that went so long without being noticed.

  12. es Says:

    well it was on catchdubs, dude actually was the one who scanned it. it was passed around for a while, but really no one made anything big of it.. but i love the photo. if only there was a high quality one. the flaunt magazine stylists provided the gear, cam just rocked it..rocked it well might i add. if folks had seen the magazine, most of the gear in the magazine was for runways.. shit only daredevils and daring trend setters would rock, nothing you would normally see on the streets so of course we’d consider it “tacky, ugly, and ewl” but back in the 04 fall season? tweed was IT. aint them tweed nike jawnts drop around then?

  13. Suga Says:

    I think Cam looks nice!

  14. odeed Says:

    whats with this suit??.. at least coordinate!!!
    this suit gets me dizzy. take it off..go with the plain black suit white shirt,with black tie.classic look… now u can be all Esquired

  15. OSOsexyJessica Says:

    That’s Cam. The suit is out there but he is rockin it good.

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