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A Boondocks Movie?


Uh oh. We may soon be blessed with a Boondocks feature film and video game according to this report from SOHH. The groundbreaking show, which just received an NAACP Image Award nomination has alot of boughie black folks panties in a bunch over it’s liberal use of ‘the N word’ and it’s edgy subject matter. Although Comedy Central The Cartoon Network has been pretty accommodating as far as content, it’ll be interesting to see what McGruder and the writers come up with when given the opputunity to write for the big screen. I’m thinking something along the lines of a ghetto South Park. I’m especially looking forward to two upcoming episodes mentioned in the SOHH piece:

This Sunday (January 15), in honor of Martin Luther King Day, the show will premiere an episode entitled "The Return of the King." The episode will feature Dr. King in post 9/11 America after coming out of a 32-year coma. The controversial series is also likely to generate attention with its Feb. 25 episode which will be themed around kidnapping plans on Oprah Winfrey. According to McGruder, Winfrey’s visual likeness was edited because Sony Pictures, which distributes the series, wouldn’t authorize its use.


McGruder better watch out, or he may be the next person on Oprah’s kufi list right behind Dave and Luda.

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20 Responses to “A Boondocks Movie?”

  1. rav Says:

    not to be a giant peepee but i think you mean cartoon network

  2. eskay Says:

    you are correct sir. fixed

  3. thatonegirl Says:

    Oh Lawd. Please make it stop.

    I used to like the Boondocks when it was just a comic in the newspaper, but now that it’s on television, people are going crazy. I still like it, just not as much.

    I don’t think I’d pay to see it in the theaters, but I’ll definitely tell my bootleg man to look out for it.

  4. dCs Says:

    id feel real weird going to see that in theaters. definitely still wouldnt mind spendin 10 bucks for a ticket though. it might be worth it.

  5. Takeitoutside Says:

    lol@ Oprah’s Kufi smacking list..

    Knowing how I am, I’d wait for it come out on DVD…

  6. KingML Says:

    the naacp can fuck itself. the only thing they advance is stereotypes and give awards to fuckin sell outs.

  7. Ill will Says:

    A boondocks video game will probably be about as exciting as playing “Nada III”:


  8. Demiks Says:

    I liked the first three episodes, but not really like’n the new episodes. And its UNNECESSARY to put MLK on the show. I hope theres nothing disrespectful.

    PS: Anybody see the supposed Rosa Parks scene in the R. Kelly episode?

  9. SamuelB Says:

    i would have to agree with thatonegirl. I loved “a right to be hostile”, but now it’s gotten a whole crap load larger, and it’s kind of weird.

  10. e-dubbs Says:

    I’m hooked on this show and if I have a son I can only pray he ends up like Huey.

  11. G Off Says:

    Think of how big South Park was when they did the movie… Boondocks has a loooong way to go to get that kind of buzz. It’s overrated in hip-hop blogs who are thirsty for the next show. People like the strip (myself included) and really want it to succeed on air, but it doesn’t work like it does in three panels. I would be very surprised if this actually made it to the big screen.

  12. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:

    I wouldn’t waste my $$$$$$$$$$ on dat junk!!!

  13. Reninatronix Says:

    Aaron is funny. But the comic strip is funnier.

    At the end of the day all we had/have, is our language.

    That n*gga usage is real, fam.

    It ain’t about boo-gie-ness. Its about the fact that the way you use langauge reflects your class and history.

    Aaron is on some Tarantino -ish with his n*gga usage. It’s a distraction.

  14. lil'lemonz Says:

    fuck yall niggaz id see the movie and play the game

  15. Mo Money Says:

    all yall niggas the be disin the show need 2 shut da hell up this is coming from a nigga that finaly got out of D.C. and its projoct problems an now yu fools is trin to bis da only comic dat was even looked at com on Basicly ethr luv it o SHUT DA HELL UP BITCH ASS NIUCCA. (MY WORD AN WHIT FOKS STIL CANT SA IT) bICH

  16. d daniel Says:

    yo. yall need to get over it and stop hating. yall know that the show is hot and the movie is gonna be gangsta. if yall dont like it go fuck yourselves! dont ruin it for the rest of us loyal watchers!

  17. Biggpimpin Says:

    i hate all u BOONDOCKS IS THE SHITTTTTTT! if u dont like it something is wrong with u i pay 8 dollars to c the movie and i would buy the game

  18. t dowg Says:

    yeah it wud make lotz of $$$ and it wud be a kick ass movie

  19. NEOSOUL Says:

    Can’t wait for the Feature Film…. intelligent writing…. provokes thought !

  20. tiiiifffAAaNnYyy Says:

    !!mannnn!!……boondocks is on point!!…..yall need tu stop hatin…funniee ass people!!!……moovie crazzyyy~~~

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