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Feminist Broads Not Feeling Dame


In what proves to be a fitting end to a truly awful year for Damon Dash, The Women Film Critics Circle has bestowed on him the Most Offensive Male Character Award for his role in State Property 2. The film itself, earned a spot in the WFCC’s Hall of Shame alongside Domino and Don’t Move. Way to go Dame. Moms must be proud. 

Just for laughs, let’s look at some statements on SP2 from critics:

"Those interested in annoying things like plot or plausibility are best off steering clear of this inane celebration of all things thug." – Edward Havens, FILMJERK.COM

"The plot is strictly subservient to repetitive shootouts, the dialogue consisting of enough "f" and "n" words to be considered by Guinness."- Harvey S. Karten, COMPUSERVE

"You mean there was a State Property 1?" – Michael Rechtshaffen, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 

(via Rottentomatoes)

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13 Responses to “Feminist Broads Not Feeling Dame”

  1. Rizz Says:

    you guys were making fun of game for the way he holds a gun look at this
    little kids playing cops and robbers have more style than that holdin a gun

  2. e-dubbs Says:

    its not like anyone thinks SP1 or 2 were good movies. They are one of those movies that are so bad your compelled to watch.

  3. KingML Says:

    So feminists don’t like Dame oh well, not like they buy his shit anyways.

    Why do rappers keep thinking they can make movies glorifying the lifestyle they wished they had if they had more balls?

    You don’t see white guys in country bands making movies about gay co.. oh wait, yeah well. I guess we all get the same shitty stereotyping movies made by the same fags in the same gay industry.

    So fuck em all, hollywood is a joke and so is this amateur b movie gangster shit dame passes off as artwork. looks more like a handicapped kindergarten glasses hand painting session than anything intelligible.

  4. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  5. AtoZ Says:

    i liked sp2.. the mixtape for the movie was sick.. beanie sigel ya’ll go cop that cd cuz u kno u feel it in the air.. peaCe

  6. Joy Says:

    Feminists can’t stand Dame, that’s a FACT. I can’t stand that clown!

  7. Fresh Says:

    I worry about Dame sometimes. I really do. I wanna like him but I can’t.

  8. co sign Says:

    LOL u guys must be funny hating on a man who doesnt give a fuck who you are i mean this guy got money so who cares what you think about him about someone who wudnever hear a word u talkin about.

  9. DEEZ NUTS Says:

    ^^^^^^^CUZ YOURE A BITCH TOO^^^^^^^^^^

  10. T Nelson Says:

    i gotta go with co sign i mean he got 30 mil for his share of rocawear like 10 mil for his share of roc a fella and couple extra dollars here and there so i hope i can have an awful year like Dame

  11. thatonegirl Says:

    I still can’t get over how big his fucking head is.

  12. state property Says:

    all i got 2 say 2 lamedash is…….GO BROOKLYN!!!!!..ROCFOLIFE

  13. Sani Says:

    Get off dat Man dick u Haters…. North philly

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