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Ok, I Figured Out Jae Millz


It’s been my opinion for a while now that this kid Jae Millz from Harlem is total garbage. I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve been in with people that try to tell me oh, he’s ‘The Future’ and he’s gonna bring New York Hip Hop back, and other such nonsense. I could never understand why this guy, who I repeatedly hear spitting these mediocre ass bars and corny hooks was getting all these props. And it’s not that I thought he was a bad rapper, ‘cuz he’s really not, it’s just that to me, a dude with an average flow + too much undeserved hype = wack.

I think what was happening was, I had heard of this guy without actually hearing him and so I ended up having high expectations. Then, when I heard him and I was let down, it unfairly tainted my opinion of future stuff I heard from him. My boy forced me to listen to his Statue mixtape a few months ago, and after hearing that I’ll admit that I upgraded his rating from ‘Hot Garbage’ to ‘He’s aiight.’  Needless to say, I still hadn’t been won over. But now I think I’ve finally figured this character out. Last night I decided to give him one more chance so I went over to YouTube (which by the way is the best thing since electricity), and looked for some freestyle video. After watching a couple of battles it hit me: This guy’s a freestyle monster! 

I mean, I had heard about the battle with E Ness but I never watched it because I was on some "who wants to watch two trash M.C.’s battle?" shit. But after seeing the (supposedly) deleted scene linked below, wow. That guy dismantled Ness. Even Diddy looked like he wanted to cry. I watched a couple other joints and got pretty much the same impression: this kid is nice when he’s on a street corner or some money is involved, but as far as making songs, he’s another Canibus, Jin, type of dude: all substance no style.  Someone should sign this dude and keep him around for when their label catches beef, but just keep him as far away from the studio as possible. So I’ve decided to lighten up on the guy at least until I hear another trash verse like the one he spit on that new Ron Browz joint with Jadakiss. 

Jae Millz vs. E Ness (deleted scene)

Jae Millz vs. Sire Castro

Jae Millz vs. Murda Mook (This is a tough one. Millz last verse is strong, but I know Mook is the better writer.)

(Disclaimer: When I say ‘freestyle’, I mean it in the loosest sense of the word, because as we all know, 90 % of these bars are written.)

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29 Responses to “Ok, I Figured Out Jae Millz”

  1. BigSwole69 Says:

    Who gives a fuck about these bitch ass niggas????

  2. BigSwole69 Says:

    That nigga’s picture looks softer than my dick.

  3. BigSwole69 Says:

    Damn nigga, every one of these topics sucks. You nerdy ass bati boy.

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    Jae Millz isnt nothing special. I think you summed it up well, not wack, pretty good actually but no where near the future. I expect better from Harlem World.

  5. Omar Says:

    Jae Millz vs E Ness was nasty…

  6. Hashim Says:

    you should embed that joint into the page

  7. eskay Says:

    I was trying, but I couldn’t get it to play nice with WordPress. Lemme see what I can do…

  8. eskay Says:

    got it…

  9. eskay Says:

    >>Damn nigga, every one of these topics sucks. You nerdy ass bati boy.

    is that you DEEZ NUTS? keep it up. coming in talking ’bout your dick then calling somebody bati boy…you the chi chi man

  10. Total Kaos Says:

    Yo sk I know that bitch ass nigga Bigswole69 ain`t talking bout you a nerdyass bati boy talking bout he got a soft ass dick. What is that 69 bout is he sucking dick it can’t be pu$$y that’s why its swole

  11. es Says:

    Millz, is a monster. I dont know what everyone else is talking about, but his freestyle skills are ridiculous. His emotion, the way he comes at his contenders necks, the total disregard for disrespect… just NASTY. Especially with that E.Ness battle, “and whoever feel bad the funeral, fuck em too!” and he killed Castro right after that Biggie shout out to the sky!! When I saw that on my Smack DVD I must have paused it and took a moment to myself to recover. Hopefully the album of his they’ve been pushing back for the past year now will be as hot as he can be.

  12. DEEZ NUTS Says:



  13. eskay Says:

    My fault doggie, I thought that was your IP LittleSwole69 was commenting from.

  14. DEEZ NUTS Says:

    Assalam Alaikum MY BROTHER!

  15. eskay Says:

    Wa alaikum assalam

    I shoulda known it wasn’t you, you never did find the Caps Lock key did you…

  16. J F Says:

    That’s why they are both still on the mixtape freestyle level… I don’t see them coming out anytime sooner…

  17. KingML Says:

    Since when is saying fuck over and over considered skills, sure he said fuck everyone that guy knew, sure hes loud and hes talking but he aint saying nothing. it wasnt clever or good at all.

    puffy is astonished cause he cant rhyme and thats why he “lox” up peoples contracts so they can make money for him.

    this kid is garbage, get a vocabulary you fuck.

  18. eskay Says:

    ^ ROTFL

  19. tblanx Says:

    if u had caught the show ud hear from diddy that millz was known around nyc for being one of the best unsigned freestylers out. liked the post

  20. T Nelson Says:

    unfortunatly for millz freestyles dont pay the bills…. end of the day you cant be the illest without a hot album….. and his freestyle was hot but his verses suck…… and what i dont understand is why diddy been sucking millz dick so hard the last few years but wont sign him?…..since he believes he can make a star out of anybody……

  21. Joy Says:

    co-signing what KingML said LMAO!!

  22. Fresh Says:

    Let’s talk about the real issue here! *slams fist down on table* Why dude always look like he JUST woke up? I want answers!

  23. shaqdeezl Says:

    First of all big ups to ES for at least having some type of idea what it takes to freestyle and how talented Jae Millz is. Everybody wants to pay attention to verses on a song or why a nigga wasnt signed, how bout this Mike Jones is signed and his music sells like crazy. Name the last hot verse he had. If you’ve ever watched BET’s rap city (the old one with Big Tigger) you would realize a lot of todays mainstream rappers can barely freestyle at all, let alone battle. A battle is a perfomance just like a concert and it aint just about the lyrics its HOW U DELIVER THEM! I freestyle all the time and let u in on a lil secret, it aint as easy as it looks. And for you guys who say that freestyles dont count cuz they’re written, you try writting a battle rap that u could win in a battle with against a real mc. I bet in two weeks you couldn’t come up with shit that sounded good. Im just tired of people who cant do what someone else can bad mouthin that person to make themselves feel better. If your not a Jae MillZ fan thats cool, im not that big a fan of his music myself. But his FREESTYLES and BATTLE raps are the truth and I think any real hip hop fan can see that. Last but not least it seems some folks have a problem with battle mc’s recording songs. I guess they the never heard of Eminem. Im out

  24. nation of thugacation Says:

    LMFAO @ still didnt find the caps lock button

  25. BKALLDAY Says:


  26. Joksta C Says:

    jae millz may bk a slobk ass niCCa bkut imma admit he Can freestyle.. bkut his fuCCin writtens are w-h-a-C-C as fuCC…. dat niCCa murda mook said it bkest when he said dat shit bkout him bkein on a treadmill.. he movin.. bkut he aint goin nowhere….
    -dat 280 CRIp gangsta
    40 up

  27. Alan Says:

    What is the title of the track playing in the background? Freaking AWESOME.

  28. TrE StOnE Says:

    Jae Millz is nice, he aint the future tho… and Murder Mook is garbage. That motherfucker sucks. He reuses all his raps when he freestyles. What the Fuck is that bullshit? Just look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPH3FKkLUvk. The man sucks.

  29. TrE StOnE Says:

    I put a period in there by mistake. MY fault

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