Papoose Interview and Freestyle


From some DVD. He recycles some bars but decent interview nonetheless.

Papoose Interview and Freestyle (Download) or

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20 Responses to “Papoose Interview and Freestyle”

  1. B-HEEZIE Says:

    I just threw another ILL MC on my List………

  2. babyGirlCA Says:

    I like him.. he’s cute but /so far/.. it’s still Saigon.

  3. Rizz Says:

    im not sure about his flow,some of it was good but some of it was just like spit it out
    hes real though so i gotta respect him for that

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    he look like dylan from making the band in that pic.

  5. Rizz Says:

    minus the acne

  6. CBRIZZLE Says:


  7. chel Says:

    definetly the future of hip-hop Papoose i a consistent rapper that makes u listen even if the beat aint all that

  8. Says:

    This YouTube craze…

  9. chubbz Says:

    papoose is fuckin crazy. i think he can merc anybody in the game. dont matter who it is, he’ll wreck him. lyrically he better den most of these commercial faggots, and better than most rappers that claim there so ‘gangsta’

  10. alfreezee Says:


  11. B.K EAST Says:

    He’s for real and thats for sure. If your not sure about him being the most hype since…. actrually i cant think of any1 as buzzy as PAP. You gotta listen 2 his mixtapes man, you gotta listen 2 his freestyles, you gotta listen 2 HIM!! Wen you have.. you’ll neva forget him. And Saigon is only 1/5 of PAP. This dude is crazy, dangerous and VERSATILE. Just watch the future aight…

  12. Q boogie aka Da Poet Says:

    Respect to PAP

    But be on the look out for Q Boogie aka Da Poet

    Hes HOOOOOT to hear him go to

    hit me and tell me ya thoughts

  13. aman Says:

    Yup tru.
    its paps ability to pump up tha track with his emphasis on cirtain letters, without making himself sound like hes trying too hard or screaming into tha mike. what this means is that he can work with any kinda tunes, even make shit tunes sound good.

    Take NY Drama, most rappers would not be able to do shit wit dat tune but pap did make it sound aiight. now if u put a crazy ass bitch tune behind dat voice .. watchout cos thas gonna be hot.

    who produces tha music in paps traks anyways?

  14. christina Says:

    hey i love you so much

  15. Justin aka J-con Says:

    Yo papoose is the mafuckin future of hip hop
    if u wanna see papoose at his best download that papoose & paul wall song called “ridin shotgun dirty” it straight fire

  16. That Bitch Says:

    Papoose is that NIGGA!!! Yo his flow is crazzzzy.

  17. DJ Oyengo Says:

    Papoose xxxklusive new track “Human right” featuring WAWESH @ or

    Big up for holding it down with the latest!

    DJ Oyengo
    Bedstuy Merc Team

  18. DJ Oyengo Says:

    Papoose xxxklusive new track “Human right” featuring WAWESH @ or

    Big up for holding it down with the latest!

    DJ Oyengo
    Bedstuy Merc Team

  19. jBre3z3 Says:

    Papoose da the truth…all ya haterz fall bacK early!

  20. y3zIg0tattitude..&? Says:

    he dont look like no fukin dylan..ew..pap waay betta lyrically and physically.. 1

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