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All Hail the Queen


I wanna send Dana Owens a big shout out for the being the first Hip Hop artist with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Will Smith, step your game up.

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20 Responses to “All Hail the Queen”

  1. Ill will Says:

    Now can she please find a man

  2. eskay Says:

    The question is, does she want one?

  3. Ki Says:

    Good for her, even thought Will still has a better career then her.

  4. Ki Says:


    edit Even though

  5. Bird Says:

    Will is a great actor and I would love to see him get a star, but he has only been a rapper/actor up until a year or so ago. Latifah is a rapper/actor plus former talk show host and owns her own management/producation company. I can see her getting this, but if she got it others should be following soon.

  6. dCs Says:

    will is gonna get his star soon enough. the dude definitely deserves it. for what hip hop was back in the day, will was pretty good as an entertainer. hes probably one of the best actors we have today, so its only a little while until the dude gets what he deserves. good for this woman, even if i dont really like her too much now cause of those awful movies she puts out

  7. yeahisaidit Says:

    …they have both accomplished alot…but it’s because of the oscar nomination Latifah recieved for her role in “chicago” that has her pulling ahead of Will as far as receiving this honor…

  8. Angel La Says:

    That is good to hear. Go head Ms Latifah!

  9. posta child Says:

    I remember only being able to hear LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, and Fresh Prince (and Jazzy Jeff) on collage radio. I would have never thought that I would see them grow as they have. It deep. Its also a lesson. Its been alot of flash in the pan, trend riding cats and kittens that have come and gone. Its heart that got these people where they are. That’s the point that alot of these people who sweat 50 and d4l don’t understand. Past all the hype (and it can’t even be argued they are) the are the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean when was the last time you saw a MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice fan?

  10. G Off Says:

    Celebrities get these stars when they donate money to the organization that runs this program. They basically buy them. Not to say she isn’t deserving, but if you look at the list of stars who have their names on there and don’t, you would be surprised. I’m sure Will can afford the donation if he chooses.

  11. babyGirlCA Says:

    I don’t trust these things.. how DID she get one before WILL? soemthing’s up.. also the Olsen Twins have one and I don’t know what they’ve done since full house.. I don’t put much stock in this ish

  12. AGeezee Says:

    Dayum she lookin good on that picture. Yeah bend on over, I’d tear that up. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!

  13. Happy New Year Bitches! Says:

    AGeezee you are fucking disgusting.
    I mean seriously……………..

  14. posta child Says:

    Dayum, if the olsen twins have one that doesn’t say sh!t about the worth of that star then. That show suck both @ss checks. Then they were not even major players in the show. The only time I see anything they have done is when its some bunk booty @ss dvd on clearance that went direct to video. She is still commands respect. I second that honey call Ageezee made

  15. doc Says:

    yeah yeah yeah….u dont have to accmplish nothing but enough money to buy one….u have to buy those things…they dont give those out…another hollywood myth…..people actually earning stars…yeah right.

    congrats on the new puchase Queen. :)

  16. what? Says:

    Nah, don’t hate on the Queen. Mad props to Latifah. She was/is an ill emcee. She done did without getting her titties out or tcuking your favourite rapper or your favourite rappers rapper. Damn I feel like Santa with all this rapper talk ish. Moving on. We should recognize Latifah for what she is. The last of a dying breed. A real emcee that happens to be female. Trading off her skills not her sex appeal. Female emcees??? Where the fuck are they? I ain’t give a fuck about whether she buys stars. Anybody that is deep in this increasingly shallow c-rap game has to give mad props to the Queen. I ain’t a stan but I have love for the pioneers of the game.

  17. what? Says:

    Mybad. for tcuking read fucking.

  18. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:

    She had tits BIGG ONES but she just had 2 get rid of gods gift.

  19. Paris Hilton Says:

    Usher and CiarA ARE dating i sware

    Queen Latifah is way too fat not phat

    She is also a lesbian because she did it wit other people like Rosie O Donnell for one

    Have a slutty day

  20. popular Says:

    I love Queen Latifah, Paris watch what you say, just b/c you r rich doesn’t mean you have power, so please, yes on the Simple Life people say that ur spoiled and yes u r, so please don’t, I bet ur not even the real Paris Hilton

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