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Posta Boy Has One Ball

Remember that kid Posta Boy who took all those kids to school on 106th and Park a couple of years back? Been wondering what ever happened to him? Well, it turns out your boy has been laid up with testicular cancer a la Tom Green.  According to a new interview over at Hip Hop Game, he’s undergone chemo and had one of his testicles and a kidney removed and is recovering well. Now, I don’t want to make light of this kids health problems and I really do wish him the best, but man oh man, that’s a tough piece of personal info to put out there for a rapper, espescially a battle rapper.  You just know his next opponent is gonna have a punchline field day with that one…

*Bonus: Postaboy battling a dirty looking Hell Rell and Immortal Technique on 106th and Park.

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24 Responses to “Posta Boy Has One Ball”

  1. Jopo Says:

    How could you even say something about it in a battle? That would be so retarded, guy almost dies and you go after his nut? I would pistol whip anyone who said shit about me not having a testicle. I loved that Jurrasic Park song he did with Swizz.

  2. eskay Says:

    Niggas stay bringin up Lil Ballerina P’s sickle cell. Cam said he’d R.Kelly Nas’s daughter. I don’t think anything is off limits in hip hop.

  3. dCs Says:

    if hes back to battle rapping after losing one of his balls, then hes, well, got balls… i really dont know how else to put that.

  4. AGeezee Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it could get much worse in hip hop. No more subliminal dissing, people don’t have hearts anymore. Remember how NWA was such a big deal in the early 90’s? Well NWA ain’t got nothin on how people are talking nowadays. I think it’s a sign that the world is coming to an end eventually. We went from being censored for dancing (Elvis’ (hoe ass) torso used to be shown only in the 60’s because of how he danced) to almost having orgies on videos on regular cable tv. But I still love hip hop.

  5. T Nelson Says:

    yeah he better hone his song writing skills and story telling… one question not to be ignorant or anything… but can u still bust off right with one nut.

  6. Jay Smooth Says:

    Hopefully he won’t use that make some analogy to comparing himself with Hitler..

    First time I’ve seen these battles.. i’m not usually big on touting freestyles over writtens, but I gotta say in a battle context, these written verses that obviously have nothing to do with the other guy on stage just don’t impress.. If you can do like moe dee vs. busy bee and come with a written that aims right at the opponent, that’s a different story, but these catchall verses dissing generic strawman emcee, i dunno.. I think Immortal shoulda taken him, but he just didn’t seem comfortable over the beat..

  7. Demiks Says:

    He lost one of his testicles to CANCER, my grandpa has cancer and its like a death sentence. If he lost his testicle in another way, then I could see people battling him with that, but when its something that he could lose his life over you have no heart if your dissing him.

  8. e-dubbs Says:

    S, you usually on point with news updates but damn dawg.. This ish is like a year + old. I believe the story was originally ran in a King magazine.

  9. eskay Says:

    guy, hiphopgame posted the interview yesterday…

  10. Bird Says:

    I don’t expect anyone to throw cancer or any other terminal illness in a rap. I don’t care how far the music industry as fallen, it ain’t got there yet. The fact that you bring it up is evidence of how the media/world wide web can instigate these things. Hopefully no one will bite this foul shit.

  11. eskay Says:

    I know you’re not insinuating that I’m instigating shit? and If you don’t think we’ve fallen that far, you’re not listening

  12. Rizz Says:

    he can rap
    i watched those battles and even though the second guy sucked he still tore it up
    i dont think he cares if anyone says anything hes good

  13. eskay Says:

    who Immortal Technique? your damn right he’s good, way better than Postaboy any day

  14. Rizz Says:

    no i didnt like immortal technique
    he was just screaming and half his stuff didnt rhyme
    i dunno he just didnt flow to me i probably need to hear more of him

  15. e dubbs Says:

    I don’t care who posted it yesterday, just saying anyone who reads King magazine knew this over a year ago. It wasnt a stab.

  16. babyGirlCA Says:

    I agree.. I can’t rap and I can think of a few right now.. hope he gets better though… Tom Green survived but lost his girl.. ( not sure what that means on how WELL he survived but at least he’s alive )

  17. RayRay Says:

    Yo Postaboy is fresh of the press. The nigga can spit when he did that Mexican in on 106 and Park omg i spit out my soda. I can’t wait till he starts droppin new songs he got that new XMAS freestyle that shits hot, but I can’t wait till he drops a REAL album…..shit he could go Platinum just on freestyles……

  18. punchline Says:

    All I have to say is JIN

  19. punchline Says:

    All I have to say is JIN

  20. Tragedy Styles Says:

    Posta Boy had the flow, but regardless, it’s freestyle friday, Immortal Technique had creactivity, and that’s my concerns of the Hip Hop Game.

  21. Tragedy Styles Says:

    And one more thing, I happen to be a fan of Tragedy Styles. MLK 4 My Nigga.

  22. classified Says:

    he lost a nut? no matter how out of order it is to diss him for that, niggas hardly giv a fuck these days, so i wish him luck
    i jus imagine Posta freezin on stage wen his opponent mentions it

  23. TraxX Says:

    You ehar the song he did answerin this “GOD BY MY SIDE”……..im sayin itz a tuff personal in the battle scene but o well he knowz itz comin and i’d rather hear a line about losin my ball then be dead……..but posta boy is sick and i hope he hops back in the game soon so we have sum REAL mufuckaz to see who are ill…….and I BET he uses that to his advantage sumthin like “im to sick thatz why i had cancer”….ya digg

  24. Yo! Says:

    “fuck this fake nigga he aint nothing but a bitch!
    without that kidney probally hard 4 him to snitch!
    you need a blow job give this nigga a call!
    makes sense why hes a pussy he only got one ball!”

    lmao! well dis nigga suck immortal technique won that shit on freestyle friday the reason why you “THINK” his flow didnt hit ppl on da stage was becuz ppl didnt understand and intellectual rapper like him!

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