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Obligatory Top 5 Album List


Top 5 Albums of 2005, in no particular order:


Sean Price – Monkey Barz

The Game – The Documentary

Beanie Sigel – the B.Coming

Cam’ron – Purple Haze

There are several albums that I would have loved to put on this list but at the end of the day they just didn’t have the consistency and replay value to make the cut. For example it was tough to leave Late Registration off, but realistically I only bumped it for like 2 weeks and with a gun to my head I’d have to say I found College Dropout more entertaining. The Minstrel Show was another one that, if I was judging these purely on quailty, would have definitely made it. I know the Cam choice is going to be controversial, but whatever, ya’ll are gonna stop acting like Cam doesn’t spit. Sure he talks alot of gibberish sometimes, but so does Ghostface and he gets away with it. I also know that Purple Haze actually came out in late 2004 but it’s basically an ’05 album. So that’s the list, if you don’t like it, oh well. Make your own damn list.

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44 Responses to “Obligatory Top 5 Album List”

  1. Demiks Says:

    I wouldn’t compare Ghostface to Cam’s multi’s. “Love the grass, cauliflower hurtin, when I dumped the trash. Sour mash surgeon.” or “Fruity tooty rooty louie….”

  2. blackprofit Says:

    Nice Post…. Check out my Top 7 Gayest Rap Lyrics of 05′ at nonfixfantasies.com…your page is hot…..do you want to trade links on each other’s blogs ?

  3. joecritic Says:

    you should be more worried about the whole list nbeing a flop not just the purple haze album

  4. mr.kamoji Says:

    I’m a fan of your list. Little Brother album was way overrated Joe Scudda came through to ruin a couple of songs and I don’t think the beat changed from song number 7 on.

    I have to agree with your thoughts about Cam, he gots no love cause the hipsters and rap geeks have yet to analyze him. I love him for his pure ignorance though, that sh*t is classic.

  5. e-double Says:

    I’m gonna co-sign Cam’s album. As much as I think he fell off since he stopped getting beats from Digga, that album was good. Beanie’s was very good too.

    Leaving Late Reg off the list should be illegal though. Sometimes you just like to go against majority though, so I know what it is. But really, there hasnt been a better album all year.

    I like Sean Price but that album was wack and I’m one of AZ’s biggest supporters but that album also lacked his usual level of quality.

    And The Game’s album? Blah.. Most overrated album all year.

  6. Cam is straight garbage Says:

    I hope this is a joke …or just a post to get people talking …the words Camron and best NEVER BELONG IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH never mind the same sentence

  7. Rizz Says:

    AZ – AWOL
    ive only heard never change and its good but i liked death anniversary by nas better

    Sean Price – Monkey Barz
    never heard of the dude

    The Game – The Documentary
    good album

    Beanie Sigel – the B.Coming
    i just think his music is funny

    Cam’ron – Purple Haze
    i dont listen to too much cam’ron

    and late registration sucks it isnt even close to college dropout and i choose game of kanye anyways

  8. Demiks Says:

    A.W.O.L. WAS/IS the best album of ’05. It was flawless except for the song with Bounty Killer.

  9. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ It might have been better to me if 1/2 the songs werent on previous released albums of his. Album prior to A.W.O.L was his best work.. I believe it was called “S.ave O.ur S.treets S.osa”

  10. T Nelson Says:

    Yo Esk where is Commons “BE” i luv my man AZ but his album was a little inconsistent. Cam’s album was aight it wasnt great i diddnt have a flow like a good album should it came off more like a mixtape.

  11. eskay Says:

    ‘Be’ was another one I wrestled with. I left it off mostly because people over exaggerated about it. It was dope, but the dickriders blew it for everybody. It definitely gets an honorable mention though..

  12. Demiks Says:

    e dubbs, you mean SOSA? I don’t think that was an official album.

  13. Demiks Says:

    I didn’t like Be as much, Kanye doesn’t belong on a Common record. I liked the advance better then the release.

  14. e-dubbs Says:

    SOSA was a indie release though.. SO it counts.

    “Be” is definetly better than Game’s album.

  15. AtoZ Says:

    all im sayin is beanie’s was a fine album.

  16. baller Says:

    forgot the massacre, i kno there alot of 50 haters but it was a hot album i bumped it alot

  17. baller Says:

    u also forced it with sean price, who the hell is dat i never heard of him…but i like the documentary, hot…..my dominican brother AZ always nasty but didnt get much publicity by media…and beanie sigel i dunno bout dat, i dont listen to him….
    really forgot

    YOUNG JEEZY came out strong for rookie im really feelin it
    YAYO another hit from g-unit show yayo love

  18. Demiks Says:

    Baller, its not hate. In your eyes its hate. If I just said some stupid shit like “Fuck 50,” without explaining why I don’t like his music would be hating.

    G-Unit fans are some of the biggest haters, because they automatically dismiss whoever 50 doesn’t like. When radio stations blackball certain artists just because 50 said so. Thats fucked up. Some of these people would prolly cut off their own mothers if 50 told them too.

  19. AtoZ Says:

    ya’ll talkin’ abt curtis ratson right? i thot that yayo album wasn’t really that hot. i was really lookin’ forward to it too. jeezy’s shit was bumpin foreaal. be is cool but not my kinda rap. late registration also not my kinda stuff, but i like that album. the beats are grade A. ye’s delivery is pickin’ up too.

  20. eskay Says:

    baller, I definitely didn’t forget the massacre. That album wins ‘Worst Release by a Major Artist in ’05’. And if anybody thought they were gonna come in here and see Jeezy on my top 5 you must not know me. I enjoyed the Jeezy album, but let’s be realistic. I have a post planned to address that anyway.

    To anybody hating on my man Sean Price, step your rap game up. If you ain’t never heard of him that’s your problem. That’s what real hip hop is about, not that garbage that Tony Yoyo and 40 Cent stuff down your throats.

  21. T Nelson Says:

    That AZ SOSA came out like 2 years ago all of yall are thinking about “Final Call” was the album that wasnt released

  22. AGeezee Says:

    Baller… Yayo? Mannn, I listened to that on amazon and almost threw up. That cd is a coaster for my coffee table. But that Beans is a mainstay in my cd changer, I never take it out. Haven’t heard Cam’s cd. Beans covered a huge array of topics on his cd, and it covered all the bases that you would want to see in a complete album from a mature artist. i.e. Lyrics, beats, commercial joint here and there, etc.

  23. Demiks Says:

    I think T Nelsons right.

  24. Demiks Says:

    Kanye was on Oprah btw, no topic on it? I was watching it when it was on. Kanye looked like he was gonna get up and slap Oprah. He let her go on like “I heard you were ignorant, everyone says you have a big ego, etc.” When he tried to talk, she cut him off and kept talking.

  25. dCs Says:

    demiks, man, why are you watching oprah! but good job spottin that. did she really say something like “i heard you were ignorant?” is she retarded? i mean the dude is nuts, i think we can all agree on that, but hes no ignorant. this woman just sounds retarded. but maybe she’s playing to what her core audience wants. either shes a dumb cunt or a genius business woman. im willin to bet its both…

  26. Demiks Says:

    I only watched it because of the blog here of Ludacris on Oprah. Found out Kanye was on it, and just watched the interview. I switched the channel early though.

    Oprah was telling him she heard all these things saying that he was cocky and arrogant (didn’t mean ignorant), etc. But she did eventually say that she doesn’t believe it because of how they were talking. Alot of the things she said were unnecessary though. Oprahs only putting rappers on her show now, because rap’s big right now.

  27. Plug industries Says:

    Awol is a nice frisbee. That’s about all it was good for and who the heck is Sean Price?

  28. T Nelson Says:

    one half of Heltah Skeltah “do your research cris on the speedboat that was me first”

  29. Ves Says:

    YO ES, i see you’re gonna have to do a “must listen to” column for all the albums with little to NO MARKETING BUDGETS… like that SEAN Peazzy.

  30. e dubbs Says:

    ^ good idea.. must listen album Masta Ace “Long Hot Summer”.. Don’t know if its 05 or 04 release but its a classic.

  31. Nah Right » Blog Archive » And The Most Overrated Album of 05 was… Says:

    […] s hot. I’m not mad at either of them, but come on, let’s show some love to the real hottest albums of ‘05. *Bonus – DMX calling him Young Chee […]

  32. Reninatronix Says:

    fam…I got the Sean P joint based on his verse on…somethine else I cannot remember…must be that CALI…Steelhead fizzin’ my brain…at any rate…er…It was inconsistent….cool but I expected more…Skits, beats…something….felt like it was put together three years ago…

  33. eskay Says:

    It should be noted that I chose Monkey Barz on the strength of the following songs:

    Onion Head
    Mad Mann
    Boom Bye Yeah
    Bye Bye
    Slap Boxing

    So yeah it was inconsistent at times, but the dopeness of those songs is what made it an obvious choice for me.

  34. dCs Says:

    the last album i liked from start to finish was a cypress hill album like 4 years ago. i never have liked every song from an album cause dudes try to appeal to all audiences when they have slow jams and R&B shit. i think if you got 7 tracks that you can bump at all times, youve got a good album right there

  35. Luis Says:

    Hey, if you put the documentary album……that’s fine with me…….just as long as WE ALL KNOW that 50 wrote the hits (all except dreams), made this nigga Gayme shine and without a shout of a doubt recognize the FACT that the documentary is 50’s pre-massacre album….other than that, here are my top 5 albums:

    the massacre
    late regres
    lil brother
    tony yayo’s (it was way over looked!)

  36. eskay Says:

    Sure 50 wrote The Documentary. So he wrote a dope album for Game and wrote a wack one for himself? get a grip. When 50 says he wrote it, what he means is he wrote two hooks. don’t believe the hype

  37. R4Z Says:

    Ah Puleeeez………yayo?? he was hott b4 he went to prison (187 yayo). when he came out, all he did was kiss 50’s ass, i swear to god. Everyone kno’s he 50’s toy soldier, theres even a track to prove it, and 50?? well….he just proved dat money dnt buy u respect

  38. eskay is a bitch Says:


  39. eskay Says:

    no I’m not I’m a faggot! Get it right!

  40. eskay Says:

    ^ keep it up guys, I’mma start banning IP’s…..

  41. Abztract Says:

    I respect that list. But some of y’all are suspect with the comments. Sean P is at the top of my list as well.

  42. FliestGuyNTown Says:

    come on,

  43. truly wretched Says:

    ***** CLASSIC

    1 AZ / AWOL ****1/2
    3 GAME / DOCUMENTARY ***1/2
    4 BEANIE SIGAL / THE B-COMING *** not a fan
    5 cam’ron / purple haze never heard it and not a fan **



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