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Styles P – I Gets Busy

From the Big Mike Big Boy Game pt. 9. The alleged G-Unit dis song, Beggars for Mercy, turned out to be a false alarm. It’s actually just a freestyle with Hell Rell and JR Writer. Cam doesn’t even spit, he just ad libs in the background. 

Styles P – I Gets Busy 

*Bonus Sheek, Styles, J Hood and Jadakiss – D.B.L.O.C.K. 

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7 Responses to “Styles P – I Gets Busy”

  1. J F Says:

    honestly, GUnit doesnt want no beef with the Dipset camp. there is no way they can win lyrically or on any street levels.
    if Cam opens his mouth, GUnit will fall off within a second.

  2. F U Says:

    shut the fuck up!

  3. e-double Says:

    Must we waste bandwith with a horrible song by a horrible artist?

  4. iLL trippa Says:

    They should retitle this, “I gets default.”

  5. jay say Says:

    fuck you all quit dissing Dip set

  6. co sign Says:

    lol you dont even gotta bring in Dipset , Gunit aint even done trying to mess with D-block

  7. DA MANN Says:

    come on we’re all white here. lets here it for duran duran

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