Snap is Crap


Snap music, for those who don’t know, is a relatively new sub genre of hip hop that was born in Atlanta. Snap incorporates simple beats and finger snaps (seriously) and thanks to groups like D4L and Dem Franchize Boys, it is rapidly surpassing Crunk as the signature sound of the ATL. As we speak, these two groups are each holding down top spots on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hip Hop/R&B charts respectively. There’s just one small problem: Snap music is utter garbage. I mean it is incredibly bad. I assume you’ve all heard Laffy Taffy? My point exactly. Everything about this music sucks, the lyrics, the beats, the incessant finger snapping, even the guys putting it out look like losers. 

Whoever invented this musical abortion should be strung up and whipped with a dead cat. How does this shit even make it out of the studio? If I was there when D4L was making that song, I would have locked the studio door and set the building on fire. What are you people doing to my artform? And who is buying this nonsense anyway? If you have a Franchize Boys cd in your car, you should go look for the tallest building you can find and get your jump on. "Oh, but you can dance to it" you say? Tell me that to my face and I will slap blood out of your mouth. I’ve had it up to here with you dumbasses sabotaging our musical legacy in the name of ass shaking. How come the old school could make music to dance to and still maintain their integrity, but when it comes to this generation it seems like we strive for ignorance and mediocrity? 

In a MTV article Mr. Collipark, who is responsible for that God awful Whisper song, said the following "The freshest movement going on right now is the finger-snap movement. We’re getting that regional sound back with these finger-snap records." Oh yeah? That trash is the best you could do? Finger snaps? Whistling? You suck. At least crunk had some good beats for crying out loud. I think it’s time to start setting some higher standards for music. As long as people keep buying this bullshit, the record companies are gonna keep signing these clowns and flooding the airwaves with this ear pollution. So write your congressman, tell your friends, tattoo in across your forehead, whatever you have to do let the world know that us true hip hop fans will not be co-signing this flagrant coonery.  

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  2. 9th ward New Orleans Chick/ Nigga Says:

    Snap is 4rm Atlanta is alright. Crunk shit is wack. Stop using that phrase im 4rm New Orleans and aint no nigga sayin CRUNK AROUND THERE. Chop and Screwed 4rm Houston is alright they slow dat shit down 4 ya. But BOUNCE from New Orleans is tight. Her is some Bounce Lyrics Chorous it is called FEMA. For any body who don’t know FEMA is what New Orleans Natives are on so they can get food and shit. And every New Orleans Native has a FEMA #(NUMBER). DIS SONG GOES TO THE LAFFY TAFFY BEAT IT IS A RAP.

  3. westsideboy Says:

    fuck snap muisc the game is hot

  4. westsideboy Says:

    and that is what i thought not 1 of u bitches has answer…………pussys

  5. westsideboy Says:

    the game is the stuff 50 sucks. whoever like 50 u niggas is witty.and u guys can suck mt dick

  6. bk all day Says:

    yo this shit is garbage the fucc kinda dance is tht fucc them d4l niggas tht bulshit azz dance tht shit they spit aint rap fuccc is this down south nigga is puss n e way my son stay coming out there n shutting shit down yall nigga puss aye yall got somethin to say holla back at this crooklyn nigga concrete jungle nigga come walk a day in my shoes see if u stay alive one day out here

  7. j-p-g Says:

    say crooklyn ill walk all day in them shoes cuz it looks to me like if you got time to be in a blog then you might be kinda safe where you at. i really dont think you in the trap on the cut right now wit no laptop. so do us a favor bruh and squash all that chatter you talking. you fake at fif right now.

  8. westsideboy Says:

  9. westsideboy Says:

    fffffffffffffuck ATL ONLY HOMO SEXUAL FAGS LIVE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. diyella bella Says:

    The fact that there is any debate on the subject for such a long time proves that even if you don’t like it you have thought enough about it to form an opinion on it. Southerns are laid back kinda people and not as dumb as most others think. They are making millions is ATL off of crunk and snap music while you people claim that it is garbage. I look on video shows and the New York audiences are doing all the dances (or atleast trying to do them). Personally I like to do all the dances that go with the music. At least they are dances instead of grinding and hunching on the dance floor. I lean I rock, pool palace, west side walk, and snap. So deal with the music or march on Washington,D.C. I am sure there will be different types of music and dances because we are just that way. Remember the gangsta walk or even booty music for MIA.

    Yeah I am from the south a “BAMA” to be exact.


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  12. Chef Says:

    ok.. you don’t like snap music, but is that really a reason to put it down? It’s something new and fresh. Some people do like it, and because they do, these artists are making money from it. Hell, if I cut a track and don’t like it, but it’s something different that has the slightest chance to bang in the club, would I put it out? Yes, and so would you. Why? To make money.

  13. eskay Says:

    >>Hell, if I cut a track and don’t like it, but it’s something different that has the slightest chance to bang in the club, would I put it out? Yes, and so would you. Why? To make money.

    ^disgusting. that’s what’s wrong with the world nowadays

  14. DJ SMASH Says:


  15. Chicago Chick Says:

    Please people, you waste so much of your time talking about bullshit like music. Lifting up negroes who probably don’t have a high school education. That is the fucking problem. Fuck rap! Hustlin? Get an education and you wouldn’t have to hustle…ignorant ass negroes. White men don’t give a fuck about none of this shit you talking about. You want respect? Go to school get a “real” job. Rap having a message? Bullshit!! Majority of this shit is about degrading black women, selling drugs and banging. What the fuck! Yall have the nerve to argue over this shit when there are bigger issues to be concerned with. None of this shit matters when you have the fucking US government constantly plotting to get rid of us negroes. When you feel like arguing over this bullshit…just remember Katrina. Argue over that shit.

  16. Iagreeman Says:

    I agree with the author. The audience for this music extends from the early 12 year olds alll the way to the thirty year olds, however, the teen population (with their mindlessness) usually make up the larger have of the buying customers. Everyone else just listens to it because they want those ‘bitches’ to waddle their asses a bit.

    Whatever I don’t try to speak ebonics online (because that’s the gayest thing ever), but ‘finger snapping music’ is what the Slaves would have done if they had some bass.

  17. This anit right Says:

    Let me collect my thoughts, my have to bury some bodies.

  18. This anit right Says:

    There is a lot of hate in this room and well damn I can understand. When you take something like rap, a blessed form of urban expression bestowed to all who have the talent, ability, and love for the art and culture, it’s easy to easy why there’s a lot on tension here.

    I am from the south, Florida exactly. All I knew was reggae when I came here from Jamaica late 70’s, and then through the 80’s 90’s, for me rap was like an evolution.

    Rap came from NY, that’s the truth. Rap was made for all in hopes that like art, literature, and theater, this form of music’s standard would be upheld and made better with each passing generation.

    Stop and look at rap now, if you want to be real compare rap to Africa. It began with heart and soul, hot, natural, rough edged, 100%, and it belong to the African-American, but now it’s raped, depleted, drained, diseased…no longer a motherland and rap no longer a refuge for real lyrical creativity.

    Now that’s I got that pass, lets get on the “Snap.”

    Snap Rap is the epitome of social ignorance portrayed in musical form, designed by corporate heads, sung by greedy puppets, and force fed to the masses. And the masses, many whom are sheep are here now defending what they are taught to believe and love.

    For anyone to defend the sanctity of this Snap as a form of Rap, is an idiot. It is a form of music, not to be judged, but as for being rap, rap has got standards. You may enjoy music generally, but you can’t know anything about content, lyrics, or the history of rap. Having any knowledge of these factors would change to perception.

    Good rap can be listened to…simple
    Great rap is revered and analyzed
    Original and Legendary rap is what sets the frame for rap

    North – The South can rap, it has been proven, pace of living has nothing to do with lyrical ability.
    South – Stop looking to be accepted or needing to prove something, just rap. Yes we enjoy ourselves, but that is not a level to argue on. Come on strip club examples, jay vengeance…damn cuz we anit cavemen. Stop playing in to that banjo and jug band shit. Be the south and rap…simple

    The List:
    fuc-ny – I just laughed at what you had to say, you must have been that loud kid at school that got picked on by girls. Calm down, its okay…You don’t represent the south, you remind me of a 101 Dalmations, all that barking to pass the message, but I don’t understand a fucking thing your saying.

    Oh and the word “hater”, for you and anyone else that uses this word out of context. If you can’t win an argument through facts and reasoning, STOP and walk away. The “hater” crutch is only for fagots and cowards.

    jay vengeance, souljaboy, hitman – Dickriding and cosigning…You shame the “A”

    To all the cats up north… I didn’t think it was that much hate between the regions, but check it. I was listening to Kay Slay radio on XM…Pay attention folks…All night more people from the south…TX to VA. TN to FL were calling in smashin, bashing Snap in all it horrendous forms. Everybody from the avg joe to DJ’s to up and coming artist, Kay Slay, the list goes on. Few peeps from the north could even get on the air because of people from the south calling. People hate Snap Rap…

    ATL…you some arrogant sons of bitches. Okay the whole “Welcome to Atlanta.” How dare you even conceive the idea to establish claim of being head of the South Rap game. I respect Outkast, Dungeon Family, Pastor Troy, TI, Ludacris, even Lil John, they put Atlanta on the map. But the “A” shit, don’t hate the “A” what is Atlanta the NY of the South. If it is then its rap needs an overhaul. I have been to Atlanta many times, just an airport, Coca Cola, and faggots. Quiet down with all that south running shit, focus on the craft then once perfected, explode, the South don’t need NY acceptance, we need to acknowledge true rap.

    Damn I’ve said enough, but not nearly enough for some to understand. If they are hustling, like there is a risk in rapping…then they are free to make money…but in terms if rap…they can’t rap and shouldn’t represent it. If you like it, cool, it’s for dancing, it ani’t hood…hood = commercial industry. I know how you niggas hate being called commercial. Street credit it’s even real, guns, hoes, money, drugs, many rappers never had it or been around it, like cattle you still believe, like you where heading to Waco. (Vanilla Ice Case) Stop being fooled into banwagoning. ATL only stands behind it because it their child, it’s ugly, it smells, and it has a lot of people who could be the father, talking bout it leans like me and rocks like me, so it’s mine, I made it.

    A moment of silence……..ATL is de-evolving, come on, I think they like me or better yet White Tee…Shit do grown people listen to this. Thank God for good ATL rappers, if they move out of the “A”, ATL is fucked. Everyone can’t still be in High School; or are we ready to accept Master P and Vanilla Ice…Actually Vanilla Ice is way better than these cats, for his time and the lyrics. Master P, you niggas was all in the Bayou; ATL didn’t even have a name.

    I apologize, I may have offended some, enlighten others, who cares…

    He who is without sin cast the first stone… Snap rap threw it first; I have the right to throw it back.

  19. This anit right Says:

    Bet George W. Bush likes D4L and DFB…

  20. The enlightend nigga Says:

    silence!!!!! i hav listened to all 4 quite sum time. i thoght this was about snap,not north and from miami florida.and i think snap is an embarassment to south music.repetitive beats and fruity ass lyrics talkin bout sum “gangstas rockin side to side snappin dey fingas”?
    that has to be the most frtieset shit i ever heard.n to fuck ny-nigga u gey.
    u r an emmbarassment to southerners. people like u r the reason hip hop is fucking up no.ying yang twins is straght,but snap is crap

  21. The enlightend nigga Says:

    p.s.“people who have no argument always accuse the people they’re mad at of ‘hating’_-eskay
    ok this da p.s. 4 ya niggas 50 and game sum of tha wackest niggas in hip hop dem fakes ass wannabe gangstas
    and all ya pussy shut the fuck up tryin to act up an a BLOG. keyword blog
    u cant do shit but dum-dum niggas ya betta get ya shit straight
    also stop going on blogs tellin people to not comment by sayin stuff lyke”stop tying to push your own opinion on everyone”stfu thats what a comment is for

    big ups to eskay,and thin anit right ya said sum real good shit i read

  22. Dre Says:

    When the Heat won the NBA championship, what were they doing? SNAPPING. When football players score a touchdown, what were they doing? Snapping? It’s hot, people like it. They making money. Just like BLACK PEOPLE, always hating on each other for doing something good.

  23. Mike Says:

    Using the defense that popularity is analogous to quality, that must mean that N*Sync was the greatest singing group of all time.

    Fuck that.

    Popularity just means that you got a large contingent of people of lower intelligence to join in a dumb fucking stupid fad.

    The snap “movement” makes even the worst, no-name, 51st album released that month No-Limit trash song sound like fucking Paid in Full in comparison.

    If people like it, it just means people are fucking stupid.

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  26. This anit right Says:

    Back again and damn the desieace is spreading.

    Chicken noodle soup, and they claim Harlem. What the fuck.
    Sources says it just a kid on the internet, but its making waves all over.
    Will the demolishion of rap never stop, guess not as long as there is money to be made.

    Rap is bocoming history, only to be studied when it was worth something.
    The youth of the generation won’t appreciate rap until they are older then the will listen to good rap, like oldies and classic R&B.

    Its a sad day in hip hopBack again and damn the disease is spreading.

    Chicken noodle soup, and they claim Harlem. What the fuck.
    Sources say it just a kid on the internet, but its making waves all over.
    Will the demolition of rap never stop; guess not as long as there is money to be made.

    Rap is becoming history, only to be studied when it was worth something.
    The youth of the generation won’t appreciate rap until they are older then the will listen to good rap, like oldies and classic R&B.

    It’s a sad day in hip hop

  27. AaronFX Says:

    Ya goddamn right ,snap IS shit.

  28. NoLiezinNY Says:

    U rite bout tha chicken noodle soup shit i herd that shit tha otha day n i thought it wuz a joke….i dun even think chicken noodle soup is symbolizin n e thin it jus means…chicken noodle soup wtf ?? N e way…New York we gotta hold onto that good hip hop n hope it lasts cuz them niggas down south wit they kiddie shit is fuckin tha game up. It looks like Cali is gunna go in tha direction of atl afta E-40 came in tellin all tha niggas 2 shake they dreads thatll b next…tha onli niggas keepin it real in tha west is tha game and snoop but that 1, 2 step/pop/matrix/snap shit got 2 go we had respect 4 atl but they let all they publicity go 2 they heads n now u hear ATL YEH NIGGA FRUM DA A …did u hear that shit yrs ago? Naw cuz they werent shit then but all of a sudden they come up wit a wack ass dance n now all them stupid hick niggas is talkin bout how they takin ova nigga plz..

  29. NoLiezinNY Says:

    Anotha thing i got shit wit is tha Eastside Boyz…..shit pick 1 eastside boyz r u reppin tha east side or tha south? Cuz these days east coast onli means tha tri state area since atl likes 2 b known as strictly “tha dirty” now so make ya fuckin minds up cuz ya shit dont sell in the east coast. U southern niggas: how u gon hate on ya godfathers? We started this shit fuck all tha sub types of rap…we started hip hop as a WHOLE…then cali came in wit tha gangsta rap n then outta nowher here comes ATL, texas, florida….i mean shit wut tha fuck? Last i checked texas wuz known 4 cattle and farms now niggas ther actin hard cuz paul wall n mike jones make it look hard. Nigga plz ATL aint even a city its tha equivalent 2 tha suburbs on long island in new york. New York will fuck wit tha south until we get our cred bak…jus like busta rhymes said in new york shit “i think its bout time 2 give ny their shit bak…u kno wher tha crown belong…we started this shit” swallow dat candy ass snappin niggas

  30. NoLiezinNY Says:

    Here’s a good analogy: its like a lil 3 yr old kid disrespectin his parents (tha kid bein ATL and otha southern “hoods” and tha parents bein ny) if it werent 4 tha parents fuckin, tha kid wudnt b ther so hav sum mutha fuckin respect thats wut tha games missin frum tha south is respect…we made peace wit cali now we gotta handle these niggas

  31. NoLiezinNY Says:

    1 more thing 2 get off ma chest….CHOPPED AND SCREWED WTF IS DAT SHIT ABOUT? Dat nigga Dj Screw is dead rite? GOOD now we in business…if yall southern niggas wanna listen 2 shit RIDICULOUSLY slow soundin like fuckin gorilla 4 real…memba those yak baks? The voice recorder shit? Cop 1 of those, record tha music n u can slow it down afta…how bout dat? Fuckin dumbest shit i eva herd otha than snap music. Tha difference between ny and atl is ny has class, ny has culture…we MOSTLY i kno sum niggas go too mainstream but mostly in ny rappers keep it real like nas, jay-z, B.I.G, dmx. ATL is all club music…its always tha SAME beats 4 real…tha SAME shit…n goin bak 2 texas…u betta murda ya boi mike jones n that ugly ass paul wall while u can cuz if not u gunna look jus as cupcake as atl

  32. NoLiezinNY Says:

    Check out The Game’s new joint “One Blood”….hes got a rhyme in there everyone shud hear and it shows its not jus ny or tha south niggas hatin on snap…its artists’s tha verse:

    “turn on the tv and all you see iz the A
    you niggas better make up a dance to try to get radio play
    keep on snapin your fingers
    i ain’t goin away
    i don’t regert wut I spit
    cause I kno wut I say “

  33. nyker06 Says:

    And plz dont even draw tha race card cuz im italian n im sick of katrina victims complainin that tha whole thing happened cuz they black….dont get me wrong i got mad respect 4 all tha ppl down ther n its terrible shit but look at 9/11 here in ny …tha black ppl here didnt say tha firefighters cudnt get 2 us cuz we were black did they? no1 cuda prevented tha storm…sum of u act like katrina wuz an actual racist storm lmao….shit happens and u gotta recover….whinin bout how race has n e thin 2 do wit it is jus pointin fingers…i watched a thing on c-span bout katrina n a black activist steps up to tha mic and guess wut he says? “the problem in the world is white people and we must exterminate them” …cmon man u serious? I’m italian …n e real italians kno we aint white so its not like we goin against u but im jus sayin frum my point of view this is wuts hurtin tha black society…these ppl ur lettin loose talkin crazi shit on national tv. And btw ur lucky tha white ppl didnt make sucha big deal bout that cuz u kno if it wuz a white man sayin we must exterminate black ppl on national tv all hell wud break loose. African-Americans are my brothers and sisters n i respect all but i see the struggle of the black society and if you wonder why all the stereotypes about black ppl complaining form (not that i agree with it) just watch people talk about the race card involving katrina.

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  35. C-Ford Says:

    Snap music is very trendy indeed, but its getting old and is starting to look like just an easy ass route for fools to get an overnight deal.

  36. C-Ford Says:

    Lets just tell the shit like it is, Snap music is just an easy route for anyone to come up with some catchy shit and get a quick deal. I will give some southern artist props like TI, Jeezy, Ludacris, Ludaris. But it seems like every one else from Atlanta is just an Industry puppet used to make the labels money and give them enough to be happy. I mean Honestly, Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L, BHI ? What the fuck is the difference between the 3? They all sound exactly the same and Yap about the same bullshit. I also think that everyone is becoming a too confident in Atlanta’s music Capability. Jermaine Dupri callin it the “New Motown” ? Please!! Im from Detroit Michigan and we still carry our motown heritage very heavy. Also, i seems like most of the “Talent” thats supposedly in Atlanta is nowhere to be found. Cherish cant sing and they all look like clones of eachother, Young Dro has not done or said anything i was impresed with, and my nigga Rashad (who is from Detroit and is signed to Grand Hustle) can sing his ass off but his shit has only been bangin in clubs and on the radio up here. The only reason Atlanta is on top right now is because those from Atlanta who were already in the game decided to show major love back to Atlanta and that paved the way for other artist to come. Now what you have is Atlanta artist Promoting other Atlanta artist even if their shit is whack.

  37. C-Ford Says:

    …And by the way, Since when the FUCk was Miami Florida hood and gangsta? All i remember about Miami is Old ass white people, Cubans, Haitian, Black folks, and Puerto Ricans. Rich ass beaches and resorts. If you live in a Miami, im pretty sure you not gon have too much of story about struggling ang survivin in considering it costs Stupid money to live there and the property vale is ridiculous. I mean i can understand Tallahassee, Jackson, or Orlando. Not Miami.

  38. This anit right Says:


    Seems pretty quiet now that all that snap shit has calmed down. It was just a high school fad, kids that know nothing about rap trying to make something out of nothing. I’m happy the trash has been taken out.

    Oh and Miami is a very rough place. NoLiezinNY you thinking Miami Vice or Baywatch…Naw, Sorry. It’s hood just not what you see on T.V. Visit in sometime and walk around…get a feel for the MIA

    Other than that all the “A” reppers have been crickets, what happened? Finally figured it wasn’t gonna last, its a fad, not a lasting triumph in hip hop. Glade we all can now agree

  39. SSBD Says:

    The only people who feel that snap bullshit are 95%-ers.

    Miami’s pretty rough, not on Tampa levels but rough enough.

    Doesn’t excuse Rick Ross from being the most ignorant shit I’ve ever heard.

  40. DaT EaSt PoInT NiGGa Says:

    Ay wat da fuc sum of yall r wrong snap is from k-rab dumbass n yall east side n north side niggas are fuckin hatin cuz we takin ova n fuc wat yall say yall jus bunch of hatas

  41. DaT EaSt PoInT NiGGa Says:

    Hold Up I mean like new york yall talk bout da street 2 much n yall virginia n dc maryland mutha fuckas talkin bout gogo wat da fuc dat joint is jus drums n a guy yellin so fuc gogo fuc anyelse who is hatin

  42. DaT EaSt PoInT NiGGa Says:

    1 mo thing “We got Da Whole World Doin Our Snap”-Too Crunk

  43. This anit right Says:

    Bout time somebody posted something…

    East Point…lol…The A’s in the house

    It’s 2007…Snap is DEAD. Don’t try to resurrect it, leave it in the ground.

    You are from Atlanta, so you’ll love it regardless of how ignorant it is. But there is an idea, find some other people outside of GA who feel snap. It is gonna be difficult because if it isn’t hated then it is forgotten. Rap & Hip Hop don’t care about a fad like Snap. The highschoolers have moved on to the next thing…What state is feeling Sanp other than GA…GA might not feel it either, only ATL.

    The most you can say is “don’t hate” Can snap compare to “real” lyrics…let me help you out…NO

    I was waiting for somebody to defend Snap…You took long enough and you still came weak. All you got is the “A” bandwagon, how long will it last…how long?

    Luda & T.I. got Grammies because they can rap…I give the “A” that. Chamillionare got his Grammy because he can rap…See the trend. ATL let your good rappers speak and stop putting out trash to stay on top.

    Don’t weigh down good rappers like Outkast, TI, & Luda to offset the trash you guy’s endorse.

    Now hurry up with your response, NY thinks we are slow, prove them wrong.

  44. MIACHick Says:

    for 1 da south didnt screw nothin up when the south came out wit a dance so did harlem. da chicken noodle soup? wat gave harlem dat idea…da south. if hip hop is so messed up why not come 2 gether to work it out instead of blaming somebody. im from da south of florida (fort lauderdale & miami dade). i like all hip hop. i like da west da east and da south. all da south is tryin 2 do is get recognized. just da east and da west gets recognized. im glad dat florida is now gettin recognized by dj khaled, rick ross, ace hood, and da rest of dem. most of ny dances is influencin some of us down in florida like da wutang. one day da south gone rise up and ima be hear supporting dem all da way!!! 2 all mah south niggaz rize up!!!

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